Where will Arsenal and their rivals finish in the Premier League this season?

Arsenal is predicted to finish 8th but is that realistic?

I just finished reading a Talksport article and they reckon that Arsenal will finish eighth using their so-called supercomputer.

I will not even get into what a supercomputer is and whether it is actually software or for that matter, even exist but it did get me thinking, with 13 games to go and currently sitting in tenth, where would one predict Arsenal’s finishing position.

Well, without analysing every single Premier League team and their fixtures and all the variables that go with that, for example, injuries, suspensions, loss of form etc I have come up with my own predictions and it will be interesting for me to look back at the end of the season to compare.

I am going to try and keep bias out of it because whatever my feelings about any particular team, I would like to be as accurate as I can be. It better words, I won’t allow dislike of certain teams to cloud my predictions.

So, this is where I reckon each team will finish and I have included Talksport highly unlikely to exist billion-dollar supercomputer as a comparison in brackets.

1st – Liverpool (1)
2nd – Man City (2)
3rd – Leicester City (3)
4th – Tottenham (5)
5th – Chelsea (4)
6th – Wolves (7)
7th – Man Utd (6)
8th – Sheff Utd (9)
9th – Everton (10)
10th – Arsenal (8)
11th – Southampton (11)
12th – Burnley (12)
13th – Crystal Palace (13)
14th – Newcastle (14)
15th – Brighton (15)
16th – Bournemouth (18)
17th – Watford (16)
18th – West Ham (17)
19th – Aston Villa (19)
20th – Norwich City (20)

So, there you have it, I predict Arsenal will occupy tenth right until the end of the season. Hopefully, I am well out and Arsenal finish much higher, Tottenham lower and Norwich City pull off a miracle and stay up but I reckon I will not be too far off, unfortunately.


  1. That’s about right, I reckon.

    I watched Tony Adams premier league legends on Sky last night, for the umpteenth time… still makes me cry (as well as happy tears). Then you see Seaman, Dixon, Wright and Parlour also in it, and I think that was some bloody team we had… and what an absolute legend, player, gentleman, gooner, Adams was/is. Will we ever have another like him?? Will we ever have a team like that again?? Will my son be able to look back like I do and think exactly the same??

    1. Sue, in your and your son’s lifetime I’m sure another great team will emerge. In mine, highly unlikely but great memories will always be there. I was lucky to be around for three great Arsenal teams, Bertie Mee’s, George Graham’s and the best ever under Arsene Wenger. Tough acts to follow but I have high hopes for Mikel Arteta if the Kroenke’s back him.

      1. 🙂 one can hope, Andrew. What a past we’ve had.. love to reminisce! And let’s hope we have a lot to look forward to… the next chapter, hey?! I too have high hopes for Mikel 👍

        1. Sue, talking about nostalgia, were you at Highbury when Wrighty broke Cliff Bastin’s record? I was in the East Stand with my two kids, a great day. Let’s hope that there are many more to come!!!

          1. No I wasn’t, Andrew… I’d have given anything to have been there! Aww I did love him.. remember seeing it on the tv… and was absolutely buzzing for him!
            I bet that was an incredible day, Andrew, you lucky thing!!

          2. ANDREW, in my humble opinion wrighty has to be the greatest entertainer we have ever seen at the arsenal. okay, he was not the greatest goalscorer, i dont think, but by god he would sweat blood for us .how lucky we were to witness his on field antics week in week out. charlie george was a hell of an entertainer but i would have to say that wrighty was my man.oh to have one or two players of his charecter in our team these days.you would pay to go see players like ian.

    2. What a great player and leader Adams was. He speaks his mind nowadays and is worth listening to.

  2. You could be right Admin, but I am more optimistic particularly after signing Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares which should strengthen our defence. If Laca & Pepe find their shooting boots I can see us finishing in 6th or 7th place. I am not worried about Auba & Martinelli, they are both natural goal scorers.

    1. Arteta has a very good squad. Most of teams which are above Arsenal in the log, don’t have players of the calibre that Arsenal posses. The problem is the coach and weak mental strength of most Arsenal players

  3. Agreed. Spuds will surely make it to top 4 and I’d be happy with Arsenal in 10th. No Europa league means Arteta will have to focus only on PL next year.

  4. I think you are probably quite close. I do think Arteta’s team choice will make a difference. It damaged Emery, lets hope Arteta doesn’t fall into the same trap as his confidence goes down. We may finish 8th if we are lucky…10th more likely.
    So next season is already on my mind. If Mari turns out to be a good aquisition and we have a fit and uninjured William Saliba we will have a good looking back four. Then our big problem will come….midfield. I have no idea who Arteta will bring in, but that will make or break us in many ways. So here is my point….who would want to come to Arsenal if we finished 8th, 9th, or 10th?

  5. 13 games left so 39 points.
    Anything can happen…

    If you look at the table the 4th placed chelsea has got 41 points from 75,so their winning percentage is approximately 55%.If they continue that percentage they will get 22 points of 39.(The strengths or weaknesses of the team they are aboit to face is not considered,never wanted to consider because chelsea are very inconsistent)

    So there is a possibility to close that 10 points gap but we seriously have to start winning.


    1. Anything can happen (and I really like the optimism) but I doubt that we will see that good an “anything”.

      I also highly doubt that relegation is in the cards, nor Europe unless we can get in through with FA Cup or winning Europa League.

      A “win” for me this year is that the team gets well-sorted out and is playing as well as possible with the pieces we have. This will allow Arteta and co to have a focused plan to strengthen in the areas of greatest need over the summer.

      The other big piece will be a quick decision on Auba – if he doesn’t want to stay, he needs to be moved so that we can reinvest the cash. I suspect that he will be quite upfront with the team so it shouldn’t be a surprise. There are other people who could or should be sold (depending on personal preferences that could range from one or two to almost everyone) but Auba is the one that needs to be resolved because he will bring the most back.

  6. My very optimistic predictions with the help of my”mini computer” can go as far up to the end of March;in other words the next 5 matches.For the positions from 4th to 10th would be as follows:
    4) Chelsea 48 points
    5) Sheff.U. 46 ”
    6) Wolves 44 ”
    7) Arsenal 44 ”
    8) Spurs 42 ”
    9) Man.U. 42 ”
    10)Everton 37 ”

    I thing that Arteta is going to bring some magic after this break.Maybe I am only dreaming!

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