Where will Arsenal finish in the League this season? (Poll)

Following on from the earlier post where Robert Pires said that Arsenal were guaranteed a spot in the Top Four after winning nine competitive games in a row, there were many conflicting opinions about whether the Gunners were really improving enough to actually challenge for the League title.

So the reader ARSENAL FC THE BEST has suggested that we have a vote on how confident our readers really are about the chances of Arsenal going all the way this season. So here it is!

Where do you think Arsenal will finish this season?

  • Fourth (39%, 261 Votes)
  • Third (32%, 215 Votes)
  • CHAMPIONS! (12%, 83 Votes)
  • Fifth or Sixth (9%, 63 Votes)
  • Second (7%, 48 Votes)
  • Seventh or below (1%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 677

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  1. Big G says:

    Results right now suggest we can secure 4th spot after 9 straight wins, but the unknown that lay ahead such as players leaving and joining or getting injured, even loss of form whatever that may mean for Arsenal as we don’t yet know how good that may be with the current squad.
    Is this squad good enough to get enough points against the top teams to have a chance of 4th, with our tactician in charge things have changed for the better so i’m saying Yes baring the above.

  2. Yossarian says:

    At the moment 3rd or 4th seems likely. We’re probably not as good as Man City or Liverpool, but certainly could challenge for places against Chelsea & Tottenham, and we’re definitely better than Man Utd.

    But it’s still quite early in the season, and (As Big G pointed out above) we don’t know what’s going to happen with form & injuries. And of course, what will happen in the next transfer window?

    Arsenal are still a work-in-progress, and will be for the rest of the season. It’s looking good so far though. If we get more quality additions to the team, then who knows what’s possible? Let’s just hope our key players stay free of major injuries, and that the scouting team are doing some good work behind-the-scenes.

  3. Midkemma says:

    I voted 3rd.
    I do think our def will let in goals and I think many of them will be acceptable for the growth of some players.
    For example, if we are 3-0 up at 70 mins then I could see Guendouzi coming on for Torreira, giving the lad a chance to gain experience which will help him grow.

    This I feel will be covered by our ever improving attack, relying on the fact we have two world class strikers who enjoy playing in the same team. If Man City had pulled off this wonder then we all would have been moaning about how we missed out on two players who are brilliant.

    1st: Liverpool
    2nd: Man City
    3rd: Arsenal
    4th: Chelsea

    While Pep has the respect and admiration of his players, I think Klopp will bring out the passion to get Liverpool over the line in a tight season.
    I do also think Liverpool could surprise themselves and get knocked out of the UCL earlier than City which will contribute towards their EPL form, aiding them to that title.
    Chelsea will run a tight ship but struggle to score enough and consistently unless Hazard can play a massive role consistently for the rest of the season.

  4. Jerick says:

    I see people commenting on here and even tweeting that we may have a drop in form, players getting injured etc so we should not really forecast a position. I would like you guys to look at the fact that until now we’re not playing at our best. We are grinding out the results and that is working for us to this point.

    We are without our captain and best CB, we just got Kolasinac back, Mavropanos and AMN still out. Ozil, Miki, Bellerin and Mustafi are all out of form. We recently got Xhaka up to speed and will only get better partnering Torreira. If we could keep Aubazette and Iwobi in form as well as getting our injured and out of form players up to par then we could be looking forward to a strong finish in a while. Cheers

  5. Goonster says:

    Let’s take it easy for the moment. I feel like after we beat a very poor Fulham side we have gotten a bit too far ahead of ourselves. Before the Fulham game nearly 90% of us were being more realistic and cautious due to the way we were winning game. We did not look that convincing in all those games apart from the Fulham one due to defensive and midfield deficiencies etc..

    For me to start talking about us finishing as CHAMPIONS or in the Top 4 again I need to see how we fare against the likes of City, Liverpool, Spuds, Chelsea and United, (These games gauge your TITLE and Top 4 credentials today).
    I says it’s a bit too early for me to start making predictions right now after a few games.

    But I am very happy with the positivity, optimism and confidence that Emry seems to have brought back to our club in more than a decade. There is this amazing aura and freshness around the club once again. It feels good. May it keep going. 🙂

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Yourself and Jerick above have put across some great points.

  6. Ngaa says:

    If we’re winning while not on the best form the I will be right to vote for the championship. Why? Because when the team reach the anticipated high or best form we will be playing the so called big teams. Yes I know winning against big teams matter a lot but I also realised tha losing unnecessarily to smaller team o which we haven’t, can be disastrous. I go for the Championship – vote

  7. David Rusa says:

    Interesting question and opinions. Does a team have to beat all its rivals to be crowned champions? I remember the case of Man U when it won EPL without ever beating any rival in either 2008 or 2009.I don’t remember well. When they could not beat a team at least they fought for a draw. Experience has shown that teams which win EPL are usually those that beat the smaller teams and ensure that they lose few games against the big teams. Going by that precedent Arsenal is not doing badly at all. As for those who are tipping Liverpool to win EPL this season, my word of caution is that Liverpool has been here a few times in the past only to blow it away. I might say that Arsenal has more chance of winning it than Liverpool. I am not betting of course but I am merely expressing my feeling. Only time will tell who is right.

  8. Nat says:

    The facts are we are in the mix and mathmatically we can win the league. We can show we can grind out results and will have to see if that continues.

    Realistically top 4 is likely but as a fan I’m supporting the team to that top spot

  9. Martin says:

    I voted for 7th. A few lucky wins against low-ranking teams means nothing. We lost the games that were the real test, against Man City & Chelsea. We’ve gone from a team with a massive owner problem and a world class manager to a team with a massive owner problem and a nice but second-rate manager. As a lifelong Arsenal supporter, I’m very unhappy.

  10. Ddog says:

    4th or 5th rather than 4th or 3rd

  11. herb says:

    That question of whether we can make big four or win the league is really a silly question i must say.

    Me and my dog know it that arsenal has a very strong defence and attack (hence good team overall) >>>>> that alone can get us into top four.

    The only question is whether the manager will be able to pick his strongest lineup in games and not constantly call on rookies. Just image (although I continuously said Holding is better than Chambers) but he of all people is playing that well; so you can ask yourself what if Koscielny and Mavropanos were playing??? It would be a very rock-solid defence. Once again just imagine Mkitaryan, Iwobi, Welbeck and Lacazette playing together constantly??? It would be a headache for any opposing team on who to mark??

    In conclusion continue playing Ramsey, Ozil, Xhaka (who always jog around) and Bellerin then top four is a pipe dream even with this current form.

    If you were near me last weekend we played Fulham, you would have seen the anxiety and happiness on my face when the lineup came out!!! As soon as i saw the lineup, i knew we were going to score more than five goals, I straight away sneaked away from work to go to the video center to watch the match.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Iwobi and Welbeck don’t score enough goals or at least history tells us that. Mkhitaryan has not really gotten into gear yet, he can be a bit hit and miss at the moment but mostly miss so far. Lacazette is on fire, he’s a difference maker. I’d say Emery has been making better decisions than the way you see is the obvious way to go. He’s been getting them competitive with one another and he has our two main strikers confident whereas your suggestion would surely have Auba lacking sharpness and any real confidence. His substitutions seem to make a difference, I struggle to think of just one time when his changes really stunk. Everyone seems to be fighting more and I put that down to Emery’s demands and the game decisions he’s been making.

  12. l says:

    Nice opinon.

    I predict based on current form, we will make top 4. If we improve which is very possible, we can challenge for the title. Man City are currently missing the contribution of De Bruyne of last season.
    Liverpool attackers are not up to the form of last season. Teams are only afraid of them because of last season’s achievement.
    Chelsea, I see the reason why their manager is emphasizing on Hazard to score more goals to be in the frame of Messi and CR7. Realistically he is their only good attacking force. He won’t be around all through the season.
    Tottenham has struggled to get results in the absence of Erikson, Alli and a few injured players. Unless they exit the champions league from the group stage their squad depth will affect them later in the season. United? Common who is the real specialist in failure? And who is the moaner? They will definitely be around the top 6 and nothing more.

    For our doubting fans. Wonder why we improved between the City and Chelsea matches? We were punished for sitting back in the second half against Chelsea. Once you guys said Watford will be our real test and then last week, it was Fulham. Keep testing the lads while they keep improving. I don’t see Leicester getting a chance against us. If we beat them and Palace, Liverpool will be afraid to play against us.

  13. Thank you admin for making this poll
    At least people won’t say that arsenal fans get carried away with our recent wins.
    We are just happy.

  14. Blago says:

    Two games will determine if we can finish fourth; Liverpool and Spurs. If we can win one of these two games, then we have a high chance.

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