Where would Arsenal be without Alexis Sanchez?

How much of an impact is Alexis Sanchez having on Arsenal? by SE

It was an astute piece of business that Arsene Wenger did during the last English summer to bring Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona to the Emirates for £32m and, going by his performances for Arsenal, the Chilean has bedded in nicely to his new surroundings. When the likes of Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere haven’t been at the pinnacle of their prowess, Sanchez has been the leader for Arsenal during the early stages of this campaign.

He has worked hard for the team, which was not unexpected; has played to potential in his very first season in the Premier League and, more importantly, looks like a level-headed player. If anything, he has probably played a bit more than he would have liked to, and Wenger needs to keep an eye on how he can alleviate the work load on the Chilean, thereby getting the very best out of him. On that note, how much of an impact is Sanchez having on the Gunners?

Sanchez, like all great players, has brought his very best in those big games, and delivered goals or assists for Arsenal. The only game that he didn’t flourish was the away clash against Everton when he couldn’t get a stranglehold on proceedings, and failed badly; otherwise, Sanchez has been Arsenal’s shining star. His last two outings for Arsenal — against Hull City and Sunderland which by no means are colossal games — have been brilliant, as the Chilean singlehandedly dragged Arsenal to the best possible result given the scenario they had put themselves into.

Sanchez, who plays as a winger, hasn’t resorted to carrying out his positional tasks alone, which is the most impressive aspect of all. As he has grown in stature at Arsenal, he has been all over the pitch orchestrating the tempo for Arsenal. His touch maps against Hull City and Sunderland — games that the North Londoners simply had to win — are a classic indicator of what Sanchez is doing to Arsenal when the chips are down, and confidence isn’t exactly flowing through the entire squad. With the likes of Theo Walcott to return to action, Sanchez might not be needed to work as hard as he has done this season already; however, make no mistake that the lesser he works for the team, the more effective he will be as a player in his designated position.

When the opponents look at Sanchez as their biggest threat, they look to close him down and smother whatever little danger he might pose, subsequently making things a lot easier for the players around the Chilean. It is specifically due to this reason that if he continues to play like he has done for Arsenal so far the Gunners are in business for mounting a serious challenge in the Premier League, while progressing a good distance in their Champions League and FA Cup campaigns.

But what will Arsenal do if he gets injured or loses form?

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    1. Where will Arsenal be without Sanchez? Meh, dun wanna think about that. That guy’s been phenomenal, just hope The Converter won’t make him a left back soon and put his form out.

    2. Fact: Satchel is 7 leagues ahead of his teammates.
      The only players anywhere close to that league are

      Even at that, They will be coming off the bench rather than being starters.
      By the way nobody is talking about schzenzy the goal keeper.
      He is probably the worst GK in the league and the opponent score from the first opportunity they get.

  1. Its funny how little coverage alexis performances get in the media.

    If he was playin for manure or the chavs or pundit town scousers they would be constantly on his n*ts

    Sons of b*tches

    Never mind them. We got ur back nino maravilla

    1. @muffdiver
      For real. Nobody said sh*t about how”invisible” DiMaria’s ass was the other day. But they make sure to bring it up at half time when Ozil does a missing persons act…

      1. @nygunner: Dimaria failed at everything he did against Chelshit. I don’t think he did anything right in that match.

        1. True. He was overpowered by every Chelsea player he faced against. Dribbling alone wont take you far in the Epl. Januzaj was amazing though

          1. @ks-gunner
            Januzaj is off the fkn chain. Ivanovic was ready to do a Suarez on his lil azz, thats how much grief he was givin him…lol

        2. A club the size of ours should win more than the FA Cup in 10 years. Yes, there’s reasons we haven’t been as successful, but no one wants to hear them. That makes us easy targets for criticism.

          1. In other words… someone has to leave Arsenal and reasonable guys like me know just who. #******OUT

      2. @NY gunner ….the last time i checked, Dimaria played for Manure and not Arsenal. Cept u tell me , u have been secretly keeping tabs on manure (possibly now with em)

    2. Ramsey was our savior last season but he never got the adoration he deserved, it was a muted one from our fans too, 90% of all Gooners kept crediting Ozil instead of Ramsey… All we kept on hearing was that Ozil has given Arsenal a boots and that he was the reason for Ramseys rise…

      And Sanchez too, he has got the least articles even if he just hit the ground running, most of the articles are still to do with Ozil this Ozil that…Last season we could have like 4 Ozil articles a day daily even if Ramsey was the one carrying us..


      1. That’s not how I remember last season. We was drooling over Ramsey and calling him world-class until he lost a bit of form. Then when he was injured we were lamenting the loss of a world-class player. And also Ozil we were happy with, he was making all those assists and doing all right for a first season.

        But that was then. Now that our pre-season optimism has taken a dent, suddenly Ramsey is an average Brit who is blocking the team’s progress and Ozil is a timewaster who should be sold.

  2. His ability is never in question,but what still surprises me is his work rate, he makes most other players look average with his work rate , I say lets go get more players with this attitude and play a high pressing game, I also think we should sell either Ramsey or Witshire, and for me it would be Jack, average players who holds the ball too long, and with a crap attitude

    1. @john0711
      Thats why I would rather have Vidal as DM(even though he plays more bx2bx) He and Alexis together would be deadly. Both have that off the scales work rate and never say die till the final whistle attitude…

      1. agreed -would add some spine to the team.real grit and hunger.

        blows my mind that juve have pogba and vidal

    2. As long as we still have the majority of fans going on about we should by a DM for the sake of Ozil, seriously, these fans are funny, they say get a DM so that Ozil does not have to defend or track back… Only at Arsenal… That’s why we will continue to be a weeping boy and a joke out of the likes of Chelsea, United, City and the other big European teams..

      How can you even accommodate such an attitude? the rest of the players can work hard while one particular one on £150,000 a week can just walk and lazy about… Only at Arsenal…

      Give me Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Campbell, Welbeck, giroud, Cazorla etc…

    1. @John, u are asking for Song to be brought back, don’t u think his only performing this good now becuz he’s under a coach that’s making him give his all?

          1. @NY…. Some fans think getting rid of Wenger is going to turn us into Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona etc..

            They think it will only get better..

            Look at Spuds, how many managers have they gone through?

            Liverpool, how many managers?

            Chelsea and City, without limited funds they would be in serious trouble, but they can throw money at problems.. But how many managers have they been through?

            United struggling…

            I am not saying that wenger is Arsenal, I am p*ssed off with him too and if he does not do well this season then my excuses for him will go down from 90% to 30%..

            What I am saying is that changing Wenger does not mean we will all of a sudden become Madrid, Bayern, City, Chelsea etc……

            1. @Goonstar, what de f*ck have u just said?

              I dislike the AKBz, but I respect them becuz they stand somewhere.

              GET OFF THAT FENCE!!!

            2. It would be a change. Changing into something new is what we need bec the now is unacceptable. Arsenal is a big club and we can turn easilly into a Bayern a like team.

            3. @GOONSTER
              I’m just sayin,let dude run out his contract and after that, let the chips fall where they may.
              What gets me rollin on the floor is, some mufukkas think that because the buy a shirt or 10 and a few tickets that it covers the cost of bein the boss. They better start cryin now if they think that the board is goin in for Klopp, Simeone, Laudrup, Ancelotti or someone they want…
              I would be surprised if they do.

    2. Song always gave 100% when he played for us, one of the best players in the squad. Didn’t like losing and gave everthing each game, like Sanchez. We need somebody like him now, a player who can’t be intimidated.

      1. @Goonerby1, honestly, Song now plays like a guy that wants to prove a point. He was good when he was with us, but really did not function as a DM.

        1. There is no need for a pure Dm. Take an example in Real madrit, mate. Arsenal is supposed to be an attacking team, so we need to bring players who can help us over score our opponets rather then getting players who change us into something which we are not.

          1. @ks… What? Madrid have £80 million Ronaldo, £85 million Bale, £60 million James, £40 million Kroos (only being in his last year is the reason he went for £25 million), they have £35 million Modric and £45 million Benzema….. With all that expensive world talent you won’t need a DM..

            Come on mate, it’s as simple as that..#


        2. he was excellent for us in his last season and barca made him more disciplined and a much better passer of the ball..having played second fiddle to mascharano and busquets (stupidly in my books) he had a point to prove as well…bringing him back should have been a no brainer… to anyone other than a tired old french fa**

      2. Song was a good player but he was so indisciplined that he kept pushing forward and living us exposed on the counter attack time and time again.. That was his problem… He would get the ball and dwell of it up field he would then lose it and we always got exposed..

        1. During that time he was not only a Dm. He was our Cesc, our Nasri and Song, all in one. With him around the 3rd place was ours to take. And Fa cup should also have been ours, if it wasnt for Arsenal doing something whats typical Arsenal.

          1. When Cesc and Nasri left Song was made into a box to box midfielder, Arteta was then made our DM..

            But when we had Nasri and Cesc, Song was so indisciplined all the pundits, ex managers and ex players kept saying the same.. You did not need to be an expert in football to see it. He would just run off with Cesc and Nasri into the opposition half, it was comical the way we played.. We would be screaming down for him to get back and do his job, 2 passes later and we are 4 on 2 at the back…


            1. I am not asking what Song was many years ago. I am asking to what kind of player he has become in the later years. Bale was shoking in the young years, but nowdays he is a world beater.

              With him 3rd place. Fa cup final. And this is something you need to put into your dense potato head.

            2. If you had said that was your observation I would nit have any problem with your comment. To base your argument on ex-managers and ex-players destroys everything you are saying. These people the worst rubbish in football.

  3. where would we be relegated to the lower LeagueI am frustrated to watch Arsenal play seem like we’re making it up as we go no movement off the ball everyone just stand on pass the ball to each otherI miss my arsenal way of playing I have not been happy for a long time

  4. I know he will be a lost soul next season cos don’t know what will wenger do to him. Sorry just can’t find the confident in wenger now.

    OK thumb me down. Thank you.

    1. He wont. And do you know why? He is a champion, he would rather demand to leave the team as him changing his style of play. I simple love it when he runs towards the danger zone, and instead of passing the ball how is demanded to do from our pointles game style which is told from Wenger, he doesnt give a fakk and does his thing. Runs, dribles, bamm shoots whenever he wants.

      The Incredible Sanchez.

      1. @ks-gunner
        Exactly. Thats what I meant by “lions will always be lions, and sheep will always be sheep”
        Alexis is a fkn LION…

  5. Where would chelsea be without costa
    Where would city be without aguero
    Take the player in form out of any team and they will be dropping points…

    1. Chelsea is more then Costa alone, City is more then Aguero alone. Arsenal are nothing without Sanchez. We are kinda an one man team right now.

  6. £32m Is a steal. Sanchez is worldclass player, and Arsenal would probably be 6 places down to now if not for him, and probably also not playing in the Cl

    1. i hear you but to be honest the more sanchez plays, the more pissed off i get… i mea the guy runs all day, chases down everything, never gives up and just wants to WIN…. the more he plays, the more pissed i get because he shows me just how useless and lazy the rest of the team is!!!!!!! f*&k you Sanchez lol

      1. i hear that – hes kinda woken alot of us up to the kinda of workrate we should expect of our players-

        really wish wenger would look at chileans and colombians more- they are the future

        1. yeah man, south americans workrate is out of this world. used to think that african players were the most athletic (im african by the way) but jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezuz, these south americans are machines!!!!!!!!!!

      2. @Drew… We still have fans on here saying Ozil should not be made to defend or track back….. I was so happy when we signed Sanchez, I had not been that excited in a long time. Sanchez is the type of player I always want, that’s why I like Wilshere, Ramsey, Welbeck, Giroud etc.. They will keep going hard even if things are not working, they might be called average but they have desire…

        That attitude I can’t fault..

  7. OT : We have been extremely boring to watch lately. I was not able to watch our game against sunderland continuosly for 15 mins without changing the channel

  8. lets talk about the league, take away his 7 goals (5 goals 2 assists). our results would be as following –

    vs palace – draw
    vs everton – draw
    vs leicester – loss
    vs man city – loss
    vs aston villa – win
    vs spurs – draw
    vs chelsea – loss
    vs hull – loss
    vs sunder – draw

    total points = 7

    1. Your post underlines all that is silly and stupid about this site and resident comments makers. A football team comprises 11 players so if you take out sanchez and his contributions you have to add in another player and contributions he would have made. Tge problem is you will never know how that person would hace contributed to the team performance. While you have dwelled on his positive performancess you have forgotten to correct for his negative performances as well. The ones thar come to mind are his poor touch against chelsea when he was one on one against courtis and him losing the ball in our defensive third tgat led to chelsea’s first goal.

      The point i am making here is that in football you win or fail as a team. There is therefore no point in crediting alexis for the tram’s position. He was bought to do what he is doing not in individual capacity but as part of contribution to team effort.

      Hate wenger as much as you can alongside sacked managers and ex-players who can not find a coaching but that will never stop wenger from being one of the top top managers in the world. It is for tgat reason that seasoned football administrators at top top clubs want to sign him. These include real madrid, PSG and Monaco.

    2. So we have bought a player who makes a difference. Wenger should be sacked for such a crime.

      Use the same analysis on Costa with Chelsea and you will see his goals have only affected one result out of their 9 PL matches (v Swansea). A complete waste of money.

      Hypothetical nonsense that doesn’t help any arguments.

  9. The question is where would Arsenal be without Wenger this season?
    Im sure We would be on top of the table with a new manager open minded. A new manager would have brought back Fabregas, Song and sign Costa. Again a new manager would drop Mertsacker and Arteta. A new manager would give more playing time Podo and Campbell. but with Wenger none of this will happen because he is stubborn by definition. Alexis is our best player I cannot believe Wenger actually benched him before because he was holding the ball too much lol. anyways Alexis will get tired soon, this cannot go on forever because soon he will realize it is not worth it. so im just here sitting waiting on the day Wenger will leave and my Arsenal will rule England football again 😀 i really cant wait..
    so for this season I dont give a damn if we finish top 4 or nah! i doubt we would finish top 4 anyways since Man U City Chelsea and the likes of southwampton Everton Liverpool and West ham look way better. So keep killing us Wenger, sooner or later you will leave

  10. You could argue we would be fine without Sanchez, because when you have one amazing player teams sometimes switch off a bit and expect them to do the necessary (i.e score goals!).

    I think we would be in a similar position, but if/when the team actually starts working with Sanchez as a whole, we might become a force to be reckoned with.

    For me, at the moment we run out of ideas quickly which affects our confidence, and Sanchez ends up bailing us out. Why that is I have no idea.

    The shame of it is, if we were achieving the results we did last season + Sanchez, we would be up there with Chelsea, but we aren’t, and that might be down to injuries / not enough cover.

    Perish the thought that Giroud (who I have always rated) being out has affected our results…but it might just have something to do with it. Whatever, the team needs to get a fecking grip and stop relying on our South American genius. We need him to bolster our team, NOT carry it!

    1. @Mark, we did not ask him to carry our team, he’s under no obligation to carry our team, one man CANNOT carry a team. But the f***king truth is that he’s giving his all at the moment and it seems he’s the only one doing that and that’s one folks think he’s carrying the team.

  11. The manu chelsea match satisfied me. In the sense that Chelsea are losing steam now. And teams seem to have figures out how to play them. They are still powerful and formidable I know, but the cracks are now visible. Without Costa and Fab , they are beatable team like last year. In the match Fellaini was holding Fab’s dick throughout the matxh not losing him for a bit and Chelsea relly suffered in terms of creativity from midfield. And Costa’s absence effecr is glaringly obvious. I think they will drop points in the near future even more. Now is the real time for us to lift ourselves up and go on a winning run and NOT drop any points. I can predict there is a veryyyy remote chance of still
    catching them if we play top football and they slip up as I hope. But would we be able to do this. This stuff is what makes a champion. Manc and manu can do this. But can we do it? Jury is still out as usual like every fu#ing year.

  12. Did you all hear any thing about wenger praised for sanchez? You see all of us have saying how great about sanchez but I don’t really hear any thing from wenger said about sanchez carrying the rest.

    Maybe we should stop praising sanchez cos wenger may do something different to prove he knows.

    1. Here’s what Wenger said: “He kept going, Alexis. He goes at you – he’s not frightened to go forward.

      “Sometimes you think his passing is not quick enough but he’s very efficient and he really plays to win. He’s a winner.”

      His passing is not quick enough? I didn’t notice lol!

  13. “Where would Arsenal be without Alexis Sanchez?”

    = We’ll see if he gets injured from being overplayed. We need to rest him against burnley and give campbell a chance as well as podlski for welbz

  14. It appears we’ve finally found our No. 10 in Sanchez. It’s up to Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil to take the spot off him.

  15. Song is what we need. Say whaever you want to say but need him. He can be a very good box to box. In fact a player who can replace Viera.

  16. I think Sanchez has been great and has i have stated before he would have been great in the number 10 position. He works hard defensively and in the attack also.
    Where arsenal would be without Sanchez nobody knows actually, we could have been lower in the table or higher.
    Debuchy and giroud might not have been injured and we may have not bought Welbeck, who knows where we would be know.

    One thing i know he is bought for a specific reason and that is to score goals, so we can say thanks to the ridiculous manager for that one. earlier in the season i felt Sanchez was trying to operate where he was told to operate, but lately i get the impression that he follows instruction for couple minutes then switches to where he feels more comfortable, this will have its drawbacks an benefits, but i will feel happy as long as it moves arsenal up the table

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