Which achievement would Arsenal fans prefer to keep from Liverpool?

Liverpool is on course to beat two Arsenal records this season.

As things stand today, Arsenal holds the record for 49 unbeaten games in the top flight and are the only team to go unbeaten through an entire season in the modern era.

Obviously, it would be preferable if the Reds fail to beat either record but if given a choice, which record would the Arsenal fans want the club to hold onto more than the other?

I was speaking with a fellow Gooner today while we watched Liverpool dismantle Southampton 4-0 and we discussed that very matter.

For me, it was the unbeaten season, however, much to my surprise, my mate said the 49 games unbeaten run. His reasoning is that is longer than a 38 game season and the more impressive.

I fundamentally disagreed and thought I would get some feedback from the Arsenal fans on JustArsenal.

I have to be honest and say that personally I just do not see the comparison, a 49 unbeaten run could be achieved over two seasons with losses in both those seasons. An unbeaten is as perfect as it gets outside a 100% win record, which Liverpool cannot do much, to my relief.

It was also pointed out in the comments from an earlier article by user Jon Fox that Preston North End actually went a season unbeaten back in 1888–89, however, there was just 18 games and for me, that simply does not count.

I see what Arsenal did in 2003/4 as unique and unparalleled and actually a harder achievement than the 49 games unbeaten.

So, what is your opinion? If you could keep one record but lose the other which one would you choose?


  1. leagues titles are determined by points. 100points trumps 90points even if you didn’t lose a game to get the 90. you could draw 38games and get 38points, still unbeaten but then 13wins trumps it.

    1. Who are you (and Liverpool) to hand me a choice? πŸ˜‚ I say that in a friendly way though.

      But seriously, I think I want both records intact and just like @Durand said above, it’s not too late for us to be the ones to piss in their tea cup and spoil their dream. Oh how I detest those guys!

  2. I hope Liverpool fail, but if they go unbeaten I applaud the achievement. I admire the drive and tenacity, but respect for an enemy doesn’t mean I have to like them.

    My preference is for Arsenal to give them a loss, and hope it’s their only one all season.

  3. Away at City on their 49th game will be the decider most likely.

    Lose there and they fail in both respects.

  4. It is so immoral for the referees to be given them all the help even though they are strong enough.
    Southampton was supposed to be at least 2 goals up, and they were denied those (back pass which the Liverpoop keeper collected with his hands, and another penalty foul on Ings which was ignored). Those, if given, could have killed the game off.

    By the way, does that mean that our dear Holding has no weight as huge as he is? I’ve been wondering how Callum Wilson could pick him up so effortlessly and flung him to the net (like he is made of helium) during that ball tussle after Bournemouth scored a consolation goal against us. Am I the only person that saw that?

    1. Thats not new,liVARpool gets the support of VAR very often and sometimes the onfield referee’s as well.But i must say that was a very encouraging performance from southampton,they got unlucky in the end.

    2. @Hey Gily.I also observed the action in our goal frame in which Callum Wilson to get the ball out of Holding just lifted him easily and then and throw him away like a child trow a toy.No wanders why Holding performing so bad with that no combative attitude,looks like hes just scary and observing the game.He was playing so good before being injured.Something have to be done to recover him.

  5. I say let them have both records. The invincible season has been somewhat of a curse for Arsenal. Every following achievement has been compared to it and of course nothing could measure up. There are a lot of fans who go into each new season expecting another invincible one. Frustration inevitably follows. Liverpool can have it, for all I care. In many ways it could do Arsenal a lot of good not having that burden anymore.

    1. Interesting view of yours although I can’t help myself wanting Liverpool to lose

      When Spurs won the double, the first of the modern era it was claimed that it would never happen again. Fast forward to β€˜71 (I was at Wembley with my dad) and Arsenal did it!! Plenty more have done it since and ManU did the treble

      BUT we were FIRST and I celebrate the invincible team

    2. You may be right, but do you REALLY want Liverpool fans to brag about any records? I don’t mind their players and the manager, but because of their most obnoxious fan base, I’d rather any other team broke our records (well, except for you know who)…
      Bin dippers are just too annoying.

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