Which Arsenal side would you pick for the game against Everton?

The one thing I love about Unai Emery is that he is never predictable, it is never easy to name the Arsenal line up for any given game.He has a habit of surprising us, well me anyway, and he certainly did in the Newcastle game but that will not stop me having a crack at it.

I have a feeling that he will confound us again on Sunday by not starting Alexandre Lacazette, there I have said it.

I just got the impression from his Friday press conference that he would start with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as a lone striker, I cannot point to any particular statement, just the way he discussed Lacazette and the feeling that gave me.

I do not see him changing the back three or wing backs, which means Mustafi will play, however, if Koscielny is not in perfect health then Monreal may come in for him.

I expect to see both Granit Xhaka and Matteo Guendouzi deployed to bully the midfield with Aaron Ramsey joining them to provide his driving runs and creativity.

Finally, I do see Mesut Ozil starting just behind Aubameyang.

So, here is my predicted line up in a 5-3-1-1 formation


No doubt I have called it wrong as usual and Emery will make some subtle changes, and as he has done recently, get it spot on.

Who do you think he will choose today?


  1. With all respect, that is a very defence heavy team, unless we play true counter attack we will be crowded out at the top. With just Kolasanic and AMN crossing to Aubameyang with Ramsey trying to find pockets in behind.

    Just feel It won’t offer enough going forwards and invite pressure.

  2. I think he would choose:

    …………..…Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    Maitland-Niles . Ramsey . Xhaka . Kolasinac
    ………..Mkhitaryan ………………. Iwobi

        1. Swap Iwobi for Ozil and we’re good to go. Not because I hate Iwobi or because I think if we wanna be a top club we should keep him far away from the starting eleven… lol haa! that line always cracks me up! But because he’s off form right now and Ozil is on fire and has done nothing to warrant his exclusion from the starting eleven.

          1. Oh and maybe start with laca instead of auba, this is gonna be a tough away match and we’re gonna have to work for those 3 points. Auba can come on in the 2nd half and run them ragged

    1. Any lineup that has mustafi is susceptible to a loss… very risky starting him in an away game to Everton.

  3. The struggle is in the middle … We have too many average players there but the only one I trust to link up is miki .. I think elneny might be the most disciplined .. The kid gets sloppy the more the game progresses so maybe on later I don’t know
    Kol mustafi sok monreal
    Ramsey elneny or guend miki
    ozil laca

  4. Your obsession with Mustafi astounds me.I sincerely hope Kocielney is fit failing which I would play Mavroponas who at least would give us aerial strength which none of our other centre backs have.We are very vulnerable at set pieces and are likely to face an aerial bombardment from Everton and Watford in particular.At this time of the season, with a top four position within our grasp, we simply cannot afford to rest our best players.As such Lacazette will start.

  5. Here is my selection…
    Mustafi (Kosc if fit!) – Sokratis – Nacho
    AMN Ramsey Guendouzi (Xhaka if fit!) Kol
    Laca Auba

    We need to be on the front foot and win tomorrow!!!

    1. Superclase good selection, Laca uses his strength to help Aubameyang wins the ball and both of the playing together could be bad news for Everton defence!

    1. Hi Sue, one of the reasons why I don’t think Emery has done a hell of a job, but I feel better knowing we are on the right path.

      1. You don’t ? Im gobsmacked and would like to know what else you expected so very soon. The treble maybe? Signing MESSI AND RONALDO FOR KROENKES PEANUTS PEHAPS?

  6. Mr Emery I beg you once more sir please to give us the best of what we’ve got
    Sok Boss Mon
    Niles Rambo xhaka kol
    Laca Auba
    Any changes should be a result of injuries.

    1. I mean any changes to the line should be incase one of the starting eleven is not fit to play.

  7. Leno
    I’d swap Mustafi for Boss if fit, Sokratis/Monreal as back 3.
    Attacking threat and strength of Kola and AMN. Midfield of Xhaka(if fit enough) for long balls, and Torreira if Xhaka is not fit, Ramsey, Ozil and bromance of Auba and Laca. We have to keep the ball and have would need Xhaka’s long passes ability to be able to feed Auba’s runs when we win the ball in our own half. We can substitute either of Laca or Auba and Ozil when the game is safely in the pocket around the 70th minutes.

    1. Torreira is suspended,once again I have to remind so many fans to it and they want to advise tge manager,what a joke!

  8. Leno

    Mustafa. Socrates. Kosc. Nacho
    Xhaka. Guendouzi
    Ramsey. Ozil. Auba


  9. Assuming Ramsey fit but Kos and Xhaka are bench.
    I guess Emery will go with:


    What I’d like to see:


  10. I thought long and hard about the question “which Arsenal side would you pick…. “. Having decided against the 1930’s team, Bertie Mee’s Double Winners and even The Invincibles, I finally had a brainwave and thought, ” I know, Ill pick the present players”. Don’t know how I do it! Now that you have the feed line I await any comedians punchline comebacks, if you can even be bothered.
    To be serious for a boring moment, I would definitely pick Laca, Auba and Ozil, plus a few others too as having eleven out there does help!

  11. ……………………. Leno
    …………… KOS. SOC. MON
    …………….. OZIL
    ……………… LACA. AUBA

    If KOS and XHAKA are no Fit
    Give me Mavropanos and Guenduozi

    With this I can’t see us losing any point

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