Which Arsenal plane were you on?

A tale of two planes by Konstantin Mitov

Good afternoon fellow gooners! I will not speak of the Arsenal game. There is just no point of doing it as long as there is one man sitting on the bench. Clueless. I said it in an article before the game! We would not win! We’d be happy with a draw. Another defeat, this time it’s West Brom.

What’s the excuse? Pathetic really. I’m laughing as I’m writing this, but on the inside I am numb. I feel a slight pain and nothing else right now. It’s hard to be excited for Arsenal games as they have become stale, predictable, miserable. We’re dead. The top 4 is dead. Arsene is a dead man walking.

He’ll get the contract, but his new place in the league is somewhere between 5th – 7th. He refused to leave when the time was right and he’s paying the price. We are all paying the price and it’s not our fault. The away fans tried to support the team, but it’s difficult.

So there were 2 planes. One said “No contract #Wenger Out!”, the other said “In Arsene we trust #RespectAW”. Now which plane you are on does matter, and the two symbolize exactly what’s wrong with this football club.

I will start with the latter and I’d like to know by trusting Arsene, what exactly do you trust? The 5-1 hammerings from Bayern, the defeats against City, Liverpool, Watford, Chelsea or the recent one against WBA? We had a long break before Liverpool and we failed, we’re heading into another break and we’ll fail again.

Refusing to learn from what happened 10 years in a row, means we will repeat it again and again and again, until it becomes so painful, we learn the hard way. I don’t see anything disrespectful in “No contract, Wenger out.” It doesn’t abuse him it just calls for change, because the results are terrible.

Arsene is an employee here, he is not the football club. I support Arsenal FC and for the better of us, we must get rid of him. He talks about “taking us to the next level”, yet the next level means 6th or 7th I guess. The fact that there was a plane to support him was the latest joke. I’m sorry, but some of the fans are part of the problem and sadly it’s those who support Arsene.

There’s nothing that hasn’t been said already, but the results are there for everyone to see. It’s finished, Arsene is finished. Out of the top 4, out of the champions league. Humiliated once again, he will sign but what will it change?

It’s been here the entire time. The same movie every year with the same ending. Until all fans get on the same plane and we send him out, this is a sight you should get used to.



  1. davidnz says:

    I think the plane flyover was fun,
    more fun than the game 🙂
    Apparently the support Wenger plane was
    paid for by a tall older man wearing a long coat
    and speaking with a French axesont.
    May be two bi planes should
    have a duel above the Emirates to decide the issue 🙂
    May be Arsene can parachute out of a plane and if
    he lands in the centre circle he gets to keep his job 🙂
    Any way Arsenal will tell us “soon” what his plans are.
    Apparently a plane will drop leaflets over the Emirates before
    the Man City game with the full transcript of his plans.
    Unfortunately a strong wind is expected to blow all the leaflets out to sea.
    Oh well its not all plane sailing 🙂

    1. Arsenal007 says:

      LOL…You know who is winning this fight that has been happening for over a decade?
      It’s not the AKB’s or WOB’s or the players or Wenger…it’s the BOARD.
      Ever heard of ‘DIVIDE AND RULE’? That’s what the board has done. They have fans fighting against each other and flying individual planes, fans hating on the manager (who I think should go honourably), players no longer playing for their manager. Meanwhile, the Board are enjoying the proceeds of the fight.
      DIVIDE AND RULE seems to be working perfectly.

  2. Budd says:

    Oh ffs give it a rest. We get it, you hate Wenger but it does not serve anyone the lies you spout. First of all, Wenger never refused to leave. He was offered a contract, even two.
    Secondly, how you don’t talk about the game when you speak at least twice about WBA?
    We want Wenger to leave or at least state what the hell will he do because this is no good for anyone. The most weird experiment called the British core failed miserably and I hope we took notice of it. English football is a walking dead and it will get worse in the future 3-4 years when the full effect of Brexit will be in swing. Look who’s coming in the national team and tell me it isn’t so.

    1. Adienl says:

      You are a special kind of stupid. Refusing also means failing to perform a specific action, and Wenger refused to leave his post in this context. So the word is appropriate and your stupidity is not.
      The author obviously meant that he will not discuss the proceedings of the game. And your misguided interpretation that it means he will absolutely not discuss WBA displays only your ignorance of usage of words.
      So much for your baseless accusation. Lol

      1. Budd says:

        What accusation, you dimwit? Truth hurts too much? All is there, in plain sight but if you to fscking blind to spot it. I know Wenger is set to go but fsck me, would love to see him sign the contract just to see you slashing your veins in despair.

        1. Adienl says:

          Did you grow up in a village and had no access to higher education? You accused the OP of lying when he didn’t. Do you understand the words you use? Or do you use the Box Muller method to simulate your responses?
          I’m not a fanatic like you, so Wenger signing the contract will not make much difference to my life. I’m not a dimwit, unlike you.

          1. Budd says:

            I have not accused the OP of anything, I just called his jibberish what they are, a lie. If you want to buy into it then by all means do it but don’t come here and tell us to believe you just because you say so.
            If anything, Mitov is a fanatic, not me. I simply don’t care what happens to Wenger, I have had my say already. I just want to record the history as it is, not feeding lies from hate blinded simpletons like Mitov and yourself.

            1. Adienl says:

              I didn’t ask anyone to belive anything. You need to improve your comprehension skills. You’re clearly a fanatic, and the one filled with haye. Also, you’re the one spouting lies and not the op. I made that clear in my first reply to your first comment. I think you should read it all again. I doubt it will help but it helps to try. You accused the op of lying. That’s what your original comment(misguided and poorly written, lol) is all about. Do you still have trouble comprehending? ???

              1. Budd says:

                What lies? Again, just because you say so it does not mean you’re right. Comprehension you say? Look for a mirror nearby, it will show you a very confused person.

      2. Admin says:

        Thats enough of the personal insults. Any more and you will be moderated…

        1. Arsenal007 says:

          Thanks Admin.

    2. Tojo says:

      Someone talking sense.

      It’s disgusting how some fans talk about the players and staff of Arsenal football club.

      Arsene has brought us many many great memories, he’s given us some of the worlds best players and performances, that alone means every fan should show him respect, gratitude.

      Arsenal stands for something that in modern day for all seems lost. He’s helped shape our club and it’s philosophy, done it all the right way. He has had and has the opportunity to manage the best clubs in the world yet he has stuck by the club, it’s fans and it’s players through thick an thin. Loyalty in football is what’s lost, Arsenal football club will fail if we get leaves on the wrong terms/bad terms, it will do exactly what Manchester United an Liverpool did, I for one do not want to see that happen.

      I am proud of my club, my manager and my players and I will stand firm and show the same loyalty in them as Arsene has for so long, I have not forgot the saying in which I grew up around…


      1. TheArsenalWay says:

        Please stop with this nonesense, you act as if Arsene has provided us with nothing but good memorys throughout his 20 years. You need to realise it’s been 13 years since we last the PL!

        Also, you act as if he doesn’t get anything in return, the man gets paid 8 million a freaking year! Once you can comprehend these things then maybe you will realise why he didn’t accept offers from other clubs. He would not have lasted a whole season at Madrid, Baryen or Barca.

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    AW when asked about the planes:

    “There was no plane! Did you see a plane?
    From where I was sitting I saw no plane?”!
    Not even 1 plane did I see. To think there
    was two is madness!
    Whether or not there was or was not a plane
    Makes no difference to anything. When I see a plane
    I will tell you that there is a plane, not before, because
    There is no plane unless I see it.”

  4. hecmanx says:

    Let the protest continue until wenger get ot if the kitchen, embarrassing to the fans how our manager is clueless on how to solve the problems of the team, yet some deluded fans are still worshipping him in spirit and in truth. Pathetic

  5. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    It’s the age old philosophical question – if a plane flies over the Hawthornes but Wenger didn’t see it – did the plane make a noise?

    1. Gooneris78 says:

      This question goes out to the true fans of Arsenal football club,
      Will Arsenal ever return to the champions league in the nearest future

  6. Onochie says:

    I think those fans who were saying “in arsene wenger we trust” are mostly tourists from asia and new generation fans who thinks that Arsenal Fc started in 1996 and not 1886. I will keep saying it,Wenger has over stayed and needs to move on but the biggest problem is the board. They lack ambition, they don’t watch any of the Arsenal matches,even during any interview,they only talk about finances and not trophy,forgetting that trophies are pride of a club and its fans which would also bring in more revenue.

  7. Twig says:

    My lineup for next season 🙂

    Neymar Sanchez Welbeck
    Cazorla Rabiot
    Monreal Koscielny Morgan Aurier

    Manager: Allegri

    What do you think? Do you think we will win the FA cup with this lineup?

  8. Vlad says:

    Coming soon in theaters near you – “Fatal Attraction 2”, starring Arsene Wenger, and Konstantin Mitov.

  9. Vlad says:

    “Arsene is a dead man walking” – I burst out laughing. I don’t think you understand the meaning of the phrase, Konstantin. The man has a god status at the Emirates. He is untouchable. He will not get fired. He has a contract on the table, and it’s up to him, and only him, whether to sign it or not. And frankly, I think he’s earned the right to step down on his own terms if that’s what he decided to do.

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