Which Arsenal players have improved the most this season?

Players Who Have Improved this Season


This season has not been very good. We started decently and then went into some of the worst form in the history of the club. Then we got back into being a good team. All of this while being one of the most unlucky teams in England. So, has anyone being good this season? Or even improved? Surprisingly enough: yes. Let’s run through the list.


  1. Alexandre Lacazette.

Lacazette was a known stock by the beginning of the season. He is a good link-up striker who puts in a shift defensively and does not score too many goals. Physically, he is off the pace and does not trouble too many defenders. This all made for a very frustrating player.


However, the Frenchman has really been scoring at a faster clip than before. His goals has provided much relief while everything else had dried up. Is he looking to break the lofty heights of his 15-goal Premier League record?


  1. Rob Holding.

The Englishman has transformed into one of Arsenal’s most reliable defenders since his return from a long-term injury from Emery’s reign. In his absence, the club suffered through turpsy turvy defending from individuals who will not be mentioned. However, Gandalf has returned with his staff to bring hope to the midlands.


Solid defender, good communicator, slightly improved ball-playing, the 2 million euro punt from Bolton is now a solid option for Arteta’s consideration. A highlight of his season was when the cameras caught him shouting at the ref about Adama Traore’s constant falling. “He’s built like a brick shithouse, how’s he gone down like that!”


  1. Mohammed Elneny

One of Arsene Wenger’s cheeky roulette spins. Elneny has flourished under Arteta‘s tutelage this season, participating to good effect in big wins against Liverpool and Manchester United. Impeccable at the basics of midfield play and utterly safe, the Egyptian proves Johan Cryuff’s quip that football is a simple game and only the best can do it simple.


Mohammed Salah should watch out. Johan  Cryuff is coming for his title as the best Egyptian in the world.


  1. Granit Xhaka.

This list is becoming too long, isn’t it? That’s Mikel Arteta for you. The Swiss playmaker has somehow become Arsenal’s most reliable midfielder ever since he screamed “f*** you” to the fans. You know, maybe that’s what you need, too. Let it out at work and let the customers know you are so tired of their shit. You might end up being begged to stay with the promise of a payrise.


Jokes apart, Granit Xhaka is really looking the part currently. Credit must be given to Arteta for finding the perfect role for a player Arsene Wenger struggled to really define after spending 35 million euros for his signature. The Partey-Xhaka pivot looks like a top pairing.


  1. Bukayo Saka.

Oh Bukayo. Oh sweet summer child. Oh bloom of roses and dew of the morning. You sweet sweet fragrance of love and milk. Thy dark silhouette pirouette in the penalty box. Thou young saviour of our season. Thou silly sting of Nigerian chilli. Thou art God’s child and shalt inherit Fabregas throne. We love thee from now till thou shall be gone to City.


Arsenal’s most used outfield player. Arsenal’s most creative player. Arsenal’s best leftback, attacking midfielder, left-winger, right-winger, and for some glorious minutes against Benfica, also our best rightback. What shall we do without our teenage superstar?


That’s it. That’s the list. I refused to put in the likes of Cedric or Smith-Rowe because they haven’t played enough games for such a rating and the likes of Tierney and Leno because they have just always been good. Let me know your opinion in the comments, fellow gunners.

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  1. David Luiz would have been my pick ,puts his body (mainly head )on the line every game he plays and as coke on since last season ,would be my pick for best defender this season As well

  2. Lacazette’s only problems are just his pace and aerial ability. He doesn’t need to score a lot, because his other skills are more important for the team

    1. I guess when Wenger splurged close to 50M on him, he was expecting him to do a bit more than work rate, and hold up play.

  3. Saka is a star but he is not our “best left back”.We should not get carried away with our adulation of Saka, as he will, without doubt, suffer a loss of form at some stage, when certain fans will turn against him.In my opinion, ESR has improved substantially under Arteta.

  4. The most improved player in Arsenal currently is xhaka we’ve all seen how he played last year almost left Arsenal when the fans who were mocking him he almost left and that was Emery rain so I feel is the most improved player now he’s really helping us a lot in that midfield

  5. I can’t argue much with the writer of the article. I feel he has expressed the sentiments of the majority. Of course there are those who have issues with some of the players cited above. This is natural especially with some of our hateful fans but those will always exist and there isn’t much anyone can do about it.
    In the same vein we need to give credit to Mikel Arteta for turning these players into what they are today. Arteta and Ole Gunnar Soskjer have convinced us that have old boys of a club as managers is very beneficial. They do the job with both head and soul. I feel sad that heartless Abrahmovic sacked Frank Lampard prematurely because of his unrealistic expectations. All factors being equal and with just a few additions, Arsenal may shake the Premier league next season. We keep our fingers crossed.

  6. So pleased you mentioned Xhaka, who for me has never played better for us. I would dispute some entries as returning to form previously shown for us shouldn’t count (Lacazette), whilst I don’t agree that Elneny is better. Potentially down to MA as theyve never played better for Arsenal:
    Xhaka, Saka, ESR, Holding, Luiz, Pepe (may not count as he’s not been here long before MA)

  7. Saka was really amazing this season, but did anyone know that Pepe created the most chances. He also scored the 3rd most goals for Arsenal this season and he was actually very bad. Imagine if he is good. Image if he gets a solid run.

  8. Laca—talk about lowered expectations…imagine if someone suggested to you that after Wenger pursued this player for the batter part of 2 years then paid 50m for his services we would be giving him plaudits for possibly reaching 15 goals in a season, you would and should be furious…remember he was supposed to replace Giroud because of his potential to score more goals than his slow-footed predecessor

    Holding—decent, fairly reliable CB…he should be a good bench option for us moving forward and his wage should reflect that fact…he’s showed some improvements this year, but still lacks the hip flexibility to defend against the top end forwards and hasn’t improved enough from a ball distribution standpoint

    Elneny—“flourished”??? come on, that’s some serious blinders banter…good squad player, positive locker room presence, but that’s about it

    Xhaka—that’s the kind of talk that lowers the bar and “enables” our club execs to make poor decisions regarding future recruitment…we need to seriously raise our standards and although he’s not the tire fire he was this time last year, he still gives the ball away far too often and lacks the defensive acumen to be a regular starter on any team with aspirations…obviously better than in recent years but that wouldn’t be hard to achieve considering his poor performances during the period in question…not too difficult to look better in this largely defensive-minded sideways passing tactical scheme we’ve employed for the better part of the season…only time he seems to have a real impact on the game is when he’s been allowed to play farther up the pitch…must be replaced if we’re serious about contending in the coming years

    Saka & ESR—little credit to Arteta since Saka had some similar performances prior to Arteta’s arrival, so one could only assume he would continue to display his obvious talents as a regular starter…ESR wasn’t really on Arteta’s radar until injuries and suspensions forced his hand, so I’m not going to give him too much credit; not to mention, as soon as he brought in Ode he forced ESR out wide, which means he might have looked a gift horse in the mouth again

    When I witness a run of games where we deploy a more balanced tactical approach to the game, as even mid-table managers can employ a park the bus mentality with far less talent and get some similar results, then I will evaluate Arteta’s positive impact on our squad. Right now we’re a team that has played a handful of real quality games this season, which shouldn’t be the case if what you’ve written is a true reflection of what’s happening on the pitch

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