Which Arsenal players need their contract’s extended in June?

Okay I think just about every single Arsenal fan is aware that Jack Wilshere has just three months left on his Arsenal contract and that Aaron Ramsey will be entering the final year of his own contract, but who else will be expecting extension discussions imminently as well?

For the end of the season, we know for a fact that Per Mertesacker is going to the youth setup and there is surely no more hope of Santi Cazorla getting another playing contract. Also Joel Campbell will not be returning from his loan at real Betis, and another one we won’t see again is Chuba Akpom who never took his reserves form up to the senior level and has gone downhill ever since.

So the current players entering the final year in June are of course, firstly, Aaron Ramsey, who I am not sure that he actually wants to sign an extension. He is certainly not talking about it very much…

Also both our keepers, Petr Cech and David Ospina, are up for renewal if they are not to be sold. We all know that Ospina is desperate for first team football, so Wenger will probably have to promote him to first choice or get in a replacement. I can see Martinez being stepped up instead of a new arrival….

The next one is Nacho Monreal who has probably been our most consistent defender in this campaign, but the Spaniard has just passed his 32nd birthday and he may be a bit old to get an extension…

The two most important renewals we need sorted are Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Reiss Nelson who should be part of our future after being trained through the Academy. They are probably going to need massive pay rises or we risk them being poached….

How many of these should or will be renewed?


  1. Innit says:

    First and foremost SACK WENGER

    Monreal, Niles and Nelson are fine.
    Ramsey is too injury prone
    We should replace Ramsey and Cazorla with two top central midfielders
    I think we need to upgrade Goalkeeper
    We need to sign two solid CB and RB

    1. Malcolm Townsend says:

      100% agree with you in everything you say but let’s do it

  2. Phil says:

    Ok Pires – with all due respect you will see that the first Two posts by INNIT & ME are both very directly aimed at Wenger. No doubt as this topic is taken up by others over the course of the evening you will see how many feel the same.

  3. ks-gunner says:

    Do agree with Innits comment. If you want to see Arsenal do good then start changing your tune and ask and demand change and progress

    Wenger is the main factor of out stagnation while players like Ramsey and friends are easily replaceable. A conclusion not many can disagree with knowing that history has proven the worth of those men. In case you insist and ignore the facts then your personal emotional bias makes you also an enemy to progress.

  4. Counsel says:

    You notice that the AOBs delude themselves following the fake polls that they are the majority and they want Wenger out at purported 88%.These are opinion polls that are not credible therefore you cant base your claim on them.When it comes staging protests and boycott they fail miserably that’s why the media and the pundits do not take AOBs seriously they are a bunch of jokers are only active on social medial just whining. The majority of the fans are behind the team otherwise the purported majority AOBs would be holding Wenger banners in thousands. So the Wenger out campaign is of no effect

    1. Durand says:

      People love the club above wenger, not sure why this is such a problematic stance. Everybody would agree no one is bigger than the club. Sanchez got shipped out; wasn’t the first won’t be the last.

      Change name from “Sanchez” to “Wenger” and suddenly no one bigger than club is questioned.

      Hypocrites i tell you. Some fans happy to rid club of underperforming players, and many of those same fans claim “real” supporters should never question or challenge underperforming manager.

      They are allergic to common sense and blind to their hypocrisy. See how quickly they turn on new manager

      1. Phil says:

        Counsel-may I respectfully ask you to give details to us all of the following PLEASE
        • on what basis do you have to substantiate your comment that the 88%Wenger Out poll is incorrect
        •You state they are FAKE and NOT CREDIBLE.Could you give us detailed facts to give credibility to what you have stated
        ••You describe anyone who wishes Wenger out of the cub as a “BUNCH OF JOKERS”.Is this your own opinion or is this the view of the majority of supporters?
        You have stated the Press and media do not have any regard to the view of anyone who wishes a change of manager.Could you provide details of wear you read this or indeed watched the programme where these comments were said?
        •And finally you have stated quite clearly the majority of fans are behind Wenger.Would you share with us how you have arrived at this comment

        I believe a good many of us will look forward to hearing from you.
        Take your time in replying as we would not wish you to write something that would embarrass you

        1. jon fox says:

          Great post Phil. We with brains should always take dullards to task. But we also know that they cannot reply with answers to astute questions, as in your post, because there are no answers. They just write tosh and expect intelligent worldly wise people like you, me and tens of thousands of other Gooners to accept it . They do this of course, as we both know, simply because, being dullards, they try to convince people that the plain truth is not so. This explains Holocaust deniers, flat earthers and people who actually believe Adam and Eve really existed, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. Wenger lovers are firmly in this category.

          1. Admin says:

            You are going too far Jon!
            Even a dullard is a massive insult to a hell of a lot of Arsenal fans (you say 15% I say 40%) just because they don’t agree with you . But to liken them to Holocaust deniers is just going a tad too far, don’t you think?
            Tone it down…..

          2. jon fox says:

            You are acting like a dictator trying to restrict free speech. Your own thoughts on Wenger are well known on here and in the tiny minority. I reserve the right to write freely but do not and never will abuse. You have a distinctly odd definition of abuse. On that basis you could ban almost anyone on here, should you choose. I notice you chose to ignore my comments on Counsel and circumcision , in a previous thread so anything to say on that…..?

          3. jon fox says:

            In fact, and I deal in facts, fan polls tell us that 88% want Wenger out. That does not even equate to 15% let alone your 40% wanting him to stay. Just google Arsenal fan polls if you disagree.

          4. PIRES says:

            For you,i am sure,Wenger has caused the holocost and we are denying it!!!And he killed Galilee and we adheres to his flates earthe theories,and he was the devil who expeled Adam and Eve from Eden with the A,K,B as a part of your deluded conspiracy theory…..Good Luck as you seems to take yourself too seriously, as if the club was your private propriety along with your supposed “majority”……. you will wake up tomorrow and find that Wenger is still the manager of the club until HE decides to go…..

          5. jon fox says:

            I have nothing more I ever wish to discuss with such as you. This is my final comment to you.

          6. PIRES says:

            your poor arguments let you down buddy,and believe me i like to discuss with you even though you’r a little bit violent and insulting at times….a pot calling the kettle black

        2. Durand says:

          Expect nothing but crickets my friend. Some people think blowing smoke = facts. You will never convince them his time has passed.

    2. ks-gunner says:

      The whole football community is acknowledging the flaws in our club, and better then everyone else they do even point fingers pricesly where the faults are. You are just avoiding reality in a way a coward does, by excusing and shifting the blame instead of facing the facts.

      To give you a short explanation. When fans lose their interest in the club, they start to lose their interest in the game. One does not invest precious time and money to fight something as worthless as a hobby. Therefore the stadiums goes emty. Or even worse. The stadium gets filled with people who are not into football, but rather just occupy it for the sake of it. Bandwagon fans.

      This is how a team dies. Without progress future fans will not replace those before them. The spirit dies off, and with that all the past and future together with it.

      AKB are so delusional that they make labels like AOB as they think that normal fans have the same thinking patterns as them. Your way of thinking is fixed towards the good will of Arsene, where normal football fans want the best for the club. Not just Arsenal fans but also those who into football as well.

      1. jon fox says:

        I sometimes think that were Wengers first name not so similar to the name of our club, he would not have some fools till hanging on his every action and utterance as if it were from “God on High”. Imagine Francois or Pierre knows best . FKB or PKB has not the same ring. Especially when it is clear to the vast majority that F or P or in our case, A, knows sweet FA all about managing.

      2. Tas says:

        KS-gunner I agree
        I put it to those AKB, even if AW was amazing he still needs to leave because his creating a split amongst Arsenal fans and that canot be good for players or the club for shore most fans are unhappy weather they like AW or not,

        I was thinking back to the begining of the season and almost every football professional or punters ex players were convinced Arsenal wouldn’t make top four even when we had a goor run, so what dose that say to all of us??

  5. Ackshay says:

    Regardless if you are AKB or AOB(i am arsene GTFO) group it is obvious that the club is preparing for life without wenger, will they sack him this year? or let him leave on his own next year we dont know. But the main problem was that he had too much responsibilities which was making it impossible to find a replacement who had that much time to devote to arsenal. He was coach, manager, part scout, part board member (his involvement in emirates building proves that), part youth team scout and coach.

    All this jobs made that he wasn’t just judged on only footballing results but one by one gazidis has delegated most of this task to other persons(he bought the best staff available). Now wenger can be judged solely as a coach and replaced if deemed appropriate by the club.

    I would remark to you all that wenger best years were when he was only a coach in the 1st decade at the club then dein left/forced out by the greedy bastards of board members, wenger took up dein responsiblities and we started our descent from top of table to also-rans.

  6. Ackshay says:

    David dein was a powerful man that was a good friend to wenger but wasnt afraid to criticise wenger when he was wrong. Both one of the best at their jobs and a formidable power duo who helped us hold our own against a giant like fergie’s Man utd.
    I dare say that we would still be challenging for the league in the last 14 years had dein won the power struggle and gotten rid of those leech traitors bastards of senile board members we have.

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