Which Arsenal players need to go with Wenger?

A large number of Arsenal fans are expecting (and hoping) that Arsene Wenger will finally give up his throne as manager this summer, but which players should go with him?

The French boss clearly favours a number of stars despite a number of lacklustre performances, although excuses can be made on occasion, but with a change in management a possibility in the close-season, some of those players may not get those same allowances under a new guard.

Aaron Ramsey has been in and out of the first-team with a number of injuries and fitness problems, and is a regular in the playing squad when available, and while he has showcased his talent on a number of occasions, his inconsistent performances are frustrating. I believe the biggest issue with him is the fact he is used in various pòsitions, and his best position is somewhat unknown. I would expect any new manager to give him his chance to shine, but I don’t think he would last at Arsenal for long unless he could raise his game and assert himself in one role.

Francis Coquelin is a player who may not find it so easy to gain a role under a new boss. His role in the squad is clearly to be our most defensive option at the base of the midfield, but he has put in a number of questionable displays this term, and I struggle to believe he would still play nearly as often as he has under anyone else. I expect another midfielder to be signed this summer regardless of our manager.

Theo Walcott is another player who has been given chance after chance over the past few years, and if Wenger had left last season, the English forward may have been discarded, but this year he has been a different animal. Theo is our second-highest scorer in the league, and has flourished with Alexis Sanchez playing centrally. Unfortunately the Chilean looks near-certain to leave however, and Walcott will have to find a new system to accommodate his playing style.

Olivier Giroud is another player who is regularly under-rated by onlookers, although he has shown his goalscoring ability when used sparingly this season. Fans have been much more respectable of his ability this term, but a new manager may not view him as good enough when trying to build his own side. I’m a fan of Giroud, but he is not a scratch on Harry Kane, Diego Costa or Sergio Aguero, and to really challenge for the title, we need better.

There are also question marks over Mesut Ozil’s workrate, Alex Iwobi’s composure, as well as question marks over Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Kieran Gibbs, Jack Wilshere and Granit Xhaka.

Which players would you be first to offload if you was boss, and why?

Pat J

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  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I honestly can’t think of one player that’s worth keeping lol? they all have their faults in one way or another and what with them being consistently ?? at times when needed the most.
    Sell em all at the next Emirates Circus Tavern Boot Sale and Promote the youngsters to the first team. ? They seem to be inspired by Henry and Pires, so put them in charge of the team. ? Surely it couldn’t be any worse than the ?? we are witnessing now?

    1. Tas says:


      1. Break-on-through says:

        Bellerin is wanted by Barca.
        Koscielny wanted by Bayern Madrid.
        Alexis wanted by Madrid Psg Bayern Juve Atletico.
        Cazorla wanted by Atletico Juve Dortmund
        Xhaka wanted by Bayern Liverpool
        Oxlade wanted by Mancity Manutd Liverpool Chelsea
        Wilshere wanted by Mancity

        And AFC fans want the board to start listening, because they say they know what it takes. I hope Gazidas isn’t trolling round here.

        1. Tas says:

          Just a bunter

    2. Az says:

      I wouldn’t get rid of any of them just yet. I think a new manager should be given time to attempt to work with the players and see if they can fit in his system. Players like Ramsey, Walcott, Ox etc have been up and down but I genuinely believe they need a kick to get them playing to their best. I also believe they have not been utilized in the best way possible. For example, Ramsey plays best as a number 10 for Wales. Why has he not been utilized in the sane way? Coquelin has been played too advanced. He’s a simple defensive midfielder. He’s not a box to box. Xhaka is a playmaker a Pirlo type, not utilized as such.

      The system needs to be changed. The players need defensive tactical training. I believe the players we have are good enough to compete. We simply need the right plan and the right work ethic

  2. Ks-Gunner says:

    Wengers big head son Ramsey, Walcott, Giroud, Merti potato, Monreal and Gibbs maybe.

    1. bran99 says:


  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    All of them. It’s just easier to start again than untangle the mess Wenger has made.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Genuinely a tough call deciding who to let go, because Wenger isn’t giving these players any help whatsoever. It would be interesting to see what a different manager could do with them. But if I made my decision based purely on what I see week in, week out, then I’d definitely let go:

    Cech – Hasn’t performed well for us, not WC anymore
    Szczesny – Been at the club for too long, never reached full potential
    Debuchy – Injury prone, disruptive influence
    Jenkinson – Sunday league quality, and injury prone
    Mertesacker – Cannot run
    Gibbs – Been at the club for too long, never reached full potential
    Monreal – Very good servant to the club, but form has gone, and tough to recover at his age
    Wilshere – Extremely injury prone (apart from when he’s not at Arsenal), never reached full potential
    Ramsey – Consistantly rubbish for us, and injury prone
    Sanogo – If there’s a level below Sunday league quality, then that sums him up
    Akpom – Not much quality or potential
    Asano – Probably can’t get a work permit for another 1/2 years, but who cares?

    I also feel there’s question marks regarding:

    Ospina – Don’t think he’ll be happy with another season on the bench. Either play him, or let him go
    Gabriel – I really think he has all the attributes to become a top CB, unfortunately, his manager is useless when it comes to defending. He hasn’t really performed, but has good potential
    Coquelin – Been at the club a long time, and hasn’t always been a starter. He’s gone from one of our star performers, to one of our worst of late. I like him, but maybe a squad player at best?
    Ox – I think he only has one year left on contract, so we have to sell if he doesn’t sign. I’ve always wanted him gone because he’s done nothing, but he has really improved this season, and maybe worth keeping around
    Ozil – One year left as well, and we also have to sell if he doesn’t sign. Would be interesting to see what another manager could do with him, but I don’t he’s worth the huge pay raise
    Campbell – Seems surplus to requirements, although I like him
    Sanchez – Looks as if he’s definitely leaving, but if we could could get Simeone or Sampaoli, then maybe they could persuade him to stay (as long as he signs a new contract)
    Giroud – Decent backup striker, but not much else. Probably worth cashing in whilst we still can
    Perez – I badly want to keep him around, but Wenger’s treatment of him has been disgusting, so I would accept it if he wants to leave

  5. AsburtonGrove says:

    Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey and Cech… Wenger out!

  6. Twig says:

    Let’s start alphabetically…


  7. ArseOverTit says:

    AFC boot sale I say!

    Wipe the slate clean, manager and players. Thinking about it, the dusty old board room figures could do with a new home.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Firstly I’d say Ospina, which will write my opinion off with many, but I think he’s a shaky keeper who unnerves us all when dealing with a nothing high ball. A keeper needs to excellent at handling, that’s why they’re there, to use that extra height advantage. Szczesny along with him. I think we need a new keeper, fighting for the no.1 spot, not this sharing comps bull.

    Walcott, I know he’s one of our best goal scorers and is doing well on that front. A midfielder needs to have more to his game. Passing is crucial for a midfielder. Tackling ability is also, he doesn’t have to be great at it, but he needs to be on top of players almost before they receive the ball. Wingers have the speed to do this very well. Which brings me to, reading the game, knowing how to spot danger, knowing when to cover a teammate. Aggressiveness, the Prem needs it, midfield needs it.

    Demote Iwobi.

    Monreal or Gibbs, so long as we get a LB befitting with what we have on the opposite wing.

    Mert & Gabriel, bring in a player which can replace Kos now rather than getting in a cheap option for the time being.

    Wilshere, I honestly don’t think he’s good enough for the first team, nor to be a first substitute. That’s sort of why he left isn’t it, I’d make it permanent.

    Debuchy, obv. Sanogo, obv. Akpom, obv. Jenkinson, obv.

    Ozil, people will know why, and I believe it’s a very good reason.

    I think the engine room needs freshening up, some new ideas needed, and more steel.
    I’d lose Coquelin. I know he can rack up some good stats with intercepting/tackling. The thing is he’s lacking in all other areas. I won’t even mention the dribbling which is a big one, aerial ability, nor the passing. It’s the little things like getting under a players skin, or taking a clever booking, or blocking a player in an off the ball incident, or completely destroying a main attacking threat, or getting a player back for targeting one of ours unfairly, or reading the cut back better, or organising players around him. All the stuff that they don’t really teach, Coquelin has never learned nor looked willing to learn, even when it’s being done to him he still just does Coquelin.

    I’d get Cazorla’s replacement in now similar to what I said about Koscielny.

    If we have three strikers, and the other two are better than Giroud, I’d keep Giroud for his aerial ability, offence as well as defence. Not really sure with this one, I’d hate to see an injury leaving us with having to rely on the big man again, which can easily be the case. I’d give this one some more thought.

    Ramsey, I think I’m one of the very few, who believe, with the right instruction, tactics, incentive, and under the right manager, he could surprise. I believe there has to be a manager who can get this lad to work. Like with Ox, they have different facets to their game. But going by what we’ve seen over the years, fans are right to say ..god no, you haven’t looked Eve quality never mind Arsenal. So I’d be on board with selling, freshen up that midfield, but I do believe that that certain manager is out there.

  9. vinie2000 says:

    Hey Fellas, good question in this article: Today in Marca newspaper there is an article about sampaoli;
    Jorge Sampaoli no entrenará al Barcelona la próxima temporada. El actual técnico del Sevilla había sonado como uno de los posibles recambios a Luis Enrique.

    Means, barca do not consider him for the post as they prefer valverde or someone who knows the Catalan culture So i really think sampaoli would be great for us with few aditions ( DM – ST – LB and CB ). As per the players we should (S)shipped for good or loan (L) :

    Saying this, New manager ARSENXIT is:
    Ramsey ( L ) 6 years to much
    Wishere ( L ) 7 years to much
    Gibbs (S) 9 years to much
    Chambers (L)
    Ox ( stay to prove himself ) last chance 6 years to much
    Theo ( Stay to prove himself ) last chance 10 years to much
    debuchy (S)
    Gabriel ( stay prove himself ) 2 season
    OG (S)
    Lucas stay 1st sesson
    Alexis NO DOUBT best player for the last 2 seasons.
    Ozil ( one more last chance ) right manager will make him better.
    iwobi ( still raw ) stay one more season ( L ) if no improvement.
    Ospina ( still think is a good GK ) needs regular play. keep him as back up
    Cech ( last season )
    per (S)
    Kos stay but we need to get young CB to replace him
    Mustafi 1st season. he will only get better with a good DM and another season
    Xhaka, like it or not he got massive potential, rough tackling not his best asset but not as DM. ( reminds me Petit passing range ) can be a back up in the 2 positions.
    leCoq (S) got guts and spirit but lack of passing accuracy,rough try to do nice things and get overwhelmed
    monreal keep him as back up LW for another season. last season he was great this one has deep
    Bellerin No dout stay. got massive potential and again new manager will make him even better

    WHAT WE NEED: New Coach ( sampaoli / Allegri / Jardim )
    LW ( rodriguez – mendy 0
    CB ( Raggi )
    ST ( mbappe ” young ” looks like henry /Lacazette / Huntelaar / carrasco )
    DM ( Bakayoko / bedner brothers / carvalho )
    total spend 120 millions

    have your said, it is just my opinion fellas btu for sure we need new faces.

  10. Gooner Craig says:

    • Sell:
    – Ospina
    – Shezzer
    – BFG
    – Debuchy
    – Jenkinson
    – Gibbs or Monreal
    – Coquelin
    – Elneny
    – Ozil (unless he signs the ting)
    – Alexis (beg him to stay at all costs but if not then sell! Don’t need unhappy campers

    • Last chance saloon/one more season to prove themselves:
    – Campbell
    – Ramsey
    – Wilshere
    – Walcott
    – Chamberlain
    – Giroud
    – Gabriel
    – Cech

  11. frank says:

    Firstly and foremost Wenger has to be replaced.

    Going: Unfortunately Sanchez
    Cash in on: Ozil, Wilshere and Welbeck (sorry but I just don’t think Danny scores enough goals, Jack and Mesut are way overrated and can’t defend)
    Let go: Mert, Debuchy, Monreal, Jenko and one of the keepers
    Bring back from loan: Chambers, Campbell and Szczesny. (they may do better with a different manager)
    Loan out: Sanogo, Akpom

    So that opens up for improvement (world class) of,
    – 2 forwards
    – 2 midfielders (defensive and attacking)
    – 1 centre backs and 2 fullbacks

    We can’t change the whole team and I don’t think we will buy 7 new players so this is all a bit of wishful thinking but if I was the new manager, thats what I would change for now but try and throw everything at Sanchez to stay.

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