Which Arsenal players should be sold or offered new contracts next summer?

Arsenal policy means five senior players are up for contract renewal.

Next summer five senior Arsenal players will have just one year left on their contract, that means they have to sign new deals or be sold if Arsenal is to stick to their new contract policy.

Last year in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph Raul Sanllehi said this

“In general, I do believe that a player’s contract should never go to the last year, as a policy,”

“But I don’t think I am inventing the wheel. Anybody could agree on that. Normally, the contracts of the players are for five years. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to do with that player when he is in the third year, at the latest.”

Below I list the five senior players who have contracts set to enter their final year next summer and I give my opinion on whether they should be offered new deals or sold

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
If Aubameyang can be persuaded to sign a new deal then, of course, we keep him. If not, he must be sold.

Mesut Özil
A no brainer, absolutely not, he cannot be sold and so the club will have no choice but to let him run his contract down.

Should be sold next summer, he has not done enough to warrant a new deal, however, he does have time to change minds.

David Luiz
He should have been sold the day we bought him and there is no way he should be offered a new deal.

Shkodran Mustafi
Be sold, however, I could easily change my mind with the German as I do believe he is talented and if he shows consistency then he could be an asset going forward.

That is my opinion, let me know your views on which ones should be offered new deals or sold.


  1. S.J says:

    I will sell Mustafi and Ozil.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal should double Ozil’s wage and extend his contract till 2030, because he brought a lot of money to the club and he has been creating hundreds of chances on the field

    Build the team around Ozil and sell the headless chickens who don’t want to retrieve the ball for him

    Sell Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe and Martinelli, because they are not good enough to receive Ozil’s defense-splitting passes

    Find a better ball carrier and a better DM, to protect Ozil’s back and to bring the ball to Ozil

    1. Alex says:

      The sarcasm was too good to ignore. The hate u carry for some players ( who r not ur favourite) is unparalleled.The board have paid members to make decisions, so lets trust them on this.

    2. Impenia says:

      Epic sarcasm…lol

    3. SueP says:

      Very witty

    4. James says:

      Ha ha love this!

    5. Igot350K4doingnothingandyou? says:

      Ozil is in a paltry 350K as compared to Sanchez, so he does deserve an enormous pay rise. Agree for once with you pall. And we are in sync with the worshippers

  3. Liam says:

    Sokratis, Luiz and maybe Holding should go in the summer. I have seen more from Mustafi than Holding this season and I reckon Arteta is the man to help him cut the mistakes out. None of our current defenders are better in the tackle or in the air than Mustafi. In the midfield Ceballos can go back to Madrid and Ozil can leave also. Then in attack I would sell Lacazette, this allows us to bring in a world class winger and will help the development of Saka and Martinilli. Xhaka, Mustafi, Pepe and AMN will all develop under Arteta and can have one more season to prove it.

  4. Drew says:

    @gotsnidea, I like your sarcasm, and I am not being sarcastic.

  5. PIRES says:

    Try to keep Auba for at least two year .Good riddence for the rest….

  6. Danie says:

    Please Keep Papa And Sell Chambers, Mustafi And Kostantinos

  7. Mogunna says:

    You gotanidea for sure :). You forgot to sell Martineli, Saka, Laca and more who should see their contracts broken and allowed to leave for free!

    Arsenal buys average players and ends up not being able to sell them, it is a strategy…Elneny still with us and better off run his contract down as everyone in order to get more money signing new deal! Same for everyone listed.

  8. tariku malla says:


  9. Impenia says:

    What happens if a player chooses to run down his contract? I mean, are parties not supposed to honor their contracts?…lol.

    Well, I think there are 3 parties in a contract. The selling club, the buying club and the player. A deal would be something that is satisfactory to all parties.

    Sometimes, clubs frustrate players by not sanctioning their moves to other clubs. Similarly, players also have the prerogative to frustrate clubs by not agreeing to be sold before their contracts expire.

  10. Shakir says:

    Aubas contract signing will depend on CL qualification.

    All the other 4s contract signing will depend on how they perform under MA and how they help in achieving his vision.

    And MA will decide who he wants on his team or not,and who he wants to build his team around.Nobody has the right to question his balls because the way i see it he is doing an amazing job.

  11. Atid says:

    You can add to that list elneny, mkhitaryan and macey who only has 5 months left. I also expect Mavropanos to be sold, he hasn’t really been fancied by any of the arsenal managers.

    I think with the likes of Saka, martinelli, nketiah, Nelson, john-jules, smith-rowe, maitland-niles, willock, Pepe, olayinka and balogun in or around the first team our attacking a creativity looks pretty healthy. So I expect the club to cash in on aubameyang, try to offload ozil and send ceballos back to Madrid.

    As for the 3 senior centre backs, I would say that Saliba will be the replacement for sokratis, whilst chambers return will push mustafi out too. If Mari comes good Luiz might find himself looking for a new club too as arteta clearly wants his centre backs to be one right one left. So I expect another left sided centre back to join as well as Mari.

    So in my opinion All 9 players could be sacrificed and I am not sure that Arteta’s system really suits Lacazette either.

    If Soares looks decent he will be signed on a free. Artetas budget will come from player sales, but the club will be working already on signing some summer free agents. If he sold those 10 players he could raise enough money to get someone like koulibally, who would be a great mentor for saliba. Chambers, holding and Mari would be the natural back up. He could then also get another midfielder, again a real leader type whilst selling both lacazette and aubameyang would give up space for another forward.

  12. salz d says:

    Mustafi should be sold cause he has no impact in the club

  13. Ali Adili says:

    I think there should an overhaul at least six players must be forced to leave , who are ; Sokratis, Luiz, Xhaka, Ozil, Lacazette, Leno, and Aubameyang, some to raise funds and most of the others because they are useless . On the other hand six or seven established players should be signed; two centre backs, defending midfielder, creative midfielder , one or two instinctive goal scorers, and finally a backup goal keeper because Martinez is very good and can be trusted. I know many would emphatically refuse this idea but without that Arsenal would stay in shade and consider fourth place is a grace if not fifth or sixth.

  14. Robindéboi says:

    A sarcarsm “épique qui pique” (en French). I am, a little, tired of OZIL, now if he accepted to lower his salary by 3, there will not have any problem.
    Not obligatory, that he is our basic player at his post. CEBALLOS or WILLOCK can replace it.

  15. Robindéboi says:

    Personally, I’ll keep MUSTAFI. At least he’s helpful as a good substitute. He’s very serious and he’s a fighter. He’s capable of scoring, for a backseat it’s pretty rare.

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