Which Arsenal players will miss Wenger the most?

Arsenal players that will miss Arsene the most if he leaves. by Konstantin Mitov

I have to begin with the fact that I write this article fully believing Arsene will not leave, but if miraculously the guy goes, there will be a few players that will miss him. After all every single players left is here because of him, so shall we start?

Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey. You can’t start anywhere else! Players who are always on the verge of fulfilling their potential but never quite getting it there. You’d wonder if they’d be regulars under a new manager and they are hardly moving to a better team.

The French Contingent will miss the manager if he leaves. Koscielny made a huge career jump from League 2 to being Arsenal’s captain and he said he owes Arsene everything. Despite having only 2 FA cups to his name though, Koscielny is a modern Arsenal legend for me and my favourite player in the squad!

Olivier Giroud was also convinced by Arsene to come here and despite not being the WC CF we all hoped for, he is one of the few players that are always trying. Last but not least Coquelin exposed our desperate need for a DM and became from outcast to somewhat an Arsene go-to-man.

Kieran Gibbs and Nacho Monreal are both part of the ‘not good enough’ part of our squad and they will surely miss Arsene, because their future will be in doubt under a better manager. This is the reason why most players except Koscielny and probably Giroud are on this list!

Last but certainly not least – Mesut Ozil! He is the perfect example of exactly what Arsenal have become. Full of quality, on his day probably one of the best there is, he never turns up for the big games, neither does he take too much of the critique going his way. He is also immortal at the squad no matter of bad form (any resemblance to another man immortal at the club?).

So to sum it up, for me players who won’t get a better club or paycheck, and the ones who don’t accept criticism are those who would miss Arsene the most! See you in the comments if you agree or feel different about it.



  1. ArseOverTit says:

    all of those who have been wrapped up in cotton wool by him and picked even when they don’t perform or deserve to play ahead of others..

    the king is dead, long live the king!

  2. Budd says:

    Koscielny didn’t come from Ligue 2, Arsenal bought him from Lorient. I believe the writer is Arsenal fan from 2010 (which is not bad to be honest)

    1. Disturbance says:

      Laurent Koscielny played for Tours in League 2, before making 1 season in Lorient. The author never said that he was signed from League 2 so I don’t get your point?

      1. Budd says:

        There you go, he came from Ligue Un. By the same logic Santi Cazorla made a huge jump from Villareal B in the third league to Arsenal.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Ozil should be in big trouble. How many giant clubs go with a no10 like Ozil, I can’t think of one. He’s a throwback, in more ways than one hopefully. Many people will say Ox and Ramsey. Myself, I’d like to see how they fare under a tactically astute manager. Too much freedom under Wenger and it doesn’t suit them. Giroud will be in trouble with lack of game time. He’ll be kept but will play sub allot, I’d imagine. I think Gibbs will be fine, he’ll be second, and he’s not the type to bicker about it so I think that’ll stay as is. Monreal, what a fall. Excellent last season, but he did have Alexis ahead of him. I think some of it’s related with what’s ahead of him this season compared to then. S Bould is surely a Gonner. Ospina or Cech might be in trouble, more likely Ospina. If Simeone arrives, Ospina is definitely gone. Coquelin, I reckon he might not fare too well unless he finds his inner Kante. Iwobi loaned out or sat in reserves/bench. Walcott will likely fight against two new starting wide-men, and even then Danny will get the nod ahead of him.

  4. leo...fourteen says:

    I have this feeling like sanchez wud be happy if wenger leaves..i mean wenger isn’t a winner as he claims to be, a real example is what ferguson was…he did all he could both tactically and psychologically to win matches, his biography states he pointed his fingers at his watch to put the opposition in pressure of whats that a winning manager does..if someone like ozil was at manutd then he wudnt have loved ferguson’s famous hairdrier moments..

  5. Remember Hafiz? says:

    Wenger Out!!

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      The House of Rahman has spoken!!

  6. Santi19 says:

    Nobody will miss him b/c he will go nowhere. If in case he leaves Ramsey and Walcott will play for mid level teams.

  7. Jansen says:

    Depending on the caliber manager we bring in I think Giroud would be in trouble since he is too unidimensional to be a starter. I think Ramsay would struggle particularly if Cazorla is fit at the beginning of next season.

    Coq could also be in trouble because I think he doesn’t offer enough going forward. Nowadays in his role managers like midfielders who can contribute going forward. Putting on a 5th defender takes away from attack.

    Elneney could be in trouble because of his stature. This team needs physicality and although Elneney protects the ball by a high passing completion and although he offers more going forward than Coq he is more easily ran off the ball by physical players.

    Walcott having a decent season could be in trouble for a lack of physicality as well. He could do well in a 4-4-2 but offers less in a 4-3-3 IMO.

    Ozil would get a chance but I fear from him if we get a passionate manager and although he offers a lot attacking and when we have the ball, he might be “too expensive” in defense and after we lose the ball. He is the opposite of Coq who is solid in defense but fails going forward, Ozil is excellent in possession but fails without it which means against big teams Ozil is useless at least half the game.

    Sanchez could also be in trouble although he would not be here. But I think, hypothetically, if Sanchez were to stay many a big name coach would prefer a more natural and bigger central striker, not to take anything away from the fantastic job Sanchez has done. But Wenger has build the team around Sanchez and a stronger manager might not do that. Wenger is even afraid to rest Sanchez “because Sanchez wants to play every gamer”. Sanchez going to Real would not see him as the central striker around whom everything is build. It would make more sense, like at Barca, for Arsenal to have a top striker in the center (Higuain or Aubamayng) and Sanchez on the right wing or to play Sanchez as a nr 10 in a 4-4-2 type of style where he can play of a more physical central striker.

  8. arsenalfan1 says:

    Did you see the way Simeone was practically ‘howling at the moon’ on the touchline on Tuesday night. A sight like that would ‘put the frighteners’ on most of the current Arsenal squad to be honest.

    I like most of KM’s articles but I think this one is a bit pointless as we need someone like Simeone on the touchline and the rest would sort itself out. For example, there was a negative remark about Cech amongst the comments – the guy has proven to be a serial winner and one not used to playing in a team that is a shambles tactically. It makes much more sense to wait and judge how a player of Cech’s proven ability performs under a competent manager than to wait till the end of the season to judge Arsene the Dope when it is a foregone conclusion that he will screw up again and the only question being the magnititude of the screw up.

  9. N4NICOLAS says:

    Wenger isn’t going Anywhere don’t get you hopes up, only thing that will happen is the same thing that happens every season by December, January n February our title hopes will be gone n then we fans here will come n post comments asking for Wenger to leave n of course he won’t go

  10. Vlad says:

    “Which JustArsenal.Com members will miss Konstantin the most if he stops writing idiotic articles?” – Not a single one.

  11. Vlad says:

    Wenger is like a father figure to most, if not all of Arsenal players. I’m not sure if “miss” is the right word here, but you can bet your last dollar, there isn’t going to be a single player who will have anything bad to say about AW if/when he decides to leave. So to answer your question, ALL players will miss him dearly. Now I think what you were actually trying to say or ask is: Which players will be in trouble if Arsene leaves? That’s certainly a question that’s suited better for the discussion here. Here’s the list: Ospina, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Debuchy, Coquelin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, Walcott, Ozil. Giroud could be out as well if someone like Klopp comes in because he doesn’t suit his style. There could be another couple of players added to that list. So in other words, 80% of the squad, if not more.

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