Which Arsenal players will really play for England at the Euros?

This is in the news at the moment because Roy Hodgson has just announced that there is still a chance that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere could still take his place in the England team this summer, despite not having kicked a ball for the Gunners this season.

Wilshere’s latest forecast is that he will be back available in about four weeks time, so he is sure to miss the next two England games, but Hodgson said: “I don’t know why we should be quite as protective as all that. Players are either fit to play or not. Whether they play 30 games, 40 games, 10 games, 15 games, 8 games, I don’t understand that.

“For me it’s all about the class of the player. It’s about who is in form and out of form. Even to some extent I have to rely on others’ judgement on that.

“Form is transient, but class isn’t. We need classy players and players we can trust and players we know what they will give us and players who have the desire, motivation and wish to play for England, to do all that’s necessary.”

Obviously Wilshere has the desire, but injuries and circumstances always seem to get in the way. But even if he does come back there will only be about five games left for him to get match fit, and there is no way Wenger will rush him back, especially if we are involved in a tight finish in the Premier League. So will he go? Possibly as a cheerleader?

So what about our English Core, as Wenger described Walcott, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere when he gave them all new contract 2 years ago. Walcott? Our newly found superstriker who can’t score goals. Has he done enough to earn a place in the squad? Welbeck? Surely the jury is still out until he has many more games under his belt, but I think he will go as he scores many more goals for England than he does for Arsenal!

When the Ox got injured against Barcelona, Wenger spoke out and said “Don’t worry he’ll be ready for the Euros”. Why would he get picked? He has had an awful season. He can’t score goals and has no confidence. Jenkinson? No chance long term injury. Gibbs? Hardly ever plays. Maybe he could be Mr Versatile for emergency substitutions.

When you see the English youngsters at other clubs making a name for themselves, like Vardy, Kane, even young Rashford at United who has scored more goals in two games than Chamberlain has scored all season. Austin, Sterling, Alli, and many other youngsters have come through and made an impact, while our “Golden Boys” seem to have fallen by the wayside.

Which Arsenal players do you think will be in the England squad come June?

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    1. agreed @Twig.
      I think only Welbeck will make the England team. Might unfortunately struggle for 1st eleven.

      1. What about Gibbs? Surely he must get a game or two and prove himself for the euros… Wilshere if fit and shining for arsenal, Walcott if he does the unthinkable and actually begins to play like a 130k/week fotballer

  1. Cech is out for 4 weeks :'(
    Would have been nice to have Martinez at this time
    He has impressed me whenever he has played
    Just a victim of pecking order 🙁

    1. agreed
      Who really cares what players are playing in the distant Euro’s right now?
      its all about tomoorws game, I cant even consider what Im doing tomorrow nighrt before knowing the outcome of tomorrows game I hate playing the scum but I also have a really bad feeling about it as well so who cares about the bloody euro’s right now???!!!!



    plus extra few wks of rehab and running outside……

    Plus extra more weeks for “setback”

    He’s out for MONTHS

  3. season after season it’s the same , always lacking 2-3 key signings, make schoolboy-errors in defending & always lose to certain teams
    arsenal haven’t scored against Chelsea in what 9 PL-games Haven’t beaten manure at OT in around 9 years

  4. Spuds come b4 the Euros so lets get job done in the PL and leave the England team selection for Roy H…hope they wont do us a swansea.!

  5. No doubt that Jack Wheelchair will be fit and available for England during the Euro’s and then he will be injured again once the premier league kicks off!

    I’m pretty sure that Jack has played more games for England in the last couple of years than he has played for Arsenal? ?

  6. Don’t give an ar$e who’s going to play for England as they will not win anything with this crop. Be smart and change the formula for Saturday and adapt smart, just like Bilic. I am no football master but I can see that Spuds game is made by the three trio Eriksen, Alli and Lamela (or whoever plays instead). The width is guaranteed by the fullbacks Rose and probably Walker.
    Play 3-5-2 because of three simple reasons : we lost Kos, we have no Cazorla, we are there to get a result. Chambers plays both RB and CB, make him CRB. Monreal plays LB but he played CB as well, make him CLB. Leave Mertz back as he has no pace anyway and he is better at heading than Gabriel and that will come handy against crosses. Be smart, brave and use Gibbs as LWB and Campbell as RWB with Coquelin, Ozil and Ramsey and for F$CK sake put two strikers, Sanchez and Giroud because they are so different but passing between them is very common if you look at the stats. 5 in the middle and you will give a run for their money to Rose and Walker because they are not technical at all and Walker is very slow.
    Ospina-Chambers,Mertz,Monreal-Gibbs,Ramsey,Coquelin,Ozil,Campbell-Sanchez, Giroud.
    This is how I would play. It is very flexible and it can turn in 4-4-2 easily by dropping Nacho in the middle and Gibbs as LB and even 4-3-3 with Campbell up high and Ozil in the middle. If you don’t surprise them they will eat you alive. Do it Wenger, show some balls! Show you are not too old already.

    1. Oh, and there’s another reason I put two strikers. Every time Bellerin, Ramsey or Nacho cross the ball into the box there is only isolated Giroud in the area. Easy clearance. Sanchez, as short as he is is having a fabulous header and for his height he is anticipating to perfection.

    2. One more thing: this isn’t necessary an Ozil game. You want to hurt them where it really hurts: their pressing middle. You can even drop Ozil and put Elneny in there. And if you really want you can replace Giroud with Welbeck but I am not sure how fit Danny is. He may come later anyway, just like Ozil if needed.

    3. I think you’re missing the point Budd. England hasn’t got the same quality as Arsenal (Alexis Ozil Cech) yet some of our consistent starters might not even make the International first team. England are hardly blessed with individual quality, like you say, will not do too much. Whereas Arsenal are supposed to be blessed with individual quality.

  7. saturdays match is do or die, loose to spurs and they propel to challenge LC, AFC need a miracle, they have no confidence, OG couldnt score in an open net from 2 yards, we need a consistent center forward next year! barca has 3, we have none, what good is it to make the UCL if you can not compete…

  8. Rashford has no chance of playing, the goals he got against us will probably be all he gets ..maybe one or two more at most. The lad has less physical presence than when we went with youngsters yet nobody intimidated or just over-powered him from the game. Kane will play for sure. Ali, I think that’s his name, because of confidence and because England are weak in centre will play. I think Welbeck will get time aswell, Walcott will be an impact player on right wing from bench. Gibbs is probably the second or third best option out there, so unless injury he wont start, he will travel though and might get on to shore up games just like you mentioned. Ramsey would start if he were English, means nothing just thought Id highlight.

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