Which Arsenal players would have gone (or will go) to the Euro2020 Finals?

This article is inspired by the BBC website who previewed who might break into the England squad for the first time, in time for Euro 2021.

The one advantage of the Pandemic for footballers is that those who might not have been selected for the European Championships this summer, now have an extra 12 months to prove to managers they deserve an opportunity to represent their country.

So, let’s go through the Gunners dressing room and reflect on who would have been or not been at the Euros this year, and what hope they have being selected for next year.

Leno – Germany

Would He Have Gone To Euros This Year? – No

Due to injury. While he was back in training, given the keepers he can choose from, there would be no need for Joachim Lowe to take any gamble in terms of fitness.

Will He Go Next Year? – Yes, but only just.

Even if he continues his impressive form for us, it’s hard to see him doing anything more than competing to be third choice keeper. Born anywhere else in Europe he probably be their number one but is unlucky that he’s in the same era as Manuel Neuer and Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

Hector Bellerin – Spain

Would He Have Gone To Euro’s This Year? No.

Like with his club, there are doubts that a couple of serious injuries has robbed him of the pace that was such a big part of his game. Doesn’t take on his man as much, and instead of getting to the bar line as much, now cuts back and plays the simple ball.

Will He Go Next Year? No

Hector will be grateful he has more time to prove his fitness to Luis Enrique. He was last called up though in 2016 so next season is a massive one for both his future with club and country.

Maitland-Niles – England

Would He Have Gone To Euro’s This Year? No

A player with versatility can often squeeze into a squad, as a manager likes the idea of covering numerous positions with one selection. Southgate will be monitoring Nile’s development with the underage groups, and be more than aware of his performance in the FA Cup Final. Yet England are spoilt for choice at full back, so no need to play someone there who has made it clear he’s not happy in that role.

Will He Go Next Year To Euro’s? No

As I write this it seems our manager, being more involved in recruitment, is not going to change the club’s choice to sell a man who has been at the club since the age of 6. Reports make Wolves the favourites. He will play more at Molineux but I’m still not sure he would break into their midfield? One reader said he’s better than Kante. Well I think Kante walks into England’s midfield? Ainsley does not.

Cedric – Portugal

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s? No

Portugal have named a strong squad for their defence of the Nations League and it doesn’t include Cedric. That suggests maybe they feel he hasn’t played enough this year for numerous reasons to earn another cap.

Will He Go Next Year To Euro’s? No

You could have him in the squad based on his experience as someone who won the Euro’s 4 years ago but will playing the odd cup tie be enough considering he’s competing with the likes of Pereira, Semedo and Cancelo?

Tierney – Scotland

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s? Yes

If Scotland win the Nations League, he would be one of the first names on a Scottish team sheet.

Will He Go Next Year To Euro’s? No

I can see Scotland beating Israel at home but not winning in Norway or Serbia.

Kolasinac – Bosnia

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s? -Yes

100 percent would in their squad if they qualify.

Will He Go Next Year To Euro’s – No?

The draw for the play-offs has been kind, they have to win two home games to qualify but I think will fall short.

Saka – England

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s No?

At left back England have to choose between the likes of Luke Shaw, Ben Chilwell and Danny Rose. Further forward, competition includes Sancho, Sterling and Rashford. So, there is zero need for Southgate to throw an 18-year-old in at the deep end. He might have thought it be better for his development to have a summer to rest after a season where he’s had a lot of hype.

Will He Go Next Year To Euro’s Yes?

Competition will still be there and a lot depends on if the youngster can cope with the attention and the expectations on him. Yet I think his pace is a weapon that England could use off the bench to hurt tired defenders.

Mustafi – Germany

Would He Have Gone To The Euros – No?


Will He Go Next Year To Euros – No?

Hasn’t played for Germany since 2017 due to his inconsistency problems at Arsenal. His best chance would be a fresh challenge elsewhere, but I think he knows ship has sailed in terms of his international career.

Holding – England

Would He Have Gone To The Euros – No?

Another injury plagued season meaning he hasn’t played enough games for us to gauge what Southgate’s opinion of him would be?

Will He Go Next Year To Euros – No?

Not impossible as centre backs are England’s weak area so there is an opportunity for someone to take. Others are ahead of him and think it will come too soon but he will get a cap one day.

Chambers – England

Would He Have Gone To The Euros – No?


Will He Go Next Year To Euro’s – No?

Southgate likes his defenders to be able to be comfortable on the ball and I think Arteta could potentially train Chambers (and Holding) to do that. Yet it seems both would have to leave to play every week?

Mari – Spain

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s – No?


Will He Go Next Year To Euro’s- No?

Yet to get a cap and with Pique and Ramos in defence might need to wait slightly longer.

Saliba – France

Would He Have Gone To The Euros- No?

Deschamps of course will be more than aware of all the young talent breaking through, but as World Champions, no need to fix what isn’t broke.

Will He Go To Next Year’s Euros – No?

Deschamps has so much talent there is zero need to rush Saliba into the senior team. World Champions have earnt the right to die on their sword.

Guendouzi – France

Would He Have Gone To The Euros – No?

Any outside chance would have been ended by Arteta dropping him from squad after Brighton game. Deschamps will equally be concerned by the youngster’s perceived poor attitude.

Will He Go To Next Year’s Euros – No?

I can see him being a top player in the future for France, but I think Deschamps will wait till after the Euros before he breaks up his current squad.

Ozil – Germany

Would He Have Gone to the Euros – No?


Will He Go To Next Year Euros – No?

There would be public and political pressure on Joachim Low if he tried to change Ozil’s mind. Plus, how much football will the midfielder be playing in the next year?

Xhaka- Switzerland

Would He Have Gone To The Euros – Yes?

One of many who improved under Arteta. Gooners are starting to realise what he does tactically for the team.

Will He Go To Next Year’s Euros – Yes?

He is his country’s captain.

Willock – England

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s – No?

It is far too early in his development.

Will He Go To Next Year’s Euros – No?

I think he still won’t be playing every week for the club to be picked for England.

Reiss Nelson – England

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s- No?

Not good enough yet.

Will He Go To Next Year’s Euros – No?

He is nowhere near that level at the moment.

Eddie Nketiah – England

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s- No?

He is way down the pecking order.

Will He Go To Next Year’s Euros? No

It’s doubtful if he will play enough this season.

Lacazette – France

Would He Have Gone To The Euro’s – No?

France have a ridiculous amount of talent to choose from so Laca would have had to have done a lot more to earn a first cap since 2017.

Will He Go To Euro’s Next Year – No?

Not out of the question though. Deschamps likes Giroud because he does something different that other French strikers don’t do. Laca falls into that categorically in terms of his work rate and ability to hold up the ball. There is just too much competition though…

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  1. It just shows how poor our squad is, that only 3 of our european players are starters for their country. It’s a shame really

  2. Would the comment ” I couldn’t care less” which of our players ever or never plays international football ever again” be “kind enough” for you DAN!


    1. “a particular country in Africa” I can read between the lines the racial connotation, you’re belittling others like you live in heaven.I am not Nigerian because I Know this is the country you are referring to.Note that Arsenal academyhas alot youngsters from Nigeria so with your ‘hate’ for that country which all can Sense find another club to support sir,as arsenal values are against what stand for.

      1. Lord Denning, First and foremost sir, I do not HATE Nigeria nor ANY people from that wonderful country. I was indeed referring to Nigeria, as I have much noticed that the bulk of Nigerian Gooners who post on this site are indeed esp nationalistic and often confuse adverse comments against such of thier nationals as Iwobi(in the recent past) with criticism of his country, which is nonsense and many besides myself have told them so.

        I speak only the truth as I perceive it and deeply resent your lies about me which slander me and say I “hate” that country. If you do this again I will take legal action against you, I trust you understnd the serousnes of the lie you wrote which I will NOT ALLOW TO BE REPEATED. Please take this seriously, as I AM AS ANTI RACIST and anti racism as any human being in our planet. An apology for your slander would be a good idea!

        1. @Jon first thank you for your kind reply.If you speak the ‘truth’ then truth is absolute defence in defamation cases.So come baby come, let’s meet in court

      2. I am not speaking for Jon as he is more than capable of doing that for himself.

        There is more than a hint from our Nigerian gooners that they want all the youngsters of Nigerian heritage from the academy to commit to them rather than the country of their birth which is England. This happens from other nations too (usually the so called home nations) but as Nigeria has a huge Arsenal following this understandable nationalism crops up in posts for example, when Saka and his allegiance to either England or Nigeria was mentioned. I class myself as English and want the likes of Saka to play for England. I hope you don’t consider my point of view as in any way racist but it is surely nationalistic

        1. @madam sue say no to neocolonialism let Saka play for his ‘original’ country Nigeria but at club level we shouldn’t be bothered by nationality of players.

          1. Ealing England is where Saka was born, so if you want to take that route with ” his original country ” then thats England my boy!

          2. There is more than a fair chance that my family came from Ireland back in the day. Would I play an international sport for them? Not a hope in hell, unless I wasn’t good enough for England and used them as my second chance. Enough said. What neocolonialism has to do with this I have not got the faintest idea

        2. @Sue, I understand your position very well and what you feel is the same thing that the Nigerians feel. You want those players to play for England, cos you want the 3Lions to excel. The Nigerians also want them to play for their country cos they want the Super Eagles to excel. Isn’t that normal??

          1. It is normal. In Saka’s case he comes from England
            Historically I have family from Ireland but that doesn’t make me Irish
            Where do you draw the line?ozil played for Germany from Turkish heritage. He is still German.

    2. Agree and disagree jon. In the big scheme for me as an Arsenal fan, I don’t care too much.

      But, when considering the team we have and the fact that we don’t have a lot of people able to crack their Euro squads, it is indicative of where we are right now and a bit concerning.

      Now, we have some assets from elsewhere in the world which is great but since a big chunk of our team is European it is a concern.

      There I am safely on both sides of the fence!

      I do agree with the assessments Dan.

  3. Yikes, that is not a good sign. Top sides usually have a lot of their starters, and even bench players in these tournaments. We would essentially just have Xhaka, and Leno would be a 3rd choice keeper. I guess the positive is that some of our young players have the potential to start for national teams later on.

  4. Look, I don’t care for where people say players are from, it really doesnt matter in the slightest to me.
    I do notice, like @jon fox says many people on this site from Nigeria often say Saka is Nigerian and its where he’s from and that he should choose them over England.
    Saka was born in Ealing in England, pretty sure thats nowhere near Africa, yes he has Nigerian heritage and so do many other players.
    The FACT is that HE should be the one to choose who he represents at national level and thats pretty much that!

    The one thing we should be talking about is ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB

  5. Don’t really care about international football, but the paucity of top tier international players among our ranks show how mediocre our squad is.

  6. OT;
    I think Arsenal can afford to sign Partey without even needing additional fund from the Owner basing on this perspective and calculation(should everything go this way anyways)
    Chambers-12m,Holding 18m,AMN 20m,Socrates,Mikhtaryan-The sale of all these can generate more than £55m+ and free some cash from salaries.
    Get Partey for £45m(give AM what they want).

    Exciting times even more the 2021/22 season as Ozil,Luiz, Mustafi contracts will come to an end so room for more better players.

    Am very certain Arteta is cooking something special.

    Soares Saliba Gabriel Tierney
    Xhaka Partey
    Pepe Lacca Auba

    This team can play anyone basing on their skills,experience and of course right tactics from MA

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