Which Arsenal players would you sell to boost our transfer kitty?

If You Were In Charge Of Transfers by Dan

This isn’t to kick our fan base while we are down, but more to save my fellow gooners from a disappointing summer. I keep hearing supporters wanting to wait and see if or how much Arteta is backed in the next transfer window. Yet haven’t Arsenal already answered that question by giving new deals to Luiz and Cedric?

You don’t do that if your about to buy a Upamecano as an example.

No, I don’t know for certain that Stan Kroenke won’t give us a cash injection, but considering our owner has never spent any of his own wealth on us it seems improbable he would start now in a pandemic. To be fair, any businessperson would be foolish right now to invest millions based on a hunch that there won’t be a second spike in the virus. As I write this it’s still not clear when or how many people will be allowed back into stadiums.

You can’t base your incomings and outgoings on guessing when you will be receiving match day revenue, that’s now how you become a Billionaire. The crumb of comfort is that others are in the same boat, meaning maybe some will want to sell assets to us and won’t demand silly valuations. It’s expected clubs will be more receptive to loans and swap deals.

Our PR department won’t admit this (not in the week Adidas release their new kit) but the Gunners are in a financial pickle right now. The Lockdown combined with possibly no European Football (which maybe wasn’t accounted for) means we don’t have the funds to strengthen the squad.

Even if the Kroenke family magically cared, they would be foolish to get involved until it’s clearer when crowds can gather again into venues.

So, let’s play a game ….

You are Raul or Edu and you have a budget of zero in your transfer kitty. So, you have to be creative and maybe raise capital yourself. This is no reflection on individuals, but who would you sell who’s worth a few quid, yet kind of expendable? It’s not saying they are not good enough, but who would you sacrifice so you could strengthen other areas?

Relax! I’m not saying I want either to go, but what if a serious bid came in for one of them? You have to consider it. It seems foolish at a time when you’re looking down the couch for a few pennies that you got two keepers worth quite a bit. If selling one meant a decent centre-back? We might not get that choice anyways. Surely Leno’s understudy has proved he’s too good to be a backup?

It’s got to a point where I wouldn’t be expecting a massive fee, but more viewing this as slashing the wage bill. We are paying Champions League salaries to a group who might not even be in the Europa League. Guess what, it’s not just Ozil who’s currently being overpaid. I’d estimate that these two earn close to 100,000 a week, yet neither make our defence better. Get even one off the books you cover Saliba’s pay check.

Maitland Niles
Yes, he’s recently been great as Arteta’s tactical weapon, to the point he might even start in the Cup Final, but long term he’s never going to be our first-choice midfielder, which is what he craves.
From a marketing strategy it’s not great selling an academy graduate (why do you think our British players were the main part of the latest Adidas video), but he’s not really good enough to warrant that we should be forcing an unhappy player to stay.

Gone are the days when we feared one of Spain’s big boys making a 50 million bid for our full back. If they were going to put the limited money, they have towards him, It’s hard to estimate what’s his valuation. That’s based on a couple of injuries that some feel has taken away his pace. Where he used to take on his man and sprint to the bar line, it’s like he’s lost his mojo. Maybe our last chance to cash in our chips?

I have said this before, if the lad really is struggling to adapt to England let him return to Italy. All parties win. I think Serie A clubs will pay decent money for him based on his Sampdoria form. He and his family return to a country they are comfortable in, someone gets a decent DM, and we get some cash to spend.

In the first part of the campaign I would say he was our best player, yet clearly Arteta won’t forgive his behaviour at Brighton. The fact that we had just lost 2-1 and his first thought was to brag about how rich he is shows you a mentality which isn’t nice. Tony Adams. Dixon, Keown, etc, wouldn’t have tolerated that. I think clubs will make big offers for the Frenchman as your buying potential.
He’s good enough to be one that comes back to haunt us, but it’s the present we have to worry about. If rumours are true that Barca are willing to exchange for a Coutinho, I’d drive him to the airport myself.

This is a tricky one as Arteta has found a role which suits the youngster, but we haven’t had enough time to judge him as a deep lying midfielder. The issue is, he’s highly thought of in Spain, the star of their underage groups so he will have domestic clubs willing to buy him. Real Madrid might also not like the idea that their midfielder is being taught a more disciplined position. My head says try and extend the loan to another year but don’t waste the little money we have on making his stay in North London permanent.

We know the situation. Arsenal regret giving him his pay rise and realise they have trapped themselves. The player’s agent has made it clear his client intends to see through his deal in London, so Arteta has become the latest boss who’s been ordered to make the man so miserable he’s forced to move. We might have to carry on paying part of his wages for anyone to make an offer.

We have lots of talent out on loan, but what we have done over the years is undersell. It’s almost like if they are surplus to requirements for us, we don’t appreciate they could be value to use. Roma like Mkhitaryan but are playing hard ball. He’s got 9 goals in 24 games. Is he worth another chance?

Who would you sell to boost our transfer kitty?

Be kind in the comments

Dan Smith


    1. It has been Auba and Leno carrying us all season. And Martinez since the restart. Saka has also been great. Everyone else has been average at best. In no universe has Guendouzi been great for us. He had a good start to his Arsenal career last season then became a useless side-passer and hasn’t evolved from chasing the ball around like a headless chicken. Really hope we can scam 40mill from him.

  1. Sell Leno or Martinez they are both too good to be no 2. Sell Pepe if we can manage to even get 30 million for him. Ozil is not someone to be pushed around so he will not leave no matter what.

    Loan, sell or give away for free Nketiah and keep Lacazette or sell Lacazette and buy another striker and sell, loan or give away for free Nketiah.

    Sell or give away for free Nelson and Willock.

    Pay to have someone take Kolasinac from us.

      1. The biggest joke I have ever seen in my life is playing the best striker in the league out of position to accommodate Nketiah. We can’t go lower than that in self sabotaging.

    1. Highbury Hero with thinking like that no wonder Arsenal’s player assets get sold for a song.

    2. Highbury Hero I would sell Pepe full stop the bloody board bought him Emery did not want him but the board decide God help M A see what the board give him

      1. 8- goals
        Not too shabby for his first season in the premier league ,not sure what more the fans will expect.

        1. I expected more regarding his price tag. He is a flop there is no way going around that. And don’t go on ridiculing other people’s comments it doesn’t make you look clever.

          1. Let’s be honest your post hasn’t really made you look clever either as it .
            So we are both idiots 👍

  2. Both Kola and Papa. If Guendouzi stays sell Toreira. Right now, I’d keep Martinez over Leno, always rated him from the limited times I’ve seen him. Get rid of Ozil at all cost, AMN is the ultimate utility player, every club should have at least one, so for me, he goes no where, I would dump Bellrin and make him the full time right back with Cedric as back up. If we can get dwight McNeil of St Maxim then I’ll cut my loses on Pepe, too slow in his decision making and holds up the play, but if we can’t replace him, keep him I wouldn’t mind, Arteta has shown he can turn water into wine.

    1. Agree with you on Niles and Pepe. Arteta’s bottle has wine sticker but still water inside.

  3. Sokratis,Kolasinac,Mustafi,Mik,Elneny and Torerria would be on my list of disposables and I would only keep Bellerin and Xhaka as we would run out of players.The absence of Ozil can be explained in that he is no longer a marketable commodity.In fact he is a huge weight which we cannot get off our shoulders for another year.

  4. I would let Ozil go to anyone that would take him as his presence on such high wages who isn’t even playing must be annoying to other places.

    I would sell on Kolasinac, Sokratis & Mkhitaryan as they are surplus to requirements with players we the already have.

    Guendouzi as we have to start with a team that has respect for the teams we are playing & I wont miss his falling over trick every time he loses the ball.

    Elneny I would let go as it doesn’t look like he will play for us again.

    Maitland Niles I would keep as he is improving in & deserves time given that he has played all over the place. He needs to be able to settle in one position.

    Aubameyang I would sell rather than give an inflated wage to as we need to get the wage bill down not increase it.

  5. In a perfect world with an owner who cares … xhaka Luiz bellerin chambers Nelson willock kolasinac sokratis or mustafi aube or laca Ozil if we can get some money for him Owner would piggy in additional resources for a striker an am and dm a rb and ch … basically we need to rebuild this squad can’t be tinkered back to a top 4 let alone serious contenders

  6. All hypothetical of course…😁


    Miki…loan back to Roma, unless
    £10M transfer can be agreed

    *Sadly Kola, Ozil and Socrates
    wages make them unmovable

    A little over £100M in player sales.


    Odsonne Edouard…£30M
    Y Attal…£25M
    D. Szobozlai…£25M
    I. Sangare…£12M (STEAL!!!)

    £92M spent

    Malang Sarr on a free transfer

    Swap Laca for Partey

    Send Eddie, ESR out on loan




    AFC doesnt spend a net nickel
    in the window yet is able to
    add 6 very good players that will
    improve both the collective
    talent and quality depth of the
    first team.

    And please save all the “This
    isnt FIFA 20 mate BS replies”

  7. I will sell the following
    Martinez, sokrati, Guedozi, Torreira, and chambers
    Bellerin and Kola are good as back up, AMN is versatile and in the team where mf is reduced we need him.
    I think Miki will be gone by October, not sure of elnely but I hope he get sold too
    Hopefully Ozil take paycut to move

    1. Why would you sell Martinez if he is prepared to stay and fight for No. 1 shirt?
      At the moment with Leno, Martinez and Macey, goal keeper is one position Arsenal has as a strength and doesn’t need to spend on.

  8. If it was me i’d sell the following players


    for obvious reasons MG is on the list i dont think he has a future at Arsena.
    Sokratis is past it especially for the Prem.
    Torreira hasnt really settled here and he’s in and out the team on a consistent basis, has had injury issues.
    Nelson i dont think has what it takes to force his way into the team regularly, should sell and let him prove me wrong.
    Kola is a liability, KT is my man for LB/LWB his delivery is spot on.
    Lacazette, although i like this guy, he offers alot with build up and work rate. But he isnt exactly prolific and has been relatively inconsistent since he moved to arsenal, not an away game player ( apart from recently )

    Ozil – just buy the douche a plane ticket, offer him to clubs for free and agree to pay the difference for 1 season on his salary, whatever we can to get him gone.

    first player in would be Partey no doubt, second would be Cebellos either on loan or buy not fussed as long as there is an option to buy.

    As i sold Laca here, i would get in a Giroud type player, we have one of the best crossers of the ball in KT that we have ever had tbh and im sure if we added a Giroud type player we would be more successful scoring.
    Sod it, just get Giroud back, miss that guy man, we should never have sold him, such an underrated player

  9. DAN I would like your entire list sold or swapped , save for both keepers and discounting Ceballos, who is not our player to sell. I would like to be able to keep him. But all the others offer nothing if they stay and we are better off without all of them, though I realise we need proper replacements. It will mean a smaller squad which is no bad thing IMO.

  10. Bellerin, Mustafi, Torriera, Guendouzi, Lacazette, Sokratis, Ozil, Elneny. And if anyone is silly enough to take Pepe off of us, I’d be all for it. Some are more of a priority over others but would not miss any of the listed above. Awful scouting has really harmed us and now we are in a huge hole financially. Let’s hope we can get a lot of deadwood off the books, and avoid future deadwood signings like we have with Mari, and seem to continue to be doing with Willian interest. Will we ever learn?

  11. Players to sell immediately:
    Chambers or kolasinac
    AMN if he doesn’t want to play a squad role

  12. When we were fighting for 2nd- 4th sometimes the title under Wenger l, he used to say, it is difficult to find players who would improve you.

    He was not that right sometimes, but he was with Giroud, Cazorla and some others. Now we are in tenth or eighth place, there are no many irreplaceble stars in the team.

    Matteo G., For me it is a very easy call, I would sell without hesitation if I can get a fair sum for replacement.

    – Auba/Lacca: stars indeed but it depends on contract negotiations and how much they bring, who is availsble in the market…etc it is complicated.

    – Leno/Martinez: depends on whether we reach Europe, and market availability and how much they would raise, keepers rarely bring a lot. If we reach Europe no selling.

    – Defenders, we added William S. so it would make sense to sell someone, especially if there is no Europe. However, you have many couple of long term injuries and you loaned Dino M. We won’t sell, Chambers, Mari, Luiz and we depend on holding and Mustafi who are younger than Sokratis, unless you sell Mustafi because we need experience apart from Luiz and Chambers can be used in Midfield as DM to replace Matteo.

    Kolasinac: if we have any youth product apart from Saka who can fill, I would drive him myself.

    Keep AMN.

    Bellerin: we have Cedric, AMN, Chambers, guy from academy but we still depend on him. Sell only if the amount is ridiculous to buy anyone. Good player in my opinion but not irreplacable.

    Ozil/Mikh: would anyone buy them and give us money. We need at least one of them, we lack creativity and experience in midfield, I prefer Ozil but I understand my opinion is not popular.

  13. My list of deadwood is so long, it is easier to list who I would keep!
    Bellerin, Tierney, AMN, Saka (as a full back)
    Mustafi, Saliba, Holding, Luiz
    Xhaka, Willock
    Auba, Nketiah, Nelson, Martinelli
    (and the rest of the kids)

    The rest you can get rid of, please…

    We need to buy:
    a young CB so Luiz can be eased out
    a big defensive midfielder
    a playmaking midfielder (NOT Ceballos)
    a winger to replace Pepe (La Peu)


  15. Sell deadwood Mustafi, Sokratis, Kola, Guendouzi, Mkhi immediately. If it was possible Luiz and Mari too.

    Sell Holding, Bellerin, Xhaka, Torreira, Laca when a really good offer comes in.

    Sell Auba if he doesnt wanna extend.

    Ive given up on Ozil. He will not leave. So maybe loan him out and let the other club pay as much as possible, but selling will be impossible.

  16. I dont understand why Xhaka and Mustafi are not there in the list. Arsenal should sell those players, including Ozil and Torreira. Selling Gouendouzi will be the biggest mistake, the guy is one of the talented player in Arsenal at the moment

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