Which Arsenal stars should be automatic starters next season?

Who’s a nailed on starter for Arsenal? by Jonbo

I guess this article is a little premature considering we still have over 7 weeks of the transfer window left, with Arsenal looking likely to sign another couple of experienced players, but I thought it would be interesting to see what we all think of the current squad. It also allows us to see where we are weakest.

I am using our most likely formation of a 4-2-3-1, with the criteria for selection being ability/form, and injury record.

This is my nailed on starting XI at the moment:


Tomiyasu? CB? CB? LB?

Partey? DM/CM?

Saka Odegaard LW?

Gabriel Jesus

I don’t feel enough of them have been so consistent that they cannot be dropped, hence the many question marks visible. I should add that almost every player I haven’t listed, I really really like, and feel they have a lot of potential.

White has been up and down, and Gabriel made a lot of errors leading to goals last season, although he did score 5 goals. I rate these two, especially Gabriel, but with Saliba’s arrival, I cannot say they deserve to be starting every game at the moment.

Tierney was an easy decision. I absolutely love this guy! Fantastic attitude, great player and leader, but rarely available during his 3 seasons with us. Shouldn’t be considered first-choice anymore.

I left a question mark on Tomiyasu, because of the injuries he’s suffered so far. We have to give him the benefit of the doubt given he’s only had one season with us and his quality, but if the injuries continue like with Tierney, then his position will need serious consideration for the 23/24 season.

Similar to the Tierney situation regarding injuries, Partey’s position could be up for grabs. But given he’s our only world class player, our best midfielder by a country mile, and the fact that Arteta often goes with two central midfielders, Partey has to start…even if only 75% fit.

I love Martinelli and ESR, but neither have convinced me so far that they should be starting every game. ESR actually had good numbers last season, but isn’t a natural wide player, and can often go missing in games. Which is a contrast to Martinelli who’s always buzzing about, but who’s output should have been a lot better.

As I said earlier, a question mark doesn’t necessarily mean I want us to sign a new player to fill that position. E.g. I feel Martinelli and ESR have huge potential, so I am happy to see them battle it out at LW, and hopefully develop into great players. I just don’t think one is guaranteed to start in that position over the other at the moment.

However, with the other DM/CM position and LB, we definitely need new players. Tierney is still a great player, but we can know longer risk him staying fit, and Taveras needs a loan. In midfield, Elneny, Lokonga, and Xhaka are not good enough to start every week.

Although there are a lot of question marks, I would be happy with just another LB, and DM/CM, and I expect we could see a more rotation next season.

Who’s in your starting XI?


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  1. I’d like to see this line-up:

    ……………………….. Ramsdale
    Tomiyasu . Saliba . Magalhaes . Tavares
    …………………………… Partey
    ……….. Odegaard …………. Vieira
    Saka …………………………………………… Martinelli
    …………………………… Jesus

        1. Not one player should be regarded as an automatic choice.Regardless of their reputation, and how much they cost, they all should have to fight for their place .

          1. Absolutely correct, we’ll said. No one deserves to walk into starting 11, and I hope to see “real competition” rather than the sound bites and no follow through.

            It’s a great motivator and reward for right mentality and work ethic. Favoritism should have no place in selections.

    1. See here Admin, these are the comments that are personal attacks that I thought you were going to clamp down on?

    2. No-one should be an automatic starter for the season. It should be based on form and what is seen in training. If a player isn’t performing they should be dropped.

      How on earth is this a negative comment?? My word!

      1. Please enlighten me what is negative about saying no-one should be guaranteed a start????????? I’m all ears….

        1. You didn’t say “no-one should be guaranteed a start”. If you had you may have sounded intelligent, but you didn’t, did you?
          Atid got you out of a hole…

          1. With reference to intelligence, you lacked comprehension that’s all…no-one got me out of a hole lol. You created a hole by looking for an issue instead of understanding….

            The question posed in the article is “Which arsenal stars should be automatic starters next season?” to which I answered “no-one”….which is exactly what I meant! No-one should be an automatic starter, end of story.

  2. At big clubs competing for top honours no-one should be a guaranteed starter. Players should be pick on merit due to their performance. Arteta’s Automatic starters are Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Tierney(Fitness permitting), Partey(fitness permitting) Xhaka, Odegaard, Saka and Jesus. I would personally remove Xhaka from that list and Odegaard needs to increase his goal/assist output to keep his place next season

      1. Obviously you need a starting core! My point was that if a player, wether part of that core or should not always automaticly start, especially if they are in poor form.🙄

  3. No matter how you try to deny it there are some players who are automatic starters , its just the way it is in every team . Ramsdale, GM, KT, TT, TP, GX, BS. These are all starters for team regardless of who is bought to cover them. See anyone else is coming is coming to cover in case of unavailability

  4. Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Partey..Odegaard, Saka
    These SHOULD be automatic starters…we want to win games and these players are always motivated…don’t want to start a game with Cedric..Elneni..Pepe..etc

  5. Oh and the GM I put above isn’t Gabriel Martinelli but Gabriel Manghelles . Strange we have two GM’s in our ranks.
    MØ is also a starter.

  6. We have a nucleus of a set team that will form the core of the team week in week out, but no one should be guaranteed a place. MA will start the PL season with his best 11 and formation in mind. Preseason may influence him but I would expect Ramsdale – Tamiyasu – White – Gabriel – Tierney – Partey – Xhaka – Odegaard – Saka – Jesus – Martinelli. Boring I know and of course future transfers could change the situation.

    1. At work everyone has been gossiping about who could be that 29 year old EPL footballer that’s under suspicion for that alleged attack in barnet..

      Can’t be having our own Bissouma saga..

  7. At 3rd year of the ‘process’ this article should not have been and it’s kind of insult to the team. This is a stable team with rich core, everyone here should be able to name at least 7players that would start the Crystal Palace game, with or without transfer business henceforth.

    The back 5 is non-negotiable and are good enough. Partey Ode and Saka. G. Jesus is the new star boy except injury he start. That’s 8 sure to start players.

  8. I don’t think Ode has earned that status yet. Not saying he’s a bad player, but i don’t think the consistency is there yet – I think Vieira might be a real challenge to him

  9. No player yet in our team had earned that status. Look at liverpool for instance. You can predict what their frontline will look like, who will be in their goal and defense line because they have consistent performance. Their midfield is where they shuffle it occasionally They have in their attack players who have contributed 30 goals season in season out, a dependable goal keeper and formidable defense unit. While at arsenal we are still looking for the right balance. Which explains the reason for dropping ESR when he was the leading goal scorer for MO. But if I must pick, I will say Saka and Smith.

  10. Yes Arsenal just need cover for xhaka and Tierney. And we don’t need big money signings and there is no way xhaka is going to be replaced. And every other position is well covered except for saka. And which means we are “not going to get any more marquee signings”…I am pretty confident even though we never know.

  11. An article by a writer “giving his nailed on start eleven” which however, consists of only SIX players, is surely some sort of a poor joke!

    Jonbo ,if you intend to give only SIX players, when why claim to give “eleven nailed on starters”?

    1. It’s clear what he meant – the article is about the few he expects to be the key players who will start most of the games they’re available. That line is out of place, so I’d assume it was just a mistake in the wording

    2. @jon fox

      You misread the article. I said “Who’s a nailed on starter for Arsenal?”. It could have been anything from zero players to all 11.

      Maybe this specific line “This is my nailed on starting XI at the moment:” before I went through the team may have confused you, but the whole article clearly states my overall point.

      As I always say, read an article in its entirety before commenting on it. If you did read the whole article, then your questioning makes know sense other than nitpicking on a miniscule level.

  12. “Going on last seasons form and being injury free” who would we rate as our best starting X1?.
    Fair question.
    On that basis I would say.
    Tomiyasu Gabriel White Tierney
    Partey Xhaka
    Saka Nketiah Martineli/ESR.
    This season Jesus Vieira Saliba Turner Marquinos Turner Niles Soares Nelson Pepe Holding Elneny Pepe Lokonga and any other additions would come into the equation while the likes of Balogun Azeez Patino+ Flores (if they are not loaned) will come from the bench in Cup games. So at least 30players will wear the Arsenal shirt this season in different capacities at different levels.

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