Which Arsenal stars will shine without Wenger?

Assuming that Arsenal Football Club is about to undergo the major upheaval that the end of the Arsene Wenger is likely to bring, there will be some huge decisions to be made by the new man in charge as well as the players currently in the Arsenal squad.

For much of this season we have been wondering if the best players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil were going to be persuaded to stay and that will be an even bigger question if there are to be changes behind the scenes as well. At the same time we have to consider which of the current squad will be moved on.

After his performance tonight on the back of a string of poor games some may say that Arsenal do not really want Ozil but I think we need to step back and ask what effect a new manager can have on a player. We have all seen great stuff from just about every single Gunner so we know they have the talent.

Is it down to the manager to get the best from them? Which Arsenal stars would thrive under a new manager? Which should be moved on?



  1. dboy says:

    We have seen some of these players thrive under other managers, but as soon as they get to Arsenal its a different story. AW does not like change, that is evident. Most Gunner fans are scared of change. I think the sooner it comes the better.
    Antonio conte started with a 4-3-3 formation than realised that he needed to change his formation to 3-4-3 to suit the calibre of players he has and now they are running away with the league. Change is inevitable, it will happen sooner or later. But Arsene Wenger is not letting go. He reminds me of Robert Mugabe.

    1. Luko Bratzi says:

      My team for Cup game Ospina. Bellerin Mustafa Holding Monreal Oxy Reina Adalied,Ellneny up
      front Walcott Welbeck Perez.
      Subs Gabriel Sanches, Cech, Giroud, Coquelin.
      Dropping Ozil Gibbs Awobi until this team falls flat. At least all the players selected can give 100 % and if it shines well with a good result leave the bloody team as is. CB

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    What will it profit Arsenal to top their group, play away game first and still exit from the champions league?

    Wenger, thank You very much for all those years but please just leave us. Even if it’s to pass through transition with Arsenal, no problem but please leave. I am tired of the whole scenario playing out every year.

    The fans are at the receiving end. We don’t earn in Arsenal. Rather our wages are “Heart break and Heavy defeats”

  3. Ramterta says:

    ramsey ozil walcott xhaxa mustafi cech giroud.
    Fact is they are forced to play different styles in unfamiliar positions

  4. Aussie Jack says:

    `If` and I repeat `if` Wenger retires at the end of the season it will not benefit the club unless there are other changes starting in the boardroom and that is easier said than done. This has nothing to do with football it has to do with Kroenke and money. Wenger aided and abetted him and was paid handsomely for doing so but, Kroenke brought Arsenal to it`s knees. So let`s not talk about players, like the supporters they are pawns in a game. It could well be that Arsenal will take a financial dive and now that the stadium is paid for maybe it`s the best thing that can happen. Unfortunately they won`t be making the top four for some time to come.

    1. Budd says:

      And that is correct to one point. However, how about our football? How about our tactics? Or the mental issues present in the squad? How about confidence that what you do is good? See a pattern here?
      I am not over the moon with the fact that Wenger should go when I know very well that Kroenke and that weasel Gazidis will still be there. But it must be said now, loud and clear: we had money and we have spend money. Almost 100 million this summer alone. This is unheard in the Arsenal history. Yet we are where we are. I let you discover what these things have in common.
      I know very well that we may do a Trump here but you can’t blame the fans for wanting something new after 20 years from which 13 (soon to be 14) were absolutely dismal.

      1. dboy says:

        Totally Correct Budd. Here are some interesting stats:

        Arsenal are the first English team to have conceded 200 Champions League goals.

        The Gunners have conceded at least three goals in four of their last six first leg matches in the last-16 of the Champions League.

        They lost the first leg of a last-16 match for the SIXTH year in a row. And look like exiting at this stage for the SEVENTH year in a row.

        On Wednesday night, Xabi Alonso completed 17 more passes than Granit Xhaka, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Kieran Gibbs COMBINED (100-83).

        Thiago Alcantara complete more passes in the final third than Ozil did anywhere on the pitch.

        Manuel Neuer attempted the same amount of passes as Ozil.

        Francis Coquelin completed just SIX passes during his 77 minutes on the pitch And failed to win a single tackle.

        1. Budd says:

          Well, this just shows the fact that we are crumbling like a sand castle. I am genuinely worried about any Premier League game now.

          1. dboy says:

            Can’t help thinking we won’t make top four this season. This team is too fragile.

  5. BUR says:

    Ox was the direct cause of 2 goals last night. Holding mid fielders must of been selling ice cream in the stands. Defence would be better in left in the air port. Abismill in every position. Embarrassed to my Arsenal core. I for one will never ever be in the Emerittes again till Wenger is gone. Totally let down by this regime. If the cash stopped coming in changes would happen over night. What other club would tolerate this?

    1. reddb10 says:

      Spot on mate, and to think that some AKB’s had the audacity to say that we are not true supporters while we were filling up the emirates even though we wre getting batterd 8-2 and 6-0 in the previous away game.

  6. Arsenal007 says:

    Have you realised that every year, we get plummeted by a team. This has been happening for a while now.

  7. Jansen says:

    I think the way Wenger and the club have played their hand means as fans we can not expect too much of the future.

    After this gazillioned beat down in front of the whole world the chance any ambitious world class player wanting to come to Arsenal has receded below zero. This means we can say goodbye to Sanchez and Ozil with no chance of replacing them with equal caliber. Does anyone really think Aubamayang is dying to come play for Eddie Howe? Or Griezman? or any other WC player?

    Eddie Howe?? Yes, Eddie Howe. Who of us Arsenal fans believe that Gazidas and Kroenke want and are capable of persuading Simeone? They will go on the cheap and try a young unproven manager. The best thing we could have hoped for would be Koeman but there is no way he will go to another PL team after just one year in charge at Everton. He might leave to Barca after one year but not to Arsenal.

    So now that the owner and manager have run the reputation of this club into the ground and now that we are a bit of an international joke when it comes to claiming to be an elite club with ambition, good luck expecting a top manager and world class players.

    At the latest, IMHO, the time for Wenger to go was after one of his last FA cup victories. He could have left on a relative high whilst managers like Pep and Klopp and Conte were still on the table.

    As always now Arsenal are trailing the competition and should we fail to convince Simeone we will be looking at a manager who will be an experiment and likely inferior to the managers the other top 7 teams have. At least at first.

  8. Godswill says:

    I will not blame Sanchez if he leaves this summer.

  9. reddb10 says:

    Ozil was a waste of money and should be sold ASAP but most importantly we need to give the next manager (whenever he arrives) a bit of time to sort things out because however you look at it we are in a very bad situation.
    The players who were good or had great potential can pretty much hang up their boots because wenger has psychologically destroyed them.
    Sanchez will leave unless we bring in a manger who has a pair and us gooners need to get off our arses and make some f####g noise because the yank also needs to F##k off if we are going to go back to being a football club.
    As for that leach Gazidis whatever we say it will not be enough, but to have a chief exec who actually supports man city simply shows why we are the laughing stock of european football.

  10. vinie2000 says:

    Dean Ashton just spot on in premier league Daily comments. The team is a reflection of the Manager. sanchez screaming can be annoying but If you close down and chase up front and turn then see all your team mates deep back holding. WILL DRIVE ME MAD TOO..my efforts are wasted and also Once he went on his own looking for help against 4 defenders and nobody around to be seen. Shall i stay in a team with out soul? guts? Not..the Bayern team moving all over with pace and dynamic. lahmn in his 31’s and retiring at the end of the season beating the like of Gibbs with ease. Lunatic tactical awareness. You give the CAPTAIN BRACELET TO GIBBS? Are you kidding me? GIVE IT TO ALEXIS at least got it on him. second half talk..Go and s… your pants and thats what happened. bring Welbeck for Iwobi to give more Physical presence and pace and moved Ox to the DM with xhaka as he did at the end. Get theo on the left and Alexis up front…genius” and I’m not a coach but you have to go to the touch line and do some screaming dude..your team just conceded 3 goal in 10 mins. Still warming your lovely seat/? then go and move upstairs and let’s bring someone who inject some PASSION AND DESIRE TO OUR TEAM .otherwise we will become the next POOL or worse SPUDS. PEOPLE GET UNITED WITH NOT HATRED. WE NEED A CHANGE ASAP.

  11. irishgunner says:

    Ozil – baby not fit for the premiership
    Sanchez- has all his team mates scared of him even seen gibbs last night scared to do anything himself just straight away give the ball to Sanchez, a warrior and great player but he has the wrong bunch around, bye bye Sanchez he won’t stay.
    Giroud- good centre forward will stay handy to have
    Welbeck- needs to be given a chance as main striker quality.
    Perez- good impact player deserves a chance at starting.
    Walcott- little boy trying to be a man headless only good on rare occasions.
    Ox- Squad player and nothing more, sell him.
    Coq- cant pass no brain get rid of him no way he can be our main holding midfielder.
    Ramsey- sell him nothing else to say.
    Cazorla- miss the little genius.
    Xhaka – give him a chance.
    Iwobi- quality but think he should be played number 10 role useless on the flanks.
    Defence is good a new left back is needed badly and my god Gabriel please sell him give holding a chance.

  12. Raoh says:

    1) Many candidates Ox in the middle?
    2) Ramsey finding is form from 3 seasons or the euro?
    3) Gibbs finally showing his potential
    4) Wilshere finally showing his potential and stop being injured?
    5) Maybe Ozil finally finding consistency and being challenged?

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