Arsenal will have a strong team to face Chelsea tomorrow – Here is my prediction

The last month has been horrendous for all Premier League teams that have had European commitments, and fatigue and injuries have been affecting some clubs badly, plus factoring the need for rotation to try and keep fresh legs for the big games.

Although much has been made of Arsenal having a smaller quad than most, Arteta seems to have negotiated our Europa Group fixtures admirably. We have qualified as Group-Toppers, and the boss seems very pleased that we have come through without too many players on the treatment table. Arteta told “We have managed the load of the players in the last four weeks because of the amount of games that we have played. To get it perfect is very difficult, to get the balance, to get the right performances and win matches and rest some players and keep them fresh is always challenging, we have tried to do our best.

“Today we had bad news with Tomiyasu, but I think for the rest it has worked pretty well.”

The consequence of that is that most of our first-teamers avoided playing 90 minutes on Thursday, so Arteta could field a very strong side tomorrow. We have got 90 minutes into Elneny, which has given Partey a rest, and Xhaka was suspended as well.

Oleks Zinchenko was on the bench so should be able to play a part tomorrow, especially with Tomiyasu being checked for injury again.

So, I am going to predict Arteta’s starting line-up with confidence that I won’t be far wrong…


Personally, I think that team will be more than capable of giving Chelsea a very tough game indeed, and I would go into the game with confidence.

What do you think?


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  1. Chelsh1t away will not be easy at all. Will be a massive achievement if we are still top of the league at the end of this weekend. 2 more points at Southampton would have been awesome in the context. But no point in crying over spilled milk. COYG

  2. I don’t think Arteta will make Zinchenko start the game, because he has just recovered. I predict Tierney or Soares will play LB

  3. I guessed everyone is sleeping on Tierney these days! And he hasn’t committed any blunder to be rendered so low like this!
    Why on earth will you rushnin Zinchenko when we have who is fit and have proven himself? Holy shit.

  4. I think Tierney will be extremely p#ssed off if he isn’t given a start. We don’t want him putting in a transfer request

  5. I think that team is pretty much spot on .
    I would like to see Marquinhos get some minutes tomorrow ,that kid as got something about him ,just needs the minutes to show it .

  6. Gone are the days when I would watch some fixtures behind the big chair.

    History dictates the spoil could be share after ninety minutes in this one.

    This is a game I would have like to see Danilo Olivera in, It is rumored in the South Edu was on hand and witness Danilo lift the Brazilian big jug on Wednesday, the young powerful
    midfielder played well hope it’s enough for Edu to wrap the deal up.

    Danilo said Kante was his favorite player, so this game will be watch by both fans and potential players alike

  7. Pretty much the usual suspects then, apart from LB which will be down to how the manager sees the tactics and the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition, who have a few injuries.

  8. Please Tomi get fit and play. You are an excellent all round defender who has made us more secure. KT is good but not defensively and his mobility is not so sharp defending. He is popular with fans but that’s not enough to beat Chelsea.

    1. See how man City was celebrating a win against Fulham, if arsenal did d same, everyone will be on our head criticising us

      1. Never mind the narrow-minded naysayers who delight in tarring our hard-won victories…
        If Arsenal celebrated wildly against Fulham, like City did yesterday, the implacable gang of narrow-minded illwishers will quickly sink their canines into our flesh. They cynically will forget that the circumstance of every victory define the manner of its celebration.
        Sadly, some of these fellows are ‘gooners.’ 😥

    1. Have to give kudos to the City team who didn’t for a second look like they were a man down. I wonder if we can be that dominant in aich circumstance.

  9. Off topic.

    Ever since cancelo was exposed in the L’pool vs citeh game, he has continued to look a little over average to me (not the very excellent player some on here make him to be).

    You line up looks solid, hoping martinelli and saka run that Chelsea defence ragged as both chilwell and Reece James are out injured.

    A high scoring game and we nik em
    2 – 4 like the last time.

  10. God bless you bro, I was going to say the same thing. Even the fans celebrated as if they’ve won the league but trust some so called Arsenal fans(or rather moaners), they’d have bored us with tales of how Man City would have killed Fulham

    1. But this was the most cowardice performance of the century by Fulham. They didn’t have gut to move ball forward. 1 man down with 80% possession to mancity.! I just don’t understand if team just give up before even playing then y do they participate in tournament ! Mancity had man down in their defence but Fulham never take ball to opposition half so red card was meaningless and it was just until the matter of time that mancity would score. And after that coward performance they deserved to lose.

    1. Skills, TYPICAL HASTY AND UNWISE FAN OVER REACTION TO A SINGLE WONDER GOAL AMONG a distinctly ordinary season. Forget Tielemans, as it will not happen

  11. Looking at the photo for the article… Turner looks so proud to be there, in an Arsenal team photo?

  12. Admini Pat,
    the Arsenal starting XI team with only one of Tierney or Zinchenko in the starts that you have made as your own Arsenal starts to take on Chelsea at away today Sunday in the Epl, still remain a Arteta’s Arsenal strongest Epl starting XI team. Who have been seen and watched so far this season.
    And I think and believe that this your Arsenal starting XI making for Chelsea if adopted by Arteta for the match have the endearing vast capacity in them to take on Chelsea in the match and defeat them in the match encounter to the collection of all the 3 points that will be at stake in the match and collect them all.
    And I think and believe that the Gunners will not disappoint to do this for Arsenal. But will appoint to do that exactly. Irrespective of whatever in-form and top quality having that the Blues bring to the game as offer to oppose and challenge the Gunners in the game. But will all be neutralized by the more superior in in-form and top quality in game playing Gunners to those which Chelsea have.
    But nevertheless, in Arsena’s quest to get the advantage in the match on Chelsea in all the ratification of playing it and win it.
    The Gunners MUST totally put into check of all the game playing excess in goals scoring and assists give of Raheem Sterling the Chelsea player has. Which he could bring into the match to unleashed on Arsenal in the match.
    Therefore, the Gunners SHOULD and MUST not allow an inch of space of freedom on the field of him to operate from in the match. But mark him out of the game completely as it’s being played. And the likes of him in the Chelsea team ranks denying them freedom of an inch of encroachment into the Arsenal half in the match to cause any havoc to Arsenal.

  13. Yes! I agree. Fulham SHOULD have taken the advantage of Man City been a player sent off in the match to wreck a havoc in it to them in game and wreck it. By winning the match or at least get a point in it.
    Neverthelessm Arsenal should not ne deterred by Fulham’s falling to get a result at Man City. Which if they get will advantage Arsenal more in the table after they have beaten Chelsea at the Bridge in today’s afternoon match in the Epl.
    Nevertheless, the Gunners SHOULD see the Fulham’S performance falling against Man City to not get a result in the match as a challenge to them to play a winning game performance against Chelsea in the Epl match betweenThe Blues and they the Gunners today to beat them and beat them unfailingly.

  14. Nice line up…though I’d rather have Tomi play today if fit cuz we need to cut out any aerial threats and man mark Sterling …..while saliba handles that shitty aubamerag…

    I just hope xhaka and Gabriel keep a cool head and avoid unnecessary mistakes , PKs and red cards …

    The game is winnable, let’s go gunners..

    The way city celebrated yesterday, it seemed like they expect us to drop points today…we will shock all of em…

  15. I cannot envisage a wise manager – and MA is one – bringing a player back into such a match as Chelsea away without an “easier” game prior.

    OF COURSE I MEAN ZINCHENKO. He may well be on the bench as back up but in no way will he start the game, IMO.

  16. Ref; Fulham losing at City, though with eleven v ten men . And some daft fans above slating Fulham for not attacking more. They are away with the fairies and their silly views are completely out of touch with the reality.

    Which is that City, despite what we all may hope, are levels above ALL OTHER PREM TEAMS , US INCLUDED. As was proven so well yesterday. CITY WILL WIN THE TITLE imo, by at least ten, probablyMANY more, points.

    We are already playing for second place of which we have A FINE CHANCE.

    But then, I have always preferred realism to hype, fantasy and blind unfounded hope!

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