Which Arsenal youngsters should follow in Reiss Nelson’s footsteps?

Arsenal do seem to have a raft of very talented youngsters knocking on the door of Unai Emery’s first team, but when all our seniors are fit they are only going to get the occasional game in the League Cup or the Europa League, although as we go further in those competitions we won’t see so many youngsters. We have already had some impressive performances from players like Emile Smith-Rowe, Joe Willock and Eddie Nketiah, but is it now time to consider sending them out on loan to see if they can emulate Reiss Nelson’s exploits in the Bundesliga?

Our new Youth coach Per Mertesacker is more than pleased with Nelson’s progress, but is not sure if it would work for everyone. “It was the best decision for him to go there,” Mertesacker said on Arsenal.com. “When you compare the Bundesliga to the Premier League, there are similarities but there are differences.

“At the moment the Bundesliga suits him, and he went to a club where they are used to bringing up young players, educating young players and giving young players a chance in their first team. He has a young coach who will educate him and give him an insight.

“So the loan system should work brilliantly for us. Some Bundesliga clubs are very interesting for us and the way he could make an impact at Hoffenheim was by starting on the bench but then scoring immediately. Through scoring those goals, he gained trust from the coach, from the fans, by learning some German and earning the right to start and make an impact.

“I think he has done a brilliant job but that all fell into place because he wanted to go. He had a great opportunity but you need to take these opportunities and make sure you learn from those moments. Instead of being a first-team player between the under-23s and the first team, this is something different.

“It’s difficult to manage and I’m really pleased and glad that it’s worked right now for him. We have other prospects we really need to think about. What’s their best path towards making an impact for our first team? There are different ways, different challenges.

“Those are individuals. But I feel we are in a good place right now and those situations show us how big an impact a loan can make on a player. We need to select wisely.”

I agree that Arsenal should be careful, but considering how Reiss Nelson has blossomed at Hoffenheim, do we think that we should send more of our most promising youngsters away to gain more first team experience? Or keep them here to develop but only having minimal match-time in Cup games? Which of our most promising reserves do you think should be allowed to follow Nelson to the Bundesliga?



  1. Durand says:

    Nelson was far too talented to sit on the bench and play the occasional game or two. Here is closing in on challenging Iwobi for a winger spot, and could very well surpass him unless Iwobi quickly finds some traction and regains his form.

    Emile is coming on quickly himself in my opinion. I hope he gets more playing time as a substitution or goes on loan himself. Keeping him on the display shelf and bringing him down for the occasional game or two is not doing him or the club any favors.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      nelson should go on loan for at least 2 seasons….that would guarantee at least 50 regular and competitive games, rather than sitting on the bench and play the occassion sub

      but didnt many fans claim last season that Nelson is not a winger and shouldnt be played there?

  2. Aubamezzette says:

    Smith-Rowe … he is DeBruyne version jnr

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree. A loan could be good for Willock too

      I wanna see Nelson as a wide forward in the 3-4-1-2 formation. Lacazette/ Aubameyang need a strong competitor and Iwobi is too unstable to push them

  3. jon fox says:

    Much depends on how much the young player has in his character and personality. If you are confident and a tad extrovert in nature, it is easier to adapt in a foreign country and culture. If not it can be overwhelming and difficult to settle in. BUT OTHER FACTORS ABOUND TOO; THE STANDARD OF COACHING,THE HELP THE PLAYER GETS FROM THE NEW LOAN CLUB AND FELLOW PLAYERS. SO IT IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL, AS IN ALL LIFE MATTERS. Our youngsters get top coaching at Arsenal and get opportunities in cup matches, not only Europa either. For Nelson the loan has been helpful. For others , it all depends on these and other factors too.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Jon, this is becoming boring…are you going to reply to my questions on the “ozil/ramsey post or not?
      I find it really puzzling that you have ignored three requests now to do just this.
      At least let me know one way or the other if you intend to back up your comments and my questions.
      I have always shown you that courtesy, but I can’t understand why you are so hesitant in coming forward to back up your ascertain that every AW player has to leave the club in order for Unai Emery to be successful.
      Unless of course you have changed your mind and I would understand that completely.
      We all make rash statements that we regret, I know I have anyway.
      Still looking forward to your reply in hope now though, rather than expectation.

      1. jon fox says:


      2. jon fox says:

        Ken, I have now read your post and must say that you distort what I have said. I never said that ALL of WeNGERS PLAYERS HAVE TO LEAVE BEFORE WE CAN GET SUCCESS. I fail to understand how you can think I said that. I SAID, instead , that until Emery has all his own players – which will or may (and almost certainly WILL) include several of Wengers, we will not challenge for the title. If Emery CHOOSES TO KEEP SOME OF EMERYS PLAYERS THEN FINE. As yet, Emery has been severely financially limited from making more than a few changes due to KROENKE AND HIS MEANNESS. IMO, it wil lnot be for another two or three, even four transfer windows until we KNOW what Emerys final CHOSEN squad will be. I have said exactly that more than once . As to what has WeNGER DONE THAT i LIKE IN THE LAST DECADE, HERE GOES. He bought Laca and Auba. He bought, though mismanaged, both Sanchez and Ozil. He brought through to the fringes a few talented youngsters; notably Nelson AM-N, HOLDING WHO WAS A GOOD BUY AND GOOD VALUE, IWOBI, and moved real fringe players nearer to being possible first team choices in the future, such as Joe Willock. Much of my most damning criticisms of him for so long were caused by his laissez-faire attitude to putting our defence right and making sure defencders defended well and properly before they surged upfield out of position when we were under attack. Notably Bellerin but often both full backs together and leaving us with no one reliable in defence. His tactical nous was poor and naive. He was too soft with non performing players, Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey and many others . But you asked me what I liked about him ,not what i did NOT like. Above is all I can truly like and set against his myriad faults it is nowhere near enough. I liked most of all that he finally WENT. SACKED OR IF YOU WISH RESIGNED. I CARE NOT WHICH EITHER WAY, as all that matters is that he WENT.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, thanks for the reply:
          Quote: “and until all are Emery’s men sometime in the future”. End Quote:

          I am pleased that you didn’t mean what you actually wrote, but you can see how the query arose I hope.
          Thanks also for the summary of what you believed Wenger achieved in the last “barren” years.
          So suprised (then again not really) you didn’t mention the fa cup wins. top four finishes and CL participation, ESPECIALLY with the defence you mention with such derision and the fact he was too soft with players and, of course, the ongoing meanness of Kronkie.
          No credit at all Jon? Such a pity that a fellow gooner just cannot recognise these achievements whilst castigating (as you see it) all other aspects of his last ten years.

          Anyway, on to this topic and I suspect Unai must be thrilled with the youngsters he has inherited, all signed by AW of course.
          I would not send any player out on loan until we know exactly what Kronkie is planning and we get through this run of awful injuries OR at least have a clause that enables us to call them back immediately.
          I wonder why this clause was not inserted into Chambers contract, thought this kind of error was going to stop with Huss at the helm?

          1. jon fox says:

            Ken, I fundamentally disagree with what you say I said. You quoted my actual words and they are quite clear. I will use an analogy to prove my point. If you buy a new house but do not want most or some of the decor and so change it BUT DO wish to keep say, the carpets or curtains, then that IS YOUR FREE CHOICE AND IS THEREFORE YOUR OWN WISH. So it is that if Emery, after having the proper opportunity- over two or three windows – to get rid of Wengers men but CHOOSES to keep them, they THEN become his choice and HIS players. That is so obvious that it SHOULD NOT NEED this explanation. I can scarcely believe you are trying to play point scoring games and as an obviously intelligent and educated man, you must SURELY see that! So you now see , I trust, that I DID mean what I said. I always do or I would not say it!(Apart from the odd humourous asides I sometimes use.) Now to the rest of your post above; I do not think Wenger winning JUST the FA cups with no serious title challenge since 2008 to be a big deal. Rather paltry in fact for a club of our size, and standing even with Kroenkes meanness,since Wenger WAS ALLOWED to spend a reasonable amount esp compared to two of the three clubs we beat in those three finals, namely Hull and Villa. I do praise the win over Chelsea and having beaten Man City in that semi that year , so , on reflection I will give credit for that. Even then though, we luckily drew two non league clubs in the 5th and 6th round and were a poor ref decision from losing against Hull who went down that cup final year. WE BOTH have to accept that on Wengers last decade – his final two years apart- you and I differ fundamentally. I truly wanted him gone by end of 2007-8 and you did not. That is democracy and we have one vote each, which brings me nicely to tonights Parliamentary vote on which I am keen to see the latest news. As to the Chambers loan it seems Emery did not much rate him, esp compared to Holding and Mavrop who are both taller and faster, crucially, and hence was happy to loan , hoping to get a decent transfer fee after he has played a season in the PREM. Not all receiving clubs will allow a recall clause in the contract but neither of us know for a fact the real situation on that loan. Speak soon, no doubt.

  4. Sue says:

    Sorry to go OT…. but come on Barcelona!!

    1. Sue says:

      Beautiful from Dembele!! ?

      1. Declan says:

        Trouble is spuds still second and going through as Inter are losing.

        1. Sue says:

          Come on Inter ?

  5. Declan says:

    Inter now 1-1 so they now go second.

  6. Declan says:

    Oops spuds just scored.

    1. Sue says:

      Urgh!!! Come on Barca or Inter! Anyone!!

      1. Declan says:

        At least when they do go out Sue they won’t be joining us in the Europa league!

        1. Sue says:

          That’s true Declan

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Sue, I honestly think we’re better off with Liverpool and Tottenham still in the Champions League. It’s been a funny night, first of all I wanted Pool and Spurs to get beat then I thought we’d be better off facing Inter and Napoli in the Euroopa Cup. I just hope now that all the English clubs get tough draws. Knowing how EUFA work, United will get their usual easy draw Porto, Tottenham will get Dortmund just to drive us mad, EUFA fear Liverpool with their experience in Europe, so they’ll get Barcelona and City will get the hardest runner up in Atletico Madrid. There you go all done

          2. Mwsupporter says:

            I’d rather see Spuds humiliated in the CL (highly likely) than have them get lucky or get a dodgy ref decision against us in the Europa.

          3. Sue says:

            Yes you’re right Kenny… although I’ll still be cheering Valencia on later!! ?

          4. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Won’t even watch it Sue but I’m with you, Come on Valencia!

          5. jon fox says:

            Kenny, Call me a clever clogs if you wish but I was desperate for both Spuds and Liverpool to win last night, well before the games kicked off too, and thus AVOID them dropping into the Europa and make our winning that far more difficult. Thanks to Inter we had a bit of luck and my view ALWAYS is that I love Arsenal and what affects for the better our chances FAR MORE than merely wanting our rivals to lose. All things being equal I of course want our rivals to lose but it all depends if them winning helps us or not. Remember in 1999 when if Spuds got a draw in their final Prem game at United, we would have retained the title. I bet you and Sue too were cheering on Spurs THAT day. At least I hope so, as proper and intelligent Gooners. THERE ARE SOME WHO ALWAYS WANT OUR RIVALS TO LOSE EVEN WHEN IT HARMS US. I see NO thought in that thinking.

          6. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Of course I agree with you Jon and like you look at the big picture. I too wanted Tottenham and Liverpool to qualify and avoid the Europa Cup. Looking at what’s left in the draw makes me think it was more difficult last year.Jon if you ever get a chance of looking at the fixtures in those days you’ll find United always played Tottenham in the closing fixtures of every season. Never once did they do us a favour, but then again we’re never good enough.

  7. Footballistrivial says:

    Spurs played well. Wish they’d beaten UEFALONA.

  8. ozziegunner says:

    Talking about loans, how is Krystian Bielik going at Charlton Athletic after his injury plagued 2017/18 season please?

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