Which Arsenal youngsters would you send on loan to Monaco?

Arsenal do seem to have a raft of very talented youngsters knocking on the door of Unai Emery’s first team, but when all our seniors are fit they are only going to get the occasional game in the League Cup or these last two games of the Europa Cup Group Stages. We have already had some impressive performances from players like Emile Smith-Rowe and Eddie Nketiah, and Ray Parlour thinks now is the time to send some players over on loan to Thierry Henry, who has taken on the managers role at Monaco. Parlour thinks Henry would have asked Emery for Smith-Rowe on loan straight away.

When asked if Smith-Rowe could be Emery’s choice to replace Aaron Ramsey, Parlour said: “I think Smith Rowe is going to get a little bit more game time in that situation, that area.

“Reiss Nelson has got a lot of players in [his position]. You’ve got Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Iwobi, all those sorts of players but with Smith Rowe he can play a little bit deeper.

“Guendouzi is there, Xhaka, who can play left back now, so with certain players I’m sure you can probably let go.

“I’m sure Thierry went straight away when he went to Monaco [and said], ‘Can we get Smith Rowe on loan?’

“So they’ll be lots of clubs that want him but I think Arsenal will try and develop him themselves.

“And maybe if he does leave he could be the one to get more game time in the Premier League.”

Considering how Reiss Nelson has blossomed at Hoffenheim, do we think that we should send more of our most promising youngsters away to gain more first team experience? Or keep them here to develop but only having minimal match-time in Cup games? Which of our most promising reserves do you think should be sent to work under Henry at Monaco. They would be in the care of very safe hands and if i remember rightly Henry has always spoken very highly of Eddie Nketiah…..

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    I don’t think Henry will be there much longer, so shouldn’t worry about it.

  2. GB says:

    None because Henry is struggling at present and I’m not sure he will be there very long unless things improve. In any case I cannot seriously see Emery letting AMN, Smith-Rowe, Guendouzi or any of our talented players go anywhere at present.

  3. jon fox says:

    I think none of our young players will go to Monaco. Not the best club to choose right now, is it!

  4. Sal says:

    none they have loads, and we don’t need any of our youngsters spending a season on the bench…i wouldn’t mind it the other way around, they have a great young talent pool to chose from

    i would take one the two young strikers they just bought for a loan replacement for the injured welbeck this january, and would ask how much for Henrichs that’s all i would want from monaco.

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