Which channels to watch Wolves v Arsenal on – Global TV and Live Streams

Another very critical game this evening against Wolves at Molineux and any dropped points will really put Arsenal’s top-four hopes in jeopardy.

It seems that every game now is more important than the last and that is definitely the case today and despite the nerves and unease that will inevitably come this is a must watch game wherever you are in the world.

The comprehensive list has been sourced from Livesoccertv

In the event, you cannot watch the game live there is also the radio option and those are listed below the TV listings.

The game kicks off at 19.45 UK time, check out Time and Date if you are unsure what time that translates to locally.

Algeria beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Angola SuperSport 5 Africa
Anguilla Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Antigua and Barbuda Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Argentina DIRECTV Play Deportes, DIRECTV Sports Argentina
Aruba Flow Sports 2, DIRECTV Sports Caribbean, Flow Sports App
Australia Optus Sport
Bahamas Flow Sports App, DIRECTV Sports Caribbean, Flow Sports 2
Bahrain beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Barbados DIRECTV Sports Caribbean, Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Belgium Play Sports 2
Benin SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Bermuda Flow Sports App, Flow Sports 2
Botswana SuperSport 5 Africa
Brazil ESPN2 Brazil, Watch ESPN Brasil
British Virgin Islands Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Brunei Astro Go, beIN Sports 4, beIN Sports Connect
Bulgaria Diema Sport 2
Burkina Faso SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Burundi Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, SuperSport 5 Africa
Cambodia beIN Sports 4, beIN Sports Connect
Cameroon SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Canada TSN GO, TSN5, TSN3
Cape Verde SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Cayman Islands Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Central African Republic SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Chad beIN Sports HD 1, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, beIN SPORTS CONNECT, SuperSport 5 Africa
Chile DIRECTV Sports Chile, DIRECTV Play Deportes
China Ssports Live, QQ Sports Live, BesTV, PPTV Sport China
Colombia DIRECTV Sports Colombia, DIRECTV Play Deportes
Comoros SuperSport 5 Africa
Congo SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Congo DR SuperSport 5 Africa
Costa Rica Sky HD
Cote D’Ivoire SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Curacao DIRECTV Sports Caribbean
Djibouti Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, beIN SPORTS CONNECT, SuperSport 5 Africa, beIN Sports HD 1
Dominica Flow Sports App
Dominican Republic Flow Sports 2, Sky HD
Ecuador DIRECTV Play Deportes, DIRECTV Sports Ecuador
Egypt beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
El Salvador Sky HD
Equatorial Guinea SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Eritrea SuperSport 5 Africa
Ethiopia SuperSport 5 Africa
Gabon Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, SuperSport 5 Africa
Gambia Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, SuperSport 5 Africa
Ghana SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Greece Cosmote Sport 5 HD
Grenada Flow Sports App, Flow Sports 2
Guatemala Sky HD
Guinea SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Guinea-Bissau SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Honduras Sky HD
Hong Kong Now E
India Hotstar VIP
Indonesia beIN Sports Connect Indonesia, MNC TV
International Wolves TV, TalkSport Radio World, Arsenal Player
Iran beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Iraq beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Jamaica Flow Sports App, Flow Sports 2
Japan DAZN, SportsNavi Live
Jordan beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Kenya SuperSport 5 Africa
Korea Republic SPOTV ON 2, SPOTV+
Kuwait beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Laos beIN Sports 4, beIN Sports Connect
Lebanon beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Lesotho SuperSport 5 Africa
Liberia SuperSport 5 Africa
Libya beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Macau Ssports Live
Madagascar SuperSport 5 Africa
Malawi SuperSport 5 Africa
Malaysia Astro Go, Astro Supersport
Mali SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Mauritania beIN Sports HD 1, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Mauritius SuperSport 5 Africa
Mexico Sky HD, Blue To Go Video Everywhere
Mongolia SPS HD
Montserrat Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Morocco beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Mozambique SuperSport 5 Africa
Namibia SuperSport 5 Africa
New Zealand beIN Sports Connect New Zealand
Nicaragua Sky HD
Niger SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Nigeria SuperSport 5 Nigeria, SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Oman beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Palestinian Territory beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Panama Flow Sports App, Flow Sports 2, Sky HD
Peru DIRECTV Play Deportes, DIRECTV Sports Peru
Poland Canal+ Sport Online
Puerto Rico DIRECTV Sports Puerto Rico
Qatar beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Rwanda Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, SuperSport 5 Africa
Saint Kitts and Nevis Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Saint Lucia Flow Sports App, Flow Sports 2
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Flow Sports App, Flow Sports 2
Sao Tome And Principe SuperSport 5 Africa
Saudi Arabia beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Senegal SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique
Seychelles SuperSport 5 Africa, Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Sierra Leone Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, SuperSport 5 Africa
Somalia beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
South Africa SuperSport 5 Africa, SuperSport 5
South Sudan beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT, SuperSport 5 Africa
Sudan beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Swaziland SuperSport 5 Africa
Sweden Viaplay Sweden
Syria beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Taiwan Eleven Sports 2 Taiwan
Tanzania SuperSport 5 Africa
Thailand beIN Sports Connect, beIN Sports 4
Togo Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique, SuperSport 5 Africa
Trinidad and Tobago Flow Sports 2, DIRECTV Sports Caribbean, Flow Sports App
Tunisia beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 1
Turkey Digiturk Play, beIN CONNECT Turkey, beIN Sports 2 Turkey
Turks and Caicos Islands Flow Sports 2, Flow Sports App
Uganda SuperSport 5 Africa
Ukraine Futbol 1, OLL.tv
United Arab Emirates beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
United States NBC Sports Gold
Uruguay DIRECTV Play Deportes, DIRECTV Sports Uruguay
Venezuela DIRECTV Sports Venezuela, DIRECTV Play Deportes
Vietnam SCTV 17, K +PC
Yemen beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Zambia SuperSport 5 Africa
Zimbabwe SuperSport 5 Africa


Arsenal Player


  1. Confirmed lineup



            1. Oh, now I’m worried I might have see his face tonight. Fingers crossed for no defensive injuries.

  2. Our best possible 11 in for a long struggle because everyone knows how to play against them. Either a late late 1-0 victory or an any-0 defeat at full time…

      1. Bloody hell Pat, I was expecting a bad game, but 3 goals conceded already?? I’m so p****d off…. they drive me absolutely mental…. this certainly isn’t good for your health ?

  3. Emery is a scam… Arsene wenger wouldn’t lose any of the three matches he lost. Stupid man

    1. Arsene would have been destroyed given the level of play of his last arsenal team. Did you forget last season?

      1. Wrong.

        Bad as the last season was: Wenger didn’t have Torreira or Socratis or Leno, and Auba only for last 15 games of the season, and Laca played half season injured or was out after his surgery.

        Our team is about 20 percent better individually than last season.

        So except for buying a few better players, we’re roughly as good as last year, and next season after the ‘new manager bounce’ is over, is going to be even worse…

          1. Exactly Wenger boys acting like we were spanking teams away last season. I think it was over 10 defeats. Numerous 0-3 defeats by average teams were common.

  4. Can no longer call Tottenhm bottlers. On 2 occasions we should have gone above them. This third occasion should have taken us into top 4

  5. We just make it so easy for all those around us….. I thought tonight would be crap & just to piss me off even more, I bet United win

    1. That Arsenal team are p*ss poor Sue they are an embarrassment they can forget champions League football they have no right to be anywhere near that competition!

      1. Maybe it’s just as well Kev.. be back to the 5-1’s against Bayern again! Let’s be honest, we’d just making up the numbers anyway! Jeez… if ever you’re playing sh*t just hope that Arsenal are your next fixture… you’ll then get a 4-0 & a confidence boost

        1. ? Sue I agree with everything you say ? we would be a laughing stock in the champions League! Europa League is just about our level and no guarantee we’re even good enough to win that! Play like that against Valencia and we’ll get slaughtered! Most of that squad just isn’t good enough! As I said before as long as Kroenke owns Arsenal they will never be a top team again. 45 million to overhaul that squad lol

              1. Haha you mentioned records against us Wolves have scored 3 first half goals for the first time in 36 years ? 2-0 city ?

                1. At least City cheered me up!! Haha I’d love to be a fly on the wall in my daughter’s house, I bet she’s wrestling her husband, telling him she’ll let him go if he admits to her that there’s only 1 team in Manchester ???

                    1. Haha not good for the husband Sue ? how did your Daughter end up supporting Man city a northern club ? lol yeah Sue we do like to let teams break all sorts of records against us ? so 3-1 an easy night at the office for Wolves 3 shots on target and 3 goals ?

                    2. Haha it’d be hilarious!! Well that is down to Joe Hart… she liked him, end of. We were buzzing the day when Aguero scored to win the league (as we both detest United!) But now she loves Sergio!
                      Tbh Kev I’m glad it was them & not United, Spuds, Liverpool or Chelsea! Phew! Do you know I can’t even be bothered to care.. I tried to get tickets earlier for next week V Valencia – to no avail… maybe it was a blessing….

                    3. Yeah definitely Sue ? haha yeah that was good ? or Arsenal lol the suffering Arsenal fans have to endure ? probably Sue ? I wouldn’t pay 5 quid for an Arsenal ticket tbh, the football is boring, predictable and weak! The owner doesn’t care less so why should us fans and 45 million this summer ? fans are being taken for mugs! Ah well it’s not the end of the world Alaskan state troopers is on ?

                    4. I haven’t seen it Sue ? any good ? I’m a bit moody tonight so I’ll watch it at the weekend ?

                    5. Oh no you’re moody? ? yes it was good.. watch the rest tomorrow (there are 10) couldn’t concentrate earlier – I wonder why!! ?

                    6. Oh so they’ve all been released at once ? Haha yeah Sue crappy night and that bloody arsenal team are seriously doing my head in! This has been going for too long now

                    7. Yeah they have. Aww Kev, keep your chin up… you’re usually the life & soul on here! They’re doing my head in too if that’s any consolation ?

                    8. Thanks Sue ? yeah I know I feel bad for you and everyone else who actually pays to watch that crap tbh… Kroenke won’t get a penny of my money I literally can’t stand the man I just wish he p*sses off soon and takes his son with him!

                    9. Sometimes Kev it really pisses me off, but hey tonight I thought the bottlers would turn up, we were away, I expected a loss, so anything other than that would have been a bonus. It’s over now, doesn’t matter how angry, whatever I hit or break (?) won’t change the result, so no point hey?! I would say look forward to the next game ? but I don’t even want to think about it! Haha… I hope you have a better day tomorrow Kev ?

                    10. Haha no point at all Mkh, Ozil etc will still pick up huge wages.. wages we won’t see in a lifetime it’s absolutely pathetic! Their wages should be paid to doctors and firemen etc not those talentless prima Donna’s ? and you know what Sue some fans actually think Valencia will be a cake walk, saying Valencia aren’t that good! Newsflash neither are Arsenal! Thanks Sue ? well I’ll stop depressing you now and let you get some sleep ?

                    11. Tbh Kev, back to back defeats.. maybe another one on Sunday… doesn’t fill me with hope… wouldn’t surprise me if we never win again this season!
                      Well have a good sleep & you’ll wake up in a better mood, hump day is over, another day closer to the weekend! ? Goodnight Kevin ? sweet dreams

                    12. Haha I’ll take that bet all day long Sue ? another defeat to look forward to come Monday ? or Sunday lol hopefully ? you sleep well too and goodnight Sue ??

      2. That was not new. Our problem in this is neither the formation or the players selected, though Iwobi and Miki are sh**t in this game, but the way we played. When you allowed your defenders to play at the opponent half for almost 90 minutes you should know you are in for trouble. Emery knows Nuno will set up his team to counter attack yet he play to his hand. The same performance against Everton, crystal palace, and now Wolves. It is either Emery is arrogant or a fraud

    1. Here you go again. I’ll prefer eleven of Iwobi, AMN, Nelson, Holding and their likes than all these grossly overpaid pigs who feel so big to rock the mud for the club. At least we will be having hope for the future.

    1. Yes he does and he is undoing it. Nketiah done more in his first 2 than Iwobi did 70 minutes plus and some fans still want him to be in first 11. That is pathetic.

    2. Yes he does and he is undoing it. Nketiah done more in his first 2 than Iwobi did 70 minutes plus and some fans still want him to be in first 11. That is pathetic.

  6. What a load of sh1t
    Players don’t look interested ,this squad is years behind the top teams ,it was obvious that emery was bought in as the cheap option ,to not be able to get into the top 4 from the position we was in is pathetic tbh .

  7. Emery will need at least two years to get rid of all
    (And there is loads) the dead wood. We are at the moment a top 6 side and won’t win the premier League in the next 5 years and certainly won’t win the champions League ever, get real and be realistic

    1. Thank god there is someone who talks some sense.I don’t see the point of being in the Champions League as we are not good enough

    2. He does not need two years. He failed. The team should have won against Everton and Crystal Palace. He tinkers a lot with his team. This guy had Suarez on loan. He made the board believe Ramsey was not part of his first team plans. He is solely to blame for this. We are a joke. If we don’t get Champions League football, he should be sacked.

  8. emery i am sorry to say is not the manager to take arsenal back to the top … the guy has no vision of how to play football so ends up tinkering and shuffling … the sooner fans realise this the sooner we can start rebuilding … the problem is of course the greedy yank in charge doesnt give a sh@@ … fans need to show their discontent at next home game

    1. We have been saying this for years but unfortunately the next home game will still be full the only way to hurt these people is in the pocket so don’t go to the next home game

  9. I am laughing
    There goes the best chance of champions league football.
    Arsenal are not progressing under Emery.
    At least Wenger played good football.
    Emery is a fraud
    The unfortunate thing is that we are guaranteed Europa League.
    Arsenal are going backwards under Emery
    And come on
    Torreira should have been sent off.
    Awful foul
    But I cannot bring myself to
    And its 3-0
    Well done Arsenal.
    What a team.
    When they need to step up
    Come of Wolves.
    English football would be better served with Chelsea or United in the CL
    Not f**king Arsenal…

      1. But they have money.
        Arsenal are broke.
        Arsenal are a waste of a champions league place.
        United and Chelsea can attract the best players.
        We go after trash like Sokratis and Mustafi.
        I really don’t want Arsenal in the CL
        They embarrass me and are a laughing stock…

  10. What’s the point of getting into the Champions League anyway. Even with the extra cash it gives us for transfers it won’t be enough to swap out the rubbish and get anywhere further than qualifying from the group stages.

  11. That’s Arsene Wenger’s team with Leno, Torerra, Sokratis will not finish below 4th position.

    1. I agree with you, it wouldn’t be this bad, I knew Emery was doing an average job, but some will argue from now till the next year that he is doing a fantastic job. No one respects us in premier league and that is due to how we have been performing

  12. Clear the Deadwood? Yeah right, agents and scouts just watched us get whipped by a Team With Ambition (Chinese owner & Portuguese master tactician).
    Our uninterested owner replaced our best manager ever with football’s Theresa May, did you think we’re going to attract anyone other than other clubs’ deadwood lol.

  13. Emery singlehandedly lost the 3rd position… Let’s hope for better arsenal in Europa League. That’s our only hope now

  14. Absolute discrace but we are a million miles away from being able to compete in champions league so just as well we won’t be in it!!

    1. Total piece of turd. Using the vulnerable 4-2-3-1 although it is proven to be prone to counter-attacks in the last ten years

      Using a no 10 is obsolete and slows down the attacks. No good chances created but producing merry-go-round passes instead

      Why can’t they just use quick 4-3-3 or 4-1-2-1-2 like the other top European teams

      1. Gotanidea you should ask your manger, as things are I think you even know what we should be using more than our manger. No fantastic manager will use a system that doesn’t produce good results week by week (losing will still be alright) but playing like this is absolutely shameful. Fantastic job indeed!!!!!!

      2. You are the 4-4-2, 3-43-5 blah blah…I’m sorry do you watch all our matches, because if you do you won’t be coming up with all these formations garbage every defeat. The problems we have irrespective of any formations is attitude and will to win. Are win in any match to win it? How do we plan to achieve it. I watched our match against Everton, Place and this show of shit and I saw from the blew of whizzle Emery does want to win them. Emery went away at wolves and need a point to be in 4th with to plan. This another defeat that is on him

  15. I called the spuds as bottlers, but it’s more appropriate for Arsenal players now. Emery must have thought he could dominate Wolves by using Everton’s and Palace’s 4-2-3-1, but our attackers’ and attacking midfielders’ skills/ creativity are simply atrocious

    Nobody can cut inside, dribble and be the link on the sides. Leno and the defenders are ridiculous as well

    Can’t watch this humiliation anymore. If Arsenal do not buy any specialist inverted winger next season and keep relying on those wasteful strikers/ aging CAMs, they can say goodbye to the top four position

    1. We can say goodbye to anything really. We’re the next Coventry. Will be without our home once we’re a few divisions down.
      Who wants to join this mess anyway.

      1. Malcom has decided to leave Barcelona and I hope we can attract him

        This team badly need wingers like Salah/ Mane and Sterling/ Sane

        1. Yeah!
          Great observation
          We need players like Salah and Mane
          Why not Pele and Zidane as well.
          And Zoff and Beckenbauer
          Like they grow on trees.
          Dumbass comment of the year as I watch Arsenal bottle it ONCE AGAIN.
          People like you really wind me up…
          I am starting to think I cannot be bothered anymore…
          Football is supposed to be fun…

        2. Not if Watford/Everton/West Ham can help it!
          That’s where we’re at right now. Giving Ozil that pay packet is like quitting as prime minister after a referendum result didn’t go your way 😉 abdicating responsibility and letting someone else fail in your place. Just like Britain where the ordinary folk will be hardest hit after brexit or no brexit, the only losers here are the support. The players just take their money and go.

  16. Why do Arsenal pay so much to these monkeys?..Emery killed Arsenal’s attacking football…Forgot attack is the best defence…And finally 3 goal down…

    1. Because those monkeys sell a lot of shirts

      Their passes look fancy, but they tend to do backpass after reaching the byline and unable to create good crosses most of the time

      Reminds me of how Arsenal played in the last two seasons. Merry-go-round passes without the guts to take high risks

      1. We are 3 down and we still keep passing it backwards. It’s boring to watch and to be honest this style of football is prehistoric.

    2. Why do you always blame the players what about the coach. He coached them to play that way. One pass forward and hundreds backwards. How do you get a goal like that. And when we get to the edge of their box we still keep passing around. Do know Kos, Sokratis and Moreal had more touches in the ball and passes than all our attackers. Iwobi was hiding and him with Miki were passengers on the field. Nketiah did more than both of them in 2 minutes on the field.Who put them there?

  17. Quick update, Gemma’s pregnant by Chesney, but hasn’t told him, and she’s moving out. Peter’s still looking for Carla. Coronation Street is far more entertaining.

  18. And I want our old Banner back. Nothing but crap happens to us since we changed it. Which other team has changed theirs?. And who decided it had to be changed, that worthless Stan? What does he know about the Arsenal? The new one has bought us bad luck and should be confined to the dustbin

  19. These Over Paid so called footballers have no Back bone have no right to be wearing the Arsenal Shirt. Just not good enough for Champions League.

    1. Just get rid of those aging players that have expiring contracts

      Do not renew any old player’s contract and get the younger ones that are still hungry

      Can’t stand the awfulness of those defenders’ so-called technical fouls

        1. At least Iwobi was trying to beat the opposition’s defenders in front of him mate

          Better buy Chukwueze, so he can link up better with Iwobi and replace Mkhitaryan

      1. Gotanidea we should get rid of all players, or we have a manger who really really doesn’t know what he wants to do, we don’t have a consistent pattern of play, we don’t know our first team players, we just play as we go. Common are all these players so bad? So wolves, Everton and Crystal Palace have better players?

        1. Wenger would have this team whipping Wolves today. Unai Emery is out of his league. Arsenal are average against everyone since Emery took over.

        2. Unfortunately I have to say most of our old players are highly erratic and will not be able to improve their consistency

          They have been managed by two different managers and the results are pretty similar (6th in the last season and 5th now)

          That means their levels are stagnant and should be replaced with the younger ones ASAP

  20. Great display lads, come away home and don’t be embarrassing us more. We can’t even string 2 passes together. Poor poor showing.

  21. Glad I can’t see the match here; refused to pay to watch.

    Good thing Emery rested players for the CP match, aye?

    Perhaps hairdryer would get desired result rather than coddling and excusing player performances.

    Absolutely shocking, traveling fans should get money back. Embarrassing and showing we don’t deserve CL football. A club with owner willing to seriously invest should get the chance.

    Would anyone be surprised if we bottle Europa league now?

    Might as well play youngsters now, not like they could play worse.

    1. I’m watching it mate ,it’s fcking embarrassing ,just look at our bench to realise that we are years behind the top teams ,like you said what’s the point in CL we would just be taken some other teams spot who would actually have a chance or atleast given it a go to win it .
      I’m done watching it now ,can’t be arsed to get worked up over watching it .

  22. It’s difficult to ask the fans not to criticize or even attack this set of players and the club as a whole. A club that was once a nightmare to any club in Europe has been declining for over a decade but the management is doing nothing serious about it. If there is no money to buy the world stars then what has happened to our youth system. We were once good at that even during the early stages of this decay. Believe me or not what happens on the pitch is just a reflection of the mess in the club. From the owner to the least person there. The most annoying thing is the club turning on loyal fans when they air out their views. Certainly the FA won’t even want Arsenal back in the champions league after that 10-2 disgrace. If we are not buying we should then have a good youth system but if both are faulty then we are hopeless.

  23. it’s 6 0 wow Emery is not a manager.
    we should not be top of wolves let alone be in the champions league.
    our place is battling for relegation

  24. I think emery is mentally unstable. how can you play both miki and ozil in Thesame game? two lazy players. pathetic I must say.
    maybe he just want the board to release money

  25. Wenger would have this team whipping Wolves today. Unai Emery is out of his league. Arsenal are average against everyone since Emery took over.

    1. How many away games did Wenger win last year?.Emery may not be the right manager but Wenger was way past his best and left us with an overpaid average squad that lacks any wide players.

  26. Arsenal at it again
    Where is that spirit
    I blame the players for this woeful performance.
    They really disappointed UE and the fans.
    He put up a decent squad that can decimate wolves on a very good day but they let him down .
    Goodbye champions league football.

  27. Never as long as I can remember has wolves ever made arsenal look so abysmal. It’s an fn joke this lot of misfits who have no heart or balls!!!!!!
    I am so annoyed with these loafers over this season. Arsenal, as a club, are gone, really gone for good.

  28. The biggest four games of the season.
    And Emery decides to allow Aubameyang to go into surgery for sinus problems.
    What a completely and utterly brainless management decision.
    I want Wenger back.
    The sad fact is that Emery at his very best is no better than Wenger at his very worst.
    Decides to allow the only one who can score goals to go into surgery.
    I am so glad I am not a season ticket holder.
    You would have to be severely brain damaged to want to pay to see this.

      1. Don’t sell them, just give them away! Will anyone want this pile of dung? Sell? Not a chance! Donate them to clean the public toilets in London.

      2. No.
        Absolutely NO
        Emery is a clueless buffoon.
        The players he has signed have been garbage
        The football he plays is negative, boring, enough to want you to go into a coma just to get away from it.
        Arsenal have not improved.
        I want emery gone…
        And you know what will happen – we will get another one just when it is too ******* late
        This isn’t Arsenal.
        These players don’t give a crap about Arsenal…
        And I cannot be bothered…

      3. I think so, he will select every bit of it. ???? they call it bespoke. Some will say all have players are not good except Emery. He needs all 24 new players.

  29. Nobody celebrating us scoring lol. 80th minute consolation just as pointless as giroud Vs Chelsea back then

            1. Hi Paul… I didn’t think tonight would go very well… so now I feel deflated… don’t even want to think about the King Power & Jamie Vardy getting a hat trick against us ? yes I’m with you- Arsenal till I die, but can’t help feeling gutted- twice in a week!! At least City won! ?

  30. Now city are a team you can watch. They are away ahead of us in every position, passing defending, attacking, scoring, helping one another. We are piss poor.

  31. Q: Why are Arsenal strikers like grizzly bears? A: Every fall they go into hibernation.
    Unai Emery applauds I want to laugh I can not cry……………

  32. The funny thing is that we are still 4th how is that possible right now, this top four thingy is maybe a possibility this season even with all these mess ups from Arsenal. smh.

    1. Think you will find Leicester away might have something to say about that. It’s on the telly too so ringside seats for the final implosion of our fourth place dreams.

  33. You don’t come to the woods unprepared, the wolves will mess you up.
    The only positive is Arsenal had the greater ball possession???

  34. This is the first time since 1979 that Wolves beat Arsenal. Hard Questions have to be asked about this Arsenal Team and it’s Manager.

  35. People shouting Emery Emery, they have forgotten tat this nonsense has happened under two different manager. Shouldn’t we be looking elsewhere for the problem. We should ask questions like who appointed this manager? Who is in charge of players recruitment and Contract? I can’t afford to subscribe to failure all my life

    1. There are owners who want success so they invest. Some complain that they’re “buying” glory. Meanwhile our owner only cares about how much he can leech out of us. He’ll get players on fat contracts that sell shirts but do zilch on the pitch. And then when he’s supposed to answer to us, the fans, he runs away with the money.

      1. Kroenke will only sell when he believes Arsenal have reached their maximum value, in the meantime he’ll hang onto it as a nice piece of collateral he can wave in front of banks to fund his other projects. Don’t forget, his shares were paid for from bank loans, not his own money, so he needs to hang on until then as well before even thinking about selling.

  36. The sad fact is that Emery at his very best is no better than Wenger at his very worst.

    Sad but true

  37. The utter disrespect to the greatest manager ever had by Arsenal is what keeps me away from this forum much of the time.
    People simply not able to deal with their obsession with Wenger.is disgusting???

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