Which ex-player could replace Wenger as next Arsenal manager?

There has been many comments over the years about who could replace Arsene Wenger as the manager of Arsenal, but now it is becoming a real possibility that Le Prof may leave next summer after completing 20 years at the helm.

Wenger himself has now spoken about the possibility again, and he has made it clear that he hopes his successor is even more successful than himself, but also that whoever it is carries on the values that the club have held dear during his reign.

“I always felt that as a manager you have an influence on three levels,” Wenger said on the official Arsenal website. “One, on the individual careers of the players – you are not successful with every player. Two, on the style of play and the results of the team. Three, on the structure of the club.

“I like to think that the club today is at a different level to when I arrived and as well, when I leave, that I leave a good team with a strong financial resources and good structures at the club.

“My pride [would be] to see somebody come in and do better. At least he is in a position to do better. It is important I think for the legacy.

“For me the club is also about identity and values. The values are carried here by the manager because I have stayed here for a long time.

“I hope that these values, which are respected all over the world, will continue because it is based on respect, humility, togetherness – and also that the club moves forward.”

I think those words have made it certain that Jose Mourinho would not be one of his choices as his replacement! It would make sense that it is an ex-player that has learnt the ropes under Wenger and understands his philosophy as well as his training regime.

Who do you think could fulfil that criteria?


  1. If Arsenal really want to replace Wenger with an x-player then surelyIt would have made more sense to have replaced Bould first, with the likely candidate?

  2. Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp are the front runners for most people, there’s some that say Henry, but he could not take his coaching role as serious as Vieira and Bergkamp did. I respect them more because of that, they could easily have gotten cushy punditry jobs themselves but they clearly want to be on the training pitch every morning. Bergkamp seems to be happy being a coach, he even said at one time that managing is not something he wants to do. With that, maybe bring Vieira in with Dennis working as his no2. It depends on which managers are available I suppose. I have heard though, that Vieira still uses all he learned under Wenger and some say he is his closest disciple. I wouldn’t be against these two getting a shot at returning us to our glory days.

  3. You know what? It doesn’t have to be an ex arsenal fc player – any coach with a winning recipe would do… asides Moaninho of course.

  4. For a club like Arsenal, we need to get an established manager. An ex-great-player won’t do it. You would say Zidane, but RM in itself such a great team that his work is cut out in terms of getting results. For us its not the same. We need someone with a huge CV, personality and track record behind them. If Wenger leaves, it will create a phase of transition for us which rarely goes well for a club. Having a proven manager will make more sense. Thereafter we can go for an ex-player as a manager.

  5. It has to be someone with a proven track record who will take the club forward. Whether they are an ex player or not is immaterial. The problem is that most of the candidates have recently moved to new clubs, pep, klopp etc.

    With regards to simeone, I do not think his style of play would suit arsenal and us fans.

    Then there is Low but his experience at club level is very limited, 4 years club youth and assistant manager, 6 years club manager, stuttgart, innsbruck, karlsruhr, wein, fenerbache, adanaspor, no big clubs, 12 years assistant and manager of germany. Nothing there to suggest he would be a sucess at Arsenal, club manager is very different to national.

    So unless we can poach someone who has recently moved clubs then I canno think of anyone. Good job it is not me making the choice. The problem is that I do not think the board have the expertise either. Wenger chosing his own sucessor is probably not a good idea, fergie chose moyes and look how that turned out.

  6. If Henry does well with Belgium (and Lukaku seems impressed) then why not not bring him in? He is Arsenal through and through.

    1. Thierry needs to prove himself as a club manager before being considered for Arsenal. I want to remember him as a great (greatest) arsenal player, not a failed arsenal manager.

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