Which former player would you like to come back to Arsenal?

Players returning may not always be a good thing! (opinion)

This summer has been a crazy transfer window with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku returning to their old clubs.

But just how much of a positive thing is it when players go back to the club they once played at?

The answer to that would always be based on the performance of the player during their return. For some it is the best move ever and for others it may not work out the way they had imagined it to.

Although both Ronaldo and Lukaku after both plying their trades in and around Europe have had a good return so far.

I guess it could be argued that loan spells are somewhat similar to players returning once leaving a club for a second spell. The difference with a loan spell is that you know for sure the player will be returning for a small period at least, but with a permanent move away it’s not always guaranteed the player will ever return.

As a beloved Arsenal fan, with the many players we have had throughout the years where some have gone on to great things and some not so great, I can’t really think of any that we have either wanted to come back again or have come back.

The one and only player that springs to mind for me, whom I was privileged enough to see live both in his first and second spells, where I remember the emotion and still feel the goosebumps like it was yesterday was when Thierry Henry, our legend, our king, returned home in 2012.

He came on as a sub at 0-0 against Leeds United in the FA Cup and did what only he does, he scored the winner in a 1-0 win that saw the Emirates erupt, tears flow and Henry jump into the arms of Monsieur Wenger. To take us through to the fourth round, in a game in which our current manager was also playing.

The goal as clear as daylight in my mind still to this day, but had the script been written it would not have worked out that way.

It’s not always positive though, as Sead Kolasinac experienced more recently when he went on loan last season to his old club Schalke 04. After they won only three games they were relegated at the end of the season, and to be fair to Kolasinac the damage was already done before he arrived, although he knew he would be returning to Arsenal at the end of it it must have hurt to see his old side go down.

When players have the option to return to their previous clubs sometimes the dream is always better than the reality, as it will not always work out for the best. Not that that is the players fault but sometimes things do not always go as you plan or wish them to.

Could it have gone any better for Henry on his return? No.

Would we want any other player to come back like Ronaldo and Lukaku have done? I don’t think I would be able to handle the disappointment if it didn’t work out.

Henry was an exception and he lived up to it as only a king would.

And let’s be honest us Arsenal fans have been through enough upset and disappointment, more so recently, to have one of our former players/possible legends return and not do well.

So, I think it is safe to say as nice as Henry coming back was, lets live with the memories our legends and players have created over the years and move forward with the new, fresh and up and coming talent rather than looking back and trying to recreate the past!

Gooners, would you bring any former player/legend back given the chance?

Shenel Osman


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      1. Unfortunately we didn’t get him before he went to Milan, because he could’ve been Xhaka’s competitor

  1. Definitely Bergkamp,unbelievable touch his passing and link up play was a joy and he had that nasty streak where he took no bull crap .
    Iwobi would be a close second .

    1. He might’ve been a Judas Dan but I liked him a lot. I too called him a lot of not so good words because he moved to Man Utd of all teams (unforgivable curse in my country) but still I liked him a lot.

  2. YES I’D BRING BACK PLENTY, were they still alive and in their prime; Bastin, Alex James, Ted Drake, Liam Brady, Adams, Bergkamp Henry, Vieira , Petit, Overmars, and countless others too.
    BUT, this just a pointless wish list, unless you speak of top quality, actual still in their prime players, who have JUST left.
    And we DONT HAVE ANY of those. Do we!

    TBH, I canot even remember the last real top quality player, still in their prime who we let go, as it was so long ago.

    I’d say RvP from memory , but even he left around 9 long years ago. Such a paucity of true top quality players we’ve had ever since.

      1. @ Admit Pat. That will be a dream signing. Gnarby. I still wonder how we sold players and failed to put a buy back clause.
        I love Gnarby. Top Quality player.
        Apart from Gnarby, Aaron Ramsey.

        1. We didn’t gnabry willingly got his head turned by Bayern on u21 duty. Year left on contract no choice. Still spent the 1st year at another club and his 1st “official” Bayern year on loan after that.

      2. But Gnabry did NOT fit MY criterion PAT of being in his prime, at the time he left, since your post was in reply to me.

        He showed much promise and it was clearly a mistake to let him go BUT NOT in his prime back then.

        So easily done and lazy thinking to misrepresent what another Gooner says, isn’t it!!
        With hindsight, which we did not then have, I and most Gooners would not have wanted him to go.

        HAD YOU NOT PUT YOUR POST AS A REPLY TO MINE, I would have said nothing. BUT you did!

    1. 😅😅🤣🤣. Kallstrom. The season we bought an injured player to replace another injured player.
      Wenger made some shock signings during his reign. Park, Silvestre, Sanogo.

      1. Doesn’t mean he would be a top player at Arsenal though. Some players are like that it doesn’t work at one place but it works at the other. For example Salah and De Bruyne.

      2. Oh many dozens more than just those few dross players. Mostly useless CB’s too, starting with Senderos, back at the start of Wengers time here.

  3. When Sonogo and Ozil joined we won the FA cup. Next season if they joined we may win the EPL. Lacazete is leaving so we need a striker and a back up to MO10.

  4. Van Persie. Perfect for modern football. A diva with attitude but super talented and professional.

    1. Has much as I like you HH that comment makes me want to throw up , out of all older
      Players you pick van perve .
      Spent 6years here injured as one good season and fcked off .

    2. Thought I replied to your comment HH but it’s gone for some reason ,I see that you must have read it though as you responded up above .

    1. Took me awhile to register TR7 to my shame but yes criminally underrated but even without injuries not a legend in this particular context as the best of the best. If we are doing injury free, it’s over. DIABY. All day, everyday. Capacity to be magnitudes better than Viera who in his own right was legend. Diaby is the best player we never had. If asked a fully fit Diaby his whole career I’d take all day long over Henry/Bergkamp.

  5. Henry would offer more but players like Silva are hard to find. We can sign a decent striker prospect easy.

    1. Was loathe to miss him off my choice. There was a 6 month period where he was outright best in the world imo. Special player.

  6. Since Ronaldo and Lukaku were mentioned in the Article, I thought the answers would have been Active players!
    Why are Some peeps mentioning the likes of Almunia, Gilberto Silva, Sanogo, etc?😏😕

    Well, Mine is AARON RAMSEY! Rambo still lots in his Locker to offer to Arsenal!

    1. Not as unneccesary as your comment.
      If you don’t like the title then don’t read it.
      If you don’t like the article, don’t comment!

        Why am I not surprised!
        Are we not all entitled to comment on anything at all on this site , as we are all members!!!

        1. I’m not sure why you call that censorship? I didn’t delete it, only questioned what the point of it was, thats all….

          Jon, as you well know. We are all equal, just some are more equal than others…..

          1. Pat, YOU ARE NOT SURE WHY, and with English as your first language?
            Both your final two lines advocate clear censorship as your wish, even though not, on this occasion, your action too.

            Or else you do not understand English as I do and I have a top degree in it!

            1. Well, Mr Top Degree, someone with no qualifications AT ALL would beg to disagree with you, young man.

              These two lines you call censorship……

              “If you don’t like the title then don’t read it.
              If you don’t like the article, don’t comment!”

              I personally would call SELF-censorship – something I wish many more people would practise….

  7. If we had a choice and bring back one player from defense, midfield, forwards,
    It would be Campbell, viera, Henry all day..

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