Which goalkeepers should Arsenal realistically be looking at this summer? (Opinion)

Arsenal are hot on the hunt for a new goalkeeper this summer, with the intention of bringing in a strong rival for Bernd Leno or at the very least a competent back-up option.

At present, the majority of the rumours are circled around Aaron Ramsdale being our first-choice, or Sam Johnstone being the next best thing, but neither represent any form of value.

Andre Onana’s name was strongly bandied around, but we missed the boat on that one, but what other names should be on our radar?

Personally, Willy Caballero is well worth considering as back-up, and would give me much more confidence if relied upon for cover if Leno found himself injured or suspended at any point, while a younger option in Sergio Romero should also be considered, especially with both currently out of contract and available for nothing.

If we are serious about bringing in a strong rival for the German international however, I don’t see why we wouldn’t be trying to convince Keylor Navas into the fold. He’s currently dealing with the fact that Gianluigi Donnarumma has been brought in from AC Milan this summer, this summer’s Euro 2020 Player of the Tournament, which will surely mean that he is resigned to given up the first-team jersey in the French capital for the foreseeable future.

Are we seriously forced somehow into trying to find a homegrown goalkeeper?



  1. Gazzaniga is a great back up who sometimes pulls off fantastic saves, a great option since he is a free agent for whatever reason.

  2. Your last question worries me. If we want to sign all the non-homegrown players that people keep asking for, then yes of course we need to look at homegrown players or we simply go into the season with our current homegrown players and the 17 non-homegrown players.

    I totally understand why he is looking at the likes of England’s, 2nd and 3rd choice keepers from the Euros, why wouldn’t he?

    I think he should have considered Bettelini who was available on a free, but I have heard tonight he has joined Chelsea.

    I agree with Navas, I also think Neto should be considered. But either of these will mean one less Non-HG outfield player, you cannot have both ways.

    May be if we can shift, Elneny, Xhaka, Torreira and Kolasinac, then we can consider non HG keepers.

  3. Look no further than Sam Johnstone of WBA. Tall, strong in the air and a commanding presence at the back, very reliable.

  4. OT ManU sign Varane for 34mil (max 42), one of the worlds best CBs.

    That’s a fantastic signing with todays crazy prices to be fair and he’s 28 so still go lot’s of years as a CB. He’ll compliment Maguire’s lack of pack quite nicely.

  5. Yes. We’re obviously forced to sign young homegrown players, for the quota and the investment

    In case the young player doesn’t perform well, his sale value won’t decrease too much two years later. But we shouldn’t spend 25 M for a GK, because we still need to sign other players

  6. “but neither represent any form of value.”I disagree with that statement!if the fee talked about for Johnstone is correct (13-15M)I think it is pretty good he is 28 years old same as Leno he could play in the PL for another 5 years at least even if we were to pay 15M for a 4 years contract still a good deal I my opinion.

  7. Although I bash Leno (for all the correct reasons) every GK has a howler game, Kepa ,DeGea & Allison, some of the most expensive GKs today. Runar had one nightmare againts eventual Champs – City, yet he is banished and the club want him out. Did Leno not have howlers against CFC, Everton & in the EL? If you concede a goa or two, the rest 10 players should be able to score 2 or 3 to win/draw the match. If the outfield players could not stop the ball reaching the 6 yard box, why blame the keeper alone? If the same treatment accorded to Runar is applied to the forwards missing sitters – the Laca & Auba (last season only) should be banished too.We do need a commanding keeper, but even with him and poor outfield players, we will keep conceding the odd goal leading to a loss/draw – in short dropped points. I do not understand the need to splash 30+M on a GK, when LC snapped Patson Dhaka for sub 30M and we are stuck with Laca, Willian & Eddie. Put that 30M budgeted for the GK add some 20-25M and get Madisson, as we ousted Ode/Cabellos, we get a perfect HG slot. Get rid of Kolasinac (even for free)and sign Bissouma or Zakari for the non HG slot. Get rid of Xhaka for what Roma are offering, one more non HG slot is gone. Xhaka took us nowhere in his 5 years, infact he slowed down our fast paced Arsenal game. Today he is valued at some 15M next season he will be valued at 8-10M as was the case with Laka

  8. Strongest line up so far –


    Saka. Smith. Pepe.

    Lokonga. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. White. Chambers.


  9. I’m confused why the club are putting resources into a young keeper (who would not be happy sitting on the bench )unless Leno is going ,sky are reporting that we are going in for a third bid amounting upto 22-25 million .
    When you are hearing rumours like this on top of the Abraham and odegaard you really do have to wonder what kind of season we have in store .

  10. We did not yet miss the boat on Onana. Overmars came out and said that he had not heard from any suitors in more than a week. Indicating nothing is a done deal for Onana.

  11. After signing Aaron Ramsdale as it’s increasingly looking Arsenal might sign him this summer as the 1st back-up goalkepeer to Leno. But even then, I don’t think Arsenal should jettison the possibility of the signing of Onana by them this summer window. Even if he has to wait till November or past it before he can play.

    But nevertheless, I think for his top quality goalkeeping prowess at the top level of the game, Arsenal should consider the possibility of their signing him. And if it’s good, let them sign him.

    For, it’s on record Onana has the capacity to truly give Leno the required high level of tough competition for the Arsenal no 1 goalkeeping spot. But not just be contended with being a 2nd fiddle of no 2 to Leno to be warming the bench.

    But what of if Onana ask Arsenal to give him guarantee to regularly be manning the Arsenal goal before he will accept to sign for them? would Arsenal give him that guarantee? Well, I don’t know if they will or not.

    But what will happen to Okonkwo if Arsenal sign Ramsdale and Onana? Meaning the 3 goalkepeer slots in the team are filled. Would Arsenal then send out Okonkwo on loan to a PL club side or a top League European club side this summer or next January window? Well, I can’t say. For, Arsenal may sign Onana after all.

  12. Onana only comes in if Leno leaves and it doesn’t look like he is (a good thing imo).

    Ramsdale would be a good signing for £20-25m. Very highly rated, young and homegrown. Will likely be worth considerably more in 4 years, especially if he ultimately manages to oust Leno. 30m+ though? No.

    Agree with others that there are other priority areas, although these seem to be contingent on outgoings.

  13. nobody unless someone is available towards the end. the focus and budget should be on midfielders and a RB. Leno is the No 1. and we are only playing FA competitions this season. GK is a problem for next season when Leno is probably going to go. Why are we splashing cash on CB and GK, and NOT midfielders?

    1. It WILL be a problem, though, if Leno has another long term injury wouldn’t it?

      All I see MA doing here, is ensuring he has back up for one of the most important positions in the team – makes complete sense to me.

      He tried going for the cheap option and it didn’t work, he’s learnt from that mistake and he is going for experience.
      Good on you MA – you have my support.

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