Which ins and outs could we see at Arsenal in final week of window?

There is seven days remaining of this summer’s transfer window, and so far we have failed to strengthen sustainably.

Our squad doesn’t appear to be light of options, but we have a number of issues within our squad including injuries and contract sagas, and question marks remain on whether we will hold onto the players we have.

Alexis Sanchez is the most heavily linked with a move away from the club despite the insistences of Arsene Wenger, and Manchester City are believed to be circling. We don’t want to bore you with more speculation about the Chilean as that seems to be a daily occurrence across all sources, but I don’t think many of us would be shocked to see him go.

Mesut Ozil is another who has only 12 months remaining on his contract, but seems much less likely to force a move away from the club, and is currently playing in the first-team squad unlike the above.

Shkodran Mustafi is another being linked with a move despite only arriving 12 months ago, and I’m not sure where I stand on his future. I’d quite like to see him push on from a tough opening campaign, but wouldn’t be too disgruntled should he move.

Lucas Vazquez is reported to be on our shortlist of players we could add to our attacking ranks. The winger has impressed when deputising for Real Madrid, but has limited opportunities at the Bernabeu, and could be open to a move.

Thomas Lemar is an ongoing tussle which has died down of late, but I certainly wouldn’t rule out returning for him on deadline day with the midfielder supposedly keen on the switch. We will most likely keep our options open as we look to add something special to our squad, and he is most definitely still on our radar.

Julian Draxler is new name to hit the rumour mill, with Neymar having forced him down the pecking order at PSG. The French giants are claimed to be unwilling to sell, but we have heard that a number of times from teams who want to maximise their profits.

There will of course be a number of new names joining into the rumour mill this week, but which realistic players would you like to see join the club?

Pat J

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  1. Ins (I don’t really know)

    OUT ( I also don’t know)

    Most times I wanna lower my expectations for this club but it just wouldn’t happen. I love Arsenal so much that I bleed RED (obviously). I want our ARSENAL back. The Arsenal we watched in the past that play good football and you always know that we gonna score and concede less.

    1. I also want the Invicibles era’s Arsenal back. It’s been a long time since Arsenal play beautifully with open play goals, very dominant ball possession and high skills.

      The current Arsenal look clueless whether they have to play with well-planned open play setup or play with more pragmatic approach. I am worried they will still be confused when facing Liverpool.

      I am bored with the set-piece, penalty and lucky goals. Arsenal’s football phylosophy should not follow Mourinho’s, but Barcelona’s.

      For the ins and outs, I think:

      – Sanchez: Will stay, at least till the end of the season.

      – Ozil: Will stay, since there is no real interest in him.

      – Mustafi: Will stay.

      – Vazquez: Will not come, but would be great if he comes.

      – Lemar: Could come, but very late.

      – Draxler: Will not come. He would be a great addition, but he is a typical Mourinho’s signing, so I think MU could get him first.

      1. Wenger has confirmed Lemar deal dead
        As Monaco had too many outgoings again
        Save few mill lose player …sound familiar?
        Lol embarrassing yet again

        This club is trolling football

    2. Sell Ox and promote Nelson. Dude is making me feel bad about him. And how Walcott keeps dodging away from transfer keeps flattering me. If Gibbs and Perez should leave the club he should also leave. Wenger said the squad is too large that it stops youngsters having a chance and Walcott looks a genuine suspect.

      1. No player’s is bigger than their club but arsene have made it so difficult to sell players on because nobody want our plods with their ridiculously high wages, if ox and sanchez wants to go but nothing under 100 million for both and if they stay don’t give in to their wage apart from the one that’s being offered at the moment

        1. Am really being angry with Ox situation, despite the patience Arsene and Arsenal fans had in him despite his inconsistencies and as AS rightly said in his press conference, he wants to leave. Sell him off am happy to see Nelson develop

  2. With the sale of Gabriel, loaning of Jenko and Bramall and the rumour going round about Mustafi, I suspect we are going for a world class defender. Virgil Van Dijk anyone? That would be a statement signing gunners.

  3. I’ve read Lucas for £14 million
    Probably Gibbs too
    A few players on loan probably

    Ins? God only knows
    My bet is if we do get any, we won’t be impressed. Either that or no more signings
    Sorry to be pessimistic but Wenger has a track record of disappointment.

    I think Wenger will be elated if he gets back the £46 million he spent on Lacazette or even make a profit. He has already got back £20 million by selling Gabriel and Szczesny

    If he does get a top player, I will be pleasantly SHOCKED

    1. Arsenal can only impress us if they buy Lemar and a world class defender or midfielder before deadline day. Which will never happen I guess. There could be something happening though and it will suprise us all.

    2. Great news for Lucas if true, gets to go back to his home club, play regularly and be a hero to them. Happy for him! I will also enjoy watching him play again (I regularly watch 20min highlights of Real, Barca, Atletico, Sevilla matches so will see him a number of times now). Ideally I might hope for him to stay and play ahead of Walcott and Welbeck but it’s been made clear Wenger has not and will not do that.

      Unfortunately, also very much with “If he does get a top player, I will be pleasantly SHOCKED.” Wiith recent transfer windows if we get one or two top players in yet this week it would be epic-level shocking and I would be celebrating big time. Ozil was a last-minute sigining, so I suppose we can hope!

      1. p.s. – Just saw a rumor that Everton might be in for Lucas. Please do not do that! Everton could well wind up being key rivals for an important European placing for us! Deportivo clearly want him very badly. If Arsene does not want to keep him and play him ahead of Welbeck & Walcott (I’d choose him above both in a second!), please let the poor fellow go home and play regularly where the coach appreciates him and the fans love him.

  4. Wenger has just confirmed Lemar deal is dead, knowing our Team , we spend the entire window trying for one player we end up failing to lure to the Emirates then ….we don’t even sign an Alernative , they just tell us they tried and give us the ” Kanye Shrug” smh.

    maybe 2 or 3 panic buys though i’m optimistic with Sanchez’s return we can return with something from Anfield.

    regardless this window has been and is expected to remain a FAILURE.

    realistically guys we all know we aren’t signing world class players within a week ,
    we just can’t compete with such a board , i may point a fingers at Wenger for fielding 2 left back’s but this is poor window is really down to Kroenke and co.

    similar to Barca ,our board has been detrimental to our team.

  5. Isn’t it funny how Wenger speaks about crazy prices for players and hinting that this is the reason we are not buying certain players, yet at the same time we have trouble taking advantage of these crazy prices when we sell our players, most of whom seem to go for less than we paid for them despite this insane inflation of prices?

    I don’t expect anyone to come in but would be happy to see Sanchez go. At the moment we have roughly 32 million available to buy players (plus proceeds of sales) – according to ASP. That is not a boat load of money and not enough to buy Draxler and Seri. Sell Sanchez for 60 or 70 million and you can afford Seri and Draxler.

    We are simply not rich enough to IMO to force Sanchez to play out his contract.

    Making to the last 16 of the CL earned us 25 million so IMO selling Sanchez for 50-70 would still be better than CL qualification which is by no means guaranteed even if he stays whilst selling him for 50-70 is guaranteed money.

    1. Those numbers are wrong.. we have way more money we could spend on transfers, more like 75 million. Read the financial statements on arsenal.com and do the math.

      1. Thanks, I checked it out but I don’t think we have all the pieces of the puzzle.

        We have a burn rate (operating cost) of 145 million and cash of 125 million. Clearly, we can not spend all the cash and it also depends on a little bit on the covenants of our 200 million debt on how much cash we are required to carry.

        I don’t think the number of 90 million the ASP quoted as so far of. Deduct the 52 for Laca and you are around 38 (plus sales proceeds).

        It s a common misperception of fans that a club can spend at its (in our case 125 million) cash on players. You need cash for working capital).

        So I maintain that we can not afford to write off 50-70 million for a player who doesn’t want to sign a new contract.

        If we had a rich owner who was happy to put more money in the club things would be different but Kroenke only takes money out he doesn’t put any in (or so it seems).

        1. That would be a painful write off, think it all depends on getting into the champions league next season. But with our transfer dealings this summer we only net spend like 25 million so there is room for spending. AFC is known for having a strict financial structure, run like a real company, but in sports it’s different because you have steady income from the league, the fans, sponsors and tv. Transfers is a different story, but normally if you buy a player for say 40 million, his value can be completely different next season, Mbappe for instance, but it counts as an asset but maybe not in the books. I know it’s easy as fans to shout that we can spend 100 million if we want to, but we can if want to take the risk. Think Arsenal fans do have a point when saying the club should put there money where there mouth is. Every transfer season there saying they want to compete, saying there is money to spend but when it comes to it its spend to little or to late. We needed a CF like 3 season’s ago, contracts of our best players should been upgraded 2 seasons ago. If you divide Lacazette’s transfer price with the years we actually needed him it’s a different story. Numbers are numbers but you can explain them in a different fashion and AFC are doing it wrong.

    2. Even funnier, if wenger is so wrapped up in crazy transfer fees then why the f@#k did he get so wrapped up with mbappe earlier in the window?
      Guess that was to sell season tickets and make a statement of intent to other teams and us fans that he really had changed.
      The man is a deluded fraud if he thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes.

      1. Excellent point on Mbappe! I’m suspecting now we scoped it out but after quickly realizing it was not going to happen the whole thing was a smoke screen to try and get people excited that we were really going to go all out for a title and have a terrific transfer window. Once the rumored numbers went over 100M I pretty much wrote it off as absolutely not going to be an Arsenal purchase. Was thrilled with Kola and Laca! This window could have been terrific if we kept that momentum and sorted out the lingering contract situations in a timely way.

  6. Ermmmm. Arsenal are among the top eight richest clubs in the world. 2016-17 season Wenger 4th highest paid manager in the world. We can afford any player we want but the people running the club have no ambition and are allowing our club to sink into mediocrity.

  7. I think who comes or goes might depend on how we do against Liverpool.

    If we suffer a humiliating defeat like the 8-2 against Utd then Wenger “might” sign another player, if we narrowly lose, draw or even win, then I don’t think we’ll sign anyone.

    It’s really poor that we’ve been unable to get shot of any of the masses of squad players that are clogging up our squad – in defence Gibbs and Debuchy are still at the club, Jenkinson is only out on loan. Midfield, I can understand us not selling anyone, we always suffer from a number of midfield injuries, so we’ll need the numbers there. But upfront, we need to sell, not loan Perez and Campbell and maybe one of Welbeck and Walcott, in order to meet the 25 man squad limit.

  8. While we are expecting new signings by refreshing transfer sites, Wenger comment makes me regret the wasted time and data. Only Wenger knows the INS and OUTS. We are at their mercy (Wenger and the Board)

  9. I know this will not happen but a man can dream:

    Out – Walcott – 15/20m.
    In – Promote Nelson.

    Out – Elneny – £8/10m.
    In – Miralem Pjanic £40m

    Out – Ramsey £15/20m
    In – Emil Forsberg £35m.

    Out – Perez £12/15m
    In – Brandt – £20/25m.

    This would be a dream for me plus a Multiple Loans etc etc..

    1. Yeah that would be awesome, but totally agree with “I know this will not happen…” Also the prices would have to be much higher for Pjanic, Forsberg, & Brandt. Lately I resort at times to playing out in my head fantasy moves we’ll never actually make also. Makes it easier the bear the pain of the reality of bungling and inaction 🙂

  10. Hi everyone

    How come everyone just say anything and expect comments? How ridiculous this gets? We all see what is going on over the years, to be there and debate who will be in or what doesn’t make sense, just repeating ourselves.

    This team is becoming average as all teams are building up, so called small ones buying same players or more expensive as we do..;Look at West ham, look at Everton who had bought that center forward from Chelsea now at Man U who were really falling appart and revamped and still adds Ibrahimovic today again…

    This team will finish between 5 and 12 place this year… Alexis doesn’t want to play and started last year middle of season going forward…Like he let the team, coach mainly down…Of course he has great quality and a winner, but when your team struggle, you step up; paid for that too, then when season end, you out…

    If he was all that, he would be playing football in first team at Barcelona…He should get da hell out as he is actually working on…Now, with days left before window closes, i doubt that we can replace him on time…Not sure Wenger wants too.

    When you have the money and don’t spend it, that is useless to even think about it. Look at so called smaller club; they spend way more; we just pay high salaries to what became average if not mediocre players that this team is in majority made of. It is embarrassing what is going at Arsenal for past 5 years strong…

    No ambition, just making money and telling us non sense…Arsene lost it, with all due respect… All these players now out of reach been there and we don’t take them. Look at this Dembele guy at Celtic, what da heck do we need to lock him weeks ago? Useless conversation. Let’s see what we are left with as a team at end of window and be realistic??? We are average; with all that money we could have Neymar and real deal players as this club used to have on glory day; we even can’t get a Lemar which is good but many of him in France, not yet under spotlight…

    Look at Liverpool who were done for years, got Suarez, then lost him, look wht they building, their coach first, the passion & ambition. Unless you miss their game last night; to even think we are going to draw is a total joke…The football they play, speed, goal scoring; we must be careful to not take 5 goals, they even tired from game last night but these guys are running, combining, passing, scoring…

    Wenger is in another planet, lost sense of reality, ambition, vision, looks totally confuse incapable to lign up a team, has player playing out of position all over field. This is not serious anymore…Time to pass it to soemeone as he was 20 years ago.

    For now, you can shot your TVs or cry every or other week end… Not sit here picking teams and players to go or stay; we have really nothing, pathetic to be point where article like this have people actually debating on who go or in… What difference that make, an average player replaced by another…Better off promote youngsters.

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