Which is the craziest Arsenal transfer rumour out today? You choose…

Wow I know it is an international break, but the rag rumour papers are excelling themselves with the most ridiculous Arsenal rumours that we could possibly imagine. Let’s have a look and see which you think is the most unbelievable….

Arsenal can sign Harry Kane
The idiotic Arsenal shareholder i know has suggested that the Gunners could sign Harry Kane simply because he was a Gooner as a youngster, and played for our academy before Arsenal rejected him. Morgan said: “Harry Kane’s brilliant. World-class? I think Harry Kane is world-class,”

“We did it with Sol Campbell so we can do it again – Harry Kane’s a Gooner and we will get him back. Harry, we need you. Come home!”

Yeah right Piers, I’m sure that’s going to work. Can we get him on a free transfer as well, please?

Bayern Munich want Olivier Giroud
It seems Robert Lewandowski want Bayern Munich to sign a backup striker so that he can play 20 minutes less every game, which sounds like the perfect job for supersub Olivier Giroud. But listen to what the superstriker actually said: ‘It would definitely be an option to sign a hungry, young striker who wants to learn from an experienced player,’ he told SportBild.

‘It would be a relief for me to play 15 or 20 minutes less in a game, then you have more energy for the next games and a higher probability of staying fit and minimising the risk of injury.

‘Of course, the club hierarchy will decide which striker is worth considering, but clearly we aren’t talking about a top international striker.

‘Strikers of this calibre want to be on the pitch themselves during the season’s decisive games.’

Does that sound like Olivier Giroud? If he wwants a young striker he iis thinking about the future of the club. Giroud is OLDER than Lewandowski, but he is a good sub….

Jack Wilshere to move to Real Betis on a free
The Sun ‘understands’ that Real Betis are close to an understanding with Jack Wilshere over a free transfer to the Spanish minnows in the summer, or a minimal fee in January. This is a rehash of a rumour they first published a fortnight ago. Considering that Jack has just made it clear he wants to stay at Arsenal makes it even more of a mockery…

So those are the three most rridiculous rumours i’ve seen today. In fact they are probably the most ridiculous of this year! But which one made you laugh the most? I’m going for the Giroud to Bayern joke!



  1. Vlad says:

    1. “Wenger steps down as Arsenal manager”
    2. “Kroenke sells his Arsenal shares to Usmanov”
    3. “Justin Bieber can sing”

    Personally, I’ll believe the last one before any of the other two happen.

    1. redmau5 says:

      *rips bieber at the 02 ticket…goes home

    2. GoonerP says:

      You know what?
      I think when Wenger goes I think that may be the exact time that kroenke sells up.
      He knows his value would decrease once Wenger’s gone…..

  2. GB says:

    Twitter going into meltdown that Griezmann was a done deal, rediculous!

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I heard that Arsene Wenger is such a good coach that players just say ‘**** trophies and champions league football – I just want to sign for Arsenal so that I can play for that guy’

    True story……

  4. Sue says:

    I just read that we want Fellaini ??

    1. OGBAN says:

      For free, you may add

  5. nosa says:

    the only trophy I want this season is asene Wenger leaving. even if we don’t win any trophy I will call the season a success cos Wenger leaving is already a trophy to me

    1. David Rusa says:

      I must confess that I doubt if nosa is an Arsenal fan. How would Wenger’s leaving be a trophy? Much as some on this site might hate Wenger his departure will not mean much for Arsenal unless we get a better coach than him and then aren’t many out there. My problem with many people is failure to realise that getting rid of Wenger is no big deal. The real issue is who replaces him? I would have agreed with nosa if he said that if we get rid of Wenger and replace him with say Carlo Ancelloti say. The real puzzle is not Wenger’s departure but Arsenal getting a better manager. I always hear the fans’ choices and I get amused because most of them have never won any trophies. What makes us imagine that when they come to Arsenal they will win the trophies which have been evading them? While I agree that a coach like Mauricio Pochetino is good I cannot be obsessed with him coming to Arsenal because he hasn’t won any major trophy in his career so far. What guarantee do I have that such a manager would bring success to Arsenal? Newcastle Manager Rafa Benitez is another one I could say has a record because he won Champions League and FA with Liverpool and Europe with Chelsea. Let us concentrate more on Arsenal’s next manager than on Wenger’s departure which will happen anyway.

  6. Yossarian says:

    Yesterday I read that Ronaldo isn’t signing a new contract and definitely wants out of Real Madrid. He’s probably dying to see what it’s like to play for the legendary Arsene Wenger (Sarcasm meter explodes)

  7. Bobby says:

    I am sorry Nosa, Wenger is not exactly the problem of Arsenal and I can bet that Wenger leaving is not the solution to our problem presently. The board who thinks Wenger is still the best man for the job is actually the problem, they gave him a job and actually waited 6 months for him to sign a new deal last year so they are definitely happy with the work he is doing which obviously meets their expectations and if the expectations of the board is as good as what Wenger is giving them now, then there lies the problem (the board or owner)

  8. Bobby says:

    The truth really is that Wenger represents the best option of the boards ambition, I do not see a better manager than Wenger considering what the board wants. If the board thinks Wenger is not good for the job, then they should sack him, but that is not the case. I will like us (everyone reading this) to put themselves in the position of Konkre (owner); now the question is: “will you sack Wenger ? If your answer is YES, then the only problem here is the owner who has not sack Wenger because he obviously love what the man (Wenger) is doing for him… making money like we did this summer making a profit on transfers when other clubs were spending lots of money upgrading their teams.

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