Which Juventus stars should Arsenal demand in Lacazette swap deal?

Juventus are believed to be eyeing a move for Alexandre Lacazette this summer, but are said to be hoping to agree some sort of swap deal in order to stretch their transfer budget.

TuttoMercatoWeb claims that Arsenal have been offered Douglas Costa as part of the deal to sign our French striker, and that we are considering this as a possibility, but should Arsenal consider alternatives?

The Old Lady have a number of players in their squad who deserve more minutes than they are currently getting, who could well play a role in our side.

As much as I’ve been an admirer of Douglas over the years, he has done nothing of note over the last two seasons, and with Willian believed to have signed, as well as Nicolas Pepe already in the squad, his signature isn’t guaranteed to bring any form of improvement to our side.

The areas that we do need to concentrate on this summer however are our central defence and central midfielder roles, and Juve have spares in both departments.

Daniele Rugani was limited to only seven Serie A starts this season, with only three more appearances coming from the bench, despite being a highly experienced and competent defender. I would love to see him added to our options, with him being an upgrade on the majority of our CBs.

Juve have already agreed a swap deal with Barcelona which will see Miralem Pjanic move to Spain, with Arthur moving in the opposite direction, and this could well limit Aaron Ramsey or Adrien Rabiot further, with neither cementing themselves in the first team this term.

Wages could well be an issue with either midfield options above, with both having left their previous clubs on a free transfer, which allows them to demand higher wages due to the lack of a transfer fee to be paid, and the defender could well be the most viable option.

Could Arsenal demand a fair fee and Deniele Rugani for Lacazette?


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  1. It makes no sense to sell Lacazette. He should stay at the club. We should rather loan out nketiah and keep Lacazette. We need 3 strikers. Aubameyang, Lacazette and Martinelli. Even Aubameyang played with Lewandoski at Dortmund. The truth is Aubameyang benefits from Lacazette hold up play and ability to draw defenders out of position.

    1. I totally agree with you. Why keep Nketiah and sell off Lacazette.
      And if they are so bent on selling, there are so many that needs to be sold out (cheaply, because of the çovid crisis financial effects)to accommodate better options; Sokratis £8m, Chambers £12m, Kolasinac £15m, Elneny £15m, Mikhy £8m, Matteo £25m, Lucas £25m, & Ozil £30m(since he’s not in the plan) should in total attract nothing less than £120m. Asonnd those that still needs to be loaned out should be.- Willock (2yrs loan), Nketiah, & Rowe (6months with an option of an extension).
      Others like Saka, Nelson, & Martinelli should stay.

      1. Martinelli was arguably one of our best players until injured and I think Willian was bought in more as cover for him or to spell him if need be till he matures some. We need creative midfielders and a defensive midfielder badly. Partey would be the anchor and has a great passing game. I don’t think Ceballos will be back so I’d be offering Guendouzi to Lyon for Aour to replace him. If Juve are that interested in Lacazette and if news is correct about Gabriel to Napoli then I’d consider Rugani and cash for Lacazette as Rugani is better then any defenders we have at the club currently or I’d even go for Dybala. Even if we got Aour I still think we would be a creative player short and Dybala would give us that and more goals to offset the loss of Lacazette. Pau Torres would be a good option at centre back from Villarreal or Jonathan Tah from Leverkusen or straight out sign Rugani from Juve Arteta apparently wants a left footed player although I like Tahs physicality and pace for a Cb which I think would serve us well in the premier league.

  2. I’d swap him for partey at athletico but a big no to all the Juve options!

    Costa- 100% not needed if we sign Willian
    Ramsey- overpaid and injury prone.
    Rabiot- overpaid and bad attitude

    We must stop getting bullied by the big clubs. They overpay guys and not only can get rid of them but can also get prized assets like laca in return. We overpay someone like ozil and he rots at our club.

      1. Well they are taking our reject (not to me anyway). That is something for us to think about. Juve wants a player so many deem not good enough. It will be a huge mistake letting him go.

      2. I seem to recall another Juventus reject named “Henry” that came to Arsenal.

        I’m not actually comparing any of these players to Henry – but one can’t just dismiss players one doesn’t know much about as just “someones rejects”.

    1. I agree,if the rumour is true,it has to be Rabiot,not only because of his quality but also a deal would be easier since he is not one of their most important players.

      1. Matuidi just left for the MLS,
        Pjanic traded Turin for Barca
        and Ramsey is unsurprisingly
        not in Pirlos short term plans.
        Betancur and Arthur are both
        good,young midfielders but
        neither IMO possess the skill
        set of the Frenchmen. Yes he
        does have baggage in his boots
        but I have a sneaky suspicion
        the old Italian maestro will take
        an immediate liking to the
        brash Frenchmen.

  3. The players i’d swap juve to arsenal are pjanic and dybala… Which all are imposible now… No need for avarage player swap. Let just demand for the the money just like atm are doing… The money will go a long way in helping us buy partey

  4. They should give Demirah plus 22 million pounds and I’d chop off their hands for it. With that money, I’ve got a great defender and party would be closer.

  5. @admi: would it be possible to have an article on JA about what looks like a new trend,big clubs like Man utd,Chelsea, Arsenal and now Juventus hiring former players(young inexperienced…)as their managers,why?is it a good idea?..

    1. Great suggestion. Hope one of the more intellectual writers, such as DAN OR AGBOOLA, tries it. If I have to read any more Ozil articles or completely false rumours, I will scream!

      1. Oh my Lord! I bet if there was a RUMOUR that Ozil had agreed a move to Turkey you would lap it up lol

        1. Admin Pat,you haven’t answered , don’t you think this could be a good subject for one of your best writers??

        2. YOU WANNA PUT MONEY ON THAT PAT? You have only to say! Mind,if Ozil DID move to Turkey, making rumour number 2687 on here and almost the first one to come true, then I would even buy YOU champagne. Or perhaps MARTIN WOULD MORE ENJOY IT, AS HE HAS THE SENSE TO AGREE WITH ME ON OZIL.

      2. 😀I agree, it would be nice to read articles about other subjects!i don’t know about you but i seem to be reading the same things just on different sites day in day out!

          1. Typical! Agreat suggestIon dismissed with a flippant remark. Instead of taking a sensible and serious suggestion from Siamois seriously Sigh!

  6. If there is any truth in A. Madrid’s alledged interest in Laca, then best we do a Laca-Partey business with them than with any other team.
    Juve will have to pay cash if they want Laca unless they are willing to add £20m to Rabbiot for him or we add £20m to Laca for Dybala for which they won’t.
    We can keep Laca and still do good transfer business this window.
    Laca is a very good player and can play behind the main striker. That could even be his best position.
    We will be able to sell a couple of players maybe 3-4 from Bellerin, Guendhozi, Elneny, AMN and Torreira, and then release a couple others to help fund the signing of M. Sarr, Gabriel, Partey and maybe Coutinho. ……and we’d be good to confidently face next season.

  7. I have always loved Douglas Costa. I think his tenacity,speed and skill would greatly help Arsenal. This would mean he plays on the left wing allowing Auba to move in the middle..What a fearsome attack that would be!!!!

    1. But what about Saka ? We keep buying new wingers while still having Saka and Martinelli. If we get rid of Lacazette and Aubameyang gets injured Nketiah would be our only nr 9. Even though he looks very exciting he isn’t a proven forward in the PL so I think we should be careful and not get tricked by Juventus, they are very smart in the transfer market and I don’t feel like Rabiot, Costa or Ramsey are the right players to go for right now

  8. Adrian Rabiot for me…. primarily because we need a left footed CM to rotate with Xhaka when he is not available or rested… Xhaka is the only left footed CM we have..

    1. I know!we need an official announcement and soon even the spuds have already signed one player come on now!

    2. You’re excited about Willian?!? He’s on the complete wrong side of 30 and can’t make it in tbe Chelsea squad and is leaving on a free. Since when did we become the team that garbage collects from the top clubs. Seems like all we do now is take Chelsea’s want aways

      1. Not all ageing players are duds you know!
        Can’t make it in the Chelsea squad?? He just had one of his best seasons!!
        I’ll agree Cech was rubbish… Luiz is hit and miss… but come on, he hasn’t even kicked a ball for us yet!! Just see what he can do first, before you start slating him!

  9. Arsenal is in need of a commanding stable leader in defence so I wud say Merih Demrial plus cash is the best option. If Gunners have to lose Laca we need to have defensive assurance

    1. Atalanta throwing it away in injury time, letting the big wigs into the semi’s. We’re specialists in last minute defeats aren’t we? Hope Atalanta don’t become us 😉

      1. Atalanta has made it further in UCL than we have in well over a decade. I think they are avoiding to become us, European-wise 😜

  10. I have to laugh at the suggestions to move Auba to C.F where he rarely played for Dormund and where he will not have the space he enjoys on the left.Why change something which is working very well to accommodate another winger we do not need.

    1. Grandad, the voice of reason yet again. So many people on here have no appreciation of what Lacazette provides in the forward line, by taking opposition defenders out of play to provide space for Aubameyang, Pepe et al.

    2. @Grandad well put! I can’t see Arteta make Auba play as a central striker. Auba was top scorer from LW last season and 1 goal from top scorer this year.

      And who will be the new Winger pitching in with 20+ goals?

  11. I’d rather take cash and secure Partey with it. If swap is our only option, I would definitely do it. Only players I can imagine wanting on their squad (CR7 obvs not included), is Dybala. If Arteta is thinking about moving Auba to CF, then Douglas Costa would be a good pick. Besides for this, it is a pretty weak, and old Juve squad and surprisingly the defenders they have are not that great either. Preference is definitely just a cash deal for Laca, who will not be worth any more than he currently is. So am also in favor of selling.

  12. Patrick, the Jurists have appeared to be split evenly divided in their rulings but a slight of hem in the majority have edged in support of Lacazette to stayat Arsenal this summer. Talking of swap deal, the last one Arsenal did swapping Alexis Sanchez for Henrick Mkhitaryan didn’t workout for Arsenal in the long run. So therefore, should forget abo doing any player swap deals this summer window. If they want to sell or must sell this summer, the club could sell. But let club make sure they replace the Gunners they’ve sold with a better player than the Gunner that they’ve sold. If Arsenal sells Lacazette this summer, it musn’t be to raise fund to sign Thomas Partey who is a DM. Whereas, Lacazette is a senior striker at AFC whose selling should be striker sold striker signed for replacement kind of business done. In my own view, Arsenal could raise fund to sign Partey if they have to sign him this summer by selling 2 of their reported to be surplus to requirements midfielders Torreria and Guendouzi to raise sufficient funds to enabled them do the signing of Partey I should think. But selling Lacazette will involved signing another high caliber striker of his stature or better than him that will replace him adequately. How about that Southampton striker ings? Hmmm. Martinelli is reportedly injured and wouldn’t be available to play for Arsenal until maybe past halfway of next season’s campaign. But Nketiah should be available from the onset of next season’s campaign. But should Arsenal loan him to Southampton this summer to sign Ings to soften the deal of signing Ings but if Lacazette is sold?

  13. Arsenal is apparently trying to organize a swap of Lucas Torreira for DM Amadou Diawara (transfer market value €18.5 million) at Roma.
    Once again Arsenal is shopping in Pound land, looking at trying to be smart, if Diawara is seen as a poor man’s alternative to Thomas Partey. Just pay the €50 million for Thomas Partey. Haven’t they learnt yet about missing out on Kante and buying Torreira in the first place?
    Diawara is okay as a second player, similar to Marc Roca as a DM, to buy as a specialist DM, but not instead of Partey.
    Thomas Partey is the tall physical commanding box to box midfielder Arsenal hasn’t had since Patrick Viera. Just get the deal done and show some ambition.

  14. I’m sorry to say that but I only like to see Dybala in this swap deal and I don’t this is happening.

  15. Federico Bernadesci is the only player worth exchanging.

    The rest are expensive primadonas.

    Otherwise go to Inter Milan who have far more talented young players.

  16. How can you write and say that he is a highly experienced and competent defender? From what I can see he is a 26 year old that has never been a starter in juve for the past 5 years and only played first team football in Empoli from the ages of 19 until 21. He has 180 career appearances (a lot of the as a sub) , whereas maguire let’s say (27year old) has 387. That tells me 1. He is not experienced at all for his age
    2. He is most likely not good enough, considering that he never even challenged for a first team spot nor did he try to seek first team football. So if you think that this player is not the exact definition of a gamble and u can instantly classify him as an upgrade to what we already have, I have no further arguments. For the sake of conversation though, I would take one of Ramsey, rabiot, Douglas Costa if the wages were sensible, as they would be upgrades on what we have (Willian can be utilized as a number 10 if Douglas Costa was to come). All top teams have many quality options to choose from and provide competition, why should our bench have young talents or players of lesser quality?

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