Which Man City stars should Arsenal target if they fail appeal?

Manchester’s appeal is set to begin today, with the decision to decide whether UEFA will able to uphold the two-year ban that was given to them for breaches in Financial Fair Play regulartions.

Should the ban be upheld, they will find themselves excluding from the next two European competitions, which will not only allow their rivals to profit from an easier ride to qualification, but the decision may also see an exodus of stars.

Ally McCoist is the latest to come out and claim that players could opt for the exit door, with the Sun reporting that stars could claim a breach of contract in order to quit the club.

With a possible exodus from the Citizens, you have to consider which key players could well become available in the coming window, and while their better players will no doubt have a number of potential clubs, we may have a secret weapon in our bid to sign them.

Mikel Arteta is believed to have an immense impact as coach at the club, with him credited with working closely with a number of players on improving their all-round game.

At Arsenal in only a short time we have also seen vast improvements from players, and the City stars may well be keen for a reunion.

Our club may have to loosen the purse strings on our wage bill to bring in some of their stars however, but should they demand to leave on grounds of a breach of contract, we could get the deals over the line without having to pay a penny to their club.

Raheem Sterling was one of the players who is believed to have worked closely with Arteta, and his form has dipped significantly sine the Spaniard left City to join Arsenal. I feel like his wage demands would rule us out of such a capture however, although his position is one where we are curerntly stacked, but he would no doubt be top addition.

Rodri and Bernardo Silva do not play the same role, but are both top level midfielders, and could well fill two roles that we are likely to need to improve in the coming window.

Aymeric Laporte is another player who could no doubt add to our squad, albeit in a role where we currently have a number of options. We may well be making a number of changes in defence in the coming window, with as many as four centre-backs having all been linked with moves, and Aymeric would also suit Arteta’s want of bringing in a left-footed option at centre-back.

Could we realistically sign any of the above if City fail in their appeal, and players push to leave on grounds of a breach of contract? Which other players should have been named?


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  1. KDB, Phil Foden and Leroy Sane for me. Just joking, never going to happen because we will target their worst player/s and pay them till we go bankrupt.

  2. As if Arsenal ‘ll be ready to pay even their cheapest… mchewww.
    Just a waste of time linking every player to them!

  3. The City players will be very expensive and Arsenal will not be able to afford them.

  4. Those players are all top players wanted by top clubs, we are linked to fight Wolves for Rugiani !

    2 Midtable teams with EL target!

    I hope someone buys this club and stop this fall out before too late!

  5. Why would they leave city to not play in the champions league with arsenal??

    And we have no money..

  6. We used to be a team fighting for CL , a title contendant feared by all teams in Europe.

    In 18 month time, we became a midtable club desperate to make it to EL.

    We lost one of football best coach and manager; paying that price!

    How can any top players join when Auba and baby Saka refuse to commit?

  7. All we can expect from City is to be banned from Europe football, to stand a chance to play EL if we don’t win cup.

    We used to play cup to win a title, now it’s an option for us to reach EL.

    City players are joining clubs with ambition to win titles, they wont go backwards.

    We been in between 12th and 9th place for months, fighting to not lose games instead to play to win….

  8. We would never have the ambition to get any of these players
    If you saying the most likely ?
    It would be someone Pep doesn’t want like a Stones
    Even then he’d have to do Arteta a favour and loan him to us

  9. Oh, my bad, we should and can of course sign top players who wants to play CL!

    To do so:

    1) We win all games while teams above all loses, we finish 2nd then.

    Guess who should be our first signing then?

    Pep of course! He can reunite with his assistant coach and they can bring 5 players add Koulibaly and I known Pepe would love Messi!

    Is this same Gunna P with Article asking if we should put 40M on Batshuyi Chelsea wants to offload, while sign Werner for 45M?

  10. None of the players mentioned will leave city except or maybe few like Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich, or offloading of Stone and Otamendi (rejects). So let us look somewhere else.

  11. Ambition aside, which Man City player that has regular playing time will want to leave because of cl football. I’m sorry GoonerP doesn’t put serious thinking into the subject of this article. If Pep is not leaving and City still have access to shit loads of money no way any club in epl or outside it can poach a player they don’t want to let go.

  12. I know things are fairly quiet in the football news world but this is a pointless article, why would any of the City players leave them to join us, especially given the cost to buy them there’s no way we will even think about it.

    1. City will be out in the cold for two damn seasons without playing Europe football .
      High chances we gonna qualify for Europa or rather Champions league and this players joining our crew would be a plus to them

  13. Arsenal deals to me seems dead on arrival at times cos of the tight purse strings imposed on the club by the board.
    Gossips are way too many with least talks going on with the targeted players.
    We can sign this players box to box Sterling if Stan is ready to break the bank or even offload some tired legs to make this deals go through

  14. Any player leaving Man City in search of UCL football would never consider Arsenal as an option unless we just want to deceive ourselves once more.

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