Which new Arsenal signing excites you the most?

Which signing are you most excited to see this season? by KM

Hello, hello! How are you fine ladies and gentlemen, taking a moment of your time to read some more Arsenal related content? The transfer window is gone and we did spend some freaking money! Was it because of our terrible start or the pressure from the fans? I don’t care really. We paid more than we should’ve for some players, but again I’ve been crying for this for ages, so I’m not complaining.

Granit Xhaka and Mustafi are expected to fill positions that were in dire need of improvement and Rob Holding is one for the future that looks really good, but for me the real excitement comes from Lucas Perez. We left three seasons having Giroud as our only striker and it hasn’t really worked out to 20 goals a season.

A lot of people and journalists still think Giroud will remain the main man, but if Perez can get to a flying start, I think he might get a chance. Strikers are usually the most expensive players, because they score goals and goals turn games. A lot has been said about his game style and his impressive record of last season.

I expect Lucas to start against Southampton simply because he’ll have a good rest and Giroud played for France already and most likely will do it again. With the great amount of talent in our midfield I hardly see the Spaniard and the Frenchman in a striker partnership, but if I have to chose one I’d like us to give Perez with a chance.

With strikers it’s all about confidence! When you score you are confident, just look at Vardy, Lukaku, Kane and so on. If Lucas can get that flying start, could we finally get a 20 goal a season striker? He’s been given the number nine shirt. I can’t remember the last time this number was backed by a good CF. Hopefully, the time is now!

Konstantin Mitov


  1. for me perez cos hes different to anything we have
    an xhaka, cos he seems to be two players in one

    overmars pires an gilberto doing some naughtiness in the legends game.
    sigh, the good ole’ days

    dads whatsapping me making out there ronaldinho style out there .lol douche

    1. Honestly,they all excite me,but since I have seen Xhaka,can’t wait to see Mustafi and Perez,right now, Perez excites me the most..seeing as all eyes are always fixed on strikers/attackers…..

      Having said that, why does everyone believe our 9 shirt carry a curse??? I don’t blv that cos we aint Chelsea..

      In most recent years,we had Eduardo and Poldi with the number 9 shirt and IMO, Poldi was decent eventhough he plays majorly on the wing and Eduardo could have delivered the league but he couldn’t due to injury…

      Persie played the role excellently,eventhough he didn’t wear the shirt,,you see,in our team any striker that is intelligent,technical and confident will surely score goals am sure, so no curse will affect Perez…

  2. I would have to say it’s all of them. It’s the fact that Wenger added to the areas we needed adding to. The back-line got two solid players who have it all still to come. The striker position got a striker to help us right now but like in defence there is also one for the future in Asanol. Midfield got a major boost with the Xhaka lad, along with him, again there is one tipped for big things in Kelechi Nwakali. So I love that we put everything into identifying players precisely for those positions then doubling up on them.

  3. In my opinion, Perez
    Because last season Giroud and Theo let us down big time
    Perez gives us another winger/striker to help us score goals
    We still don’t have the WC CF that we need BUT hopefully Perez/Giroud/Theo can compensate

    To be honest if we did not get Xhaka we would still be good in Central Midfield BUT last season we lost Coquelin and Cazorla so our CM is one of the best in the League with Xhaka, Cazorla, Coquelin, Ramsey, Eleney, Ozil.

    Mustafi was necessary because Mert was aging getting slower and Gabs/Chambs/Holding need more experience.

    So all 3 and even Holding will improve us.

    1. Perez at £19-£20 million may be better deal than if we got Mahrez at £40 million
      Both had their best season last season
      Both have had only 1 great season
      Both scored Goals and Assists in double digits last season

      We need to wait and see

  4. Granit”Da Hawk” Xhaka…And Rob”Hold Em Up”Holding. These 2 dudes look the business. The rest have yet to show their stuff.

  5. Xhaka! he is the complete midfielder. would have said Perez, but he isn’t a proven reliable forward and his signing is of some sort a huge risk that I hope pays off ASAP.

  6. Perez will hopefully get off to a flying start. As we know, the CF position is all about confidence. A good start should see Perez be a big hit wiv the faithfull. COYG our season starts now…..

  7. except Perez needs more than ‘a good start’.. the next big question is will Wenger bench his favourite son-Giroud for Perez considering even when Welbz was in form last season he still got benched or shifted to the wing for a Giroud that was on a 15-games goalless run.

    1. I’ve just read about five of your comments and everyone was about how bad you think Giroud is. Don’t you like male models?

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