Which of 3 ‘at risk’ Gunners should Arsenal keep?

We do not know if this little nugget of an Arsenal transfer rumour is actually right, but after Arsene Wenger signed a central midfielder Mohamed Elneny in the January transfer window and with the three current Arsenal players in question being generally on the fringe of the first team and being on the wrong side of the maghic 30-year old mark I would say there is definitely something in it.

The Mirror is reporting that the Arsenal future careers of Tomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini and our club captain Mikel Arteta are at risk and that the signing of Elneny from the Swiss champions Basel heralds the end of the line for them and I think that at least two of the three could be out the door at the end of the season, but which two?

Rosicky is nearing the end of his time as a Premier League pro as it is but I wonder if his injury problems down the years will have left more juice in his legs. I certainly hop that our little Mozart has a bit more left in the tank because he is a truly class act and even if we can only get about 20 games from him and a lot of them from the bench I reckon Rosicky is the best and most natural replacement for Mesut Ozil that Arsenal have.

I also like Flamini and think he could still do a good job of covering when we need him. Flamini is not going to get bent out of shape when he does not play and when he is needed he puts in a proper shift. Arteta for me has had it, I hate to say. I think he will go on to be a top coach or manager and it appears that Arsenal are going to use him in that way but on the pitch I think he is now had his day.

What do you guys reckon?

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  1. Just release the three to create more squad spaces. Arteta? He did well for us the other years. Credit to him. Now? He doesn’t cut it for the team again.

    1. Comon none of the 3 apart from flamini can give you 10 games a season… so if elneny is not an injury wreak then we should be fine

  2. I honestly think we should keep Flamini, he has a desire which new players (youth or signing) can learn from in training and he is professional enough to keep himself fit even when he doesn’t make the bench.

    Arteta is going into coaching and he just isn’t good enough for Arsenal (I’ve always thought this).

    Rosicky I believe wants to leave as well and would have left if Arsenal hadn’t used a part in the contract to extend it by 12 months.

    It would be better to keep Flamini and let another player step up and replace Flamini rather than lose Flamini and one of our youngsters doesn’t step up to leave us short on players…

  3. Mancity jus won convincingly…leicester yet to play, the pressure will only make us work harder….cant afford any slipups from now on COYG…#FirstEplInForever!!!!

  4. Arteta and Flamini to go. Rozza to stay and get another battler in midfield (young, fast, strong and furious).

  5. Wow I’m not worried about stoke but I am worried about these dodgy referees. Mike f***ing dean for Stoke V Arsenal?

    1. Damn, we need to score as many goals as possible, bec you never know what that retard call’s against us.

  6. Remi Garde confirmed last week he had spoken to Arsene Wenger about Debuchy
    He said: “When I speak to Arsene it’s not as a friend, it’s business.
    “I had a conversation with him a few days ago and Debuchy was among those we talked about.”

    Debuchy’s definitely off to Villa….

  7. MF great bench player but yep our so called captain sorry no way he should be called that now has lost his legs and that hat messed up his head and me sorry no way I would play him in any game now. Same as BFG sorry bench player. We have a young Brazilian that I think should play in all the games and we now need another CD for LK because he just don’t look the same. He cost us in the midweek game something that can’t keep happening. Hard game tomorrow and I can see us getting the win because AW won’t play the new kid where I would and I would put MF next to him just for the first half then change it up. Next week we have the blues and the blues I think we will end up with. They will win I hope not but they will. They can’t win for s–t but AW always gets it wrong with them

  8. 15 players who actually
    play and 10 who contribute
    little or nothing has been
    the Arsenal way for years
    This season Jack missed half the season as usual.
    16 mill Wellbeck is injured but hardly plays anyway.
    12 mill Debuchy has faded.
    16 mill Chambers remains potential.
    12 mill Ox has been the next best thing for 4 seasons.
    9 mill Walcott is often injured and struggling 10 years on.
    Rosicky has battled injury all his 9 seasons.
    Arteta over the hill last 2 years.
    Sanogo utterly injury prone and utterly useless.
    But what drove this wasteful spurlging of money?
    Perhaps Wenger got the message in the summer
    and now there is a change in club policy?
    10 mill for Cech 5 mill for Elneny.
    Playing the young ones Iwobi + Campbell
    while also buying a crop of 1-2 mill youngsters
    Bielik Vlad Adelaide Fortune and the 2 new Nigerians.
    The theory being that 1-2 mill spent on a youngster
    is just as likely to succeed as spending 12 mill
    on an oldy like Debuchy or 16 mill on a proven failure Wellbeck.
    Why pay Wilshere 90k a week to be injured
    Wallcott and Ox 100k a week to be mediocre
    Rosicky and Arteta 80k p/week to be injured or below par.
    Especially when you can pay Bellerin 10 k/pw
    and Coquelin 20k/pw to be brilliant.
    Campbell 20 k pw to be good and
    Iwobi just 750 quid a week to be useful ?
    Then we bring Zelalem Akpom Hayden and Niles back for free.
    So 14 youngsters Bellerin Coquelin Elneny Campbell Iwobi
    Zelalem Fortune Akpom Hayden Niles Bielik Vlad and the
    2 new Nigerians will cost less than Arteta cost to buy
    and are paid less than Wilshere is paid every week.

  9. Aguero and man City are putting pressure on us. We must win tomorrow to keep the three point lead over them

    Not sure how Leicester will end but regardless our match tomorrow is a MUST WIN


  10. I think Southampton have gone and got a real bargain today and that lad will get them 12 points this season

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