Which of Arsenal’s ‘ineffectual players’ should stay at the club?

Analysis: In our congregation of ‘ineffectual players’, who stays? And, who goes?

I must admit, I’m not exactly in favour of the term ‘deadwood’ in describing football players; not least those representing our club; who other than being footballers, are also humans, and deserve our respect. Having said that, there are certain players in the Arsenal team who haven’t quite been up to the standards our club represents (or, should represent). Many haven’t produced the goods for years and are consuming chunks off our wage bills. For us as a football club to take that next leap, there is a need to remove these players from the squad and add players who actually will contribute to the team’s goals and push the already established players to up their game. Jenkinson, Debuchy, Chambers, Gibbs, are some of the players whose future remains uncertain for footballing reasons. The club have recently released Sanogo; which is positive news, although the young man’s inadequacies begs the question as to why he was signed in the first place (perhaps his hat trick for his previous club Auxerre just prior to his transfer skewed people’s thinking about his ability). We wish the youngster the best for his career.

When Carl Jenkinson signed for Arsenal in 2011; being relatively unknown, big things weren’t exactly expected of him. But, when Sagna had a prolonged spell on the side lines with an injury, the young Carl was thrown into the first team and he duly obliged with some impressive performances, which culminated in his England debut in 2012. All of those seem like light years ago. A stress fracture in his lower back meant a spell on the side lines and since then he’s been in and out of the team. A loan spell at West Ham United last season hasn’t really resurrected the youngster’s carrier, and the general consensus is that he will leave this summer – which would be a shame because, like Wilshere, the lad really plays for the shirt. Having said that, I think if Debuchy does move away, we’d need another right back and keeping Jenko might not be the worst of ideas.

The Frenchman, Mathieu Debuchy signed in 2014 came into the team after a solid season for Newcastle as a direct replacement for the already departed Sagna- but, things soon went terribly out of script – through no fault of his own. He dislocated his ankle ligaments in a 2-2 draw against Manchester City ruling him out for three months. Just when it seemed he had regained his spot in the first team, he suffered another injury- this time to his shoulder, in a league game against Stoke City, ruling him out for yet another three months. Then with the rapid emergence of Bellerin and his continual fitness problems; he has since faced a difficult battle to get back into the first team. A loan move to Bordeaux not having the required effect. Like Jenkinson, he is expected to leave this summer and a move back to France has been touted. It’s a really sad because injury has robbed us of the Frenchman’s talent. At, 32, it is highly unlikely that he will return to his best levels, and for everyone’s best interest, a move away from the club should happen.

Who do you think should be kept at Arsenal?

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  1. Arsenal should get rid of the following players – Sanogo, Jenkinson, Walcott, Debuchy, Campbell, Asano, Akpom, Chambers, Gibbs and from what I have seen from the youngsters that play in the Carling cup, they might as well get rid of most of them as well as they look a pretty poor bunch!
    There does not seem to be any stand out young players even though we keep buying these
    ‘promising’ kids apart from maybe Bielik who looks a quality player

    1. We paid £16 million for Chambers. I wonder how much he is worth now

      I would also add Ramsey to the list
      For most of the season he was not good enough. I don’t know if he will improve enough next season

      1. You can’t right off Ramsey, he’s a quality player. It’s just that when you have the likes of Cazorla, Ozil, Xhaka and Co, it’s hard for him to get first choice. If he had a decent run, I’m sure he would return to the good form that he can produce.

  2. From the starting and benched players in 2016/17, these ones shall leave:
    Debuchy, Ramsey, Coquelin, Walcott, Giroud, Gibbs and Mertesacker

    1. Ramsey is a keeper. All the others you list are dead wood. Although Giroud is a great impact striker.

  3. theo walcott has been here a decade
    that to me is amazing
    not to mention hes one of the highest earners

    well done theo
    you win

  4. I personally enjoyed Wenger’s quote about player price and Holding being £2m. What he conveniently forgot to mention was the guy that cost him 8 times that that he had sent out on loan to a team that then went on to be relegated and then there was the other guy that cost over 15 times that but was not really a success last season in his defence. I’m not even going to mention Gabriel here.

    Got to love Wenger’s logic. The guy has an excuse for everything.

    1. Mustafi was a succes, he and kos formed a good partnership, and chambers was the best player for middlesborough last season and was part of the best defence of any bottom 6 team

  5. KaTs, what criteria did you use to compile the list of players to leave?Giroud saved Arsenal from defeat several times even when he did not start those matches .Remember Ars-ManU at Old Trafford, when the team did not record a single short on target until Giroud headed in the equalizer. What of the 3-3 draw at Turf Moore ? Walcott is second to Sanchez in goal scoring last season –20 goals in all competitions even when he did not play many matches due to injury or Wenger factor. Others also played crucial roles during the season.Did you see the “delicious”” cross of Giroud for that clinical header of Ramsey for Arsenal’s second goal against Chelsea in the F.A.Cup Final? Coquelin plays the role of a “destroyer”. in the team distrupting the flow of the opponents play like Casemiro in Real Madrid. He does it well that is why he plays regularly
    Let us be objective in discussing our players performance ..The players are good , what is lacking is the managerial acumen to bring the best out of them throughout the season.

    1. You have a case for Walcott and giroud, I agree. But, Coquelin!? One season wonder and was only in the team out of necessity. He had a shocking season last season, especially compared to the previous. If he was half as useful as the previous season we wouldn’t have shipped so many goals.

    2. You’re right about Coquelin, he is a destroyer… of our team. He’s good but he’s not good enough I’m afraid. That’s what we pay Xhaka to do.

  6. Keep them all, just incase we lose all our key players. ?? Can you imagine the jokes if we didn’t have enough players to make a squad, at start of the new season ?

  7. I personally think Debuchy, Walcott, Ramsey and Gibbs should go because these players only have one or two games they do well in all season, including injuries. For Chambers, I’d say his form dropped when Wenger removed him from CB to RB, so he needs to pair his fellow Englishman and i enjoyed their combination during pre-season.

    1. ?? Really? And there was me thinking it was both.
      If a star was a million light years away from Earth, you would Have to travel at the speed of Light for a million years to get there. Million years is a time frame, is it not? ??
      Anyways, We’re got more chance of reaching that star than Wenger has of reaching the premier league title with Arsenal.

  8. Samuel, you are right in the sense that each of them have had a few good performances. But I rather wish they had a few slump like Özil, Sanchez or Koscielny.

  9. Ozil, Giroud, Ramsey, Per Mert, and Debuchy. These are snails. We can’t win anything with a team composed of slow players. Wilshere and Campbell are slow, but they have total ball control.


  11. Who is it on here that always slags English players? Can’t remember but you know who you are.

    Well the kids just don’t good by being crowned the best in the world. Perhaps the golden generation part 2 that will actually deliver for club and country.

  12. Giroud scores goals . He is not prolific but is great if you want to play a more direct game, so he should be kept (unless he demands to be the main man). Ramsey is a keeper too. The boy when played in his position is one of the finest players out there for his engine, link up play and goals. By his standards his had a bad season but we have seen his potential before over a whole season, and IMO it is massive.

    I’d get rid of debuchy and Walcott and off load Gibbs as well as well as Danny wellbeck. I know Danny won’t be a popular decision b cause he is a trier but there are other players with his engine and a better return for it in his position.

  13. I don’t understand how media can quote sanchez at 40 mil while mahrez at 50 mil..when a newbie like lindelof costs manu** 35 mil plus bonuses

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