Which of our loan players could help Arsenal right now?

Santi Cazorla’s injury at the weekend could be the final straw that broke the back of Arsenal’s Premier League campaign, with both him and Francis Coquelin both to miss at least the next three months of the season, not to mention the other seven Gunners currently in the treatment room.

But the Gunners have just sent young Stefan O’Connor off to York on loan, and we have eleven other youngsters out gaining valuable first team experience at the moment, but who could help us out by coming back right now, like Coquelin did last season with such spectacular results.

With Alexis joining the walking wounded we only have Olivier Giroud as a main striker. Wenger has been telling us for a while that Theo Walcott will be back soon, but we may need him to go back on the wing for a while. So how about Chuba Akpom? He looked promising last season, but he is now out on loan at Hull City. The Tigers were soundly beaten by Man City and Akpom was accused of sulking and having an ‘attitude problem’ by Hull fans. Perhaps he is not quite ready, and the same goes for Isaac Hayden, who is not first-choice at Hull, but in some promising performances for us last season.

Gedion Zelalem is doing well up at Rangers, but he needs bulking up a bit. The Scottish Championship can not really be compared to the Premier League…

Jon Toral is very promising now he has got over his early injury problems. He is at Birmingham City right now and as an attacking midfielder he may be useful to us. He has scored in his last two games as well and the Brummies boss Gary Rowett has been very impressed.

Our young winger Ainsley Maitland-Niles has been a smash hit at Ipswich. He has been played on both wings, but culd also be used centrally. He is tipped for a big future with the Gunners, but is he ready to make an impact right now?

I think we can write off Serge Gnabry and Yaya Sanogo, who can’t even get a game out on loan, and Wellington is still far from being Premier League quality.

Who do you think Wenger could recall in our hour of need?

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  1. who have seen the New Arsenal badge yet?…….. The one with a wheel chair on a wheel instead of that big cannon on a wheel


    I Laughed so hard at 1st


    Then i went into heavy Mournings wrapped in rags and covered in ashes

    1. You are seriously becoming boring. Do you get paid to piss people off?
      Have you had a really hard childhood that you just can’t enjoy Arsenal being two points behind the leaders with 20 games to go???
      Sack Wenger!!!!

    2. 4give me admin……… I used the “Twat” thing……..i was pushed off the edge….it was his idea….. I over reacted!

    3. dont forget me Soopa the one who called you stupid three times just in one day 😛
      @G-Rude I understand you… i like this page but before i would come each day to come one this site… but now guys like him are the reason that its just pissing me off to come online… i also wonder the same thing… is his life so pathetic and pitiful???

  2. OK i don’t support writing off Gnabry..we all know what he’s capable of but has his game time limited because of his injury.. its not as if he’s been given enough playing time at West Brom…we can use him, call him and tell him this might be his last chance, give him the confidence WB has been failing to give him..and i could make use of Zelalem but he’s doing fab at Rangers lets not cut it short..Walcott would soon be back to challenge Giroud so let Akpom be so Campbell can have the long run of games he has never had in our jersey, then we decide what to do with him at the end of the season depending on his performance

    1. His game time is limited because he has a bad attitude, isn’t training properly, is over-weight and his fitness is far from acceptable. He has not made an effort at all.

      Pulis has no interest in using him until he straightens himself out. He said this publicly.

  3. Of all the loaners, I’d bring back Jon,Ainsley and Wellington. Give them a few sub runs and see how they shine…
    Akpom was/is over hyped. Gnabry is another Ox type player(all bum rush and no engine or defensive nous) YaYa and Gedion need to eat a few happy meals.

  4. I think the only young player who could help us is someone not on loan. Bielik

    With Coquelin and Arteta out Bielik or Chambers could be the answer

    As for strikers and defenders, none our players on loan look like they could be of immediate help.

    Perhaps with Cazorla and Rosicky out we should bring back Zelalem. He is our best performing player on loan

    So I would say Zelalem

  5. BTW

    I’m not sure what’s up with Gnabry
    I always thought he performed really well when he played for Arsenal

    Please don’t write him off yet. I think he can still come good.

  6. Arsene Wenger cleared the squad of these players so he could focus on his first-team in a title run without the pressure of playing kids who might deserve it but weren’t ready to contribute in a title-ready side.

    Akpom is getting that punch in the mouth most players get when all of a sudden, talent is not enough and they realize they’ll have to work and work hard to progress. For kids like Akpom, progressing thrugh the youth ranks is a matter of course. They have the pace, the physique, the skills, and they’re coddled. Then they go to a club to challenge for first-team minutes and while Akpom is thinking; here’s the next step on my path to leading the line at Arsenal; the player in front of him is thinking that if he gets beat out by this kid, his career is over and he’ll be playing in Accrington or Grimsby next year. Akpom has had a number of good moments for Hull, but if he wants to come back as a first-teamer, he’ll need to do more in training and in front of the fans

    Isaac Hayden isn’t getting the minutes but he was never brought in as first-choice. Hull is a good team, they were in the Premier League a few yesterdays ago, and the midfield was their strength.

    MaitAnd-Niles seems to be taking his chance well and Arsenal might have a need for wide midfield players next season if, as most people expect, Tomas Rosicky and Mikel Atrteta, along with Mathieu Flamini; are allowed to leave/retire.

    Yaya Sanogo is a terrible player. He might be useful in a lower league in Spain or France where his size and strength make him a man among boys, but against other good players his poor touch, gangly lack of coordination, and finishing let him down time after time. It s time for San-No-Goals aka The Spastic Giraffe, to San-o-go, go, go.

    Gnabry is another thing though. He’s had several promising stints with the first team before his knee injury and it will take him time to recover his confidence as well as his speed and strength. Pulis is the wrong manager for young players; he favors strong, intelligent, physical players who do what they’re told. A guy like Gnabry, with his skills and flair is lost in that side. Especially if his pace is not yet back. It’s possible it never will come back and Gnabry’s done, but it is far too soon to say that after Gnabry’s earlier promise.

    Jon Toral is a player that seems to be moving ahead well. The real issue is; can he get the opportunity before the window closes on him. Arsenal have a choice to make soon and with Toral looking at 21, it’s now or never.

    Stefan O’Connor is kind of an unknown. He hasn’t really done much and when he has had chances, he’s looked pedestrian. He might be sitting on a bar stool in the last chance at glory saloon.

    Gideon Zelalem is shwoing real potential; to go either way. He has some incredible skills and flair; but he’s also looked lazy and petulant. He’s had a number of Mesut moments with Rangers but he’s also pulled a few Adebayor’s as well. He should stay at Rangers for the season. He’s never going to be a big lad, but look at Cazorla; a diminutive Gunner’s difference maker if ever there was one.

    On the named players, thumbs up to Toral, Maitland-Niles, and Zelalem; a big maybe on Gnabry and Akpom, and a thumbs down, never gonna’ happen for O’Connor, and Sanogo.

    1. Good summation Paul.
      Gideon is in the right
      place but needs time
      to strengthen.
      Serge should play in the Championship
      for a club which plays expansive football.
      Chuba also should be in the Championship
      even div one where he can play every week.
      Deli Ali got noticed at Milton Keynes.
      Toral and Hayden are probably Championship level.
      Maitland Niles is young so leave him at Ipswich next season.
      So no one on loan is yet ready to help out at Arsenal right now.

      1. Don’t forget that Coquelin was also gathering dust, whilst sitting on a subs bench at Chalton Athletic, (when Wenger recalled him back)

        Maybe the experience of being at a lower division club and seeing older players busting a gut in a mickey mouse environment is enough to give our loanies the motivation and appreciation to succeed when recalled back to the Arsenal?.

        1. But Coquelin already had experience playing for the first team before his loan move, none of the current loan players have started for Arsenal in the CL and PL

  7. They were Loaned out cuz they weren’t ready ……… Now we believe they are the solution to our problems…….. We think they can all do a coq and save our day…..


    Wenger brought this upon himself, he could have saved our day in the summer


    And Tell u what! …. Player whom we need to Look out and find a back-up for …includes :
    Carzola (groomed back-up)
    Giroud (direct replacement)
    sanchez (back-up)
    coq (back-up)
    mert (exit & direct replacement)
    debuchy (direct replacement)
    monreal (groomed back-up)
    flamini (exit)
    Arteta (exit)
    Rosicky (exit)


    Groomed back-ups = to aging players

    Direct replacement = to unreliable players

    Back-up = to performing players

    exit = to unwanted players (they can be replaced by signings if necessary)

    1. will YOU ever stop complaining bout Wenger and just be positive bout this team for once?? dude its getting too much

    2. how does my POSITIVITY sort out the injury crisis?………. And how does it ensure wenger would Treat the Transfer window with Concern?


      U Lot talk bout Positivity too much….that u aim it at the wrong ones (fans) ….. But the real culprit….the one who brought y’all into this mess is out ere roaming free and flirting with 8miL per annum!…..while u fork out ur hard earned currency (that’s if u earn any) and pay to watch mediocrity season after season


      Must be a Lovely thing for u…..call it Fair!

      1. how does your negativity and complaints help the injury situation at hand and how does it fork out the money to buy?? the team is going through a lot right now both physically and mentally..least we can do is be the extra strength for the team, keep your whining and complaints bout wenger to yourself..if you cant back the team with positivity then with all due respect bro STFU

    3. nah!…… Take my whinnings and complains upon ur head……. I was in my own Lane and u popped up Like a simon of cyrene to the rescue…..


      If u weren’t touched by my whinnings (as u put it)…. Why were u concerned in the 1st place?

      1. you just a pissed off fan blaming everybody…i noticed the constant response you give fans that surpport Wenger and the boys.. i aint cut in for the AKB and AOB BS..i just am a fan who thinks we are one big arsenal family as the players sees it..if the club is full of fans like you SA damn this team would be better off in the championship but since it’s full of fans passionate enough to stick with it and limit their complaints it’s trying its best to deliver and make us happy…find something new to do, blaming wenger every time is already getting boring and too common..you can try out being a mascot for the AOBs.
        but am not with any of that AKB or AOB thing

  8. Wenger is so concern how much a player will cost,always tried to bargain for the lowest price,and yet he should give the board half of his 8 million,tell the board u are paying me too much,we need to save. Now because of his stubbornness for not buying,we will not win anything
    this season.We knew from the beginning of the season that arsenal players are always prone to bad injuries,so he was advised by everyone

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