Which of the 2 French Euro 2016 stars should Arsenal sign?

Arsenal already have two of the French national team set for the big Euro 2016 final in our squad, but we have been linked with other members of Didier Deschamp’s impressive squad in the past in numerous Arsenal transfer rumours. And after two of those, Dimitri Payet and Antoine Griezmann, increased their reputations in the game considerably with some brilliant play this summer I wonder if Arsene Wenger is going to attempt to bring another France international star to join Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny.

Neither would be easy to get, of course, but the Gunners boss does have considerable spending power available to him and I think he could get at least one if he really put his mind to it, but which would be a better fit for Arsenal?

After the group stages it was the West Ham man Payet that everyone was talking about and after a brilliant season for the Hammers the attacking star’s stock is seriously high. The big advantage Payet has is that he is proven in the Premier League and I really think he would be a great signing for us.

One drawback is his age and at 29-years old I wonder whether Wenger would be reluctant to spend big money on him, although personally I do not see the problem. Another is where he would play, as his best positions seem to be the number 10 role occupied by Mesut Ozil and the left forward position taken by Alexis Sanchez.

That is why I think that Griezmann would be the better transfer target for Arsenal as he can play as the extra striker we need as well as on either flank and in the number 10 role and he is already used to playing as a second striker with Giroud to some effect for France. He is also young and still getting better so in my opinion this fantastic Frenchman should be the player that Wenger goes all out for. Do you agree?


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  1. @Bob…

    You really love something nice..
    You know there are just some players you can prise away from their clubs…unfortunately Antoine is one of such,it is just like saying a club sees Sanchez at the Copa and decides to sign him from Arsenal especially if the club is not as big as Arsenal..

    Now, imo, Athletico is a little better than Arsenal presently,they are on the up while we don’t really know where we are heading as club,I don’t think Antoine will leave there…

    But hey! Stranger things have happened, they sold Aguero,Forlan,Falcao,Torres and Costa so maybe they can sell BUT Arsenal will never buy!

  2. @ Admin

    Not going to happen as Greizmann just signed a new contract last month.Unless someone throws crazy money ( 70 mill GBP +) at Atletico , he would remain at Atletico.

    1. Yep and that new contract has a €100 million buyout clause.
      The only way that he will play for Arsenal fc is on a console.

  3. Its amazing how both of those players have great chemistry with Giroud. Payet sees Giroud with his hand up and delivers beautiful crosses in the box. Griezenan follows directly behind Giroud when a cross comes in and it usually is headed down in his direction.
    What Arsenal must do is follow the blueprint of France because it is certainly working.

    1. And guess which position Griezmann plays ? Theo’s. What does that tell you ? We need a better winger than Walcott to complement Giroud.

      1. No. He doesn’t. If you have been watching, it was when Griezmann was switched off the right wing to a supporting striker role that the team started clicking. If he plays on the wing he is clearly more comfortable on the left. So is Payet. Sanchez plays well anywhere, but is also more comfortable coming from the left.

        I still think with the setup of the team, we should look for a true winger to play on the right. Someone that consistently goes to the byline to beat players around the edge and put crosses in. That may be different depending on whether or not we sign a striker and what type of player they are, but without another striker, a pure winger is a good answer to spread the play and add another way to create chances.

        1. He’s been playing on the right this whole time for France, yes he drifts in the centrr but so do our wingers, the problem is Walcott doesn’t have any decent movement compared to Griezmann.

  4. As much as i would Love wenger to get Griezmann…… U must be deluded to think Wenger is interested in getting such a player

    anywayz, dream on…… Dreams are cheap and easily affordable

  5. You would think that Wenger has something serious planned because we open up against LIVERPOOL @ home! Having flashbacks of match day 1 defeats at the Emirates and I don’t see us having a full compliment of players especially after this summers tournaments…

  6. Arsenal does not buy stars
    we make them.
    Arsenal is bulging at the
    seams with fantastic talent.
    Walcott Adelaide Chamberlain Iwobi (WACI) are the best 4 wingers in the world.
    Zelalem Xhaka Elneny Ramsey Ozil Cazorla Wilshere (ZXEROCW)
    are by far the greatest midfield the world has ever seen.
    Giroud Akpom Asano Sanogo (G-ASS) are the 4 best strikers in the world).
    KosBriel- BellReal is the best back four on the planet.
    Cechspina the unbeatable GK’s
    So no more signings we already have the EPL+ ECL double
    dream team assembled locked loaded and ready to rumble.

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