Which of the three Arsenal transfer targets can replace Alexis?

It is looking increasingly likely that the Arsenal and Chile international star will not be signing a new contract to stay in north London, so Arsenal are already preparing for life without Alexis Sanchez to tormet opposing defences next season as we will have to sell him this summer to avoid losing him for nothing at the end of his current deal next summer.

Metro is reporting that the Gunners are not willing to meet the Chilean striker’s wage demands of around £250,000 a week and have already started looking for a player to replace the star man. The Arsenal scouting team has been busy according to the report and have apparently come up with three possible transfer targets, but which if any can come in and replace Alexis?

Two of the players, Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund and Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon, have been heavily linked with a transfer to Arsenal before, but they will not be easy to get and there are plenty of clubs after their signatures. The other name is Andre Silva and the young Porto and Portugal star is not so well known.

He is highly rated by his club but serious financial problems are forcing them to sell according to news from Portugal. He has 18 goals for the season, while Lacazette has 27 and Reus just six, but I personally would love to see the German come to play for Arsenal and that for me would soften the heavy blow of losing Sanchez.

If Arsenal do lose our main man, who would you like to see replace him?



  1. goonerboy says:

    Fitness alone has made Lacazette a preferable replacement for me as Reus is always injured.
    IF CR7 is always injured he wont be able to show his talents and hence will not achieve the personal awards he has…

    Secondly, Lacazette’s style is quite similar to that of Sanchez,he is aggressive,skillful and strong.
    plus he scores goals at a good rate even though some might argue he plays in an “inferior” french league,he at least scores….

    The other players shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same line as Sanchez as they are still nobodies,unfinished articles which already have many in our ranks…
    So all in all, Lacazette is the closest “thing” to Sanchez on your list…..

    1. Midkemma says:

      Lacazette is the forward I would like us to sign, sign him asap and hopefully show Alexis that we want to be ambitious… like he is.

      I like to be deluded here and think that the targets are to persuade Alexis to stay rather as a replacement. XD

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      God Help us if we Lose Sanchez….
      How many years after Henry???????

      1. RSH says:

        It’s not even a question of IF he’s leaving I’m afraid

  2. goonerboy says:

    Reus apart from his fitness issues MIGHT be too soft for EPL in my opinion,does he have that fight that sanchez has? am not sure but i he can also score goals…

    When you look at Laca, he is obviously made for the EPL…I am really struggling to see a GOOD REASON why you would want Reus at Arsenal other than being an international team mate of Ozil
    or just mere likeness…

    He is a good player but i just dont think he can replace Sanchez…

  3. Midkemma says:

    So it is wages and not ambition?

    “Arsene Wenger knows Arsenal have to convince Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez they can compete for the biggest trophies in order to persuade them to sign new contracts.”
    Read more at http://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/arsenal-must-match-ambition-ozil-and-sanchez-says-wenger#a2yHEjdzZmMo06BX.99

  4. john0711 says:

    cant you see how wenger has influenced your opinions, who will replace Sanchez ?
    NO ONE. He should stay and we should buy another world class player, if any player should go its ozil, hes class but only when we play well.
    This is Arsenal we changed the way football in the premiership was played and viewed, yes with wenger driving us. However we are Arsenal, we will be Arsenal when hes gone, we CAN financially compete with anyone, the club told us that.

    Please stop with this settling for average, we need a manager who demands success and players who desire it. We dont even need to spend 100m

    we need to change the way the club is run. we are stuck in the year 2007

    1. Midkemma says:

      We are stuck in 2007?

      On 18 April 2007 it was revealed by Arsenal that he (David Dein) had left the club with immediate effect after “irreconcilable differences” between himself and the rest of the board.

      In November 2008 Gazidis accepted the post of chief executive of Arsenal, a post he has formally taken up from 1 January 2009. He succeeds former managing director Keith Edelman and is expected to take over many of the roles formerly undertaken by ex-vice-chairman David Dein.

      Yet idiots will claim it is ALL Wengers fault and nothing to do with a lack of support for the manager from the board, a gutless board that puts profit 1st.
      Wenger isn’t perfect as no human is, let us make sure the club gets the depth to cover any future managers weakness by having the support already done.

  5. Twig says:

    Eden Hazard!!!

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    If Wenger stays on then I’m pretty sure that Ramsey will replace both Sanchez and ?zil, because ‘HE’ is the Welsh Wizard, in Wenger’s eyes.

  7. The problem with arsenal,
    We have got a good player , for some reasons we sell him and then place him by another one almost similar or weaker so we are always bassically in the same level..(we are not winning anything)
    Why not keeping sanchez and add the players mentioned in the post?

  8. arsenalkid1970 says:

    It’s not just him to replace. I think we need to buy a power DM and make him captain then a LB a RB 2 New midfielders and a world class CD then we need to let go of KG JW AR FQ OX BFG GP MD SANGOGOGOGO just to name a few. Back room staff all to go and Chang it top to bottom. Go buy PFA and lazzz just to show our intent and most of all get TH as number 2 for 18 months then take the job for good

  9. arsenalkid1970 says:

    Most of all go buy a captain. Do things a different way. And we need some staff from years gone by. Martin Keown defensive coach. Go get Patrick Viera Director of football Thierry Henri number 2 Dennis Bergkamp number three AW to stay but his duties are to coach a football team not everything else he does. New talent scouts new physio team new backroom staff some new blood on the directors board and most of all our second biggest shareholder needs to be on the board. If I’m honest I hope a Chinese consortium buy the yank out and put the money in to our team until it’s right. To be fair if AW could buy who he wants he would win the lot

  10. RSH says:

    Gk, lb are also positions we need to invest in. Plus a winger. Plus a manager. So many problems at this club…

    1. arsenalkid1970 says:

      We don’t need a new manager we need a number 2. Only when AW dose a book you will here the truth about arsenal. It’s not AW who pays the players it’s arsenal and all the old tarts on tbe board. It needs upgrading

      1. RSH says:

        Sure jan

  11. Blind Love says:

    We’ll need them all, and we’d still miss Alexis

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