Who can replace Ozil if Arsenal rest him?

Now that Arsenal have come through the festive run of fixtures relatively unscathed, we can all relax a little bit. Amazingly enough Arsene Wenger has no more injury problems to worry about and he now has a week to prepare for the next match, Sunderland at home in the FA cup.

However, I would not be the least bit surprised to hear that the boss will give our star man Mesut Ozil another holiday and even leaves him out of that cup game, in order to have the midfield maestro fit, fresh and firing on all cylinders for the trip to Anfield next Wednesday.

Assuming that is the case, Arsenal need to find an adequate replacement for that most tricky of positions on the pitch. There are a lot of important positions of course, with keeper, centre forward and DM all key to a team but none is more difficult than providing that creative spark and finding the way to unlock a determined defence.

Arsenal do have more of this type of player than most clubs but unfortunately none of them are fit right now and that leaves Wenger with just two realistic options in my opinion, Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey. Neither of them usually plays that role but they both have the ability even though they would bring different qualities to it.

The Chilean would be more like a second striker but he has the touch and vision as well as the ability to go past defenders. Ramsey has the more all-round game and would be more likely to pass his way through a back line, but they can both shoot from distance as well as link up with their attacking team mates.

So which would you rather see Wenger use instead of magical Mesut?

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      1. I believe it would be from Jack Ramsey Alexis and Cazorla, no one can replace like for like because their is no player like Ozil and he is the very best at what he does. That said as long as we don’t have too many injuries I reckon we would/could find a good rhythm still with one of the fore mentioned players, Cazorla obviously stands out just depends on our options in other areas. Ramsey would surely love this freedom and he offers something different, might end up a little like Lampard but better passer and more running, he’d be a goal threat no doubt. Jack is the next option, if he’s confident and fit he could fill in for a bit. Alexis, well is there anything Alexis cannot do, he like Ramsey would be different. Id say he could almost be a false striker in that position, I picture him bombing on past Giroud ..but he can pass too. Ozil has become so important to this side, dare I say it but with Cazorla and Alexis out almost everything in the final third goes through him, so if Ozil doesn’t play?

  1. The players that can replace Ozil if He needs rest are Santi and Rosicky…..then Ramsey will pair with Coquelin…Unfortunately, all three players are injured for now……………

  2. This brilliant article discusses why a move for Aubameyang by Arsenal is unlikely: http:/ dailycannon .com/2016/01/borussia-dortmund-wont-sell-stars-arsenal-neednt-bother/. It seems we’ll have to move on to the next target. Bendtner any one? 🙁

    1. u may be wrong……… Arsenal’s interest in Auba is concrete …..BVB placed an asking price which Arsenal has accepted….. What remains now is convincing the player, Forking out the money and to stop being sluggish in the markey …….Liverpool and Barca are sniffing arnd and ready to swoop for him if we dn’t act fast!

      1. Idk why you’re getting thumbed down when what you’ve said is the complete truth. Wenger tried to get him 2 seasons ago and before his move to Dortmund so I don’t see why he wouldn’t be logical to think we might try to get him in January. We didn’t spend in Summer therefore have the cash for a big money buy, Dortmund won’t say no to a big fee since they need the money to compete with Bayern, Sanchez and Ozil were both bought around the 40m range which is the fee Dortmund supposedly want for their striker and most importantly, Auba isn’t cup tied for the CL which is what Wenger wants to challenge for along with the PL.

  3. Sadly, there is no decent replacement right now.

    However, I would use Ramsey at CAM if forced into it. It is far from ideal but with Ramsey always wanting to blast forward anyway he is becoming useless at the back. Start Chambers with Flamini and let flamini go forward as needed. Could not be much worse than the Newcastle performance.

  4. Act fast………..Bring in AUBAMEYANG!…….. Barca and pooL is sniffing arnd!……. C’monnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  5. In that case, I’d try the 4-4-2 formation.



  6. Ospina

    Debuchy Mert Gabriel Gibbs

    Flamini Chambers

    Ox Ramsey Jeol


    Subs: OG, Adelaide, Bellarin, Iwobi, GK, Sanchez (if fit).

    Apart from Ozil I feel OG, Cech and to some extent Bellarin deserves a rest. I wish we could rest Mert too but I wouldn’t want to risk Kos in this one with the upcoming games. I wonder if Flamini will have anything left in the tank for the Pool game but what other options do we have.

    Anyway happy to be on top of the league and happy new year gooners.

  7. BBA chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke on Aubameyang.

    “One must never make the mistake to believe that a club like BVB is dependent on a player. We are not dependent on anyone,” he told Bild.

    “When Robert Lewandowski left, we found [a solution] and he even has three more goals than Lewa.

    “We are now so well positioned that we can offer alternative solutions again and again.

    “[The goal is that] our team stays together. We do not have as much money as the top stars in the Premier League, but we have a lot of other things to offer – for example our players were able to celebrate Christmas.”

    Watzke also pointed out this isn’t the first time a Dortmund player has been linked with a move away, using the examples of Mats Hummels and Ilkay Gundogan.

    He added: “Last year around this time, many journalists wrote that our top players would be gone.

    “Hummels was at Manchester United. Gundogan was with [Real] Madrid, Manchester or Barcelona. And where are they now? Still with us!”

    I started laughing when he mentioned his players celebrated Christmas. He doesn’t sound to be too confident in keeping the player, though I am at least 95% not confident we can pull this move. The Benzema to Arsenal saga all over again.

  8. It’s a good thing we’re playing Sunderland so we can afford to experiment. Rheine_Adélaïde should be tried in the game or better still, Ramsey brought forward with Chambers to pair Flamini. Let’s just always hope for the best as we storm to another double that’s been elusive for quite a while now. COYG

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