Which of these FOUR players are likely to stay at Arsenal?

Which of these 4 Old Guards are likely to leave this summer? by Sam P

The words old guard might be a bit misleading, as only Abou Diaby of these long term Arsenal players is anywhere near reaching the football milestone of being 30-years old, but along with the perennially injured French midfielder, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere and Wojciech Szczesny, these four Gunners have over 30 years between them in the Arsenal first team.

According to various Arsenal transfer rumours, however, and they are not too hard to believe considering the current situation at the club, any or all of them could be packing their bags for good this summer. But which of the four is most likely to stay and which is almost certain to go?

You have to fear for Walcott, with the England striker nearing the final year of his contract and getting no game time from the boss. With awesome attacking options at the Emirates in Giroud, Welbeck, Alexis, Ozil and the Ox before you consider the likes of Sanogo and Campbell on loan and Akpom in the reserves, it does not look good for the England flyer.

I tend to think the same about Szczesny, which would be a real shame as we have all seen that he has the ability to be a top class keeper. Unfortunately he does not appear to have the necessary attitude to go with his talent and has already had plenty of chances.

Then there are the two injury ravaged midfielders, both of whom played for the reserves this week and will hope for some first team action before the end of the season. I cannot see Wenger giving up on Wilshere just yet, especially with the Arsenal medical staff showing signs of having fixed our recurring injury issue. This could also work in Diaby’s favour as well and it was him not Wilshere that most impressed for the under 21s.

Could it be that Diaby gets another contract and saves the career that seemed doomed? What do you Gooners think about the chances of our four stalwarts?


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  1. True.Gooner says:

    All will stay.
    Says wenger

  2. ButtFlaps says:

    ABOU Daby to be given play as you pay contract. Wishire has 3 year, Men City no problem. Cech for schezeney. If Theo Walshot out, then RUES IN!!!

  3. CraigZWE says:

    Let em all go, we can get better

  4. tissiam says:

    i would love for abou diaby to stay fit &be over with his injuries because we all know the type of player he is when fit!!

  5. Wilshegz says:

    Hmm..I think I like the idea of a pay as you play contract for Diaby.

  6. Jeez says:

    I actually would miss none of ’em

  7. rkw says:

    No serious club that wants to be at top would keep Diaby flamini arteta podolski Ryo and sonogo … These are no brainers … No club wanting to compete for EPL and cl would keep mertesacker and Walcott as we need top quality in both spots all the time …. Chambers is a risk but worth taking but very much work in progress and not really sure where he will end up ..:. A cb with some experience but potential to challenge Gabriel and kos still needed … Someone like scher… And need to splash out on powerful DM … Kondogbia type.. and quality attacker who could reliably add another dozen goals to our tally…maybe the Palermo kid or drexler or reus… That might just about do it for us

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