Which of these strikers would Arsenal fans choose?

There are better options than Benzema for Arsenal by Galen

I am against Arsenal going after Benzema as it would depend on if Madrid get Aguero. Man City are no babies and can’t be bullied by Madrid. They have the finance available to make Aguero as rich as Messi. You don’t want a deal that will be happening on the 31st of August at Midnight. lets look at some options that we could get instead…..

Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli) (26 goals all competition) £40 million
El Pipita is 27 years of age and has been one of the most consistent strikers in the world in the last 8 years. you don’t start ahead of Aguero by being average! He is a very clinical finisher. With Benitez leaving he could be on the market. Napoli will be in the Europa League. He is my first option because he is world-class guaranteed. Gonzalo Pipita is not a gamble. When you pay peanuts you get monkeys. He is quality. Ask Ozil…..

Jacksone Martinez. (FC Porto) (32 goals all Competition) £24 million
They call him ChaCha and he suits the Premier league big time. He is 28 which is when strikers start to peak and has the physicality built for the league. The only disadvantage is that he is a little similar to Giroud even though a bit faster. He has no weakness

Lacazette (Lyon) (31 goals) £35 million
he is 23 and yet to be proven out of France or in Champions league, but the potential is there. He is very clinical and is completely different to Giroud. At the age of 23 his resale value could be incredible. Some people say he is the next Henry. I think he would be a wonderful capture.

Icardi (Inter Milan) (25 goals) £30 million
He is 21 and he was a wonderkid some years ago when Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal and Man United were in for him and Barca signed him. he is now at Inter and now he is making his name. He is the second highest goalscorer in the Italian league. He is very complete. Good in the air and good with his legs.

Paulo Dybala (Palermo) £25 million.
Oh sorry he is gone to juventus already for 40 million Euro which is about £25 million

Luciano Vietto (Villarreal) £20million. 20 goals all competitions
Watch this kid at the Emirates Cup. He plays for Villareal. Mark the name Vietto because you will hear so much about this name in the future. Another Argentine striker. he is very clinical and moves at the speed of light. Could we do a Campebell + cash swap deal???????

Benteke (Aston Villa) £30 million. 15 goals all competitions
he is very similar to giroud but with alot more pace. Good in the air and great with his feets. premier league experienced and he is a fan of arsenal football club.

I won’t mind any of these strikers but Benzema depends a lot on Benitez and on Madrid getting Aguero. So we need to be careful. Have fun scouting! My choice is Gonzalo Higuain because he is world-class and proven at the very top.

Who would you choose?


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  1. Another boring article. can you guys write something we can actually read please? and if you’re looking for wonderkids look no further than our u21s.

    1. um gaLen!……… Didn’t u already post this in the comment section Yesterday?…….are u this boring?

      1. yeah, he did. Just like yesterday’s comment today’s article bears very little significance. Even the numbers are made up

    2. My first choice would be Martinez, but iccardi sounds tempting. Iccardi is young and has a lot to offer, higuain is not bad but I feel Martinez would be the perfect player for us and if Wenger is concerned with his age he should go for iccardi, pure class

    3. Wow I would like to Thank Justarsenal.com for posting one of my articles or messages. Sorry If most of you think its boring. I was just scouting for Arsenal like every fan should. Thanks. Like henry said;” I hope we get a striker to help Giroud”. Anyone of the above will be great.

      1. Why can’t Walcott be the forward to help Giroud? He’s looking back to his best which was good for over twenty goals not so long ago. So in Giroud, Walcott and Sanchez you’ve got three 20 goal scorers. For me, Cech and Vidal/Schneiderlin and call it a day.

    1. Absolutely agree. Happy birthday to Lacazette btw, turned 24 today. Would also add Icardi, but Inter trying to get to the top of Serie A again would not sell him cheap, as he’s their “base their team around” to be-guy.

      All the other are either too similar to Giroud or just too old to be a permanent solution (Martinez).

      1. Everyone was raving about Dybala. He scored 13 goals and got 10 assists in 34 appearances (2965 minutes). Vietto scored 18 goals and got 6 assists in 42 appearances but fewer minutes played – 2627. Dybala was sold for around £28m, yet Vietto reportedly would be sold for around £15m. If we paid that much for Calum Chambers, I think on those stats Vietto is definitely worth the risk. But of course there’s people out there that know much more about him than I do..

  2. higuin is the giroud, you comparing those good player’s to giroud and praising worst player like higuin

  3. We dont talk enough about signing new Stikers on this site. And sense most of us football fans live under rocks, we’ve never heard of any of these guys, much less already talked about them like 8 million times. Thanks Admin for another unique article :). quantity not quality, right!?

  4. What about the other Argentinian……. drum role……. Romero Maximiliano. So did we sign the lad or what, it was reported done deal but then havent seen anything about it. I know hes just another girl… no i mean another kid but said he was next Maradona of all people. Hes good in air i seen a few of his headers and he is good in air. Hes a good height and build for his age and i was kinda hoping that Wenger sprinkled out some of his magic dust again. So is it a go…

  5. Gonzalo Higuan is over-rated…u cannot judge him as good cos he starts before Aguero…some players play better for country than club and vice verss…(like Di Maria and Aguero himself)…
    Wonder how many would think that the Gonzalo Higuan is better than Augeuro? I Dont

  6. um gaLen!……… Didn’t u already post this in the comment section Yesterday?…….are u this boring?

    1. I don’t work on this site. I am just a fan like most of you. I am just as surprise as anyone to see that my comments were posted as and Article. Not that am complaining. I appreciate what admin did. Thanks

  7. We’ll only sign them if they’re free. Can’t afford to put a dent in my precious war chest.

  8. Bacca.

    And no this is not based on yesterdays performance only. The guy has some good skill and totally different to what we have. He might not be WC but he will do a better job than the 100k a week Poldi.

    But seriously we need to cool down on this transfer news, we all know Arsene does his business close to the end of the window. Its getting harder commenting on this site now!!!

    1. Bacca is ON or OFF. He is delivering only $hit performance or outstanding ones. He is a kind of Inzaghi. Inzaghi’s feat was to be on the right spot at the right time. When he could not do that you could actually play in 10 men because his contribution to the game was zero. Same is with Bacca. There’s a reason Martinez plays before Bacca in the national squad.
      I wouldn’t mind have him in the squad but you prepare for a lot of frustration when he’s in one of his off days. I don’t see him being an upgrade to Giroud.

      1. Thanks for the insight mate. Way better than just a thumbs down with no explanation.

        I guess I just want us to have someone to take up the Poldi slot as I don’t see him getting back in this team. Reus my favorite and I wouldn’t moan too much with Bacca or a better player either.

      2. @ budd

        But Martinez does not play over bacca what are you talking about? Bacca has surpassed Martinez in the national team and played a lot more than martinez at the World Cup. And bacca is consistent as hell what are you talking about he has 20 goals and 6 assists in 31 league games, he kind of reminds me of Suarez but not at that level clearly

  9. why the hell are sky sources linking us with Swansea’s Ki? Why on earth would we need another central mid????? this is ridiculous!

  10. Personally,I don’t see the logic behind the “if he’s not better than what we have don’t sign him ” notion .if you just keep getting players to replace those that are already playing,then all you’ll end up with is an endless cycle of bedding in and frustrated “deadwood” .the invincibles had Thierry to bang in 30 goals for them but also had KANU to score 15 and be content on the bench ,bergkamp another 15 and that’s 60 goals from 3 players .
    Right now,giroud won’t give you 30 but neither will higuain or benzima .
    Combined,giroud and Sanchez can give you 50goals a season ,keeping all factors constant .and that is goals scored only .
    Jackson Martinez in the premier league might give you 20 .
    Giroud alone,can be responsible for 35 goals a season (goals and assists) Jackson ain’t much of a provider .
    Fact is,we would score less with a person like Martinez or higuain upfront we have a practical example from our last season with some Dutch guy .I think we should just get one more defensive mid (to take the role of edu) who should play when the coq needs a breather,depend on artetas legs to give us 10 full games and we’re good .
    For the goals, dude there’s plenty already .
    Giroud+Sanchez =50
    Walcott+ Ramsey= 30
    Welbeck= 10
    Total= 80
    Now add another 15 from all over the pitch and say we’re really struggling .

    1. the fact is with your idess we’ll just be standing still,this squad isn’t good enough to challenge in europe,a fact that has been apparent for several years

  11. I think Remy and Drogba played well when Costa was out. They may get Falcao or Benteke to replace Drogba

    Because of our injuries we need depth in strikers. If Walcott convinces Wenger to play as a striker then we need a winger. I think in that case Reus would be awesome. He can play left, right, cam and up front.

    In terms of strikers my wish is still for Lacazette. He is young but scoring nearly 30 goals. He can easily take over Giroud’s spot In a couple of years when Giroud leaves or loses it.

    Out of the players in this article, my favourites are Lacazette and Martinez

    Another top striker, another top DM and perhaps Cech and we are going to have a very interesting and perhaps successful season

    FA Cup glory is around 51 hours away

  12. Barely even heard of this Vietto kid, but his goal stats look great. Really great. For a 21 year old too. Looks like a real top player already. Plus he’s got some assists to go with it. Looks like he could be a real gem of a signing. I’ve heard we’ve sent scouts to Villarreal this season, even after we signed Gabriel. I heard it was to watch their left back Hector Moreno but if whilst watching him they’ve come across this guy then hopefully they’ll have a very good idea about whether he’s as good as he seems. Plus we’ve invited Villarreal to the Emirates Cup – seems Arsene wants a closer look at somebody.

  13. If Walcott negotiates a central role then we won’t buy a striker, very simple. We’d better look at wingers and I have the feeling Arsene will buy cheap (Allo Leicester FC?)

  14. Martniz has a reasonable price and I liked seeing him score against Bayern Munich. One of Giroud’s flaws is not turning up in big games & that would be a plus. Would prefer Lacazette to all the above.

  15. Let’s assume the whippet stays and competes for central role then lacazette would mean three in that position …suspect he is better than both giroud or Walcott as a finisher by I can’t see wenger going for him unless Walcott leaves … Vietto looks more like an aguerro type so he would be a better fit in this scenario

    But personally would sell giroud wellbeck poldi sanogo Ryo and Walcott and bring lacazette icardi and Vietto … With Sanchez and ox that could provide some lethal front line combos …and net spending would be minimal

  16. as long as no benzema and benteke then all the others are good…benzema is sh*t. just over rated because he plays for real and he cant even thrive with the beet players around him…benteke is similar to O.G

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