Which of these three midfielders would suit Arsenal best?

We can all agree that Arsenal will be better off after signing Mykhailo Mudryk, but many will disagree that his addition is all Arsenal needs this season. Arsenal’s midfield is one of their strongest positions this season, but it is also one of their most worrisome.

Why is this a worrying position? Arsenal’s midfield trio of Martin Odegaard, Thomas Partey, and Granit Xhaka has been phenomenal, but there is concern that if any of them is injured, the backups available are promising but not as good as they should be.

Pete O’Rourke believes Arteta is aware that his midfield isn’t at its best, which is why, following a headline move for the Ukrainian Neymar, he may push to bring in a midfielder to round out his winter business.

“I think there is scope for that to happen. Mikel Arteta has made it pretty clear that he would like another midfielder to be added to his squad to help them in their Premier League title bid,” said O’Rourke on Football Fan Cast.

“Again, it will all come down to budget and what’s available, and if the right deal is out there, I’m sure Edu and the Arsenal board will back Mikel Arteta because they have been quite successful in the transfer market of late.”

Arsenal has been linked with midfielders such as Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Youri Tielemans, and Adrien Rabiot. If you were Edu, which of the three would you gift Arteta?

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  1. Savic is the most suitable player, Rabiot is not really known for his defensive work and Tielemens is just such an avg player. I don’t know some of our fan specially the AFTV ppl are obsessed with getting Tielemens. Dude is nothing special he provides you with nothing going forward or in defence. I sincerely hope Newcastle sign him so he won’t come to Arsenal. We need a proper DM. We have enough CMs but only one true quality DM in Party.

    1. Yes. Milinkovic Savic is the most suitable, necessary and high-quality addition to arsenal atm!
      I have seen like 20 players who are said to be targeted by arsenal this month lol (jk)
      And as I wished there would be more outstanding players in January to sign but as far as I’ve seen there’s no available player can actually have that playstyle and level of Savic .I would definitely choose Milinkovic Savic over Joan Felix at any day

      Since Im already so tired of all those Mudryk transfer saga. Arsenal should be done with it and just walk away right now
      Honestly, I really really want Arsenal to sign Savic as I truly think this will be a great addition to boost our team!!

    2. Tielemans are available for free in 4 months and they are pushing the club to spend 20m on a player

  2. Milinkovic-Savic for me. Tieleman’s potential has fallen off a cliff, and Rabiot’s agent is his mother who is a nightmare – he would bring nothing but dressing room chaos with him. Savic is a class act providing we can get over the Albania/Serbia problem with Xhaka…

  3. None of those. Should’ve used our cash to get Rice first and foremost.

    Imagine Rice and Partey with Gabriel and Saliba behind them. Can’t think of a better combination when playing top opposition.

    Yes theres “English tax” but he is quality, goes about his business quietly. At 24 he’s about to hit prime age and would be quality for 6-8 years.

    1. @PJ-SA You surely havent seen Savic play. Savic/Partey is a crazy combo: energy and mad skills. The thing going for Declan Rice is age.Telentwise he(rice) is good but not Savic good. He’s the least technically gifted of the aobve list.

      1. Savic is 28 in a month and not EPL proven. I really like Savic but that price is a lot for a risky player, add the fact it might take a year for him to get into the 1st team properly then he’ll be 29.

        We have more than enough “mad skills” in our squad already. We need stability and solid back-ups.

  4. I don’t think any of them would make sense. We should be after someone young with potential to improve, who can learn from partey and xhaka and won’t be upset if they don’t play every game in the short term. Lokonga is the right sort of thing, but it hasn’t been working out.

    1. Bit difficult for Lokonga because he gets very little game time so it’s a catch 22. He’s poor because he lacks experience and rarely plays and he rarely plays because he’s poor.

      I don’t think he’s a bad player but the longer he’s here the less likely it feels like he was good buy.

      1. Yeah I agree. I don’t think Sambi is a bad player either – I think he needs a move of some kind, though.

    2. We need experience and quality to compete with those two. A young talent should be a 5 choice, so he would go about without the tremendous pressure. Sambi is a big talent by the way he is just not mature enough to play Arsenal first team football.

      1. Possibly, but i think we are in greater need of a partey type player than one who can cover for xhaka. I don’t think the three players in question would be ideal to cover defensive mid if partey got injured. Ideally we want someone who can play with partey or instead of him

  5. Since Tielemanns is coming on a free in the summer I definetly say Savic. either way the best option out there on the market is Savic he is really a world class baller. Rabiot I dont even want to hear about.

  6. After spending more than 70 M for Mudryk, I believe Arsenal will only sign a free agent like Tielemans in the winter. I liked Tielemans’ close ball control and work rate

    I haven’t watched Milinkovic-Savic play yet, but he’d likely not come if Xhaka is still around. Rabiot was good, but I don’t think he’s a hard-worker like Partey, Xhaka and Odegaard

    1. That’s the difference between us and City. We don’t want to upset our solid starting midfield when the reality is we should be signing players that can push Partey or Xhaka to the bench. Only that kind of competition makes settled players better.

      1. In November, Guardiola announced that Man City won’t sign a new player in January, because they’re pleased with their squad

        1. I dont understand your point, have you seen their squad? They already have more than enough quality replacements in midfield.

          Do we GAI?

          1. GAI’s comments are always against the actual reasonable opinions of others so as to spark a response. You should know that by now

          2. In my opinion, Man City still need new players because they’re having a problem at catching up with us

            1. From your reasoning arsenal doesn’t need new players because they are comfortably leading with the players at their disposal

              1. Arsenal would likely become better by signing a new player in this month, but the price tag should be reasonable

  7. Some of the Morrocan and African teams from the world cup showed good potential and wouldn’t cost much. But I thought Edu was looking at the South America midfielder Danillo! I think he won young player of the year 2years running from a league of super skilful player, and he is a highly technical defensive midfielder and has an aggressive workhorse style of play with 90% pass rates. I bet like the world cup players I mentioned above he also would be cheap to purchase for such a young skilful defensive midfielder. What do you think? Also just to mention on today’s Manchester darby. What’s the chances of the media printing the following headline “Manchester City in breach of FA rules today when they failed to control their players” after Manchester United Scored and also at the end of the game when they kept badgering the referee. Lets see if the FA are consistent after fining Arsenal for the exact same breach, or is it true what fans are saying that they are harassing Arsenal and not some of the other large teams. Arsenal should do what Chelsea did a few years ago and take the FA to civil court for unfair harrassment. Chelsea won their case and the FA have since left them alone. Arsenal need good solicitors to copy Chelsea and win their day in a civil court. The evidence is their for all to see. Why is the media so scared to report this?

  8. Savic any day..Arsenal are slowly loosing it in the market,if we dont sign i dont see us finishing top 2.Its just a matter of time before partey gets injured,or Xhaka gets a red,who will we depend on?what if saka and martinelli become fatigued or injured,?we cant be spending more than 60m to a player outside EPL

  9. A winger and dm was the most positions we needed to reinforce this winter. With Mudryk coming we will have 4 top wingers to rotate so now an able backup to partey is essential, doesn’t have to be a huge signing, just someone who can adequately cover for partey if he has to miss games.

  10. Are people here still claiming we don’t get enough financial support from the owner? Any of the doubters care to share how much we’ve spent in the last 3, 5 and 10 years?

  11. So by the looks of it Liverpool and Chelsea are 100% out of the title race. So it’s essentially United, City and Spurs battling against us. Possibly Newcastle as well.

    I think with the Blues and Scousers out that almost guarantees us top 4 now.

    1. IT WOULD BE A MAJOR SHOCK NOW IF WE WERE TO MISS TOP FOUR. I can’t see it happening, for the reasons you give, as well as us being far too good.

      I rule out Spurs too and think it, practically,a near certainty for top four.

      1. People might see it differently if Spurs beat us tomorrow – an 8 point gap isn’t insurmountable halfway through the season.

        They will be up for it in spades – they can’t afford to lose and be 14 points adrift.

  12. The next manager in The sack race is beginning to hot up

    Lampard, Moyes and Rogers must be decidedly anxious. Is Klopp safe?

    1. I think Liverpools big mistake was not selling Salah (Arsenal do similar things when holding on too long).

      They had gotten the best years out of him and would’ve gotten a lot of cash in to start a proper refresh of the squad. I have a feeling Klopp might be on his way at the end of the season.

  13. Quoting Peter O’Rourke!! C’mon now, you can do better than that.
    Arteta certainly does know that his midfield is “at its best”, but can do with some backups of equal quality. Elneny is always reliable, Lakonga not so much, and Vieira looks likely to justify his obvious potential so just one Partey clone please. Easier said than done.

  14. I’ve just googled. And I discovered both Savic Milimkovic and Adrain Rabbiot are 27 year old midfielder players. Which thus will make them unsuitable for recruitment by Arsenal. Principally because they Don’t fall into the bracket of young age profile signings of new players now in operation at the club.
    But for Youri Tielemans, he is within the age profile. However, i don’t see Arsenal signing him this winter window. This is because he is not a out and out holding midfielder. Who Arsenal is suggestively looking out for to sign this term.
    But nevertheless, maybe just maybe. Arsenal will on this winter widow’s deadlneday sign Declan Rice from (est Ham. More especially since he is a out and out Anchor man player with great passing range accuracy and interception strong capability.
    And let’s not forget but remember that Arsenal are deadlneday signing specialists.

  15. Rice is the one. Young, rarely injured. Chuck £100m on the table and see West Ham try to not accept.

    1. So much for our club transfer business being a joke

      Three bids, over 3 weeks negotiations, so much time wasted, so much optimism and emotional stress all for nothing

      We are in for Felix, Chelsea signed in less than a week, and now this

      This one hurts, i hope it’s not true

  16. My problem is where do we go from here.
    Cos loosing our priority target is a blow.i just hope the club has alternatives cos we are short.
    Arteta needs to be backed.
    Maybe the club feels we are ahead of schedule and top four is the priority.
    Anyways COYG

  17. Mudryk to chelsea confirmed! Will he fit in at chelsea or he’ll be another lukaku, christensen, ziyech or pulisic? All great players who couldnt fit. Methinks pulisic and ziyech would be very diffrent players in a team that suits them.

  18. Doesn’t matter who we go for at this point. We’re only gonna look desperate. We’ve been mugged twice, so the asking price of whatever players we go for will be sky high… Jus sayin.

  19. I would like to see Tielemans, since we can get him in cheap and he is good enough to be a competition for Xhaka and also Zaha for the attacking wing position (IMO he has atleast 3 very good years in him).

    The interesting part of this two is we can make the squad depth quality significantly high without shaking up the financial status of the club.

    And one quality DM to cover for Partey!
    Then we can go all the way!!!

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