Which of these three would Arsenal fans choose to replace Alexis?

According to reports, Alexis Sanchez has decided to quit Arsenal at the end of the season and teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Inter and AC Milan are looking forward to signing him, though it seems that Sanchez prefers to return to La Liga and play for Sevilla

If Arsenal loses Alexis Sanchez it would give a big headache to Arsene Wenger or whoever manages the team next season. Sanchez is Arsenal’s top scorer with 20 goals in all competitions and he’s become a skillful striker with great physical presence and work rate similar to stars like Diego Costa, Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale.

With his future up in the air, Arsenal has been linked with players like Alvaro Morata and Andrea Belotti as possible replacements but here we look at three more realistic options for the Gunners.

Marco Reus

Marco Reus has natural talent but sadly as exceptional as he is when he plays, his injury record has been an issue in recent years, preventing him from exploding and becoming a top star.

Reus has been repeatedly linked with Arsenal over the years, and the Borussia Dortmund striker will likely be considered as a potential replacement for Alexis Sanchez because he can also play as an attacking midfielder and if healthy, he can form a deadly combination with Mesut Ozil and help ease the loss of Sanchez. That’s as long as he’s healthy, which is a big if… The other problem is that he would likely cost Arsenal a considerable amount of money, but adding him could help Arsenal improve on the SBR reviewed Ladbrokes odds to win the Premier League next year.

Lorenzo Insigne

Lorenzo Insigne has been linked to Arsenal on many different occasions and the Napoli star will likely get a closer look from the Gunners if Sanchez indeed moves on.

With nine goals and six assists on all competitions, Insigne might not be a prolific scorer like Sanchez but he’s just 25 years old and there’s room for improvement under Wenger and surrounded by a decent midfield.

Insigne has been labeled as the next Serie A phenom and even though it has taken him a bit to really get going, this season appears to be when he breaks through. He also covers a lot of ground and helps defend. Right now he is third on Napoli, averaging 0.8 tackles per game.

Kylian Mbappe

The 18-year-old Kylian Mbappe has been on fire this season and is quickly becoming a highly rated teenager in Europe, with 12 goals and five assists in 27 appearances in all competitions this season.

Teams are showing more and more interest in Mbappe since AS Monaco’s 5-3 loss to Manchester City in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, where Mbappe was impressive, finishing with 3 shots, 2 take-ons, 1 cross, 1 chance created and 1 goal.

Mbappe is an outstanding talent who could be well worth the risk of making a big investment if Arsenal has enough vision and ambition.

The gifted striker is already on the radar of elite teams like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester City and he has attributes that can help fill the void that Sanchez could leave.

Often compared with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, Mbappe is more comfortable when he plays as a central striker but he can also move to the wings and produce danger. He has strength, good pace and he’s also a decent passer.

He doesn’t cover much ground or helps regularly on defense like Sanchez does, at least not yet, but he is a work in progress and a more than intriguing project. The right manager can get even more out of him. He’s just getting started and there are no limits to his potential, which is why can fit at Arsenal and continue his development.

Which of these three would you choose?

Updated: March 4, 2017 — 11:21 pm


  1. Sam, need a striker

    No one of the above mentioned has the fight, the passion, the skills that Sanchez has …
    RIP Asrenal …

    1. Agreed Sam 1000000% biggest most disrespectful thing done by Wenger in his Arsenal time. Benching our best player since Thierry. Are you kidding us? Where we gonna get another one with his fighting spirit by the way after yesterday not anymore. Skills? Goals? Passion? Even the pool players sh.. their pants when he came in. Who’s gonna replace him? Suarez left pool and will newer ever get anyone close so will we. Break my heart to see our beloved team going so low.anyone knows where the protests will be held? I want to be there too

  2. Alexis will have his best season ever with us. Score over 20 goals and maybe win golden boot for most goals. Then leave to get trophies because we aren’t good enough and had a big embarrassing loss (5-1 to Bayern) and lack ambition
    He mostly likely will join a big club and win the League Trophy

    Sound familiar?

    RVP had his best season ever with us
    Scored most goals in the premier league
    30 goals
    Left (partly) due to lack of ambition to win trophies and lost HUGE to Manchester United 8-2.
    Went to United
    Won the PL and scored 26 goals

    Very Sad for us if we lose Alexis
    Hardest working player we have
    Most consistent player we have
    Improving season by season
    In His prime
    Eager to take part in every match

    I’m just glad he got his hands on two trophies with us (unlike RVP did with us) FA Cup and Community Shield

    If we lose Alexis, Ozil, Bellerin then we are looking at a rebuilding summer or two
    with a manager and board who lacks ambition and understanding of how to build a champion calibre team

  3. It would be financially a lot less expensive to give Sanchez the 250 per week than to try to replace him.

    With one year left on his contract, he will not fetch more than 25-35 million. Certainly not after last night when Wenger broadcast to the whole world his relationship with Sanchez is broken. Sanchez’s manager will tell any club interested that Sanchez is now desperate to go.

    To get a player of similar impact (if they exist) will cost you 80 million or more (Griezman, Aubamayang etc) and these type of players will do the same Sanchez does. They will look at the wage structure in the PL and see they are worth 250 per week.

    So it has been absolute foolish of the club not to sign Sanchez before the winter break to a five-year deal and pay him the 250 he wanted. Even if they had no intention of paying him that money for a long time, signing him to a 5-year deal would have put them in a position to sell him for 100 million this summer to Real or any other big club. Letting his contract run down to below 2 years was typical inept Arsenal management. You would have thought we would have learnt our lesson after the same happened with RVP.

    The above even ignores that Aubamayang or Griezman would never want to come to Arsenal. They want to win and we are the laughing stock of Europe when it comes to our competitive DNA.

    As to the replacements, you suggest they are not replacements. Reus is an injury nightmare and a shadow of Sanchez, Mbappe is unproven and it would be an insult to Sanchez to suggest he could replace him. Mbappe would also cost at least 50 million and I don’t see Wenger pay that for him after his comments about Martial having been bought by Man U for 35 million. It would be great to have Mbappe at the club though (but not as replacement for Sanchez). Lorenzo Insigne is a good player but also not in Sanchez’s league.

    Don’t we see that Sanchez is truly one of the best players in the world and arguably the best player in the PL? Sanchez does what he does with virtually no support. The Aguaro’s and Ibra’s of the world or the Hazard and Costa’s do it with the support of well functioning teams.

    I can not think of a single player I would trade Sanchez for. In their prime Messi, Ronaldo and Suarez would come to mind but look at their age!!! Perhaps Aubamayng but why gamble? Maybe he doesn’t take well to the PL.

    Letting Sanchez go would be the greatest mistake Wenger has made, greater than selling RVP to Man U. Both financially and competitively is suicide IMO.

  4. The issue is that Arsenal are not even a top four team in EPL, so what player of Sanchez’ quality would come here….

    Help me Aliko Dangote, your my only hope….

  5. If we aren’t willing to keep up with the rest of the premier league in regards to paying top wages , then what chance do we stand of ever winning the league ?

    Players move on , arsenal were fine before Sanchez , they will be fine after , I get that … but I don’t want to be just fine , I want titles ! … so frustrating being an arsenal fan.

    Surprised yannick Carrasco wasn’t on this list tbh.

    Now , that’s a player !!!

    1. V.uren that is an important point you make. If we are not willing to pay Sanchez what he is worth in the market, which really is around 250 per week then perhaps the 180/week we supposedly offered is our max. This would mean 2 things; first, we would never again be able to attract world class players because they want to be paid their market value which is higher than 180/week, secondly any player we uncover who develops into a world class player (perhaps a Bellerin) will want to be sold to a club which is willing to pay market value. This means we will never become a big club again and we will always lose our best players.

      1. My point exactly pal … it’s ok getting an Ozil who Madrid wanted rid of and a want away Sanchez , but to keep these players , you need to continually improve the side , challenge for titles and keep pace with the elite wage payers.

        I imagine my next statement would absolutely terrify arsene and our board , but a players true value is what somebody is willing to pay.

        I’ve no doubt that we could unearth or bring in a top player to replace Sanchez etc , but for how long if we are never willing to pay the same wages as our rivals.

        The endless cycle of replacing top players for financial reasons will never create a side capable of dominating the premier league imo , but let’s be honest it’s a model designed to keep us in the top 4 !

    Caps my emphasis

    1. Agreed, the whole article is off topic. The only issue now is who is going to replace Arsene W and when?

      It is Arsenal FC that is now at stake. I cannot believe that the powers-that-be at the club are so out of touch as to offer Arsene the Dope a 25% salary increase for the mayhem he is has wrought at the club. What arrogance, what abuse of the fans money!!! Arsenal are rotten from the top down.

      1. I tell you Alexis will stay if it is clear an ambitious coach is coming.
        I don’t know why Wenger, the Board and Stan are having similar view about the club – absolute money spinning machine.
        How many managers are receiving the kind of pay Wenger is getting at Arsenal?
        How many clubs ( except in China) will dole out to Wenger what we are giving him in his present state as a manager? That’s why he won’t walk away. DEMONSTRATION IS NEEDED. Working for my visa for a one man demonstration because the are causing me. a supporter, sadness.

  7. Please forget about any top player coming to Arsenal,if Arsenal with all his hard work,commitment,desire to win couldn’t change anything at Arsenal,I don’t think that bringing in any other player from anywhere in world would change anything at Arsenal hence Wenger and this greedy board are still in charge.

  8. We need another top attacker regardless, and if Alexis does inevitably go at the end of the season then we are doing to need 2 new top attackers! Only problem is the clubs ambition?!! We are going to learn a lot about how ambitious the board/manager/club is at the end of the season in the transfer window

    1. Going*

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