Which on-loan Arsenal players will be back at the Emirates next season?

Not all on-loan Arsenal players have a future in North London.

Arsenal has had so many underwhelming players this season, yet the Gunners have sent some of their best or most promising players out on loan.

Each player has enjoyed mixed spell away from the Emirates, but there are some players who I believe still have a future with Arsenal.

The likes of Mohamed Elneny and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have been doing well on loan as they look to revive their careers, but I believe that two of them have no future at the Emirates no matter how well they perform on loan.

This is because age is not on their side and the truth is they simply never did enough in an Arsenal shirt to indicate they were good enough.

William Saliba was allowed to rejoin Saint Etienne on loan after making a switch to the Emirates over the summer. The French youngster is joined out on loan by Emile Smith Rowe and Konstantinos Mavropanos.

The latter has failed to start any league game this season and being sent out on loan by Arteta even in a defensive crisis tells me that he has no future at the Emirates.

Smith-Rowe however, started some games under Freddie Ljungberg and remains one of the best prospects at Arsenal at the moment.

I believe that the Englishman and Saliba both have realistic chances of having long term careers at the Emirates. I doubt that is the case with the other on-loan Arsenal players mentioned.


  1. I would hope Saliba features significantly next season for the simple reason we have coughed up serious money for such a young player. I really hope our own academy players like ERS and Nketia (should he go out on loan) get a run of games at their loan clubs and come back better for it. Since we are on the topic of youngsters, I have little hope that Nelson and AMN will make it at Arsenal.

    1. Er, I think you’ll find Nelson and AMN have already made it at Arsenal.
      Anyway, I agree with the article but unfortunately Saliba is still injured.

      1. If what they have produced so far is good enough to say they have made it then top 4 isn’t likely any time soon. Niles has played well recently but has been poor the majority of his career and his attitude seems poor. Nelson needs another spell on loan to a premier leagueclub.

        1. Correct, no top four anytime soon.
          Niles poor but gets regular games under three managers?
          Perhaps Pepé should be loaned out to improve lol.

          1. When any other player is played out of position, many of you fans point it out and somewhat understand if their form is not up to par. AMN has continually been played out of position and has held it down for the most part. He’s even been complimented on his composure, but some take that as him having a poor attitude.

  2. it is important that young players get vital experience – going out on loan is an important part of their development. Michel ARTETA has done a wonderful job in recognising this need . it will make or break them.

  3. Mavropanos is being loaned to get regular playing time in a team in trouble defensively. That’s why the club chose Nurnberg over the 3 or 4 Bundesliga teams that were also interested in him.

    If the plan was to sell him, he would have been loaned to a Bundesliga team.

    Of all the young players we have, he has the highest ceiling (after Martinelli naturally), so the idea that an intelligent manager like Arteta would give up on him before he even had enough time to play regularly is nonsense. He’s a young defender — they need more time than forwards or midfielders — and he’s the only defender we have that has ALL of the 4 athletic aspects required at the top of the EPL: the height, the jump, the speed, and the strength.

    1. I hope that you are right as the little I have seen of him has been unimpressive. I like the glass-is-half-full though! And he is young. Wouldn’t quit just yet…

  4. Saliba has played 5 games this season, so his development has gone nowhere (tragic).

    AMN is an emergency stopgap playing out of position and he is doing a fantastic job in that regard. If Nelson who has 1 goal to his name is worth 20+ then I can just imagine what AMN would fetch us should we decide that we need an “upgrade”.

    Personally I hope that we keep AMN as it is useful to have a squad player that can fill multiple roles on the pitch. And who knows, maybe Arteta can take his game to another level?

    We definitely need to sell Elneny and Mkhitaryan at the first opportunity. If it is true that they are currently performing well, then we shouldn’t struggle to find a buyer.

    1. Agree, AMN had Zaha in his pocket.
      He’s not as quick as Bellerin going forward but is a far better defender.

      1. He is getting better, was very shaky for stretches but after his time in doghouse he has played really well – plus he is young and out of position. And, I am not certain Bellerin comes back from his injury in form – speed is usually lost with Achilles. We need his on squad and perhaps to start a fair number of games. And if you strengthen midfield and the central defense, his life would be that much easier.

    2. Nelson is valued @ 12 M pounds
      Maitland Niles @ 15.5 M (like Chambers)
      Mkhi – 21M
      Elneny – just over 5 M

      Of course, the actual price depends on how willing the buying club is…

      Also, how is AMN ‘out of position’? What about Bellerin then (who started as a winger)?
      AMN has played so many times as a fullback that it’s now his position whether he likes it or not (unless he plans to be a midfielder in the Championship as virtually every EPL team has better midfielders than him).

  5. They will all be back at Arsenal next summer and if Arsenal dont want them and we cant sell them, they will be back or back on loan.

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