Which ONE new player would win Arsenal the title?

Gunners Seek January Signings To Bolster Squad by CP

We’re thrilled that Arsenal is finally opening up its treasure chest and looking at signing some new players during the January transfer window. Although the team is performing far above expectations, it will desperately need some new blood if it hopes to continue its success through the second half of the season.

The team seems to have missed out on any hopes of signing a new striker in Bayer Leverkusen’s Javier Hernandez, and we’ve discussed our doubts of a deal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. However, there’s still time and hope for the team to make some big signings in the coming weeks. We know that the team is in need of some added support on the midfield and the Gunners look to be on the verge of signing FC Basel’s Mohamed Elneny.

Given Arsenal’s unbelievable string of injury problems, to say the team has overachieved so far this season would be a drastic understatement. The team has been without many of its first team players including Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck, Santi Cazorla, Francis Coquelin, and Jack Wilshere, with many not due back in action until at least the end of the month. Although the team has played amazingly well, there’s no way they can keep this up forever without the option of resting some key players like Mesut Ozil, lest they find themselves in the same position once again.

In addition to Elneny, there are rumours that the squad is looking to re-sign former Gunner Oguzhan Ozyakup from Turkish club Besiktas. It’s an attempt to further reinforce its midfield and give some players a much-needed break. If Ozzy looks a bit familiar to the Arsenal faithful, that would be because you’ve seen him before. He actually came up in the Arsenal youth academy and spent his debut year as a first-team player for the Gunners during the 2011-2012 season. He signed with Besiktas in 2012 and has been there ever since. It’s still a long shot that he’d be signed this January (summer is more likely), but he could make for a suitable replacement for the currently injured and quickly aging Santi Cazorla.

As of this writing, Arsenal sits at the top of the Premier League. They’re two points ahead of Leicester City, who sit in second place following their surprising season and a full three points ahead of Manchester City. With players steadily returning from injury throughout the second half of the season and potential gains during the transfer window, the Gunners have a good shot at some Premier League silverware come May.

If you could have just Elneny plus one more player to win us the title, who would it be?


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  1. wenger should buy embolo the guy has talent he’s young and he will be a reasonable price

  2. I think we are really short in midfield. We may need players like Wyanayama from Southampton.
    Wenger also can look for some loan players from Barsa and madrid academy. We have tough matches coming up in Jan and Feb. So laon option is not bad.
    But whatever the option is, even if it needs spending some money. we need few addition in January

  3. Now that the headbutt king has taken charge at Real Madrid,
    I’m sure that they will have more than a few players for Sale there!
    I know that he isn’t too keen on Bale,
    I would Snap him up before Utd do… 70 million should be enough to kill two birds with one stone,
    (1) We would easily win the league with Bale Scoring goals for fun and (2) That would upset the spuds big time ?

    1. They were stupid to fire him…he has lost only 3 games of 25. Like Zidane is really going to be an improvement. Bale would be perfect down the left…

  4. I hope that the Troy Deeney rumours are NOT! True ??
    £20 million for that ?
    Please tell me that this is a early April fools joke!!
    ?? God dammiiiiit

    1. @ Fatboy just reading that rumor made me throw up abit.

      No disrespect to Deeney but he is not even close to our standards, if we are so desperate I bet we even have better strikers right here in Zambia or hell my lamp post is available at a reasonable fee.

      If and if we are looking at any strikers in the EPL it has to be either Auguero; Lukaku or Vardy as the rest are almost equivalent to what we have. For false 9 Mahrez, Mane or Perez wouldn’t be too bad either.

  5. If we get Elneny, I think we are ok in midfield as Arteta is back and I think he should be able to give us at least 3weeks of fitness before Le coq becomes available again.
    Now in the middle we have Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini,Elneny….with coq and cazorla to come,we are fairly ok there Imo
    If we can get a decent player in our attack I willl be happy…although my choice is Auba, buh it may not be possible.I dnt want us to buy any player that won’t really improve us..if we can get a good player on loan maybe…seriously,its not easy to be a Manager

    1. Elneny is done and dusted mate but please don’t talk of Arteta as if he is capable of making a difference on the pitch ? Unfortunately he is nothing short of a liability nowadays!

      Personally, I would rather see one of our youngsters take his place… take your pick, anyone of them would do a better job than him.

  6. “If you could have just Elneny plus one more player to win us the title, who would it be”

    Troy Deeney

    1. Hahaha ?

      If we end up signing him…. I’m coming for you Twig


  7. A player like Kompany would go a long way, a leader of men. Some say Stones will one day become that player, but not sure who Id target ..I like Verratti allot he looks a real winner but Im not sure if he speaks English.

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