Which one should Arsenal sell? Jakub Kiwior or Oleks Zinchencko?

Kiwior or Zinchenko?

It’s no secret that Arsenal’s biggest problem this season was the left back role and it’s only logical that Arteta and the club will be looking for a new left back in the summer transfer window. Japanese 25-year-old Takehiro Tomiyasu just received a new contract with the club and looks like Arteta’s main choice for next season, but with Zinchenko again picking up a lot of injuries and problems this season and Jakub Kiwior being only 24-years-old, it could leave the club with a decision to make, which one of them goes?

Zinchenko has a contract until 2026 and looks the more likely to be sold this summer, with reports coming out of Germany saying the new Bayern Munich manager and ex-teammate of Zinchenko, Vicent Kompany is interested in bringing the defender to the club. Zinchenko is obviously a great talent, but it seems to me like the Premier League is just too fast for the fullback and we’ve seen a steady decline in his performances in defence since joining the club.

Zinchenko has been a great servant for the club since joining from Manchester City but when you look at his injury record and level on consistency in the past couple of seasons, it’s hard to think of many reasons why I wouldn’t personally opt to sell him while we can.

Jakub Kiwior may be young, but this season he really surprised me. I underestimated his quality and was worried when both Tomiyasu and Zinchenko were set for spells out Injured but Kiwior really stepped up and was probably my biggest surprise of the season. Don’t get me wrong, he’s young and has a lot to learn, but considering his age and work ethic, I think he could and will be a really good back up option for Arsenal next season.

The Arsenal expert Charles Watts said on ‘CaughtOffside’: “There are a few players at Arsenal right now who, while the club do not actively want to sell, they would consider offers for, should good ones arrive this summer & I would include Oleksandr Zinchenko & Jakub Kiwior on that list.”

“I can’t see both being allowed to go in the same window, but I wouldn’t be shocked if one was to leave. If I had to choose between one to go, I would probably go with Zinchenko.”

“I think some of the criticism that came his way last season was harsh, but there’s no doubt that Arsenal have moved on from him a bit in the last 12 months. Arsenal have shifted things a bit tactically, which has seen his importance on the team diminish.”

So by the looks of it, all signs point to at least one of them going this summer and if I had to pick, I’d say it’s Zinchenko. It would be a sad day for the club as Zinchenko has given a lot to Arsenal and is loved by the fans but it only makes sense to sell him over Kiwior.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

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  1. Zinc everyday of the week

    no nonsense talk about moving him to midfield, where then, never #6 as his weakness is defence, #8 box-to-box at least 3 in front of him, #10 playmaker you are having a laugh

    Zinc not good enough in any position, not his fault, Arsenal have developed much faster than his recruitment assumed

  2. Sell Zinny. He has failed in his primary role defense. And even when he gets into midfield which is his strength and skill set, he seem sometimes fragile.
    Kiwior would be a good deputy for GMagahaes. And he also did some good work when he played on the left, understandably he was slow on that side.

    Zinny out!

  3. Sell Zinny & Tierney and bring
    In Ferdi Kadıoğlu from FB. He
    is an absolute BALLER that
    would seamlessly fit in to the
    first 11 and terrorize defenses
    with his lung busting runs down
    the left flank. His skill set and
    technical acumen is something
    quite frankly Arsenal don’t have
    citrently on either flank. He
    would IMWO also bring out
    the best of GM.

    Let Kivior feature as Gabbys back
    up @ LCB, his best position.
    Give him an extended run this
    preseason and if he shines offer
    him meaningful minutes in the
    Cup comps and EPL starts if
    and when GM needs to be
    rested. If that scenario does not
    resonate with the Polish
    international than move him
    and bring in Diomende or Hato.

  4. One should look at their flexibility, age, value and ease of selling on.

    That, in my opinion, makes Zinchenko the one to let go.
    With Bayern, reportedly, wanting him, a quick sale would put extra money into Mikel’s coffers.

    We really haven’t seen the best of Kiwior, but that isn’t the case with Zinchenko.

  5. They should both be sold. Zinchenko is not a good enough defender. I agree that Jakob did well but only given his abject lack of pace and agility. Artetas biggest failing is his lack of emphasis on speed. Character is needed but a player also needs core qualities like speed and skill. Jakobs attributes are not good enough. He will go the way of Pablo Mari and for the same reasons

  6. Selling Kiwier is out of question. The lad has been great for us specially in the second half of the last season and he can play CB as well as FB. Zinchenko is not great defensively and we could sell him and use the funds to buy another FB/midfielder.

  7. The article references some of the criticisms that Zinchenko has received which I would agree with. The way some on here have been going on about him you would he was some kind of random non-league player.
    Zinchenko remains a top player but has had a relatively subpar season which is partly due to injuries.
    His early performances at Arsenal were very good and he played a major role in the team’s overall improvement.
    He should only be sold if we can get a substantial fee.

    1. I disagree.
      The article asked a simple question and the replies have added meat to the bone.
      What hasn’t been mentioned by you, David, is the fact that he’s been played out of position, something that I also failed to address.
      What would YOU call a substantial fee, as I think something in the region of £35 million would be a good result?

      1. The question may be simple but it is possible to oversimplify. In Arteta’s preferred system in the past couple of seasons Zinchenko has played primarily as an inverted LB. When fit and in form IMO he was better than Kiwior and has been one of the top fullbacks of this type anywhere. As a pure defender Kiwior is probably better but the FB roles require more than this. This has been more evident when we have been up against some of the stronger teams.
        The criticisms generally highlight one facet of his game, often when he has been isolated against elite wide players, whilst completely ignoring how his interpretation of the role has contributed to Arsenal’s transformation.
        I don’t refer to “players out of position” as I do not find such descriptions particularly helpful.
        As for transfer fee my view is that he should command a fee in excess of £40m.

        1. you are right that Zinc was integral in the transformation, particularly mentality, in the 2022/23 season

          you are also right that the inverted LB was an important part of Arteta’s system

          however the impact of both have faded in the 2023/24 season, with diminished attacking output his defensive deficiencies tip the balance the wrong way

          i also disregard the playing out of position, Zinc is nowhere near good enough to displace anyone in our current midfield, miles away
          he has been given a job to do at LB and I for one am nervous everytime he takes the pitch – that is telling

          never getting £40m in this market, with current form and injury record lucky to get half that

          1. Zinc hasn’t had a great season due to form, injuries etc. IMO at his best he is much better inverted LB than Kiwior. I also don’t believe that Arteta has jettisoned the use of the inverted LB role.
            Kiwior provided a certain solidity for a period when he came in but I can’t see his approach to the role being part of our long term setup.
            There are not many that can do what Zinc does and I wouldn’t be in a rush to move him on.

  8. I think you are going to get a unanimous opinion here. I actually like Zinchenko but he is just no good as a LB. If we played him as a deep-lying playmaker in the mould of Jorginho I think we would get a lot more out of him but that doesn’t seem likely to happen. Kiwior is younger, far better defensively, and with more potential, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer if it comes down to one or the other.

    1. Zinc is nowhere near good enough defensively to play #6

      also, while his passing is above average to LB peers, but below average to elite midfielders

      Arteta does not bend his system for anyone, even former sky blue favourites

      for me it feels like Arsenal have out grown Zinc and time to move on if we want to mix it with the Real Madrid’s of this world – who do you Real’s forward line would target (and succeed), says it all

  9. Choice is made easier because Zinchenko is not a LB, never was and never will be. Truth is Arsenal have outgrown Zinchenko and Jesus in much the same way City did.

    They cannot meet the team needs; defending for Zinchenko and goals from Jesus.

    Take offers for both to reinvest and upgrade the roster spots.

  10. Neither, as we need a strong squad. If we are going to sell Nketiah, Nelson and Ramsdale, then we need to buy replacements for those positions.

    1. really do we, Sesko coming in covers both Nketiah and Jesus, Nelson never plays so who would notice the difference, Ramsdale’s replacement has been standing between the posts for most of the season

      quite frankly, if we are honest with ourselves, and regrettably as I really like all three, we would hardly notice if they were missing

  11. You know officially that Sesko is signing for us ? Nelson, although he nevers plays, is still part of the 25 man squad. Tell me, who replaces Ramsdale on the bench ?

    We’ve already released two members of the squad, although they hardly played, so that has reduced the squad down to 23. If we release one of Zinchenko and Tommi, along with the three I mentioned in my previous post, that will mean we will have to buy 6 new players. I really can’t see that happening.

    1. that’s fine, in order of your comments

      Sesko or another CF target, everyone, including you HD, are expecting an incoming there, I don’t regard that as a controversial comment

      25 man squad, I have no doubt we will fulfil our quota, with many academy players deserving an opportunity (about time many would say)

      Hien, or another costing less than we get for Ramsdale

      3 released + Zinc or Tommi, well first of all Tommi going nowhere, so I suppose you mean Zinc (not too many tears there on JA), i expect 4 incoming new players minimum = CF, DM, LB, GK + others (e.g. winger and second midfielder would not be outrageous)

      over to you…

  12. Not sure I’ve ever posted that I expect a CF to be signed this season, and I never posted it was controversial.

    The vast majority of the U21’s don’t need to have their names added to the 25 man squad, as they won’t be 21 for a couple of years.

    Hein would have to sign a new contract, as his contract finishes at the end of this month. Yes we could sign a new keeper, but what keeper, good enough to be our number 2, would sign knowing he’s only going to play in the domestic Cups ?

    I don’t want Zinchenko or Tommi released, as IMO they’re good enough for the squad.

    1. OK HD, i am not exactly sure what “this post is a reply to Arsenal 1886” is about any more, and certainly I am losing interest

      the headline of this article is “which one would you sell, Kiwior or Zinc?”

      my view is ‘Zinc’

      what is yours?

      1. My first post in this thread said I wouldn’t sell either of them, as we need a strong squad.

        Now if well sell one of Zinchenko or Tommi, along with Cedric and Elneny already having left, and Nelson, Nketiah and Ramsdale supposedly leaving, we will need to make 6 signings.

        Clear now ?

  13. You are referring to Tommy vs ZInc. The question was Kiwior vs Zinc.
    The premise of the question is faulty in my view as Kiwior is not really a FB but can do a job.
    My view is that both should be kept. Kiwior as back up primarily for the CBs. At the moment I would also keep Zinc unless we can get a great replacement.

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