Which option should Arsenal choose to replace Danny Welbeck?

In the summer there was talk of Uni Emery being open to offers for Danny Welbeck. The striker’s chances of earning a contract extension have been hurt by an injury which is expected to rule him out for the rest of the campaign.
It leaves Aubameyang and Lacazette has our only two fit senior forwards. Could this force us to do business in January?

Here are possible ways to fill the gap in our squad.

Trust in Youth?
One of the new manager’s job specification was to carry on developing talent from our youth set up. Arsene Wenger gave several youngsters professionals debuts last year, mostly in cup ties. Eddie Nketiah has a decent goal for game ratio for the under-age groups and continues to be compared to Ian Wright. Gooners have been anxious to see more of him since scoring twice against Norwich in the League Cup. We don’t see him in training though and now his new boss hasn’t trusted him. With qualification assured, it won’t hurt to give in a chance in our final Europa League games.

Smith Rowe seems to have jumped the queue out of our academy prospects. He has 2 goals already this season and it’s when and not if he features in the Premiership. Welbeck often plays on the left so his spell on the side lines could free up a pathway into the first team for the teenager.

Reports differ if there is a call back option on Reiss Nelson’s loan. Him being asked to return in January makes the most sense if Stan Kroenke doesn’t want to put his hands in his pockets. If he’s confident enough to play in Germany, he can handle the odd cup tie.

Ramsey exchange?
I wrote before potential midfielders we could swap Rambo for in the New Year. Like the Sanchez saga, we may as well get a player in exchange rather than lose him for nothing (Juan Mata, Fabregas). Do any potential suitors have any strikers they could offer as bait to sell to them?

A Giroud return?
I have written before that I’d take a gamble on Sturridge. Again, better than nothing.

Splash Big?
It’s unlikely our owner will show any ambition in the next transfer window. He has though signed a massive deal with Adidas for their logo to be on our shirts. It’s tradition for a new sponsor to want a marquee signing to advertise their product. For example, it’s believed Puma pretty much paid for Alexis Sanchez. Could our American billionaire be convinced to bring any targets forward considering the lack of numbers we have in attack? Someone like a Zaha?

Any ideas Gooners?

Dan Smith


  1. dozie says:

    I keep hearing about this zaha being linked to us, but I personally think zaha isn’t better than the options we have already and he will be too costly for. I would prefer we went out and got a Nicholas pepe from lille or Leon bailey from the Germany league.

  2. Phil says:

    I’m not too sure why The January transfer window is not in Raul’s thought mode.Our previous manager (note how I didn’t mention Wenger by name for fear of anyone choking on their Sunday Morning Cuppa?) used the window to good effect several times.Diabi and Adebayour both joined in one window.Arshavin came in another.If we need a replacement for DW then if the choice is available then why not buy?After beating the Spuds in the Carabao Cup next month we give ourselves two more games and a possible final.We then have the FA Cup.Plus Europa Cup.And the Premiership to complete.DW would have played in the Cup games for sure and been available for the League games if needed.
    I would absolutely leave Reiss Nelson where he is.Eddie can step up for some games if he is thought of as ready.But do the management believe he is?He does not even get a call up to the team for the Cup matches instead just sitting on the bench.If they felt he is ready then I believe he would have been given more game time.ESR is trusted.AMN has been brought straight back after injury.Guendouzi is in every squad and plays often.So clearly age is not the problem if Emery feels they are good enough.For me it shows the Manager is not convinced be Nketiah at this time.
    So we have to buy,it’s as simple as that.We must get someone in to cover for DW.This means buying in January.Anything else is gambling on the fitness of our senior players or untried youth team players.We can not afford that gamble.

  3. Goonerboy says:

    We don’t have to spend to replace Welbeck, just promote Eddie Nketiah.
    Welbeck was third choice and shouldn’t be so hard to replace IMO.
    Generally, I don’t even think we have problems up front,we have a really full squad to choose from

    1. Sal says:

      if i’m honest and we really want to challenge on all fronts we are missing a WC defender to replace two departing ones one being mustafi hopefully, a lb to replace montreal in the near future, a rb for next year when lich is gone i would prefer if we went for a player who can play well at lb or rb to save space in the squad and the wage bill!!

      a mid to replace ramsey or when elneny is eventually sold, a winger as the only experienced one and he is still young and learning is iwobi, rowe and nelson both need game time so another addition is needed, and happy with the latters loan in germany it should not be cut short for him to be sat on the bench, get some confidence and show your skill set before he comes back to us a more complete player he needs a full season or two of regular game time before he comes backs ans cements himself for the years to come, so a winger is a must on the wings a fast full of flair hard working winger is what the fans want to compete with our future young guns , and also a young striker to compete with the top two and sorry it’s not eddie he’s miles off the first team good instinct but no experience and needs to improve alot of aspects of his game to be able to lead the line, at least the ability to hold the ball against top defenders….championship loan for me so the kid toughens up.

      but top 4 this year fingers crossed and hopefully next year we build on that with a few more signings because we need them:( Saed miki auba monreal ramsey kos mustafi lich sokratis cech welbeck) all these are first team players who i beleive will not be with us in 2-3 years time. Some are gone end of season that’s 11 players a starting line-up, so if we want to have direct replacements when the times comes we got to buy or mould to ease them into the team, so i personally will be looking forward to january as we might be forced to buy. we are missing depth on the wings and upfront now that welbeck is injured, just sayin!!

  4. Mandiba says:

    Poor Eddie injury to Lichsteiner on Thursday night spoiled his opportunity to prove himself as he was about to come on before that Hamstring injury to Steph rule out his chance. But I think Unai should give him a try he has the pontentials. Another academic player Unai should be looking at is Baka he is good though lack goals to his play just like Iwobi. Meanwhile I won’t disturb Nelson development.

    1. Goona says:

      Stopped read when you said “just like Iwobi”

  5. Sean says:

    Leave Nelson where he is at for the season for his development is growing by the game at Hoffenhiem, let him do his business then we have a replacement for Danny when he leaves the club on a free without spending anything. Nkeitah is also there to come in now until January is we do end up going for someone like Pepe or Bailey.
    Nelson/Iwobi & New signing for wingers.

    Guendouzi & Smith between them are Ramseys replacement again without spending. That leaves room to sign players to boost the squad not replace them, making our squad better plus giving the youth a chance as we still make stars.

    We have to be smart as we have to climb up that table, into the top 4 & back to champions league football before we go big spending again. The Adidas deal helps also because with that money & Maybe UCL back at the Emirates next season we could be looking like a good team on the brink of challenging again under Unai Emery.

  6. GB says:

    Swap Ramsey for Schick from aroma, sorted.

  7. ruelando says:

    I really would not have a problem with a loan for the Roma forward Schick, but at present Eddie should get some run out, I expect some decisions to be made January to really tell us in which direction we are going. Hopefully the Ramsey fiasco will be over with, get a proper replacement, also we should decide by January if Eddie is the replacement for Danny and if not use the loan system.

  8. Kamaldeen says:

    I think it will be fyn for us to sign a winger In replace of welbeck due to lack of creativity at our attacking wings , we both know this is important, if Nelson couldn’t be called back a must for us to sign a good winger and a striker , but in January no club is expected to leave his informed striker especially in Europe , only we can get from south America. As soon as possible we must find a replacement due to majority in December to February thier would heavy load on us and we need matured and experienced player to that. On Ramsey if he’s been ask to leave I think we should have male d decision on whom to swap him with or else waiting till January may cost us to lose him free.

  9. Things are changing says:

    Reis Nelson if possible.

  10. Davin says:

    Zaha is our best option

    1. Aubamezzette says:

      How much will Zaha cost ATM?

  11. Aubamezzette says:

    Get a proper right winger .
    Start Iwobi in LW
    new winger in RW
    Rotate Aubameyang n Lacazette upfront n in some games play both at d xpense of Ozil in a 2-striker formation like Pep did Jesus n Aguero last season
    …..Welbeck wont need to be replaced… just retain Nketiah to play d final 20mins of games that are won already.

  12. waal2waal says:

    Much as i like Nketiah and Nelson – the idea that either are replacements for a seasoned england international is madness, it is too risky. We are well positioned and cannot afford to be complacent therefore the practical step would be to seek an inform replacement, surely there’s somebody out there eager to state a claim at performing (their very best) especially for us.

  13. Th14 says:

    Just sign Nicholas Pepe and we’re good to challenge even Barca. The kid is the future

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