Which ‘promising’ Arsenal players will become stars?

Arsenal’s youngsters at a crossroads by Briantole

We Arsenal fans here know that a number of our youngsters are massively talented. The likes of Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere, Chambers and Bellerin have all been tipped at a young age for a great future, but the outcomes are often unpredictable.

Lets kickstart with Wilshere – a very versatile player he has once been our best player. His performances have once put him in contention for team of the year and a young player of the year award. He was so good when he came on against Barcelona that he got everyone raving about him, even the rival players. So where could he end up? Well for a player of his capabilities we can safely tip him to be among the best of his generation, maybe a new Iniesta or Scholes. But his injury problems hold him back. His development has been slowed down and this might threaten to reduce him to a player of Cleverly’s calibre.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – A very talented and pacy player. He and sterling have been boasted as the England national team’s future. He has produced exceptional performances in an Arsenal shirt. Against Bayern, AC Milan, Manchester united and Chelsea he showed tremendous feats of quality and potential. But this has been a rather off season for him so far. I don’t know whether it’s because of his ego, his injury troubles, confidence, or whether he is trying too hard to make an impression. But whatever the reason I believe with proper guidance he can be put on the right track. So what does the future hold for him? His bursts of quality on a number occasions have proven he can be a special player but on his off days he has been very average. If he is on track he can turn out to be an Alexis or Bale. But on his bad part he can be like Gervinho or Andre Santos.

Chambers – Well this kid has a divided opinion among the supporters. Some say he has a great future, while others have said he was a waste of 16million. On his early days from Southampton he performed admirably well. his switch of positions from centre-back to right back didn’t deter his performances. He earned himself three England caps and was Arsenal player of the month in September. But then he had a nightmare game against Swansea and he has been benched ever since. But he has still been bright when he was given a chance to play when he was introduced on rare occasions.
But what does the future hold for him? Mertesacker and Gareth Southgate seem to be very impressed by him. If he continues to put great strides in his career he can be another Sergio Ramos. But if he lights off the candle he could be like Jones.

Hector Bellerin – Our most promising youngster and because he has come through our academy he has Arsenal blood. Arsenal supporters have made a strong prediction about his future, tipping him to be the best right back in the world. So much hustle has been put about him but do we remember Kyle Walker from Tottenham? There was a similar kind of hustle about him but look at where he has ended up being. He is not turning into the player everyone expected him to be. Recently Bellerin hasn’t been his usual exceptional self. But that is normal among players at this stage of their careers and hopefully he gets over it. His bursts in quality prove he can surpass all right-backs in history. So lets hope he doesn’t turn out to be a flop like Walker!

Which players do you think are most likely to become real stars?


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  1. Bellerin. Already good enough. Can only become better and better.

    Wilsher is already a star. His ankles rather not.

    Arsenal is to big for Chambers and Chamberlain in the moment.

    Lucous Moura rumours are turture. Having this genius playing at Arsenal would be a dream.

      1. ignore rumuors dude . i would love lucas moura…but we have more chance getting his cuisin ‘sarah’ moura .

        ox has been very inconsistent…but injuries havent helped his development.
        chambers is still a baby…needs alot of time before we see it.

        jacks playing style is what is known as ‘glass man iniesta’
        5 years on the doctors table. then comes in plays great. tries a 720 cruyff turn …bam…doctor …im home!!!!

        1. Don’t blame Jack, blame the ref for letting an entire team tackle him every single game, he wouldn’t have had these injuries playing in Spain or Germany.

  2. He’s faster than lightning
    He’s faster than lightning
    Bellerin !!!!!!!

  3. Bellerin has already proven his quality. He will be a strating right back for a big club; Arsenal or therwise, for the rest of his career.

    Wilshire is also proven; his imnjuries are killing him, but if he were healthy for even one entire season he’d be something to see. He has qualities that very few players have in the modern game. His driving runs and grit combined with his passing skills make him special. He could play as a DM, CM, CAM or even on the wings. A Swiss Army knife of a player if he could just stay fit.

    Chamberlain’s star is is fading. Unlike Wilshire, when he comes into the side after injury it seems to take him longer to find form and then he’s uneven. He’s still young, but if Arsenal keep progressing and buying talent at the Cech, Ozil, Sanchez level Chamberlin will need to progress significantly to be more than a squad player. He has the look of a Tomas Rosicky of the next decade. He will need to decide if he’d rather be a starter at a midtable club or a squad player at Arsenal. A move to Newcastle might revive his career. They are so desperate for proven quality he’d get every chance to prove himself without having to look over his shoulder at Joel Campbell and any future signings.

    Calum Chambers is a player who looks to have a bright future. Arsenal have not gone and bought that fourth central defender pundits and supporters are demanding window after window because Arsene Wenger intends to give Chambers every chance to progress. He came in to close out the game v. Sunderland and he’ll probably get some minutes at DM and CB through Christmas.

    A player or two were left out. Joel Campbell for one. He’s done more to take advantage of Arsenal’s injuries than either Chmabers or Chamberlain. He’s scoring goals, he’s working hard, he’s setting up goals, and he seems to be finding some understanding with Ozil.

    1. I have a feeling Wenger is grooming Campbell to maybe be Sanchez’s replacement in the future. They way he’s been treated in contrast to the other players, it’s like the manager wants to make him develop a “never give up” mentality.

  4. The best prospect for me is Zelalem
    He is doing well at Rangers

    I have high hopes for Bielik , Chambers (partly due to his £16 millon cost, Gnabry a

    Not sure about Akpom, Crowley and Hayden

    I think when most of our players return Campbell will be on the bench or play League Cup/FA cup next season. Campbell is decent but not a starter in my opinion

    Sanogo is a no go in my opinion

    1. Campbell is already better than Ox who has been a regular starter so you’re wrong for saying he isn’t one. And Ramsey won’t be on the right for long because Cazorla is getting old.

  5. Has Rabiot actually put in a loan request for Jan. transfer window??Metro is reporting it and although I dont trust Metro they have qouted Rabiot.Can anyone confirm if this is true ??

    1. ?”errrrr .. Did someone say… loan deal?”
      “Yes…. I will doooooo it”

      I seriously think that all the youth players at Arsenal have the potential to be future stars!

  6. Adrien Rabiot isn’t as good as you think. He won’t bench anyone in our midfield now let alone after January, after all our players are back.

  7. Bellerin speaks for himself.

    Bielik I have high hopes of, whether it’s on DM or CB, very raw still of course.
    Chambers I have hopes of, but there’s some big flaws about his game still.
    Crowley looks like a great prospect, so do Hayden and Akpom but all3 need more loan spells (in the PL preferably).
    Plezeguelo about to step in Bellerin’s foot steps I have good hopes of him.
    THE JEFF and his mate Fortune look great.

    Really on the fence regarding Iwobi, desperately needs a loan spell.

    Oh yeah and Dyon Malen but that’s a bit too early of course.

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