Which semi-fit players will Arsenal use for FA cup?

Despite the fact that the Arsenal injury list is now down to just two players in Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere, the boss explained that some of the players that are back in training and available to play again are not quite fully ready as yet.

Arsene Wenger will definitely not be using the England forward Danny Welbeck against Burnley as he spoke on a press conference you can see in full on the Arsenal website about the striker’s length of time out of the game and how it would be a gradual process back into the first team for Welbeck, including a least one game for the Arsenal under 21 side.

One Gunner who has already had one of those is Tomas Rosicky and with no Cazorla or Wilshere the Czech Republic star is one of the strongest candidates to cover for Mesut Ozil in the number 10 role. Would you start with him or the German against Burnley? I would probably save Rosicky until the second half when Burnley energy levels have dropped.

Coquelin has also been out for a while and has not had any minutes with the reserves but I would probably start with him and then bring him off if he starts to look tired. That way we get the benefit of his ability for the hardest part of the game, he gets the benefit of some game time but should still be fresh for Southampton on Tuesday.

And if Wenger is planning to use Mohamed Elneny as a box-to-box player as he suggested, I would leave him on the bench with Ramsey starting. How would you use these Arsenal players that are not quite up to speed?

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  1. Once again Wilshere will be the last to return on the training pitch… Wenger first said he would be back in February but now he won’t be fully fit until mid-March. To be honest I wouldn’t even be surprised if he suffers another setback that will last until November. Smh, why do the most promising players ALWAYS have the worst injuries ? Diaby was meant to be Vieira’s replacement but never made it, RVP was meant to be Henry’s replacement but got injured 80% of the time, Vermalaen had so much potential but always suffered an injury until he lost complete confidence when fully fit… I’m afraid to say it but it looks like Wilshere is heading down the same path….

    1. The funniest thing is this time Wilshere got injured by one of our very own players. Gabriel if I remember correctly and Jack was playing wonderful up until then. Honestly if it wasn’t for that injury he would be ahead of Ramsey. He scores as well but more technical and composed. Don’t right Jack off yet, he is clearly the best of all the English core by far. The only true issue he has is inviting tackles to himself the way he runs but other than that he is class, able to become world class and Arsenal through and through.

      1. Definitely, I really hope he overcomes these injuries because he’s way too talented to not be a first team starter. He would be the right player to replace Cazorla.. but only if he stays fit…

  2. I know the rumors are probably complete BS, but after reading today that Real Madrid got their ban postponed so they’re able to buy in the summer we should go for Isco as Santi’s long term replacement now. Or even as Rosicky’s replacement since he’s leaving this summer anyways. I wish!!!

  3. Ospina
    Bellerin Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
    Flamin Elneny
    Chamberlain Iwobi Sanchez
    I would put Flamin there and give some few minutes to Coquelin later on to gain match fitness ready for southampton.
    Will replace Iwobi with Rosicky to enhance his fitness.
    Depending on results,will either give opportunity to Reine-Adelaide/Arteta on for Elneny/Sanchez.

    Hope we make a statement that we are seriously considering the third FA Cup in a row.
    2-0 is my predictio.COYG

  4. Same old BS!
    You watch, as soon as the transfer window closes,
    How fast the setback’s ( Jack & Danny ) and other injuries start rolling back in.

    Some sitcoms never change and they are more easier to predict than the Weather ?

    East Enders?.. nah… more like, Bell Enders!
    ?- “Cup of tea, mr Wenger?”

    ?- ” As long as that’s in a Fa cup”

  5. Cech
    Debuchy Gab Kos Gibbs
    MoE Rambo
    Ox TR7 Joel

    Bench: Ospina, Sanchez, Coquelin, Iwobi, Giroud, Nacho, Chambers
    Barring any injuries, on or about 60-70th min make these subs:
    Sanchez on for Joel
    Iwobi on for TR7
    Coquelin on for MoE

    3-0 to the Gunners!

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