Poll: Which striker target is best suited to Arsenal?

Arsenal are forever being linked with attacking targets, and while the circus surrounding the future of Kylian Mbappe continues, we thought we’d look at the more realistic options.

Yes Mbappe would be an amazing capture, but him joining us unfortunately stems in dreamworld for me, and he will end up staying at Monaco, or joining Real Madrid. Even PSG would fail to land him this summer in my opinion.

One striker we could be in line to land is Alexandre Lacazette, who has scored on an amazingly consistent scale in recent seasons. The French striker bagged himself 28 league goals in 30 Ligue 1 outings this term, adding to his 63 goals in the previous three seasons combined. Lacazette has already confirmed that he is leaving his club, and a move to Atletico Madrid has been blocked by their transfer ban. We are believed to be willing to meet his asking price.

Another option could be Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Borussia Dortmund. PSG were previously believed to have been close to a deal, but are now seeking out other targets, and his asking price is said to have been named by the German giants. PEA has also notched up an amazing goal tally in recent years, but his style of play may not suit the Premier League, and may be why very few links to a Premier League move have been speculated.

Alvaro Morata and Romelu Lukaku have both been linked with a move to Arsenal in recent years, but appear very close to joining Manchester United and Chelsea respectively, so we will leave them out of our current poll, but Andrea Belotti is another option.

The 23 year-old Italian enjoyed an amazing campaign with Torino, bagging 26 Serie A goals, and the manner in which he scored will excite any onlooker. He has shown a keen eye for goal, scoring with both feet or his head regularly, as well as linking up extremely well with his team-mates. His club currently claim to be holding out for his €100 Million release clause, but should the player ask to leave, they may have to change their plans.

Which striker would best suit Arsenal this summer?

  • Aubameyang (51%, 618 Votes)
  • Lacazette (38%, 469 Votes)
  • Belotti (11%, 136 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,223

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  1. Lukaku……he has been a player that Wenger should have signed before he joined Chelsea…….now is our last chance……

    1. All you people saying Lukaku, I doubt if you watch football. Arsenal never cross the ball into the box nor play long balls and he is also poor with the ball on his feet. He will never be an arsenal type of player nor will feet in. No way

      1. And it isn’t a coincidence that he’s stucked to Everton till today. I think even Chelsea aren’t convinced of him

      2. I watch a lot of PL football, 2-4 games a week where possible, and I’ve taken a big interest in Everton over the years as they’re a fantastically unpredictable team to enjoy watching. What you say about Lukaku is rubbish; he’s a great finisher in the box, he can shoot from outside it and has even started taking great free-kicks. A lot of his goals are created on the counter, as such he often carries the ball himself from the half way line, admittedly we often play against deep lying teams but he’s proven time and time again that he can find space and do one or two touch finishing, plus his aerial presence is immense at times, and he doesn’t struggle with his back to goal. And he’s still very young and takes his football and improvements very seriously, plus now he’s being mentored by Thierry Henry – who rates him highly. He repeatedly gets around 20+ goals a season despite playing in an Everton team (and at WBA) that doesn’t always provide him very well, imagine the chances he’d get with our midfield finding him.

      3. a lot of people love players with terrible first touches. We need a replacement for Giroud afterall

    2. I don’t get why people don’t like Lukaku.Chelsea will only only destroy him and people will be happy to say I told you so.Even basing it on potential he’s got more than Lacazette.It’s a shame he’s going to Chelsea to probably waste him.The guy is quality player and to me he’s got what Arsenal need.

  2. 1st choice: Mbappe or Lewandowski.
    If not them then Belotti, or Lukaku, or Aubameyang.
    Finally, if none of the above then Morata or Lacazette.

    If we play 3-4-2-1 again then we need a strong presence who can hold the ball up which in the PL usually means a bigger physique (but not always). If we adopt our more traditional 4-2-3-1 then height is a must as crossing is a big part in that.
    Add vin Dijk and either Barkley or Mahrez (whilst keeping Ox, Alexis and Özil) and we have a team that can win the PL. Let youth and fringe players with the odd first teamer compete in the Europa. And bring back Szczesny to battle Cech for the number 1 jersey.

  3. I’d go for Aubameyang or Belotti.They should try Belotti first then if it fails they should go for Auba.Belotti can only get better and he seems to be at the right place at the right time.He’s those kind of lucky guys who’ll always get a lot of chances and will always score many goals.We should try at least.Aubameyang has everything Arsenal need in a striker and us also quicker than a lot of players.He’s at the age where he’ll just be giving his best and he has a lot of experience so he would suit Arsenal.Lacazette is better than our two CF’s but for£60 it would be a waste.His stats ate good but I advice people to watch him also.He’s not really as good as people think though.He should rather have been the last option.I hope Arsene doesn’t make a mistake with the striker signing because we might be stuck with the striker for quite a while.If everything fails I urge him to go for Chicharito who I think would bury a lot of the chances created and he’s always a menace for the opposition with his speed;movement,dribbling and finishing.He also has the qualities Arsenal need.Based on quality I rate him higher than Lacazette and Ithink he’d do much better than him even if he statistically beats him in his league.

    1. Lacazette for sure. I honestly don’t think we can afford Aubameyang, even though I would prefer him over anyone else, but Lacazette makes more sense. He should cost us between 50-55 million euros, and we should be able to afford that. And his goal record speaks for itself. He will certainly be a great addition to our team.

  4. 1. Aubameyang – Fast / tall / good technic / has ambition to go all the way to the top / proven goal score for club and country. (chances of getting him = slim, only has eyes for Madrid and with no CL football I just don’t see it happening)

    2. Belotti – Strong / bullish in the box / wants to prove himself (Chances of getting him = Average, activate his release clause and his team might just give in)

    3. Lacazette – Fast / good record so far for club (Chances of getting him = I have no idea at the moment, reports keep changing each week)

    4. No striker purchase – attributes = 0 (chances of getting no one = very high with the current indications)

  5. ?? You just know it’s Sad times when Voting is about the closest were going to get to one of those strikers.

  6. Wenger is blaming the uncertainty of key players futures for dampening his transfer activities ? ? at least his excuses have changed.
    ?? Wow, i wouldn’t be surprised if this scenario was planned out a year ago or so ago.??

  7. Belotti. Strong, decent pace and has proven his qualities against strong defenses. He would fit perfectly in premier league and Arsenal style of play.

    Aubameyang would find it hard to perform half as good in Arsenal Style and Lacazette is just another Walcott.

  8. Words from a source close to Mbappe

    “Wenger, he is a great. If Mbappé were to sign for Arsenal tomorrow, it would be for him. He knows how to produce youngsters and especially former French international team forwards, Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka. Only playing in the Europa League is not an obstacle for him.”

    Another supposed source close to Mbappé’s entourage had the following to say on the player’s current situation:

    “Kylian is currently thinking things over. Either he will go to a stepping-stone club, or directly to a great club. But his aim is very clear: to sign for one of the two biggest clubs in the world, they are Real Madrid or Barcelona for him, before reaching the age of 22.”

    Too many rumours

    1. Hey man, your getting the hang of this ??

      You got to love the ‘stepping stone club’ comment, sounds like a done deal to Arsenal then? Then sold off by the time he is 22-23.

      Kylian Mbappé – the latest from Le Parisien
      In a report by Le Parisien, an alleged source close to Kylian Mbappé this morning appeared to give Arsenal hope of landing the AS Monaco man.

      “Wenger, he is a great. If Mbappé were to sign for Arsenal tomorrow, it would be for him. He knows how to produce youngsters and especially former French international team forwards, Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka. Only playing in the Europa League is not an obstacle for him.”

      Another supposed source close to Mbappé’s entourage had the following to say on the player’s current situation:

      “Kylian is currently thinking things over. Either he will go to a stepping-stone club, or directly to a great club. But his aim is very clear: to sign for one of the two biggest clubs in the world, they are Real Madrid or Barcelona for him, before reaching the age of 22.”

      Le Parisien also claim that AS Monaco have mandated Jorge Mendes to do any Kylian Mbappé deal should the player demand to leave the Principality this summer.

      1. yeah man getting the hang of this site. maybe you could help me get rid of the negative energy on here

  9. Not completely in this order but for me it will be it will look like this.

    Griezmann – staying at Atletico Madrid.

    Aubameyang – Real Madrid or PSG

    Lukaku – Chelsea – PL proven but around £90m? I’m not impressed overall quality.

    Morata – I think Real M want around £70m and I think he will become one of the best ST in future
    but not really what we need right now.

    Lacazette – No big competition from clubs – not proven at top level but his goal scoring stats has been very consistent and thats very important for a ST. Him + a wide striker/winger like Mbappe or Martial who also can play ST will do it for me.

    Mbappe – Real Madrid but will they give him consistent first team football?
    I’m all for spending money but around £100m – £150m is too much too much even for me.

    I think this situation we find our selves in it’s our fault and we as a club need to do better. Don’t tell me it’s impossible too find world class players at reasonable cost, Sanchez?
    Remember Carlos Vela? We had a clause on him and it was then Griezmann was becoming the player we know now. We had really amazing chance too make a deal with Real Sociedad to get griezmann since they really wanted to keep Carlos Vela. Why did we not do that??

    Martial, Mbappe and Kante was all players Wenger did now about very well.
    Where are they now?

    Aletico M. was ready to sell Griezmann to United and then buy Lacazette. Why would Altetco M. buy him? I can promise you that we would be all crying for Lacazette after a good season at Atletico M.
    Greizmann would be my nr 1 choice but let’s be honest he does not have world class scoring stats or even beat Sanchez in scoring. His has overall great FW. My point is we can’t always treat players different because of they play for national team and CL etc.

    Please share your thoughts.

    1. Okay, Since you said “Please” ??
      My thoughts: You wasted your time & effort on stating the obvious ?

      Arsenal is a club full of ? “If’s” ?? “what’s & maybe’s” ?? with plenty of “Butts” everywhere.

  10. I love the fact that year after year we believe we can compete for top strikers. If we were not expecting Benzema it was Higuain or Lacazette or Morata or some other hot property.

    Why in all honesty would you really think we would sing a player of that caliber. When is the last time we signed a player of that magnitude?

    Forget about Aubamayang or Mbappe, don’t speak about them with your friends, you will only like a fool come September and once again we didn’t sign Aubamaynag or Mbappe or Morata.

    It is unlikely to happen so spare yourself the foolish day dreaming.

    1. Here is someone who is telling the truth. Can’t wait for the window to end and to come back to these comments to ask a few questions. I’m beyond sure we’ll only sign bang average players or young prospects, but not in Mbappe’s price range. We are the Arsenal, we are sliding down, down, down.
      Please don’t buy merchandise, that’s the only place we can get them. Season tickets will always be sold.

  11. I was under the impression that Wenger initially wanted Lacazette and Mbappe. Well if Mbappe is unobtainable why can’t he go for Lacazette and Aubameyang? To me this compromise is a no brainer.

  12. Thanks for the replies.
    Fatboy Gooney: I know I stated the obvious but this big money transfer talk is annoying specially when we shoot ourselves in the foot to begin with.

    Janssen: I pretty much agree with you
    “When is the last time we signed a player of that magnitude?”
    Sanchez, Ozil? Everything is not doom and gloom we just make awful lot of mistakes.
    Tell me about it. Best friend is Real M. supporter and does he his best trying make me support them and the other one supports Chelsea. I never mention big name signings around them:P

    I think Aubameyang said something about only leaving for Real M. if he was to leave?

  13. For me I never rated Mbappe as our immediate solution based on his age and the uncertainty surrounding the continuation of players form(1 yr of greatness) and change of clubs. The same goes to Belotti. I think we should be thinking about consistently proven strikers like Aguero, Aubameyang, Chicharito who have seen good competitions.

    This is no time for prospects. This is time for immediate fix(if the club must make a statement for EPL).
    If we cannot get a proven player lets maintain and retain our current squad. We are not signing for signing sake but to make a statement.

    What is going to be interesting to me in the coming season is the effect of no UCL on the fitness of our players as we can easily play our reserves for Europa league games depending on who we are facing.

    1. Prospect / Positively destined.

      It’s different when you are trying to get a player on the cusp just before they become unattainable. There is still risk involved but it’s completely different than what Chelsea do with stockpiling youngsters.

  14. Why not sign Chicharito and put an end to this hulabaloo.The guy has quality and I’ve watched him enough to know he’s not the kind of player who’ll be missing chances.His best attribute is his movement and speed.He finishes chances off like world class players and can beat his man very well.In fact he always causes trouble and keeps opposition players on their toes. I don’t see why he won’t take us to the next level.I rate him higher than both Lukaku and Lacazette.I urge all of you to watch him at the Confederations Cup.He ws the best player in the Mexico vs Portugal game.He’s also tested in other leagues and even impressed while at Madrid.

  15. Mbappe – very unlikely. I’d go for Aubameyang, he’d scare the living daylights out of PL defenders. A natural goalscorer with great technique and probably the quickest around. I regularly watch the Bundesliga on BT Sport and have never seen him have a bad game and he plays with a smile on his face (smiling assassin?).

    I suppose one could hope!!!

  16. Had Arsenal ever signed any of the popular Arsenal fans wish signing before? This is the question we should all ask ourselves in our agitations to want any of the strikers of: Aubameyang, Lukaku, Mbappe, Lacasette and Belotti signed by. Arsenal this summer. Arsenal won’t sign any of the above strikers simply because they don’t do a signing because the Gooners in their comment numbers want them to do a particular signing.

    Did we forehand knew they were going to sign Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez before they submitted biddings for them last summer? Le Prof has said he’ll sign one to three players this summer and one, a Kolasinac has been signed already out of the likely three new signings he’ll do this window.

    But for these new signings to become a reality for us, players has to leave Arsenal before new ones can come in. Sonogo is the only Gunner that has left Arsenal this summer and Kolasinac has been signed to replace him. Just as they took us unawares last summer when they signed Lucas Perez who didn’t come top for Arsenal last season but could do so this coming season if he’s retained by Arsenal. so do I believe that Arsenal could once again surprise us this summer with another striker and a mid fielder who are not much known to us but well known by Le Prof and the Arsenal scouts.

    1. in some instances it’s good. remember how everyone wanted us to sign Jansen and were upset when he signed for Spuds.. now he’s a flop and i don’t see him as potential world class

  17. Only 4 players in the top 5 leagues in europe scored 5+ goals each with the left foot, right foot and with the head……Aubameyang,belotti,lukaku and cavani

  18. Lacazette is not as quick as people make out, he’s fast but not lightening quick like the French produce at times. He’s got a decent touch though, and his control though not excellent is good, and at times very good. He’s good in and around the box, making space for shots. Auby is superior in counter attack mode, when he gets to open up like a Ferrari. He’s good at shooting beyond the defenders without having to be one on one with GK. Belloti is great in and around the box, he’s a more instinctual player. Lukaku can be very good at times, but his ball control needs improvement. His power makes defenders have a difficult day, though the best CBs will revel in it. He’s got a powerful shot and can put chances away if they come his way.

  19. If you guys honestly believe we’ll get any of the over 40 million pound strikers, I suggest you buy a Welbeck number 7 shirt from satan kroenke and his accountant Wenger.

  20. Need Auba and LeMar
    A complete team to challenge and win the league
    2 Ox
    3 Sead
    4 Boss
    5 Holding
    6 MustafI
    7 Xaka
    8 Ozil
    9 ALexis
    10 AUBA
    11 Lemar
    This team will win the league

  21. I like Auba a lot but I got to say Lacazette, I think Lacazette will get more joy against the physical defence of teams like Stoke… Plus Lacazette will have no AFCON next time that comes around, kinda hurts EPL teams to lose such an important figure at the start of the year.

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