Which strikers would realistically come to Arsenal this summer?

Greetings all, Midkemma here with another thought I would like to share with you beautiful Arsenal supporters ^.^
This time the thought is about a striker and which ones could we go for, which ones would be good enough, which ones would get the fans singing?

Some names jump to mind to get the fans singing, Lacazette is one of my favourite but Aubameyang is another one and we can dream about Messi… but would any of them consider coming to Arsenal now?

We have missed out on UCL football for the 1st time in 21 years and this is new to a lot of younger Arsenal fans, some of our young passionate fans in education have never seen Arsenal without UCL football, it is such a strange situation for us to be in now that it is hard to tell if we can get the top players we would like or not.

What happens now if we throw that list of currently performing players for respected top clubs out the window? The list will include players we can not get yet anyway so for me it is the obvious avenue, research and get a Lacazette before he had built a reputation for scoring every season or buy Aubameyang before he went to Borussia Dortmund, this I feel would be Arsenals best way of getting the striker we need.

We need a striker who can score but will see Arsenal as a step up still.

Lukaku could be one, Everton finished below us and we thrashed them in style on the last day of the season, too little too late but it was a good game to watch. Biggest hurdle here though would be Chelsea, if no team goes in for him then we might be able to get him.

Another striker I think is worth taking serious is Dembele at Celtic, we were interested in him before and he has gone on to score a respectable number of goals and helping Celtic go unbeaten.

In Italy we could look at Belotti, again Chelsea appears to be our biggest rival for his signature from EPL teams, if they get Lukaku then we go for Belotti, if they go for Belotti then we jump in on Lukaku.

Timo Werner is a young promising striker who would see Arsenal as a step up, he has scored the same amount of goals per game as Lukaku and like Lukaku, he has done it in a team that isn’t exactly known for dominating their league.

There are strikers well known in their respective league but less known internationally and those strikers do compare with some of the big names.

So my thought is this, do we need a headline name as a striker this transfer? What striker would you like to see at Arsenal and how would you convince them to join us?



  1. Kedar Damle says:

    Nobody… I don’t think so Wenger would buy anyone this summer… May be you can say Henry Onyekuru for 7 Millions… Apart from this I don’t see anyone coming to Arsenal this season…

    1. Yossarian says:

      Spot-on. The answer to all the questions about “Which striker will Arsenal buy this summer” is “Henry Onyekuru” or possibly some other centre-forward that you hadn’t heard of until now.

      Wenger doesn’t like buying well-known established centre-forwards. He likes getting wingers and wide-forwards that can be used as strikers, so that he can move everybody around to accommodate his favourite players.

    2. Midkemma says:

      Henry Onyekuru is apparently weighing more offers he has had.
      Agent Mark McKay claims that if Monaco sell MBappe then Onyekuru is targeted as his replacement.

      Eupen have bids from Anderlecht and Club Brugge while the exhaustive list of clubs to have made other offers includes Arsenal, Red Bull Leipzig, Schalke, Borussia Dortmund, Monchengladbach, Lyon, Lille, Monaco, Nice, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Fiorentina and Roma.

      Please keep in mind that if our scouting is to work then we should be making bids on players we have not heard about, they shouldn’t be our marquee signing but it is good to invest in quality.

      We do not know if this kid will be another SoNoGoals or if he will burst on the scene like Anelka did.

  2. Franko says:

    Pay Sanchez and Ozil what they want. I repeat…..Arsene Wenger should go for Andrea Belotti of Torino. He reminds me of Diego Costa without the attitude problem. He is pacy and uses both foot perfectly, good hold up play for team mates and very good finishing ability. He is also very good with his head and he would be cheap compared to the other top strikers out there. We should also get Henry Onyekuru and another creative midfielder like LEON GORETZKA. Sell the deadwood and free up wages, stick with the 3-4-2-1 formation and we are good to go for next season

    1. Kedar Damle says:

      Belotti is too expensive for Arsenal…. We can’t afford him…. Instead of such expensive player I would like to go for Edin Dzeko a proven premier League goal scorer and very cheap as compared to other players…. He has also scored and assisted more goals than Belotti in the last year Serial A….

    2. Midkemma says:

      Belotti looks a good prospect, I do think there are a number of good choices but the media like to focus on some players and the hype becomes about a small select group.

      Lacazette should have been a household name before now with how he has been performing but his name wasn’t mentioned as much as other unrealistic targets and if anything the media seem to put him in a Went Ham bracket rather than a Real Madrid bracket. We heard more about Morata than Lacazette but Lacazette was the one performing.

      There has to be more strikers than the media talks about that could do the job and I bet some of the supporters will know about random players which others haven’t heard about, watched a player and thought “WOW!”…

  3. Ozil tackles make Hazard cry says:

    We have an issue here. He says he sees one or two players turning the squad into a league winning one.

    However, if we assume we stay with a back three then we are short on quality players at wing back and at central midfield. He already has a left sides defender lined up which means one. So the second would probably need to be a central midfielder (or another wing back if Ox stays and is used as a utility player where he plays across the wing back positions both sides or central midfield if needed)

    On top of this there is obviously issues at Board level where the support for Wenger has become split. They somehow have to keep Sanchez and Ozil as well as bring more in. Sanchez leaving means we would have no players that can score regularly.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Wenger said TOP QUALITY signings and that was after Sead deal looks to have been mostly sorted.

      This could mean 1 or 2 marquee signings with say 3-5 squad signings.

      I would tend to agree when looking at the wording, we do only need 1 or 2 quality signings.

      1 CF and 1 CM.

      Our CB choices are not as bad as some may first think, we did keep out Chelsea with the slow Per… Some people may have argued that Holding wasn’t a quality signing when we bought him, he has since shown to be a bargain signing and a quality player.

      Word play happens a lot in politics and politics is more than who runs the Gov, everything has politics and football is no different.

  4. ZEN2OH says:

    I think Aubameyang and Beloti are the Best option for now if we really want to spend big at least, since we changed into this formation, we look solid, Beloti may be more realistic than Aubameyang, if you noticed , a pacy striking force makes us press high on opponents, but if we give him up to 230 wages per week and buy him for 50-55 million pounds i think Aubameyang would come, but if not Beloti is the perfect other option.
    Another area i feel we should adress is our mildfied, since carzola get injuries every time, i think we need well experienced players like Andres Iniesta of Barcelona would be a massive adding to our midfield, he wants to leave Barca, he wants new challenge, we could make him come to Arsenal, and give him up to 280 weakly wages and take him for 2 years, but with Wenger our coach i doubt it,
    Getting a Deffensive midfielder in person of Everton Idrissa Guaye, won most tackles last season, won 2nd most tackles 2 seasons ago, very similar to kante.
    Another solid Center Back, Any solid one would do, but a pacey one would be fine
    Depth in Squad? we really need to strengthen our squad because we always have injury problems and we have alot of games to be played, WE WILL PLAY MORE GAMES NEXT SEASON THAN BEFORE beasuase of Europa League.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      34yo Iniesta?

      What happen to lack of pace and ageing?

    2. Midkemma says:

      If we could get Auba to sign for us after bidding a record fee (Arsenal record at least) then I will be singing all season long ^.^
      I have admired him for a while and I can not imagine any team seeing a front 3 of Alexis, Auba and Ozil and think it is fine… Every team will end up with brown underwear 😛
      In my head though, he is unrealistic, he has already said he wouldn’t join us and we had UCL football back then. We are not his fav club, he has shown to be happy where he is currently and he has indicated which teams he would consider leaving for. He might change his mind once the ££££ are flashed but then I wonder if I would like a player with more passion for ££ than winning.

      Some players though want to prove themselves and try and aim to be the best… If you want to be the best then you play in a good league and for a team who can display their quality against the other top teams.
      Some other player want to develop and want game time, a team just outside the top can be ideal as they can offer game time while the top team has a top player already.

  5. reddb10 says:

    Ozil can get lost. we dont want a player on over 250k that plays decntly once every 20 games.

    1. Frank says:

      Yeah if Arsenal were going to play Ozil that, I would prefer selling him and getting Aguero.

  6. Spencer says:

    The best option for us has got to be Lacazette, he has a massive respect and friendship with Henry, perhaps he can do us a favour in landing him. The prices being touted for Belotti are crazy at 85m, Griezeman and Aubameyang are going to well above our price scale and will 100% want to be in the UCL. We bid 29m for Lacazette and we were told 55 so dropped out. At this moment in time I think 55 would be a good bit of business for a player who has hit 29 goals and 5 assists in 31 games in all competitions! I hope he can be convinced with Europa league for just one season before we win the league next year!

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      I agree with you 100%. The problem with Lacazette however is two fold. Firstly, apparently he wishes to go to Atletico to be with Griezeman and secondly we cannot offer him Champion’s league football. Although these problems seem insurmountable, it is my firm belief that if Arsenal make Lacazette the right offer he will be ours. It is literally about showing ambition and money.

      1. Midkemma says:

        There may be a silver lining, if UTD do get Griezmann then that is one less reason for Lacazette to join AM. Still UCL is something he wants and we do not have.

        I will hold hope we can get a top CF but are their any CF you have seen which you feel might be a hidden gem?

        I was really happy to see Anelka perform and then sad to see him sold, he wasn’t a big name before he signed for us so I would be happy for another unexpected GOOD surprise. 🙂

  7. Goonergaz59 says:

    I feel that making 1or 2 big signings would give us more chance of keeping the likes of Sanchez and ozil.

    1. Midkemma says:

      While I agree, I do have this thought I would like to share 🙂

      Alexis is enjoying being the main man at Arsenal, would he be happy with a quality signing even if it wasn’t a ‘big’ signing compared to other clubs ‘big’ signings…

      He was happy to leave Barca as he was basically in Messi shadow, Alexis wanted to be the main man and Wenger I bet promised him that, he has been our main man since joining and we all read about how Wenger has talked a player into joining us. He has never been in anyone’s shadow since wearing the red and white, Alexis creates the shadows that others are in.

      Let us dream for this thought experiment, Arsenal have just signed Messi!!!!! Woooo!!
      How would Alexis feel? Messi would be a bigger name and he would be put back into the shadow of Messi…

      I wonder if the signing we need to make is quality over name to keep Alexis, not saying we shouldn’t look at respected names already but I wonder if that is such an issue with Alexis.

  8. stefan says:

    lukaku/belotti/aguero/ modeste/bas dust…lacazete would have been my first choice though

    1. Midkemma says:

      I totally forgot about Modeste, just turned 29 so at the peak of his peak.
      Looks like a monster of a man.
      He has played in the UK before for Blackburn and failed to impress, it wasn’t the only season he has failed to impress, this s his best year so far and as such, could be a 1 season wonder.

      Bas Dost is a name not many would know I bet, German football is quite entertaining as a neutral and going from his time in Germany, I wouldn’t want him. I just looked up his stats and this season he done very well! What happened to him? With those figures I am surprised he isn’t in more rumors, 34 goals in 31 appearances! Amazing!

  9. bran99 says:

    hard to attract strikers unless we keep Sanchez. Wenger presence and no UCL cannot attract any world class players

    1. neil says:

      Wenger is main reason that Sanchez and Ozil came to arsenal… so no point using your bais against him as the reason ! UCL .. yes players unlikely to come unless we pay like Man Utd did for Pogba and Ibra.. Arsenal wont pay those silly wages and even then Man Utd only barely scraped through to UCL.. would have been interesting to see if Pogba and Ibra stayed had the lost !

  10. Samuel Ogungbayi says:

    Go on a spending spree like a drunken sailor to bring in good players ,what happens if Wenger refuses to give them play time like he did to Lucas Perez,a player bought for 17 million pounds .? In the past it was Podolski who left in frustration because after scoring in a match he found himself on the bench for the next three matches or more . Joe Campbell was another victim. Fans asked why Wenger was not giving him game time based on demonstrated performance last season when Theo,the Ox and Ramsey were injured or off form.There was no verbal response ,but he responded later by sending the young lad to Portugal on loan! Why ? Any player not identified by Wenger himself or he did not call on phone or visited personally and get involved from beginning to the end before coming to Arsenal does not get playing time no matter his performance . Go to the records and compare his involvement in bringing in Ramsey and Ozil with that of Campbell , Podolski and Lucas Perez and you will see the type of manager Wenger is. In the first match of Lucas Perez in EFL CUP, he scored 2 goals ,one a striker’s goal but Wenger in his comments after the match criticized him for relying too much on his left foot! I knew then that Lucas Perez is in trouble .I however asked Wenger in my comment on Soccernet which foot his favourite Ozil or Giroud rely on.That is Wenger who benches goal scorers to lose a match that we could have won and then would smile that the opponents defended well in a post match interview . That’s Wenger for you.
    Arsenal has very good players and I was vindicated by the performance against Chelsea in the FA Cup at Wembley. They did not only win but passed the ball well ,attacked well and defended resolutely with players that would have been on the bench but for injuries and suspension of Kolshieny
    So Ozil could track back and defend with a sliding tackle? Why has he not been doing that for the past three years? The reason is the manager who always defended him whenever the press and fans criticized him for poor performance.
    If Wenger stays , the Board should give him only 1year with a TARGET he must meet with the team .Let him be accountable to some people for once after so many years of being his own Lord and Master. Wenger’s training regime is low in quality to Mourinho’s . Patrick Vierra and William Gallas who were captains under Wenger and had played under Mourinho said this in separate interviews in March when the “Wenger Out” brigade wanted him out by the end of the season.
    Let nobody ascribe the performance of Arsenal at Wembley to Wenger. Give the players the credit for giving their all .Wenger’s failure as a manager is his inability to get that type of performance out of his good players throughout the season for over a decade ! Arsenal’s good run towards the end the season is not due to any WENGER INPUT . The players always play at top gear in order not to lose their Champions League Allowances. Nothing more.
    Bring in good players ,I am in support but the MANAGERIAL ACUMEN of the manager with TACTICAL TRAINING/ FLEXIBILITY depending on opponents to meet determines the success of any team at the end of the season. That’s why Conte succeeded in his first season in England with “strange ” players he met on ground while our own Wenger has not won the Premier League in over a decade with players comprising internationals and ex- internationals he has being buying himself .
    Buying good players ,which Wenger has been doing , is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for winning the Premier League or Champions League.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Joel Campbell has an attitude issue and that is why he is always out on loan, have you payed any attention to our loaned out players? Sporting do not want him anymore. He has gone against their manager and ignores their fans.

      Perez has not had Wengers trust, why?
      We did bid for Lacazette but we didn’t take the bid serious enough and offer enough.
      Wenger didn’t want Perez if he was after Lacazette and I feel us fans would have wanted the same, Lacazette over Perez.

      Why didn’t we bid enough?
      We had spent close to £70 mil on 2 players, AFC have been spending aprox ticket sales per year on transfers, so how much was left over going by this pattern? Around £30 million. That is around what we bid for Lacazette.
      Silent Stan will not allow AFC top spend more than it generates, if we could have invested some of next seasons ticket sales/transfer fee then we could have affording him… Business model.

      Podolski was a great character but after watching every game while he was with us, he was not good enough, he had a godly left foot but that was it. He didn’t have the raw pace to get past players, didn’t have the footwork to dribble past players, was slightly above average in passing, not the most creative player… but he popped up with good goals and he always had a smile on his face. I do not dislike Podolski, I like him, I just didn’t think he was good enough. 16, 12, 3. That is his goal return for the years. Theo hasn’t done good enough this year and he contributed towards 19 goals, more than Podolski did in a season, how can we say Podoski was good enough if Theo shouldn’t play because he isn’t good enough?

  11. Nebsy says:

    I reckon Arsenal should fully turn to the rough diamonds when dealing in the transfer market.
    In the world of top footballers we’re powerless, and to buy a decent, or a semi-decent player of some stature is not much better than buying a lot of unknown players that might turn into top players eventually.
    There never was a chance that a top-top player will join Arsenal when the likes of chavsky manure and mancity can offer better squad and better wages. A top player won’t join Arsenal in a long-long time. Especially once Sanchez buggers off.
    Therefore, they should invest heavily into scouting and pray that the players they bring in can turn into Mahrezes, Vardys, Dele Alis, Bellerins and Holdings.
    I’d feel much better knowing we’ve successfully signed the young possible next Henry, than knowing we’ve almost signed Aubameyang, but had to go for a second hand OllieGesque striker.

    1. Frank says:

      Dortmund and Atletico always seem to find and produce great talent. Maybe we should poach their scouts.

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