Which targets do the Arsenal fans want for next season?

This summer is likely to be a busy one in North-London, with three exits already confirmed, and a string of others likely to follow.

Mathieu Flamini, Mikel Arteta and Tomas Rosicky are all leaving, with their contracts having ended, and will need to be replaced. Kieran Gibbs and Per Mertesacker could also be forced to leave in search of regular action, while Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez are also linked with the exit door, and Danny Welbeck has been ruled out for the next nine months, leaving a number of players needed for the upcoming campaign.

Granit Xhaka is most strongly linked with a move to Arsenal this month, and has already said his goodbyes to his current club Borussia Monchengladbach. The 23 year-old was his club’s captain, and could bring some much-needed leadership to the Gunners first-team.

One of the stand-out players of the Premier League season is claimed to have ‘decided’ to join us at the Emirates next season, is my personal preference over any other to make the switch. The job he done this season is nothing short of exceptional, and would give us a huge boost in our bid to win the PL title next season.

Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge has been linked with an unlikely switch to Arsenal, and following their dismal Europa League final, they no longer have any European football to participate in next season. Maybe he could push to leave?

I revealed Kante as my choice in the thread, but who would you pick?

Which recent target is most wanted at Arsenal?

  • Alvaro Morata (31%, 778 Votes)
  • Granit Xhaka (19%, 482 Votes)
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (19%, 474 Votes)
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan (13%, 320 Votes)
  • N'Golo Kante (11%, 265 Votes)
  • Daniel Sturridge (7%, 170 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,489

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  1. This club desperately needs a goal scorer. We need someone who can score 25-30+ goals per season, someone who can dribble and get behind defenses. After we buy a ST, we need to go a CB, Gabriel (unless he improves massively) is not fit for the premier league yet. Xhaka is just to replace flamini/arteta but that would mean Coquelin would always come off the bench which would stall his progress imo.

    1. Morata is a complete striker. He fired Juve to a champions league final. He’s pacy, he can dripple, he’s got great ball control, an incredible goals to minutes ratio, he’s good in the air and he can hold the ball up. He’ll score 40-50 a season in our team easily. He’d be our best striker since Henry. A lot of people haven’t seen him play much.

        1. Most of those appearances were off of the bench. Morata is in an unlucky position of being in the same club as the natural successor to Aguero. Again, have you seen him play?

          Why are PSG, City, United, Chelsea and even Wenger willing to pay £40 Million for him? You sound like you’ve never seen him play. I’m sure professional scouts and those that have actually seen him play know more about him than armchair fans that call him overrated. He’s an insane striker.

    2. You said it yourself, we need a 25-30 goal/season striker. Morata has potential to become just that, but he isn’t that this season, so his €51M price is just way out of this world for people with the minds of Wenger/Kroenke/Gazidis. Zlatan has an insane requirement for salary, but he does in turn offer much of this insanity back as goals and assists.

      I don’t expect any of them to come though. I believe Wenger will say that Giroud has proven himself as our first choice striker after the four goals scored in the last two matches of the season, and with Welbeck out for ‘only’ 9 months, we can rely on Walcott (who will sadly not leave the club) and Akpom

  2. In an ideal world we would get Xhaka and Mkhitaryan, plus a CB and striker. Also keeping Sanchez and Ozil. But we all know something like this wont happen.

    I know Morata is a good player but is he really worth 51m… this guy has only scored 7 league goals in 16 appearance and coming on as a sub 18 times. Also we haven’t been linked to one centre back yet!

    1. Morata is world class. There’s a reason Madrid are paying £23 Million for him and selling him to the highest bidder. The guardian say United and PSG also wanted him. They say that Wenger is annoyed because Madrid want a higher price after the Euros and Wenger apparently wanted the signing done before the Euros for £30 Million+.

    2. Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Chilwell, Manolas- and probably a combinations of strikers, Janssen and Morata.

      I would push for a move for Higuain- we need someone to finish at least 6-8% more of our chances. Hence Mkhitaryan to create and score EVEN more. Aubameyang was mooted before, but I haven’t heard much of that lately and he’ll be 60+

      However I think it’s more likely we look for more potential in a player- Janssen has shown himself to be clinical and possess great pace, is two-footed as well. Our squad could do with two striker additions given Welbeck’s injury, Giroud’s inconsistency and Walcott’s disappearance.


      Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Chilwell, Manolas, Janssen, Morata. but we’ll probably get three of those according to Wenger lol.

  3. The way I see it is that we need a ST first(lack of goals) then DM and lastly a CB. Cech won the golden glove so it’s pretty clear where we need to strengthen first. We didn’t win the league mainly due to lack of goals.

    1. Up front: Griezmann or Mkhitaryan or Lukaku
      DM: Kante or Xhaka
      CB: Stones or Aymeric Laporte

  4. I feel like the Morata transfer is all smoke and mirrors (as others have suggested on here). When wenger pays big, it is for a proven talent that he feels like is a good deal. Morata is not a proven talent, and at 51 mil would definitely not be a deal. Also, with the stance that Giroud will start the season next season as our main striker, I believe we will go for a young talent fopr striker, but not at a price above 20 mil.

    With that said, I actually can see us signing Sturidge if the price is right (i.e. around 25 mil) because of injuries, unrest at Liverpool, and no European football.

    Also, admin, nice job with the polls. I think theyre a great addition to the site.

    1. You even seem Morata play? He single handedly fired Juve to a champions league final. He scored in 2 semi final legs against Madrid last year year and against Barcelona in the final. He also wrecked Man City this season.

      1. @arsenalman365

        37 goals in 144 appearances is a very poor record, and it looks even worse when you consider those goals were for Real Madrid and Juventus!

        Giroud has scored way more than Morata, in a tougher league, for a less dominant team. So why on earth would you want Morata, when Giroud is clearly better?

        1. Most of those appearances were substitute. He’s miles better than Giroud! Have you ever seen him play? I bet you haven’t.

  5. Lewy, Auba or Lukaku for ST role

    Griezmann, Mikhtaryan , gotze or Yarmolenko for Winger role

    Xhaka or Kante for MF role

    An extra CB and LB….

    Know i’m asking too much, so i better stop!

    And start thinking of Sanogo prototype signings L()L

  6. Apparently Arsenal (Wenger) has bid £23m for Xhaka, £10m lower than Bor.M had expected. It seems that we might somehow piss off another club, and lose out on another transfer, typical Arsenal behaviour.

    1. Ten million pounds equates to about £9 per ticket for every home PL game, just to put it in context.

  7. Well since Wenger had indicated that he may not be signing more than three players, I guess we will have to prioritize positions we urgently need to fill. First we need a world class striker and Abumayang fits that mold perfectly, we must not compromise on quality here. The second critical position is our defensive midfield position. Coquelin is the only proper DM we have so I think we need enforcement in this position. And if you ask me Kante is the perfect player for this position. The third critical position is our central defense, we need a strong player who can handle our aerial frialty and Manolas is a man perfect for the job. So a summary of the players we need is:
    Striker – Abumeyang
    Defensive Midfielder – Kante
    Central Defender – Manolas

  8. Gotze/Alaba/Isco/Insigne/Sterling/Bonuci/Varane/Benzema/Ibrahimovic/Cavani/Morata.Obiosly not all of them.Just a good pair for CM for Wilshere,a good pair for the other wing for Sanchez,a good experienced or a classy young for defence and a striker who can score at least 20-30 goals/season.So we need just 4 players,but the players that come to be world class or at least very promising and eficient young players.

  9. In: Xhaka, Kante, and Lukaku Bros

    Promote from within: Silva, Toral, Akpom, Bielik, Jeff R-A and Zelaleam.


    GK: Cech, Ospina, Szcz.
    RB: Bellerin, Jenkinson.
    LB: Monreal, Lukaku
    CB: Kos, Gab, Chambers (3rd choice for both CB pos)
    CB: Per, Bielik, Chambers (3rd choice for both CB pos)
    CM: Xhaka, Coquelin, Wilshere
    CM: Elneny, Kante, Cazorla*
    ACM: Ozil, Zelaleam (+ players with * can cover)
    RF: Iwobi, Campbell, Silva
    LF: Alexis , Toral*, Jeff R-A
    CF: Lukaku, Welbroke, Akpom

    Oh dear… No room for Ramsey.. Ah-well.
    Ooops, no Ox either.. Or Theo and Giroud.

    Weak links mostly removed, Per speed still an issue but have Arsenal fans been keeping an eye on Bielik? He keeps on developing like he is and he will be our next Tony Adams. My fantasy would rely on both Chambers and Bielik fighting to be Per’s cover and over the 12 months we could see either Bielik or Chambers step up into that role.

    Apart from RB and LB, I have listed 3 players for each spot, this will help when our injury curse hits again.

  10. Striker, CB, winger… in that particular order. I’d also get a decent backup/future replacement for Santi. Would love to raid BvB for PEA, Mkhitaryan, and Reus. But that’s more of a wishful thinking. But I think if we approached Inter (who are once again without CL football) for Icardi, Brozovic, and Ljajic they would be willing to listen to some offers.

  11. Higuain, Kante & Varane that oughta do it. Sell Giroud Walcott & Mertesacker. Lets face it though it aint gonna happen.

  12. Mkhitaryan is the best player in Germany this season we would be mad not to go for him. We should loan out wingers on the fringe such as gnabry, w.silva, oxlade

    I’m not too keen on lukaku as he isn’t that good in posession
    We could aim for a top striker if we intend to sell giroud otherwise we can get a top young striker(Jensen,batchuyi,Morata)
    Walcott n Sanogoo should go

    Do we need another midfielder? With 3 being released we could sign one promote 2.
    Xhaka looks likely, ozyakup would be an excellent replacement for Rosicky.
    Promote toral birminghams player of the year

    In defence I wouldn’t mind keeping debuchy n Gibbs as they are both dependable back ups. We could loan chambers
    in another Xp CB ; howedes,benatia
    And a young teen left back : ,chilwelll

    Gk situation is interesting I would love to keep ospina, but he may won’t first team like szezney we could cash in and promote Martinez who has been excellent at Wolves

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