Which Ten Arsenal players do you think are up for sale?

Is Mikel Arteta going to make a complete overhaul of the Arsenal squad this summer? It certainly looks like it, as the Times is reporting that Arteta has put TEN players on the transfer list, which basically amounts to a fire sale!

They are saying that four defenders are on the list, and name Calum Chambers and Rob Holding as certainties, and we have a separate report in the Sun saying that Sokratis has spoken to Napoli about a move.

They also say that four midfielders are up for grabs, with Matteo Guendouzi being the obvious first name, and perhaps Ainsley Maitland-Niles? Dare I say that Mesut Ozil may be one of them?

Interestingly, they are saying that two strikers are on the list, one is supposed to be Alexandre Lacazette, but who could the other one be?

No mention of goalkeepers, but I firmly believe that Arteta will cash in on Martinez as he has generated so much interest after his excellent recent performances.

So, which do you think are the ten players that should be on Arteta’s list?


  1. Chambers

    Looks like he will be building around the youngsters. Although I think chambers, holding and AMN should be kept

    1. Holdings , Miatland Niles should not be sold, they still have move to deliver!!! (

      Arsenal should give Miatland Niles more time, he has the strength and pace to play in any team, I liked seeing him on arsenal jersey he reminds me of Gary bale

      Holding! I love his confidence, despite his young age!

      Martinez should have patients ( he should not be quick to quit by him self!!!

      Other should be sold!!! Good decision

      1. Sell Bellerin and keep AMN.. he’s much better, an arsenal boy and English. Plus I think Bellerin would fetch a larger fee. Could be our very own Alexander-Arnold

        1. 👍 Bellerin himself has admitted that he doesn’t like football. Let him pursue his modelling career in Milan, Rome or Paris.

    2. In my opinion, only Mustafi, Chambers and AMN should be kept, I would’ve said Chambers should be sold too, but given our injury records, I’m not so sure. Besides he can play DM too, if needed.

    3. Should be =

      Ozil, Miki, Elnemy, Bellerin, Lacca, Torreira, Holding, Socratis, Mustafi

      Probably =

      Chambers, AMN, Elnemy, Bellerin, Lacca, Torreira, Holding, Socratis

      We should keep Chambers & AMN

  2. What a long transfer window this is going to be. I honestly don’t think many will be sold or bought. It’s going to be hard to shift our players in one window. Also Arteta said we need more depth. You don’t get that by selling half your squad. No way will we sell 10 and buy 10 in one window lol

  3. Chambers, Holding, Sokratis, Mustafi, Lacca, Ozil, Torreira
    Bellerin, Kolasinac, maybe AMN tho I’d keep him..

    Coutinhou saga is too long, too expensive, so forget him and get Zaha

      1. Why do you think AMN who has always been vocal about his willingness to play in mf will want to continue playing RB here, now that lots of clubs are circuling around him to offer what he wants.
        And as for comparison, that is up for debate, I dont see any upgrade of HB on AMN

  4. Most of them except Ozil and Guendouzi. Ozil because there is no market for him due to his salary plus he is still serviceable. Guendouzi due to his potential. If clubs got rid of every player following an altercation, they won’t have any players left.

    1. Agree, MA needs to guide him like Wenger has done for lot of players. This is one of the jobs of the manager. All top managers have that skill, you can not just get rid of talented players because of some silly little issues.

  5. Sokratis Elneny, Nikki, Torreira, Xhaka, Mari, Luiz, Kolas, Ozil, Kolas.

    That should be but Mari & Luiz signings means they here to stay. Same for Xhaka he loves.

    I guess then Mustafi and Holding or Chambers and Niles will be in that list.

    Niles needs to go and blow as gnarby for people to get how talented he is…

      1. The list of ten was a throwaway comment made by an ex player in discussion with a Times journalist.It was not a feature issued by the Times after some investigative work undertaken by the paper.Most sensible Arsenal fans recognise our strengths and weaknesses without being influenced by punters or ex players.

  6. Sokratis (next to possibly leave)
    Elneny (will be gone)
    Mhiki (loaned already)

    Willian In – Replaces Mhiki
    Wages pay itself. Like for like.

    Saliba In – Replaces Sokratis (£5m)

    SmithRowe In – Elneny gone (£8m)

    *Next is Torreira & Guendouzi, Both can be sold £30m+ each. Bring in Partey (£45m) and loan Cabellos (£15m) with view to permanent deal only of we gt UCL following season.

    This is still not much spent, if any at all, just moving money around without moving on 10 players, just ones surplus to requirements with still the likes of Mustafi & Chambers to bring in Fees for the Gabriel Deal.

  7. No one’s mentioned Mavropanos yet.
    If AMN is on your lists then Willock and Nelson should be included.
    And here’s the big one. Until Auba signs a new contract he could be on the list.
    As Grandad said it’s probably all click bait journalism.

    1. Mavro is on loan at Stuttgart for next season. Since we either selling or have defenders on their last year, there will be space for him when he comes back if he’s good enough.

  8. The late Agatha Christie wrote this story almost a hundred years ago. The book have changed it’s title during the years, depending on fluctuations in the political correct, but now it’s called “And then there were none”. Maybe the author of the article hit the Asn’l dilemma on the spot here. Why not send Bellerin, Mustafi, Sokratis etc out to Brexit Island and let them man to man (so to speak) decide how the ax shall decapitate?

    1. Make Bergkamp head of our academy, Dutch are brilliant at setting up academies and putting right playing philosophy. Bergkamp has that in him and I think he will do a fantastic job which will benefit us for years to come.

  9. Let me say to my fellow Gooners who come on to JustArsenal website to comment on any topical and pressing burning issues concerning Arsenal FC, especially as it concerned the Gunners during the transfer windows to try to be careful in their comments making. Let our sense of judgments on any new incoming player signings by AFC and any outgoing Gunners transfer out of the club not be based on emotional outbursts. But purely on football matters. And let us all remember that the JustArsenal website is the Arsenal fans’ general mega phone forum on which our comments are expressed to the Arsenal constituency members that includes the AFC to read and divulge them in their hearts all what us have said in our comments. And know if our comments are selfishly motivated in making or are reasonably made based on positive tenable reasons and facts to justify what us have said. AFC is a full and the most senior member of the Arsenal constituency who I believe also read our comments as us made them on JustArsenal for guidance to guide the club’s chiefs and players in their doings and actions when they read our comments. Which are considered by them as useful advice to the club with us Gooners being the advisors. Therefore, us Gooners should in our advising the club on transfer matters try as much as us can to be objective and correctly spot on in our advice making to the club to take or leave it. So that us don’t miss advice the club on their transfer deals doing this summer window. But be advising them correctly in our comments making.

  10. Don’t just rush to sell your sometimely players…be hoping on something before making decisions on others names to be added to the squad..

  11. The media reported Arsenal target this summer window, Gabriel Maglhaes has been left out by Lilie in their 21 man matchday team sheet today for their Ligue 1 opening season home match at home against Rannes. What does Gabriel omission from Lille’s matchday team sheet today suggest? Has his being left out culorate with the media suggestions that has been suggesting all week that his signing by Arsenal this summer is close and immeniment to be announced?

  12. As per Sky Sports (via Fabrizio Romano and Gianluca Di Marzio), Gabriel has finally agreed to join Arsenal and will fly to London on Monday for his medical and unveiling.

  13. 1 Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    2 Konstantinos Mavropanos
    3 Sokratis Papastathopoulos
    4 Mohamed Elneny
    5 Matteo Guendouzi
    6 Mesut ozil
    7 Callum chambers
    8 Sead Kolasinac
    9 Shkodran Mustafi
    10 Lucas Torreira

    Could all leave and won’t be missed with AMN could slot into midfield if needed as well as RB. Thomas Partey or a similar mould midfield along with Dani Ceballos cm is sorted. Expect a better season from youth players. Mari Luiz Saliba holding and “Gabriel” cb would leave our team looking good and if we cleared all we need to why not go for a Coutinho/Thiago/Aouar be the strongest most balance squad we had in years

  14. Leaving Arsenal:
    1. Sokrates
    2. Holding – Shame I like him but it’s taking too long to get games under belt to develop
    3. Chambers – probably on the list although I like him and he’s versatile
    4. Mustafi – improved under Arteta but I worry he could be fragile and have another dip in form we can get a good price currently good time to sell
    5. Elneny
    6. Torreira – he wants to leave and head back to Italy
    7. Guendouzi – we all had high hopes but you have to have respect for the manager
    8. Ozil – I think the World Cup knocked him mentally and he’s not the same player
    9. Mhiki (loaned already)
    10. Kolasinac

    Joining first team squad:
    1. Willian
    2. Saliba
    3. Magalhaes – cross fingers
    4. Cabellos – think this should be a perm move
    5. Partey – reports suggest deal is agreed and will be completed first week in September
    6. Aoue – awesome if we can land him
    7. SmithRowe – think he will finally get a run in the first team

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