Which two Arsenal players would you pick to carry us to the League title?

As the Gunners try to win the Premier League title, all eyes are on which talents will carry them there. Arsenal now has a squad full of world-class players, but if I had to pick two, I’d say Bukayo Saka and William Saliba may be the driving forces behind Arsenal’s title bid.

Bukayo Saka

The adaptability of the 21-year-old has piqued the interest of both fans and the manager. He can play fullback and on the wing, among other positions. His performances have been remarkable, and he has provided Arsenal with much-needed energy and creativity. His speed and agility have allowed him to easily handle the ball, allowing other players to attack. Bukayo Saka has become a fan favourite and a vital contributor to Arsenal’s success despite having only three years of Premier League experience.

William Saliba

Last season, the 22-year-old showed that he is a player capable of propelling Arsenal to the top of the Premier League. He was outstanding in his first Premier League season. His ability to read the game and hold the fort in defence helped Arsenal dominate other teams. Saliba has the potential to be one of the league’s top defenders. His stamina, aerial skill, and calmness in defensive duels suggest as much, and I’m sure Arsenal fans are impatiently awaiting him to be dubbed the greatest.

Saka and Saliba both have the potential to be Arsenal’s future stars. They are young, skilled, and hungry to win, all of which Arsenal requires to compete at the highest level.

While more than just these two players are required to win the league, Bukayo Saka and William Saliba are two players that could be crucial to Arsenal in winning the league. They have the potential to be game-changers and are currently among the Premier League’s most exciting young stars.

Which two players would you say will be the most influential this coming season?

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  1. It would be our two main high-pressers, because they will be our first defenders, keep the ball in the final-third and produce goals/ assists

    If Jesus is fit throughout the season, he’d likely become one of them. Odegaard also did it last season, but maybe Havertz will do it to let Odegaard focus on his creativity

  2. For me it’s Trissad, Bukayo and Partey…if they stay fit and in form…the League will be won.

    1. Are you high? Trossard is just a slower less good version of Eden Hazard and Partey proved he doesn’t have the bottle for it

      1. Really ?

        Trosaard is the new Cazorla in this team

        Partey and Saka are indispensable at the moment (at least until Rice shows he can do what Partey does)

        If Saliba gets injured I believe we now have Timber or White to cover

        1. Rice carried West Ham by himself and without him they would be a Championship side now. Trossard is a good technical player and I admire his ability to use both feet but he is not a player to take us to the next level.

  3. Partey and Saka for me. ION: am hearing worrying news, Mbappe loan to Liverpool? 😬😥

    1. Never going to happen. He won’t be going to play Europa League.

      If loaning him for a season is an option, surely Real Madrid would go for it.

      1. @DaJuhi
        So Mbappe will be left on the bench the whole season? He’ll have to go somewhere on loan since he has rejected Saudi 1 year deal.

      2. Real Madrid have already pulled out on signing him. He’s in a place where none of the big clubs can afford him and all the wealthy clubs aren’t in Champions League, except Man City (don’t want/need him) and PSG (who are trying to sell him). He’s expensive, brings problems into club rooms, but he’s really really good and football.

  4. If we are to win the league, I think rice has to be a big player for us – however he ends up playing, he’ll have to play a big part in controlling games from midfield and taking pressure from defence. We need the goals to keep coming from Saka and martinelli in particular, but overall, you could say practically any of our players can lead the way for the season – trossard could easily be one of those players, or jesus or partey or odegaard. If havertz plays to his potential, he might end up being our best player – can’t know yet.

  5. With the utmost respect,there are eleven players in a team and they all are equally important in terms of influencing each match.A team is only as good as it’s weakest link, and defensively we need to reduce the number of schoolboy errors we made last season if we are to win the League. There are 2/3 first team picks who worry me as they are prone to gaffs on a regular basis,and no matter how well we play in midfield and up front, all this good work counts for nothing unless the weak links improve .If they do not it will be up to our Manager to replace them.In a top quality side every player is influential.

    1. You need to be writing these articles, not the nonsense spewing guy that wrote this. You’re exactly right, this is a team sport and it’s all about that weakest link.

  6. Our 2 best players are Saka and Rice but you could include Odegaard and Saliba on this list, too.

      1. Because he’s the best Defensive Midfielder in the Premier League and question was which 2 players would I pick to carry us through the league. Those are my choices.

        We have 4 players who could be considered World Class and those are Saliba, Rice, Saka and Odegaard. That’s the core of our side for the next 5 years.

        You don’t have to agree with me, it’s entirely your choice to be wrong and you are free to be so. I don’t need to see Rice play for us to know how important he will be.

        1. Deluded English fans. Partey not world class? Bro partey still ahead of your darling Rice. Rice cant control a game like partey does.

          1. @tim, just the way Rice haven’t yet adapted to arsenal style of play despite being new in the club. I he will become OK after a while

          1. Agree 100%.
            Rice is a good player, but Casamero, Partey, and Rodri are better with CV to prove it. Facts don’t care about feelings.

            Support our players, but let’s not be delusional.

            Also Martinelli should be on that list also. He’s every bit as good and important as Saka to me, neither are replaceable.

            1. Don’t think quoting Ben Shapiro lines makes your comment anymore correct. Thomas Partey is not as good as the other players on that list.

          2. I’ll give you Casemiro and Rodri but you are way off the mark with Partey. Everyone is deluded when they say he’s the best DM in the world. He’s a better passer than Rice but Rice dominates in every other category. Plus Rice never takes a day off whereas Partey goes missing or gets injured, and clearly Arteta agrees or he wouldn’t have bought him.

            1. Notice how this guy talks, Rice never takes a day off, but he didn’t play for Arsenal in the last match… I’m happy that Rice is at Arsenal, but Partey is really good at his job, and Rice is a better passer than Partey, but that’s his only strength on Partey, so you bringing that up kinda shows how little you understand these two players.

              1. Mate, I know plenty. I am entitled to a different opinion. We don’t need to reach consensus on everything, but it wouldn’t hurt to remain civil whilst disagreeing. I happen to think Partey is very good but overrated by Arsenal supporters. I consider Declan Rice to be better in almost every aspect of the game, particularly defensively. He is bigger, faster, stronger, and fitter and that is why Arteta bought him.

        2. The best DM I the League is btw Rodri, Partey & Casemiro

          Stop deceiving yourself, where did Rice earn that title from

          Did u mean the best DM in West Ham ?

          I’m sure he’s not even the next after those 3 I mentioned

          1. Babasola, I will concede that Casemiro and Rodri are superior players at this time. I also like Joao Palhinha at Fulham. But I do maintain that Rice is better than Partey and clearly Arteta believes so, too.

  7. Two players (Ramsdale & Gabby Magalhaes)

    They say you’re only as strong as your weakest link. And right now, If Gabby Magalhaes plays better and mitigates his errors, and Ramsdale cuts out his occasional mistakes as well, we might just win the league…

      1. So many factors to consider. Not ignoring the importance of Saka and Saliba, we need Jesus and Ramsdale both to have a great season. We need to score more goals, and we need clean sheets.

      2. Sorry Grandad, I mistakenly commented in your space. Not intended as a response to your comments

    1. I would add Zinchenko to that list i saw what he did last season not good at defence he should have been Xhaka’s replacement.

  8. Also look at what would be difficult for us to win it:
    Errors from the GK and Gabriel. Then injuires.

  9. Jorginho will prove the difference on a long run . He will come in at the right time of the season and his impact will be massive and decisive

  10. I can rob holding with a miracle here. He is good enough when given chance. With orsdegard and Ramsdale, thy will terrorize others

  11. I can see rob holding with a miracle here. He is good enough when given chance. With orsdegard and Ramsdale, thy will terrorize others

  12. The title will be won or lost between Thomas Partey and Declan Rice, these are the type of players that can hold a game by the its scruff of the neck and win it for Arsenal.

  13. Couldn’t agree more. William Saliba has the chance to become the best CB in the EPL this season. While Saka can be double marked by opponents, his fellow peers need to increase their level to face the new challenge coming towards them this season. Physicality by the opponents and our own fans.

  14. So many factors to consider. Not ignoring the importance of Saka and Saliba, we need Jesus and Ramsdale to have great seasons. We need to score more goals and we need to keep clean sheets.

  15. completely out of topic here, but i wanted to write it somewhere. did you guys see Fabrizio Romano mentioning that David Raya’transfer to Bayern has collapsed and that “arsenal are now interested”? He quoted david ornstein, so it seems pretty reliable news (that dont really make a lot of sense to me, unless there is something going on that we dont know about).

    1. Reports everywhere that David Raya to Arsenal and Matt Turner to Nottingham Forest 😱

      1. yep, weird that we are going for Raya though, am 100% sure he will want to be no.1 and i dont think we ll be dropping ramsdale any time soon.

    2. I would be surprised but not shocked. I am a Ramsdale fan, but from time to time I wonder if he is going to be our chink in the armour.

    3. Remember the first links for raya started very soon after arteta became manager – wouldn’t be surprised if we went back for him, I think he’s exactly the type of gk arteta wants

      1. Arsenals goalkeeper coach worked with Raya at Brentford I believe.
        If true then Arteta is having doubts about Ramsdale
        Would cost quite abit though .

    4. Chris A
      David Raya was the first goalie Arteta tried to sign since coming to Arsenal.

      Think Turner is a good # 2 that deserves to be seen more time between the sticks

      But when the gaffer likes a player he will try more than once

  16. Any success we have this season IMO will come down to our midfield 2 which I hope will be both rice AND partey ,if played together then we will be all the stronger ,but do they both play together because of the Havetz signing and Arteta shoehorning him in unless we go for a completely different set up .

  17. Saliba has to stay fit throughout.

    Saka, Ode and Martinelli have to reach next and last level of their abilities. We will be unstoppable.

  18. If Ramsdale and Gabriel be more consistent and weed out their occasional brainfarts, Arsenal will be in good place. It’s always the defence that win or lose titles.

  19. To me it’s Arteta

    I think Man City won the league cos Guardiola edged him a little in Team Management — Yeah their team’s experience counted also

    But we were as good as them

    But Arteta wore out Saka, Saliba & Partey

    And he’s started again with Saka this season – Boy is starting every preseason match and playing almost 70 minutes & Arteta not even giving another person a look-in in that role

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