While Arsenal struggled against City, Guendouzi and Saliba were in good form this weekend

While Arsenal endured one of their worst defensive displays in decades and suffered a 5-0 loss to Manchester City, William Saliba and Matteo Guendouzi were in fine form as Marseille beat Saint-Etienne 3-1 this weekend.

Mikel Arteta sent both players out on loan to the French club in this transfer window.

Guendouzi fell out with him last year and hasn’t kicked a ball for Arsenal in the last two seasons.

He spent last season on loan at Hertha Berlin and is spending the current one at the French club.

Saliba signed for the Gunners in 2019 and has spent the last three seasons out on loan as Arteta insists he isn’t ready to play for the Gunners yet.

The Frenchman was in fine form while on loan at Nice for the second half of last season, yet he was still not deemed good enough for Arsenal and they splashed the cash to sign Ben White.

TalkSport reports that Guendouzi scored one of Marseille’s goal in the match while Saliba was in solid defensive form to ensure that their opponents, who are his former club, got little joy when attacking them.

If Arteta is sacked by Arsenal, both players will be confident that they could get another chance to have a career at the club.

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  1. I would welcome both back in a heartbeat. The fact that Xhaka was given new contract and these players casted out, tells everything about thr incompetence of rookie Arteta.

  2. It’s good they are performing well. MA has said that Saliba is in his plans, so he will play next season. If MA is sacked, the next managerial candidate will hopefully have done his research on loaned out prospects like Guendo, Saliba, Mavro(hopefully still can play for us), Ballard, and co. And can integrate them into the already stacked team.

    1. Saliba needed to play week in week out he’s still 20 as a CB. Guendouzi was at PSG they let him go to Ligue 2. He went there did great fell out with the manager got dropped from 1st team training. We swooped picked him up cheap (because he’d been dropped from 1st team training), rinse repeat. Mavro has been sold it’s a loan obligation to buy. He’s looking average for an average Bundesliga side at best, Championship level.

      1. Guendouzi left PSG academy for Lorient because like many before him, he knew his path to the first team was blocked,he went to Lorient (at the age of 15 years old)which has a good reputation for playing attractive football and giving youth a chance (koscieslny, Guendouzi,Meslier..)he started playing for the first team at 17 ,yes he was banned from the first team but it didn’t last long and was soon recalled while the manager who banned him ended up getting sacked not long after,from then on he became one of the main players at Lorient,the fact that we paid 8M for a barely 18 years old playing in Ligue 2 should tell you how high he was regarded at the time,even Meslier who is the same age as MG cost Leeds 5M from Lorient,as for Saliba,where was White 2/3years ago when Saliba still a kid was already playing in Ligue 1 ? that’s right,playing league football then Championship,had he been properly managed/coached Saliba could have been PL ready by now but I guess we’ll never know.and yes I’m French and following French football.

        1. Also comparing Mavro to championship level, when we are not playing any better is laughable…
          Championship team, championship player, championship coach.

        2. Some people Siamois dont know the truth as Jack Nicholson said. Facts are facts and made up facts aren’t. Still im sure he will come on an apologise for trying to bend the truth.

      2. schools in session again for you my little Arteta apologist, Angus…Cheers Siamois for providing the requisite tutoring

  3. Guendouzie and Saliba play in the weak Ligue un. Beat Montpellier 11th (A)
    Beat St Etienne 16th (H)
    Drawn with Bordeuax 19th (H).
    Like beating Villa, Burnley and drawing at home with Norwich.
    We just played two of the top 6 sides in the world with half our squad out with injury and covid.
    Hardly a fair comparison is it.
    So if we beat Norwich and Burnley we are doing as well as Marseille and if we beat Spurs too there is no doubt we are better than Marseille

    1. Yeah and we beat Burnley and Villa last season is it? They did well enough for a poor mid-table side in the EPL which is at the bottom of the table with NO GOALS SCORED and 9 GOALS CONCEDED!

    2. Had a couple of goes at you about the Emery got sacked nonsense (tbf it wasn’t accurate that is all) but this is spot on and you seem to be living up to the fairfan name. Further Guendouzi got dropped by PSG went to Ligue 2 looked great fell out with the manager got dropped from training and we bought him cheap on the back of him being dropped from training. That was before he literally put the season ticket holders on wax last week and they are still fawning after him?

    3. I must say that you are really living up to your name.
      One might argue that you have actually been far too reasonable given some of the hysteria on these boards.
      It is possible to argue that Man City and Chelsea are the two best teams in world football right now:
      They are the two finalists in the Champions league and one of them won the Premier league. And both have strengthened their squads!

    1. I’ve literally had to call him out repeatedly for saying Emery got sacked for failing 4th and Arteta didn’t etc. so yeah hes being going at Arteta pretty hard and repeatedly. Your comment is insane.

  4. Ok we heard.
    Congratulations to Marseilles and Saliba, the only player I still see as ours for now.

    I’ll never cheer any player who take a dig at the club and especially fans.
    Just because we are angry at our performance, the coach, the players and Kroenke, some became deluded and blind to the fact that some players attitude are just shit. e.g Guendozi who the fans really like and defended but at the end , turn around to say Marseille fans are more reliable than ours, despite such ridiculous statements, people still applaud every of his moves.
    Another is Martinez who, despite our support jettisoned us for another when we needed him the most.

    When we talk about fickle players, am sure we can talk about fickle fans

    1. Guendouzi was talking about the atmosphere at the stade Vélodrome (Marseille)compared to the Emirates,nothing about fans being more reliable,speaking from personal experience he is right, it’s not even close and I’m saying it as an Arsenal fan.

      1. I don’t know how people can misinterpret a clearer statement from a player, Siamois. It is almost as if they willingly do so. It is the same with the Ozil quote, many people saying he mocked us when in fact he just reassured the fans to trust the process. Now I know there are a lot of ways to misinterpret “We were competitive until the first goal” but even that was a kind of true statement so why do it lol.

    2. We know your love for MA is very deep indeed. But please restraint it and don’t show too much! We feel very embarrass by your openness.

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